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A Day at the lake chapt three

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Having gatherd a crowd when jane was playing with her self and bill licking her pussy , the guys on the bass boats talked us into stopping,we made it to the middle of the lake we dropped anchor and the 5 bass boats tied up to us, now this is not a federal controled laske and alchol is allowed on the water, , the three of us decided to take a break and have a couple of drinks, the guys in the bass boats, were acting all disapointed but we told them that Jane needed a break and just give us a few min, jane stood up and sort of gatherd her wrap around her to the dismay of the fishermen , but she walked around the deck and let them all gaze at her sexy body, they all seemed to marvel in the fact that her clit protruded past her pussy lips, and she told them thats why she was always in a state of sexual state as her panties would rub her clit all day long while she was at work, after about 20 min of just talking and and a few drinks and some beer , jane said that she was ready for some attention , she told us all that first i want to give you guys a show, so she made a great deal of spreading some blankets on the floor and a couple of pillows she lay down on the pallet of blankets and pulled her legs up and reached between her legs and started to play with her pussy, now she was rubbing clit. as she rubbed her clit she was talking to us all, tell us how good it feeled to have her pussy played with and how much shed loved to have her pussy filled with a cock and to have a cock in her mouth at the same time, she pulled her to out again and started to rub it up and down her wet swelled pussy lips and would circle the head around her clit. Then she slowly let the toy enter her sweet love hole and she pushed it in deep to where she touched bottom then she pulled out her bullet and let it dance across her clit, she worked her toys for a good 30 min, and as she lay there everyone was watching , i could see that all the fishermen were turned on by the bulges in there jeans and the ones that were actually rubbing there cocks thru their jeans. Now this was supposed to be a day with Bill and Jane did not want to be left out, so she called to Bill and said, i need some help with this and he gladly went to her and she told him to take her toy and fuck her pussy with it. this was the delight for the fisherman and the harder that Bill fucked her with the toy, the more excited every one got, now with every one in a state of sexual frenzy the fishermen started to tell Jane and Bill telling jane to open them legs take that cock and rub that clit to telling bill to fuck that cunt with that toy, make that slut moan,,, after anoather 30 min of this jane said i have to some real cock now, at these words all the fishermen shouted me me me,,,but jane looked around at all of them and said sorry guys but this pussy is for bill and dale today but i will let you watch, Jane got on her knees and positioned herself on the pallet she gatherd her pillows around and once she was comfortable she told to Bill now take that cock and fuck my cunt, bill got down behind her and took his cock in hand and slide it up and down her pussy stopping to tease her clit with the head of his cock untill she could not stand it any more and she just shouted FUCK ME, GIVE ME THAT HARD COCK,,,,FILL MY CUNT WITH YOUR HOT CUM, Bill did not need to hear any more and positione his cock and rammed it in her cunt, and she just moaned in pleasure. Bill grabbed Janes ass and started to grind his cock in her pussy, then he started to with draw his cock to just where only the head wasin her pussy and Jane thinking that he was gonna pull his cock she clamped her pussy muscles down to sop him , bill haveing never had a woman do that to him almost blew his load right then,,,,,,,,,, Jane said to Bill now just slow down and do as i tell you,,,,, Bill at this point had not choice, haveing the other people around and watching him and telling him what to do to Janes pussy , he was ready to flood her pussy with his cum,.,,,,, Jane told him to slowly push his cock back in her pussy and give her the entire length ,,,,,,,, Bill slid his cock back in to Janes [ussy and once he had it burried she told him to just grind his cock in her pussy , thats when Jane started to work her magic on his cock by squeezing her pussy muscles and massageing his cock with her cunt she did this for 10 min and could bring Bill to the edge , finally Jane told Bill to give it to her, fuck this pussy , give me that hard cock and Bill did as he was told and holding her ass he started to pump her pussy with his cock,,,,,, this was to the delight of the fishermen around the boat, and they all started to shout commands to fuck that pussy , to pound that cunt to to give that slut what she needed, and to add to this she was moaning and telling Billto fuck her harder and harder, to fill her pussy with us hot cum,,,,, Bill kept this pace up for another five min then he started to shout i am cumminggggggggggggggg ,, and he started to pump janes pussy full of his hot cummmmmmmm, he kept driveing his cock in her pussy to the point that he just collapesed on janes back and just let her use her pussy muscles to milk him dry, he stayed there till his cock finally went down and slid out of Janes pussy, He stood up and wrapped a towel around himself and sat down on one of the benches, Jane rolled of her knees and lay on the pallet, and the fishermen all watched as Bills cum drained out of Janes swollen pussy lips, she then took a towel and wiped herself clean , she stood up and pulled her wrap aournd her body and and tied the belt ,,, the fishermen all moaned their disapointmen and Jane told them that the show was over, well as the fishermen all untied there boats from ours, and left , we are sure that they were not going to go back to fishing and the day is still not over

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