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A Dangerous Obsession - Part 2

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Bailey could hear the commotion behind her as the gang sprang out of the front doorway. They were cussing and screaming as Gino and Peanut quickly ran out after the blonde. Luis and Snyper scrambled inside, looking for their discarded clothing as Rafael collapsed on the porch, still grasping at his nose with blood streaming down his chin. Robert had mumbled and laughed before passing out where he sat.

Huffing and puffing Bailey ran across the street, into the vacant lot. She could see the back of the building drawing closer and closer, and knew she had to make it to the front door of the bar. She didn't care anymore that she was naked, she had to get inside and find someone to help her. She could hear the footsteps behind her, Gino drawing closer. "HELP! ..... Help!" she yelled. "If only someone would call the police," she thought, but she knew the neighbors in this area kept to themselves. She looked over her shoulder. Peanut's bulky legs had given out on him after only a couple of hundred feet, but Gino was hot on her trail with a wild look in his eyes. He was angry and she feared what would happen if he caught her again.

Reaching the back of the building, Bailey ran to the nearest corner and up to the front of the bar. Turning, she then darted for the front door. She could hear Gino, his strides pounding in the gravel behind her. She could see the small light she had stood under as she waited for the cab earlier in the night. She was going to make it.

Bailey reached out, grabbing the metal door handle with one hand, stopping her momentum. She stood upright and pulled at the door handle with all her might. It was then that terror struck at her soul. She pulled again at the door and realized it was locked. She hadn't even noticed the closed sign or that several of the vehicles in the parking lot were now gone. She stood in shock.

Bailey turned around as a shirtless Gino slowed his pace and walked up to her. His muscles were tense and she could see the veins in his arms bulging and pulsing. They were both breathing heavy, but he was able to let a few chuckles find their way from his lips. She could see him looking at her, the delight in his eyes. She could tell she would not survive the night.

Gino again grabbed her by the hair of the head and pulled her to the front right corner of the building. She could see Peanut, lumbering through the lot towards her. She then noticed the headlights pull up behind them, Luis, Snyper and Rafael emerging from inside the vehicle. She wished she could simply die right there. She knew her torment would take forever.

"Where you think you were going you stupid bitch?!" Gino yelled. Grinning he pulled the belt out from around his pants. He then folded it in two, and began snapping the leather together. "Answer me God damn it."

Bailey shook uncontrollably. She fell to her knees and stared upwards, into the stars. It was then that she heard the loud slap. At first she had flinched and braced for the impending pain, but soon realized that Gino was laying face down in the gravel in front of her. She turned to the corner of the building and could see a large figure standing in the shadows. As he drew closer to her she soon realized it was the daunting biker she had encountered when her trek began.

"What the fuck are you pussies doing out this late at night?" the biker asked.

Gino had spun around and pulled himself to his feet. He staggered a second before steadying himself by grabbing hold of Luis' arm. He held his hand up to his mouth and wiped the blood off of his lip. He looked at the towering biker, clad in leather and grinning.

Again the biker spoke, "I asked, why you pussies are out this late?"

Bailey soon realized the gang was hesitant and a bit stunned. On her hands and knees she crawled her way over to the stranger, and wrapped her arms around his leg. She could smell the leather of the chaps he wore, the rough hide cool against her body.

Gino reached back and pulled something out of his back pocket. Holding it up to the side of his head, he pushed a button and in an instant a shimmering blade sprung out and locked in place. "That bitch is ours," he screamed. "And you're a fucking dead man."

The biker laughed and pointed to Bailey. "Her?" he asked. "Hell man, that's my girlfriend." He looked down at the trembling blonde, her eyes timidly looking up to his. "Have they been bothering you baby?"

Bailey looked at the gang, then back to the biker. She nodded and trembled.

"Well, baby," the biker said with a serious tone. "That just pisses me off." The man then reached behind his back and pulled out a large Bowie knife. The thirteen-inch blade glistened in the light as the biker twirled it in his hands.

All but Gino took a step back. Fear showed in their eyes as the hulking figure took a step towards them. Bailey then noticed Luis turn and run to the car, followed soon by Peanut and Rafael. She then observed Gino and Snyper take a few steps back. Looking back she could see the other two bikers she had seen that evening walking out of the bar. As they made their way towards them, she could see one was carrying a baseball bat, with the other displaying a revolver tucked in he front of his pants.

"I'll fucking kill you mother fucker," Gino screamed in a rage. Despite his continuing threats, Bailey watched as Gino and Snyper each took another step back.

The biker smiled. "Prove it pussy."

"AAAAHGGGgggg!!!" Gino cried, as he lurched forward. He jabbed the knife in front of him several times, slashing to the left or to the right. Bailey had quickly crawled to the side of the building to avoid being caught in the fight. As she turned to look back, she saw the biker dodge one strike, then another. The biker then struck Gino hard across the top of his head with the butt of his knife. She could see her one time captor collapse, then grow limp in the gravel beneath him.

