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Wow, Just Wow! A Hotwife Adventure

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Wow, Just Wow! (hotwife, cuckold)

Last week I once again treated my husband to the pleasure of watching me cum while another man slid his big, thick dick deep inside of me. I was hoping it would be good. I was hoping it would be wonderful. Instead, it was? wow!

We met Jason through Craigslist. He was in town on business, and was staying at a local hotel. His ad said he liked to have sex with other men?s wives and, as fate would have it, we were looking for a man to fuck me while my husband watched.

We?re not your typical hotwife couple (if such a thing exists). Our decision to embark on this path was a slow, thought-out one precipitated by changes in our lives. We began to explore the hotwife lifestyle when loving husband of 20 years suffered a heart attack that left him unable to continue our previously active and satisfying sex life. Hubby simply can?t fuck me like he used to. Now he primarily gives me oral pleasure and, while that?s always good, sometimes I just need more. Plus, he?s a bit of a voyeur and I?ve come (no pun intended) to enjoy the power and satisfaction of having sex with other men - especially younger, hotter men. And, according to my lovers, I?m a great lay. It?s a win-win-win situation.

Of course it isn?t a reciprocal arrangement. Even if Hubby could get and stay hard, I wouldn?t want him fucking other women. I?ve told him so, and he assures me that his dick is mine alone, solely for my private and exclusive use. I call it my ?little noodle? and I love to play with it and kiss it. Sometimes he can even get hard enough to fuck me a little and, though he doesn?t really please me the way my young studs do, I still love the feeling of my husband inside me.

I, on the other hand, have my Hubby?s enthusiastic encouragement to make my married pussy available to any man I want. It is a great turn on for Hubby to see me get ready for my ?dates? and even more of a thrill when he gets to see them fuck me senseless. Hubby really loves it when I completely lose control and begin to talk dirty. He has repeatedly told me that the sight of another man fucking me to an intense orgasm makes him want my pussy even more and, though he can?t fuck me like he used to, Hubby makes his best efforts when my pussy is wet and sloppy from being used by my young lover.

Hubby really loves the fact that I?m ?one up? on him as far as sexual experiences go - a hotwife. Actually I?m more like fifteen up on him. That?s about how many lovers I?ve had since embarking on the hotwife lifestyle a few years ago. I?ve had a couple of steady ?boyfriends? who I went out with or brought home several times. But mostly, I prefer the random, brief encounters. Something about meeting a younger man, getting him hot for me, and fucking him like there?s not tomorrow while my husband watches is just so hot! Hubby says I give the phrase ?I Do? a whole new meaning.

So I really do get to have my cake and eat it too. I have a loving, devoted husband who I love more than anything in the world, and I get to experience a variety of lovers with my husband waiting at home or watching from the sidelines. Finally, after my lover has given me what my husband can?t, I get to go home where Hubby lovingly licks and kisses my just-fucked pussy and fucks me with his semi-hard cock. It feels almost soothing after being really pounded by a bigger, harder stud. Depending on my mood, or the time of the month, Hubby may get a creampie. When he does, he practically quivers with joy as he lovingly licks my lover?s cum, mixed with my own juices, from my pussy. Getting thoroughly fucked by a man you hardly know and then having you wittol husband lick your well-fucked pussy is just so fucking hot! It makes me feel powerful, loved and cherished like nothing I?ve ever experienced. I really love it when I can feed my Hubby a nice, hot, creampie.

None of this prepared me for my date with Jason. Hubby and I met him for drinks at the hotel bar. I really like how he looked. He was about 25 years old, and very handsome. But he still had those boyish good looks that make teenage girls ? and 45 year old wives - giggle. I did just that when I saw him. ?He?s really cute!? I whispered to Hubby ? who was clearly my ?girlfriend? in this little scenario. Hubby gave me the look I?ve come to associate with what he has described as ?a painful mix of jealousy and incredible excitement.? This was going to be fun!

?Does that mean you?re going to let him fuck you tonight?? He asked, knowing my answer.

?Oh yeah! If he can fuck half as good as he looks, it?s going to be a great evening. I?ll bet you can?t wait, can you Cucky?? I was rewarded by another abashed smile of cuckold angst from my loving husband.

