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“The Trip” - Part 1

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?The Trip? - Part 1 (Let us know if you like it and I will write more)

It is early Saturday morning and we have dropped of our daughter at horse back riding. After that she has plans for the weekend and the rest of our kiddos are with our ex?s. At last we will be having a weekend ourselves. I have told you that you are mine for the weekend and that I have planned a trip for us. Other than that, you know none of the particulars.

As you set out to pack, you pry for more details. You tell me you need to know where we are going so you know what to pack. Rather than give you any info, I simply tell you what items to pack, such as: your dollar bill thong (skimpy thong with dollar bills printed on it), the mini-mini skirt I bought you quite some time ago, the sexy black top (which can be see thru in the right light and angle), your purple thong, bra and garter set, black seemed stockings, and your black ?fuck me? high heels. Of course I have you pack a few other things as well, but these are the ones that I am most concerned about.

Now that the clothes are packed, I instruct you to include some of our toys as well. Your two favorites, the elephant vibrator and the pocket rocket go first. Next to be included are the anal beads, the purple strap-on, rope and your new nipple jewelry. Of course we have to include a few other necessities such as lube and enemas.

Our bags go into the car, and off we go. You watch to see what routes we are taking, always trying to figure out what is up my sleeve. Soon enough you have a pretty good idea of where we are headed? Austin. You are pleased as Austin is a comfortable place for you, plus one we have had fun in before. You become relaxed and drift off a bit.

When you awake you realize that you blouse is almost completely unbuttoned. You look over at me and my grin solidifies my guilt. As you go to reach for the buttons, I take your hand in mine and say ?no?. You grin and make a noise, but do not protest. You now understand why I instructed you not to wear a bra. You wonder if others have seen your breasts as we have driven by them on the highway. You can?t help but notice that the idea excites you as you feel a familiar tingling and wetness between your legs. Just then you hear the honk of a horn and know you have been spotted.

I tell you how hot you are making me, and a handful of other guys that have been lucky enough to catch your show while you slept. You reach over and feel my stiff cock. It is your turn to smile a guilty smile. You say ?well I see it really does excite you to show me off when I am sleeping. How will you like it when I am awake?? I stammer a bit before trying to say ?I?d like it?. You giggle at my difficulty in speaking and then undo one more button on your blouse and arrange it so that it is wide open. You tell me to slow down to let the truck behind us catch up. As I do so you start to squeeze your nipples. I can tell by the way you are opening and closing your legs that this is having a great affect on you.

As the truck gets along side you look up to the window, waiting to see if the driver will look down. Finally he does and you smile up at him. As soon as he realizes that you are holding out your breasts and tweaking the nipples he gives you a beaming smile back. You wave and I let off the gas and the truck pulls away. You lean your head back on the headrest and let out a long sigh. Again you reach over and test my erection. I think I am as hard as I have ever been.

You tell me you feel the same way, and turn around to get something out of the back seat.

As you pull it from the duffel bag I catch a glimpse of it in the rear view mirror and smile. Ah, the elephant vibrator. With its rotating shaft and vibrating elephant ears & trunk (right where it counts) it never fails to give you a tremendous orgasm.

You reach down and pull your thong out from under your skirt. Now I know I am in for a treat. As you turn it on and start rubbing it up and down your slit I know I need to pull over if I really want to enjoy this show (and live through it!). The timing is quite good as we are approaching a shopping center. I turn into the Wal-Mart parking lot just as you start to slide the vibe up into your beautiful wet pussy. Oh I wish I was eating you right now. I love doing that when you are soaking wet and totally aroused.

As I look for a good spot a smile comes across my face. This might be pushing it but you are so into it now I figure I might at well go for it. There on the side of the lot is the semi truck you flashed to just a few minutes ago. I pull along side and park.

Your eyes are closed and I watch as you plunge the pink cock in and out of your pussy. I can see your glistening wetness shining off of it. Again I wish my tongue was there. You let out a moan and open your eyes to me. I smile at you and you smile back. I then use my eyes to indicate something out your window. You turn and look and I see your body tense up as you see the familiar truck right next to us. I am worried I may have just messed up something wonderful. Then your body relaxes and you turn to face me. The smile just gets broader on your face.

You turn your body and lean your head back towards me, all the way until it is in my lap. Then you lift your feet onto the seat and spread your knees wide. Your motion starts getting more frantic. I reach down and start to play with your tits, concentrating on your nipples. I love when you get really excited because it is then that you really like your nipples squeezed, pulled and twisted. And I love doing that and seeing the flesh of you nipples move between my fingers. You start to tell me how good this plastic cock feels in your pussy and that you wish it was a real one. Then you say, ?but a real one could not do this?? and you hit the button which causes the elephant to vibrate on your clit. The sure fire recipe for your orgasm. It does not take long. I can both hear and see it coming. Your legs tensing, your breath getting deeper and louder and you make some moaning noises that can only be associated with an imminent orgasm. I can see your muscles and veins popping on your upper thighs, a sight I love to see. And then you cum. Shaking and shaking but not taking the vibrator away you ride out your orgasm. It seems like the longest one I have ever seen you have. It was probably only about 20 or 30 seconds before you removed the vibe, but it seemed like minutes.

Your head has gone completely limp in my lap and I can tell your whole body has done the same. I no longer am attacking your tits, just holding them lovingly. I let a few minutes pass and then lift your head, bringing your lips to mine. We kiss passionately and I whisper how much I love you, and how much you excite me. You smile and whisper back that you really enjoyed it too.

As we straighten up we see the truck driver walking back to his truck and you give me a smile. I had thought you were putting on quite a show and he was not even in the truck. You give me another one of those guilty smiles and a little chuckle too. You really had me going! Just as the driver is about at his truck, the door to his truck opens and out hops a good looking woman, about 40 years old with long black hair and a huge smile on her lips. She leans through your window and gives you a long kiss and thanks you for the ?really hot show?. My turn to chuckle!

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