Bailey watched as the biker took a few steps back, while Snyper and Luis ran to their fallen leader. Each grabbing an arm, they dragged their friend back to the car, lifting him onto the vehicle's backseat. After flipping the biker off, Snyper slammed the door shut and stepped on the gas pedal. The car's tires squealed and spun, throwing gravel across the parking lot. Bailey watched as the vehicle recklessly barreled down the roadway and faded out of sight.

Bailey collapsed on the ground and began to cry. Her face ached from to all the tears she had shed throughout the evening. She could see the biker as he walked over to her side and knelt down. She wasn't sure if these men were any better than the ones that had just left. She rolled onto her back, sniffling; her arms pulled up over her head. No longer did she try to hide her body. Looking up she gazed at his long hair and beard. She began to shutter as she watched him pull off his heavy leather jacket, revealing the filthy tee shirt underneath. He smelled of grease, and leather and gasoline. She could see the other two bikers walk over to her side, staring down at her.

The biker reached down around Bailey's neck and gently raised her upright. To her amazement she watched as he then wrapped his jacket around her naked torso. It was warm inside and felt good against her body. "Are you OK?" he whispered. Bailey could only cry. He then slipped one arm under her back, the other underneath her legs. Scooping her off the ground he began carrying her, making his way to the front door of the bar.

Inside, he carried her to one of the bar's two pool tables, and gently laid her onto the soft green felt. He looked to his friends. "Hey Meat, get her some water."

One of the other bikers quickly ran behind the bar and grabbed a bottle. Rushing back to the pool table he handed it to the man, who opened it and brought it up to Bailey's pouting lips. She raised up and took a couple of swigs. She then grabbed at the bottle, downing the rest of the contents.

"Get her some more," the biker barked as he looked down at the girl. "My name is Tank," he said with a smile. He pointed to the other men. "That is Tommy, the owner of this place, and that there is Meat."

Tommy raised his hand and smiled. He was a rough looking man with black wavy hair and a full long beard. Meat continued behind the bar, this time emerging with several bottles of water. He had long stringy blonde hair and, even though it was dark outside, he wore a dark set of sunglasses.

"I saw you earlier tonight, didn't I?" Tank asked as he opened another bottle.

Bailey nodded as she took a drink from the second bottle. "You scared me." she said as she gave a timid look. "I thought you were like those other guys."

"Who me?" Tank asked with a laugh. "I'm a teddy bear. Hell, I ain't nothing like those guys. I may be a son-of-a-bitch, but I ain't no evil mother fucker like those punks. Kidnapping a woman, stripping her naked ... shit ... I should have killed all those piss ants."

Bailey kept silent at the remark. She didn't want her new friends to know the truth. She looked at Tank's face. As he smiled she could see the lines gather around his eyes and forehead. She guessed he was in his late forties, but his days of hard living had taken their toll. His skin was leathery and rough. She gazed into his deep blue eyes. Behind them she saw kindness and concern. She had totally misread their teasing earlier in the night.

"I'm Bailey," she said. "What is your name?"

Tank looked puzzled. "I told you, it's Tank."

"No," Bailey said with the first true smile that she had shown all evening. "What is your real name?"

Tank grinned back. "It's just Tank," he answered with a smirk.

Bailey nodded and pulled the leather jacket tighter around her body.

"Let's get you something to wear," Tank said as he looked over at Tommy. "You have anything she can put on in here?"

Tommy looked around. "Uh ... I may have an apron in back. Maybe some paper towels."

Tank looked back at Tommy. "Paper towels? Are you fucking serious?"

"Hell, I don't know Tank," Tommy answered. "It's a bar, man. It ain't no clothing store." Tommy stroked his long beard with one hand. "I could go over to the house and get some things and come back?"

Bailey looked up at Tank. "I'm OK," she said as she looked around the room. The lounge was empty, except for her and the three men. The room was dingy and dark with the only light coming from a few neon beer signs and a large beer cooler. Behind the bar hung a large rebel flag with a Harley symbol displayed at its center. She knew that, during her normal life, this was a place she would never have walked into, but tonight it was her sanctuary, a safe haven from the terror she had felt only a few minutes before.

"Will you three just stay with me?" she asked. "I just want to rest a bit."

"Sure sweetie," Tank replied. "You just lay there and relax."

Bailey didn't know why, but she felt safe with these men. Earlier in the night she was prepared to go running and screaming from the gruff looking bikers, but now she felt comfortable around them. For the first time in hours, she was relaxed. Pulling her legs up, she curled up into a ball and pulled the jacket around her. She didn't know if it was from sheer exhaustion, or her mind shutting down from the events that had just occurred, but she found herself exhausted. Though she tried to fight the urge, after a few minutes she soon felt herself drifting off to sleep.