After a round of drinks and a little small talk, Jason invited us up his room. As we walked through the marble lobby, I admired the sleek, modern furniture. I wondered what the cute young desk clerk thought as she watched me walk to the elevators with a hunky young guy at my side, and my much older husband trailing obediently behind us. The thought of her envying me, of her knowing I was going to fuck this yummy piece of man candy while my Hubby watched made squirm with pleasure and excitement.

Jason?s room was on the fifth floor and the view was lovely. He and I stood looking out the window while Hubby sat on the couch, sipping a drink that Jason had mixed him and watching us. Slowly my young lover began to caress my back and shoulders. Then he worked his way down to my hips and was soon rubbing my ass through my slacks. I liked that. I liked that a lot. I leaned against his strong young shoulder and began to slowly caress his back. I really enjoyed the moment. He wasn?t rushing things, and he was had me practically shaking with anticipation.

He gently took my face in his hand and, turning my face toward his he began to kiss me. First he nuzzled and kissed my neck, then my chin and cheeks and, finally, our lips met. I felt myself moan as I opened my mouth to him, and my tongue danced with his as I flushed with desire. I was getting hotter by the second.

?Please take me to bed.? I murmured when we broke from an incredible, toe-curling kiss. Jason guided me across the room kissing me anew, and gently laid me back on the bed. This young hunk really knew what he was doing.

I moaned again as he unbuttoned my blouse, pulled down my bra and began to nibble and suck on my nipples. He slowly, casually undressed me, continuing to kiss my lips, my breasts, my shoulders with infuriating patience. Without any help from me, he soon had me stripped down to nothing but my panties. I loved the feeling of being almost naked while my young lover was still fully clothed. It made me feel vulnerable and submissive. I had completely forgotten Hubby was there until I glanced over and saw him slowly rubbing my ?little noodle? through his pants as he watched Jason slowly, methodically take possession of me.

Jason kissed down my body, moved the crotch of my panties aside and began to lick and finger my pussy. I was so wet it made sloshing sounds, making me giggle. I knew Hubby would know exactly what those sounds mean. I was so fucking hot for Jason and my young lover was driving me up the wall. Knowing how it would feed Hubby?s cuckold angst, I let go completely and released my inner slut.

?Oh, yeah Baby!? I moaned as Jason fingered me, ?That feels so good. My pussy is so wet for you!? The young man redoubled his efforts, slipping a second, then a third finger inside me and taking me to an even higher level of excitement. I wondered briefly if he was trying to stretch my pussy out. Then the thought flew from my mind as Jason leaned down, found my clit with his tongue and began to gently caress it while he finger-fucked my pussy, flexing his fingers inside me and rubbing his knuckles expertly across my G-spot. Waves of pleasure coursed through my body as I felt the big O approaching. I felt so wanton, so sexy, so desired. I was thoroughly enjoying the ride my lover was giving me. I began writhing and clawing at the pillows as I came, hard, my juices running freely. Jason withdrew his fingers and clamped his mouth over my gushing pussy. I felt the rumble of his pleased laugh as he sucked and lapped up the visible proof of my body?s submission to him.

As my orgasm subsided, Jason began to kiss his way back up my body, tummy to breasts, to shoulder, to neck. Finally, he reached my mouth and kissed me deeply sharing the taste of my pussy. I wanted him, and I wanted him now. I fumbled with his belt and undid his pants, reaching in to pull out his hot, hard cock. I was stunned by what I discovered. His cock wasn?t big, it was huge! It throbbed as I tried, unsuccessfully, to wrap my hands around it. It was long and thick and curved upward in a graceful arc. I ran my hands over the impressive shaft, caressing it and admiring it the way you admire a beautiful work of art, or a gourmet dessert that you know is going to be sinfully delicious. I was definitely going to taste it but, most of all, I really wanted to feel it deep inside my pussy.

