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I found Adam waiting for me as I went out to my car in the morning. I kissed him and let him drive to school. My morning classes were uneventful, and when my lunch period came around, I looked for Kevin in the cafeteria. I found him sitting with some of his teammates from the football team. Getting his attention, I waved for him to come and sit with me.

Sitting next to me, we talked about how his pursuit of a scholarship was going, and I pretended to be interested. Soon, the conversation turned to his relationship with Tracy, and I learned that he was getting bored with her, and all that she wanted was for him to be with her. He was starting to feel boxed in with her. I hinted that I would be there for him if he needed me. The bell rang for the next class, and I smiled at him and told him that I would see him soon.

The rest of the day was routine, and in gym class I quickly did my laps, and watched as Adam swam his laps. After P.E. was over, I quickly showered and got dressed, and stood outside the main entrance waiting for Adam and his friends.

I saw Tracy, , her long blonde hair and her pert breasts bouncing as she approached me, she seemed upset.

"Kevin is mine Lisa. Stay away from him or else."

"Or else what Tracy. Am I supposed to be scared of you or something."

I felt her hands on my shoulders, and I instinctively moved my hands and pushed them off of me. "Don't touch me like that, we're supposed to be friends." I said.

"Friends don't go around flirting with their friends boyfriends. Bitch." I heard Tracy say to me.

"I guess it was just a coincidence the that every time I was finished with somebody, you always ended up with them. Slut."

As soon as I got the last word out, she charged me. Remembering to keep my senses, I moved to the side, and her punch buzzed past my face. Now she was defenseless, and I grabbed her around her waist, and pushed her into the wall.

Stopping herself with her outstretched arms, she turned and charged into me again. This time, I ducked down, and felt her punch glance off the top of my head. Opening my eyes, I saw that her bare stomach was in front of me, and with all of my force, I slung my fist into it. I heard her grunt, and I pushed her away from me. Doubled over in pain, her friends, my friends, ran to her, and held her back as she tried to charge me again. I looked toward the door, and saw Mr. Jackson, the principal, run out the door toward us.

"Miss Roberts, Miss Travis, in my office now! Everybody else, get out of here now."

Not saying a word, We both got into line behind him, and followed him into his office. Shoving the door to his office open, I heard him say to us. "I don't know what got into you two, and I don't care. Since I've never had any trouble with either of you, I'll give you one chance. Before you start talking, I think you should know that I saw the whole thing from my office."

As the room filled with silence. He looked at me and told her. "Wait outside."

I watched Tracy leave, and looked at Mr. Jackson. I saw his eyes move to my chest, and I looked down and notice that the top two buttons of my blouse had opened. I buttoned them and waited for him to speak. "I want you to know that I saw what happened. I try to make it a point to watch the front doors from my office everyday in case there is any trouble. What I saw was you, standing in front, and Tracy came up, and said something to you. I couldn't tell if you said anything to provoke her, but the next thing I saw was her charging you, trying to punch you. Did you provoke her in any way Lisa?"

Trying to look as innocent as I could, I looked up at him and said, "I have no idea what her problem is. I was just standing there, and she started calling me names, then she tried to hit me."

"Somehow, I don't think you are telling the whole story, but I have to go with what I saw. You aren't suspended, but I want you in my office tomorrow after school for detention. Understand young lady?"

"Yes sir."

"Wait for Tracy to come in, and then wait outside. And next time you are involved in a fight, you will be suspended."

I watched as he opened the door, and Tracy entered the room. I noticed that the palms of her hands were scratched up, and I smiled sweetly at her as I left the office, and waited outside. After about five minutes had passed, I saw Mr.

Jackson open the door to his office.

"In lieu of a suspension. Tracy has agreed to talk with you, in my office, to get everything straightened out. I will be right outside watching, and if I see anything besides mouths moving, you will both be suspended. Understood?"

"Yes sir." We replied in unison.

I went into the office, and sat a chair away from Tracy. She looked at me and said sweetly. "You'll pay for this, bitch."

"I am so scared Tracy. You attacked me, remember? We are supposed to be friends, we can talk this over in a day or so, after our tempers have cooled down. Then, if you still want to fight, we can, just me and you, nobody to stop us."

"Like I really want to talk to you. Kevin is mine and stay away from him."

"If you agree to meet me Saturday night to talk, I'll stay away from him."

"That's all you want?"

"For now, Mr. Jackson is outside. Come over to my house Saturday night, and we'll talk, maybe we can settle our differences and remain friends. I'll stay away from Kevin."

"How about Friday night, Kevin is going out with his buddies Friday, Kevin and I are supposed to go out Saturday."

"Friday is fine with me. Come over about seven. Let's see if we can act like adults."

"OK Lisa, You stay away from Kevin tomorrow, and I'll come over tomorrow night."

I was closest to the door, and I stood and opened it, letting Mr. Jackson back into his office. "Nice to see you two acting like civilized mature young ladies again." Mr. Jackson said, his eyes glancing at our breasts. "Now get out of here, and if either of you are ever in my office again for anything, you will be suspended. Understood?"

"Yes sir." We replied in unison.

Walking out of his office, we headed down the hall. I heard Tracy whisper into my ear. "He couldn't keep his eyes off of our boobs."

I tried not to laugh too loudly, and whispered back at her, "I think we could both get out of detention if we wanted to."

"I bet he is watching our asses wiggle right now."

"On the count of three, both of us turn around and check, 1, 2, 3." We both turned our head toward his office, and saw him standing, watching us walk down the empty hall. I looked back at Tracy, and watched as she exaggerated her natural wiggle, I did the same, and we both giggled as we turned the corner.

I watched as she ducked into the nearest classroom. Puzzled, I followed her in. "Watch this, I don't want to go to detention with all of the losers" she said. Turning away from me, I watched as she pulled off her white T-shirt, and took off her bra and put the T-shirt back on. Her nipples were clearly outlined through her tight shirt. I smiled at her, and not turning, I stripped off my blouse and my bra. I put my blouse back on, leaving it unbuttoned down to the bottom of my rib cage. We left the classroom, and headed toward the principals office.

Tracy knocked on his door, and when he saw us, he stood and opened it. "Yes."

He said.

I listened as Tracy told him, walking into his office. "Lisa and I were just wondering, Neither of us really can stay after school for detention tomorrow, is there any way we could get you to change your mind?"

I watched as he sat behind his desk, trying to look us in the eyes. I leaned onto his desk, and could feel my breasts nearly fall out of my blouse. "Please sir, detention is for losers, and Tracy isn't a loser, nor am I. Just let us off this one time, and we'll leave right now, and you'll never have to see us in your office again, unless you really want to."

Poor Mr. Jackson's was trying to stay focused on our eyes, but he kept glancing down nervously at our breasts. Tracy put her hands in the air, stretching, and I watched as her short T-shirt moved up and the undersides of her breasts were exposed to the principal. "Just let us off, please Mr. Jackson sir."

"OK," I heard him nervously say, his eyes peeking at Tracy's tits. "This one time, now get out of here."

Hearing his words, we looked at each other and smiled. We started to jump up and down and giggle, and I could feel my loose breasts jiggle, nearly falling out my blouse. We both ran up to Mr. Jackson, and gave him a quick hug, pressing our breasts into him. "Thank you thank you sir."

We both ran out the door, and down the hall. Turning the corner, we ran outside, she glanced at my chest and said. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"At seven, see you then Tracy." I turned and walked toward my car, and on a whim, I glanced back, and saw Tracy watching me, wiggling my hips, I got to my car and drove home, stopping at Wendy's for my dinner.

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