Bailey slowly came out of the haze of her slumber. For a moment she had thought she was at home, safe under the covers of her bed, but as she slowly came to consciousness she realized she was still laying on the pool table inside the bar. Quickly, she sat upright and looked around the room. At the other end she could see a bright light hanging over a table. There, the three bikers sat, laughing and playing what she assumed was poker. Slowly, she slid her way off of the pool table. The tile floor was cold beneath her feet, and she could smell the residual cigarette smoke of the bar still lingering in the air. Pulling the leather jacket closed she then walked over to the table and took a seat beside Tank.

"How long was I out," she asked while trying to conceal a yawn.

"Oh, about an hour," Tank answered, never taking his eyes off his cards. "How are you feeling?"

Bailey smiled and pulled her feet up into the chair. She then pulled the large jacket around her legs, as she laid her head down on her knees. "I feel safe ... now." She looked at each of the bikers. "Thank you for helping me."

Meat raised the beer bottle in his hand up high, as if he were making a toast, while Tommy smiled and said, "No problem little lady."

Bailey then tugged at Tanks arm. "Can I ask you for one more thing?"

Tank turned and looked at the little blonde with a crooked smile.

"Will you give me a ride home?" Bailey asked while raising an eyebrow.

"Well sure sugar," Tank replied. "But, wouldn't you rather get a cab to take you home?"

Bailey shook her head "No." She looked at the other men. "I want you three escort me home. Will you ... please?"

Tank looked at his cards in revulsion. He tossed them onto the table and smiled as he looked to his friends. "Time for a road trip boys."

Outside, the three men straddled their bikes and kicked at the starter levers. Tank and Meat's bike started right up, but Tommy had to kick several times to get his old cycle to run. The motors were loud and roared across the neighborhood. Tank then reached down behind him and pulled out the rear foot rests. He looked at Bailey. "Don't touch the pipes with your foot," he warned in a crusty voice. "It'll hurt like hell."

Bailey nodded as she grasped the front of the motorcycle jacket she wore. She then slung her leg over the rear fender of the bike and sat down on the small rear seat. The action exposed her bare ass to Meat and Tommy who had positioned their motorcycles just behind. They looked at each other and grinned. As she reached around Tank's waist, she grabbed hold of a belt loop with each hand. "Hold on," Tank said over the rumbling exhaust. The cycle then lurched forward and together the three made their way down the road.

As the bike rumbled up to speed Bailey could feel the vibrations of the motor and the roadway tickle between her legs. Tank had tied his long hair back before mounting the cycle, but the ponytail slung around in front of her face as the wind whisked past them. Hugging him tight, she pushed her head into his back, laying her cheek on the back of his tee shirt. She looked out, watching the buildings and telephone poles pass by in a blur.

Bailey felt the night air flow past her body as they raced from street to street. Despite her best efforts the leather jacket blew up and out behind her, and exposed the bottom half of her naked body. She didn't care. She now felt safe with her new friends and was enjoying the ride.

As they continued to travel Bailey could feel Tank's upper body flinch, then flinch again. She then felt a sting on her hand. Quickly, she pulled her hand to her eyes where she could see the remnants of a large insect on her knuckles. She knew Tank's exposed upper body was shielding her from the pain of the insects that were striking him. "There's no way that tee shirt is helping," she thought.

As they pulled to a stop at a red light, Bailey leaned up to Tank's ear. "Those bugs hurt don't they?" she asked over the sounds of the tailpipes.

"Yeah," Tank answered loudly. "Little shits are out all over the place tonight."

Looking around, Bailey could see no other vehicles at the intersection. It was now into the early hours of the morning and she had seen very few cars as they went down the roadway. Quickly, she jumped off of the back of the bike and stepped up to the side of Tank. She smiled and pulled the jacket off, her bronzed nude skin shimmering in the lights of the traffic signals. "Take it," she said while holding the jacket up to him.

"I'm alright," he said while grinning. He eyed her up and down. "It don't hurt that bad. I can take it."

She cocked her hip to one side and stood looking at him. "Put it on," she said pushing the jacket into his arms.

Tank laughed as he took hold of the jacket. "You are a wild child aren't you? I think I like you sweetie." He slipped the jacket on and zipped it up. Laughing he looked back at Bailey. "Well ... Are you coming?"

Bailey grinned as she jumped back onto the rear of the bike. She could hear a couple of cheers behind her, as Meat and Tommy applauded her daringness. She threw her arms over her head and gave two thumbs up as she looked over her shoulder. She giggled and gave a wink, then turned back to Tank. "Let's go," she said as she again wrapped her arms around his waist.