Smiling wickedly at my gorgeous young stud, I licked and sucked his beautiful dick with utter devotion. To my amazement it got even bigger! It was cartoon big, bridal shower gag gift big, Photoshop big - scary big. I?d never have believed it was possible if I hadn?t seen it with my own eyes. My first thought was, ?No fucking way!? But, the more I played with it, the more I was tempted by it. I felt a growing desire - a need - to experience this incredible specimen of manhood. I began to wonder what it would feel like to have it inside me, to stretch my pussy around it and feel it fill me like nothing else - nobody else - ever had. I mean, women have babies, right. This wasn?t as big as that? not quite, anyway. So, in the end, I knew what I wanted.

I looked up at Jason. ?I want you to put this big dick inside of me. But be gentle, please. I?ve never had anything like this before. I didn?t even know cocks like this were for real.?

Jason smiled, and asked me if I wanted him to use a condom.

I laughed. ?Do they make one big enough??

He laughed too, and nodded, handing me a packet from his bedside table. I looked at it. ?Magnum Ultra? I glanced inquiringly at Hubby, who just shook his head and shrugged. I think he was a little stunned at Jason?s size too. But I knew what that shrug meant. I tossed the giant condom back to my young demigod. ?I don?t know if I?ll ever get another chance to have a cock like this. I want to feel it completely. Give it to me au natural, Big Boy.?

Jason practically jumped with eagerness to fuck me. He had gotten me very wet and open with his fingers and mouth. Now I understood why he had developed such expertise. A woman needed to be prepared for what awaited her when she had sex with this young bull. He spread my legs wide and moved between them, poising the head of his enormous member at my very wet, very ready, pussy. Then he slowly, steadily, relentlessly worked the whole thing inside of me. It took several minutes. Since he had gotten me so ready, there was no pain, but the pressure was intense. It felt really good! Beyond the physical pleasure, it felt so wonderful to see this handsome young man smiling with the sheer joy of having his cock completely sheathed inside of me. I don?t think he got to experience that sensation very often either. I guess Hubby was right all those times he tried to tell me what an amazing pussy I have!

Once I adjusted to Jason?s size, I began to slowly move my hips. I wanted to feel that incredible cock moving inside me. Taking my cue, Jason began to work slowly in and out, gradually lengthening his strokes until he was fucking me with his entire cock, from head to base. I cried out as I felt a second orgasm beginning to build, working its way up from my toes. I wrapped my legs around Jason?s back and dug in my heels, spurring him on. He began to drive into me hard and deep, pinning me to the mattress.

I have to confess that I completely forgot about Hubby at this point. I was completely lost in the incredible sensations of being so thoroughly taken by this strong, virile young bull of a man. The orgasms came fast and strong, rolling through my body one after another. I completely lost all sense of time and place. I was utterly, completely his. I would do anything to make that feeling go on and on. I honestly don?t remember anything beyond those sensations. Hubby later told me watching Jason fuck me - making me moan and scream and curse with ecstasy as he drove that monstrous cock into me harder and deeper than Hubby had ever thought possible - made him feel like a wimp, a pussy, a cuckold. In short, Hubby loved it. My wittol husband is so weird!

Eventually I came back to my senses. I looked up to see Jason smiling at me with that look of satisfaction a man gets when he knows he has broken a woman. And he had broken me. My body was his. I would do anything for him, and he knew it. But Jason hadn?t even come yet. He continued to fuck me, slower now. I felt my body responding to this new, wonderful sensation of that enormous cock moving sedately in and out of my pussy. Our eyes locked, and I was lost in him as kissed me softly and hungrily while he slowly and thoroughly fucked me.

Then, burying that formidable cock deep inside me, Jason turned me on my side, so I was facing my husband. I smiled lovingly at Hubby while Jason continued to fuck me like Hubby never had. Hubby later told me I had a dreamy look on my face, like I was in heaven - which I sure as heck was!

?Cum for me, Baby.? I begged Jason.

?Where?? He asked.

?Inside me,? I purred. ?I want to feel you cum in me. Please Jason, give me your cum, Baby.?

Jason rolled me onto my back and began to fuck me. I thought he had fucked me as hard as he could before, but I was wrong. He pistoned his long, thick shaft in and out, faster and faster, driving it into me so deep I felt like my cervix was going to be driven into my throat. For the first time, it actually hurt a little. But it was a transient thing and was quickly displaced by the heat I felt rising.

