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It was late as I read your email, Debbie. I must say you really put a crimp in my being able to get to sleep. That was wonderful. I immediately got hard reading of your adventure.

Let me tell you about what happened to me this week! You know how new I am to this swing thing. And I?m having a hard time convincing Pattie to get into the groove. Well, this week I made a connection online with a local couple. Here?s what happened.

It was warm here in Ohio, unusual for March. But, the grey skies let us know Spring hadn't quite arrived yet. Mike and Carole and I decided to meet in a not so nearby restaurant. They were worried that so many people know them around here, and I must say I was relieved, because as you know I am a public figure myself.

As I showered that afternoon, I could hardly keep my hands off myself! And then later, in the car, I was warm just thinking of our first meeting. Nervous, Like a first date.

I walked into Blue Wolf Tavern, and scoped the bar area. I had fantasized what Mike and Carole might look like. In fact, we had joked that "we should wear a red rose." Would I be pleased? Would they like me? This was all racing through my head.

But, there must have been something in the air, because I recognized the two of them immediately. Not that I knew them, but it seemed crystal clear who was waiting for me, especially Carole by the look on her face.

She is definitely a very sensual-looking lady. As I walked up, I was hopeful I didn't disappoint her or Mike. I try to keep in good shape, a lot of tennis, I mean a lot of tennis, but you never know other peoples? reactions. We exchanged a little small talk and then retired to a booth near the back of the restaurant. I couldn't help but notice as Carole sat down how her fashionably short skirt hiked up to reveal a gorgeous thigh. I couldn't get the thought out of my mind: my Florida tan against those silky white thighs.

But, I was getting ahead of myself for sure. I was so pleased how easily we were able to talk together, almost like we had known each other a long time. And yet, there was tension in the air, that social tension of just meeting of course, but sexual tension as well.

Over a cocktail, we shared a lot about our interests, and when talk of careers and sports turned so naturally to sex, I could feel the warmth at my neck - - and elsewhere! Mike sensed it of course; guys always do when it is obvious another male hungers for their lady, but in this instance there seemed to be a dual attraction between man and man as well. And that was REALLY heady.

I couldn't help but notice Carole?s breasts, they tugged against her silk blouse. And my breath came up shorter and shorter. Was she occasionally rubbing her breast "accidentally" as she played with the buttons of her top? She excused herself momentarily to go to the powder room. While gone, Mike and I chatted awhile and we leveled with each other about our attraction. I could feel my stomach rising and falling as Mike admitted that he knew Carole was attracted to me, and that he thought a MMF threesome might be enjoyable. Somehow, he had gotten a sign from Carole.

I told him how new I was to all this. Of course, I definitely had experience with women of all kinds, but I also had this almost unspeakable attraction for the look of a huge cock. The thought of being together with another couple had me both excited and nervous. Mike excused himself then, and I assumed that the plan was for Mike and Carole to meet near the restroom to discuss their feelings. I had already revealed mine to Mike.

Well, Debbie, I must tell you, I had a pup tent pitched in my slacks as I waited for them to return!

When they came back, to find a second round of drinks waiting, I was so pleasantly surprised to have Carole slide in next to me in the booth, and again I enjoyed the sensual sight of a rising skirt and an exposed thigh. A peek of white panty nearly spent me. Soon, I could feel a kind of heat coming from our side of the booth -- from both Carole and me. And it was getting hard to hide the swelling in my pants. With Carole on one side and Mike on the other, it was beginning to get electric.

Over a second drink, as we loosened up, I soon felt a hand on my thigh from Carole?s side. Incredible -- and incredibly good she broke the ice -- so I didn?t have to make the first move. I always love the play, the chase, the give and take, so I just moved my leg a bit closer to Carole, as I checked Mike's face for approval. Not only did he not look upset, but I could see him rubbing his own cock through his pants. It was clear he was big and thick and hard.

I could feel the heat from Carole?s thigh, so close to me. Carole soon moved her attentions to the inside of my leg and then her rubbing got higher and higher until I felt that ultimate move to my swollen cock. I gasped, almost loud enough to be heard. Now I had a dilemma. What to do with both Carole and Mike to give back some of myself. Since Mike was busily rubbing his dick and enjoying the show between Carole and me, I decided to concentrate on Carole. The softness of her skirt was matched by the smooth skin beneath and as my hands roamed, I whispered in her ear that it would be fun in such a public place as a restaurant for her to softly describe her sensations as I rubbed her body -- hiding my actions from nearby customers as best I could.

She moaned as my hand found the softness of her inner thigh. Is there anyplace softer in the world than this forbidden region? The heat emanating from her pussy was indeed warming my hand and she moaned in soft tones "my pussy is burning up." "Yes, touch me there, and, softly there and there." The warmth quickly turned to dampness, and I could soon feel the delicious honey of her pussy.

I though I might cum right then and there, and Mike's face was contorted in sexual pleasure listening to Carole?s whispered moans as I took a guided tour of her precious bottom. As my fingers played under her panties, I could feel Carole move more and more uncontrollably under my probing fingers. She squeeked aloud, "Oh my God."

A few people turned to see what was up. Then quickly flashed knowing smiles.

Mike and I could feel our cocks twitch in our pants. I leaned back in the booth as Carole and Mike suddenly began to administer to my hungry groin. If Mike had not done this with a man in front of his wife before, it wasn't evident, and I couldn't fight back the desire to feel his smooth cock rubbed all over my own.

I unzipped and unchained the beast. It didn?t disappoint as my full 8 inches sprung up under the table. Carole moaned her approval and Mike slipped a warm hand around the shaft. I almost screamed out for Mike to pull out his own cock. He quickly answered my needs. I had not seen a cock of that size before; it was huge and thick and had throbbing veins around the pulsating shaft.

We leaned into one another and rubbed cock over cock, with greater and greater urgency. Carole couldn?t watch a moment longer and reached under her skirt to pull off her soaked panties. Using the panties like a napkin, she pretended to wipe my mouth clean and I lusted in the scent of her pussy.

With a cat-like agility, Carole was quickly under the table and sucking my cock, while I played with Mike?s. The fire was hot and intense and almost unbearable.

It wasn't long before the three of us elt the flood of thunderous orgasms at the hands of each other. Right there in the restaurant.

As the scent of sex, and our moans and groans passed like hot wind through the restaurant, more and more patrons craned their heads to see what was going on. There was no covering up.

We decided it might be time to leave!

We were all wet of course. Carole could get away with it, with her skirt, but Mike and I definitely had a problem. Oh well, we'd figure a way to walk out of this place with some dignity.

As we passed an older couple who had looked disapprovingly in our direction, I turned to the gentleman and handed him Carole?s soaked panties.

We roared with laughter. And nearly ran out of the restaurant.

Carole quickly invited Mike and I to continue our little session in the privacy of their apartment. Whatever would happen would have a tough time rivaling our first public adventure!

Now, that?s what I call a gourmet meal!

More to come, Debbie. Keep on sending me emails and I?ll fill you in on the next chapter of my adventure with Mike and Carole.

-- The end. ?

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