Again, Bailey felt the bike lurch and move forward down the road. She looked at the back of Tank's jacket, and could now clearly read the words on the embroidered emblem. It was a large skull with a couple of crossed pistons at the bottom. Across the top of the symbol read, "Road Saints." She smiled as she pulled close to Tank and again laid her head against his back.

Bailey could feel the wind whip past her naked body as they rumbled through the city lights. All of her previous adventures had been in stealth, hiding in the shadows trying not to be seen. Now she was fully in the open, daring all to look upon her body. Soon she found herself leaning back, holding on to a chrome rack mounted to the rear fender. The position allowed the front of her body to be exposed, and she felt a rush as the air traveled across her nude body. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, feeling her hair stream freely behind her. Slowly, she began to feel the sensation she always craved; she reached down to find herself dripping with excitement.

Again, the trio found themselves pulling up to a stoplight, this time at a four-lane intersection. Looking ahead, Bailey could see a car, already stopped and waiting for the light to change. As they approached, Tank opted to pull his bike into the left lane of travel, right beside the car. Inside the vehicle, Bailey could see four young men, all dressed in button-down shirts, and drinking beer. They were laughing and talking amongst each other, with the driver bobbing his head in time with the music that was coming from the car's radio. "They must be college students or friends just out partying," she thought to herself. She giggled under her breath as she guessed Tank's intentions.

At first Bailey could see the young men paying no attention to the scene next to them. Then, she realized that one of the men had noticed her. She gave a little wave and a giggle as she watched all four occupants immediately lean their way to the left side of the car; their eyes wide and their mouths hanging open. They began grinning and laughing as Bailey pulled her legs up and wrapped them around Tank's body.

After a few seconds Tank looked over at the car and gave an evil glare. "Hey!" he yelled. "That's my sister you're looking at!" Immediately the men sat up in their seats and moved their eyes to the front of the car. Bailey looked over her shoulder at Meat and Tommy as they revved their engines behind them. She erupted in laughter as she noticed both of them giving the car the same evil glare.

Bailey was still giggling and chuckling as she noticed the traffic signal turn green. As the three bikes began to move forward, she could see the car remain motionless. They didn't dare to stay next to the bikers and let them travel well down the road before attempting to move. As they pulled away she could hear Tank laughing at what had just happened. "That was some fucking funny shit," he yelled. Bailey pulled her legs tight around him and again leaned back on the bike.

Street after street, Bailey relished the feel of the open road, the wind in her hair, and the thrill of her forbidden ride. She basked in the delights she was experiencing, and felt a sense of sadness as the trio drew closer to her home. She had even thought of giving them a few wrong turns, to make the trip last longer. But, she fought her devious side and as they pulled onto her road, she knew this adventure was coming to an end.

As they pulled up to the front of her house, Bailey jumped off the back of Tank's bike to the sound of clapping. Meat and Tommy were giving a round of applause, having thoroughly enjoyed their road trip and the view they had received along the way. She grinned and took a bow, as she stood naked in her own front yard. The night air had made her nipples taut and erect, and she teased her new fans by licking the tips of her index fingers and drawing tiny circles around her areolas. Each of the men grabbed at their chests and laughed. She giggled and gave them a wink.

Walking over to Tank she smiled as he looked at her. "Thank you Tank," she said with a pouty smile. "I'll see you around sometime."

Tank watched as Bailey turned and started her way towards her front door. He watched her exposed ass as it jiggled as she walked. "Hey!" he yelled over the tailpipe's rumble. "Come here!"

Bailey turned and walked back to the biker, standing to his side.

Tank looked back at Meat and Tommy, then motioned for Bailey to come closer. As she leaned in, he again looked back at his partners, and again back at her. "You know how you asked what my real name was?" he asked in a low voice.

Bailey smiled and nodded.

"If you tell anyone I'll have to kill you," he said jokingly. He then leaned over to her ear and whispered, "It's Elmer."

Bailey stood upright and smiled. Leaning over she gently held her hands up to Tank's cheeks and gave him a firm kiss on the lips. She then turned and made her way to the front door of her home.

Tank sat there for a few seconds watching the naked girl in the faded light of the impending dawn. For the first time in his life, he couldn't come up with anything clever to say. The only word that escaped his lips was, "Damn."

Reaching the front entrance, Bailey turned and watched as the trio revved their engines. All three waved just before tapping into gear, and tearing down the roadway out of site. She stood at the doorway for a few seconds and looked down at her body. This was the first time she had been outside her home in the nude, without hiding behind a bush or tree. Reaching down, she pulled a house key from underneath the floor mat at the doorway.

Moving her hand up to the lock, she paused. Turning, she looked to the horizon. She then eased her way to the front step of the walkway. There she took a deep breath as she sat down. Bailey smiled as she looked around at her middleclass neighborhood. Leaning back she ran her fingers slowly along her bare skin, "I think I'm going to watch the sunrise," she said with a smile.

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