Jason reached his hand down to my clit and began to make small soft circles around the sensitive little nub. It was perfect. It was unbelievable! That beautiful bastard was going to make me cum like a bitch in heat again! I could feel it. He was going to make me cum! ?Motherfucker!? I cried, ?You motherfucker, Jason! You?re going to make me cum again!?

Jason picked up on my dirty talk without missing a stroke. ?That?s right, slut,? he breathed in my ear, ?Cum with me, you hot piece of ass. Cum with me you incredible fuck. Squeeze me with that beautiful pussy, you hot, wild slut!? He began to hump me like a bunny rabbit. He drove his cock into me in short, fast strokes, then long, deep strokes, changing the speed and depth but never breaking rhythm. It was fucking unbelievable. While his cock pounded my pussy like a drum his fingers were playing my clit like a violin and he was whispering filthy endearments into my ear. Jason was playing a sexual symphony on my body and in my mind. I had never felt anything like it, and it just drove me fucking insane with pleasure.

Then, with a wordless cry, Jason stiffened and pushed hard and deep into me, holding there. I gasped as I felt his massive cock swell and throb. I think every nerve ending in my pussy was firing, overloaded with the stimulus of the incredible fucking I had just experienced. I lay beneath him, drifting in the afterglow as I felt his cock slowly return to more mortal proportions. Then, with a sigh, he gently withdrew, and I felt a warm gush as his seed began to pour out of me. He rolled off and, with an almost boyish shrug to Hubby excused himself. A few moments later we heard the shower start to run.

I crooked my finger at my husband and he knelt to lap at my sore, abused, cum-filled pussy. He sucked and licked and kissed me, clearly enjoying his creampie. He only stopped when we heard the shower turn off and I pushed him away. When Jason came out of the bathroom, he looked at Hubby?s face, shiny with our combined juices, and smiled. ?Waste not, want not,? he teased.

Hubby smiled back and retorted, ?Good to the last drop!?

I crawled out of bed, feeling like I had run a marathon while being beat with a stick. In a way, I had! I made my way to the shower and did a quick wash. I didn?t clean my pussy because I knew Hubby wasn?t through licking it yet, but I let the water pour over my back and shoulders until I came back to Planet Earth. When I came out of the bathroom, Hubby was not there.

?He said he would wait for you in the lobby by the elevators,? Jason told me. ?He said he wanted to give us a little privacy to say goodbye.?

Jason and I discussed the possibility of getting together again, though we both knew it wasn?t likely. He probably wouldn?t be coming back to our town and we didn?t expect to come to his. So we kissed for a few minutes, I stroked his amazing cock. I really wanted more of it, but he had worn my pussy out! Reluctantly, I turned to the door and, with a smile, left the arms my strong, young lover to return to my sweet, wonderful husband.

On the ride home, Hubby couldn?t keep his hands off of me. He was groping my breasts, pulling my nipples, rubbing my pussy through my pants. Despite the incredible fucking I had just had, I was horny as hell. I couldn?t wait to get home and let my husband jump my bones.

Hubby certainly didn?t disappoint. I guess the example of Jason?s sexual prowess inspired him. When we got into bed he dove, head first, into my dripping pussy. He appeared to be amazed how thoroughly Jason had ?opened it up.? Hubby literally worshipped my pussy with his mouth, soothing me and thanking me for letting him share in the sex I had just had. He was serving me just like a good hubby should. It felt wonderful. I felt so powerful at that moment. It got me so fucking hot!

When he had me writhing in ecstasy Hubby gently, almost shyly, pushed his cock into me. It was surprisingly hard, harder than it had been in ages! Another thing to thank Jason for! My husband fucked me nice and slow, almost caressing my pussy with his smaller, softer organ. It was so soothing after the pounding Jason had given me. But it still hit most of my buttons. Hubby moved his pubic bone against my clit as he fucked me and gave me a soft, gentle orgasm. It was a lovely contrast to the hot animal sex I had enjoyed with my virile young stud. It was the perfect way to wind down and relax. I pushed Hubby?s head down and he obediently began licking my pussy, cleaning up all of our combined juices and soothing me. I drifted off to sleep, sated, content and loved. In the morning, I woke up in my husband?s strong, loving arms. I?m such a lucky woman!


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