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Wittol, Cuckold, Hotwife, Stud - A Hotwife Adventure

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Wittol, Hotwife, Cuckold, Stud (hotwife, cuckold, cheating)

Words are funny things. We all think we know what a cuckold is, but the popular usage is quite wrong. Most of the men we refer to as cuckolds in today?s society are not. I am specifically referring to the spouses of hotwives, married women who are free to explore their sexuality with anyone they choose. These men are not necessarily cuckolds. They are wittols. Before you think I?m being drawing an artificial distinction, consider my husband.

A wittol is a man whose wife has sex with other people with his knowledge and encouragement. When a heart attack and two stents made my husband unable to get it up well enough to fuck me, he encouraged me to date other people, and to have sex with whomever I wanted. Implicit in my new power was an understanding that Hubby would be allowed to watch or, at least, know about any extramarital activities. When I took a lover, my husband became my wittol and I became a hotwife. I really love to tease him about his position ? even around other people ? by calling him ?my wittol Hubby.? The homophone is lost on almost everyone, with the assumption I am engaging in baby talk. They think it?s so cute. But Hubby knows what I am saying, and it makes him absolutely squirm with humiliation and excitement.

A cuckold is a man whose wife has sex with other people without his knowledge. The fact that I sometimes tell him about trysts several days or weeks later notwithstanding, I sometimes decide to have sex with people without Hubby?s knowledge or encouragement. My husband is also my cuckold. I really love it when Hubby and I meet someone who, unknown to my husband, has fucked me senseless. My secret lover and I subject my unknowing husband to exactly the kind of double entendre and inside jokes that the classical writers so loved. I love the incredible combination of jealousy, excitement and despair that I see when I finally tell him about fucking someone he thought was just an acquaintance or, worse, a friend.

The most complete form of cuckoldry arises when a married woman bears the child of a man other than her husband without his knowledge or consent. I can?t help wondering what the term would be for the wittol whose wife gets knocked up by her lover. It hasn't happened to me but, when I let a lover take me bareback, the possibility that I might get pregnant still drives my husband to distraction. And, if my husband doesn't know about the tryst, the thought of getting pregnant without my husband?s knowledge makes me incredibly hot!

Once my husband asked me to date other people, I cuckolded him before I made him my wittol. In other words, I started testing the waters, and actually had sex a few times without letting Hubby know about it. I guess I wanted to make sure I could feel comfortable having sex with someone else after twenty years of marriage without dealing with my husband?s fears and expectations. But I didn't do it lightly. It actually took me a long time to get to the point where I was ready to take a lover, to cuckold my husband.

The thing that finally made me decide to take the plunge was a guy nearly twenty years younger than me. I was 46 and he was 28. Michael was our ?computer guy? and he set up and maintained our home network. I'd met him several times around the house and even in a few social gatherings, and he always gave that look. You know, how a guy looks at you and you just feel the sexual tension? Well, our computer had crashed and my husband asked me if I could meet Michael at the house so he could try to find the problem. Shortly after Hubby left for work the next morning, Michael appeared at my door with his big, brown puppy dog eyes. My stomach clenched at his gaze as I invited him in. He was, after all, her to troubleshoot our computer.

That?s when I learned a valuable lesson. Never leave things open on your computer you wouldn't want, say, your mom to see! When Michael sat down at the desk, he began tabbing through open programs and - bam! Up came a webpage showing a woman, about my age and looks, having sex with young, hot men. Hubby had been surfing his cuckold websites again! I blushed and Michael chuckled. ?Wow!? he jibed, ?You like ?em young, and big!?

Even though Hubby was the one who had been surfing the websites, I couldn't deny what Michael said. After all, Hubby always forwarded the really good ones to me via e-mail, and my favorites were the ones with big, hard cocks best. So, instead of trying to explain the pictures away, I looked him right in the eye and teased, ?Hell yeah, I like them big and hard!? Okay, I probably said something more like ?Uh, yeah...? Like I said, it was the first time I?d done anything like this.

Michael closed the file but I could see him stealing glances at me. I was wet as hell and I could feel my heart pounding. This young guy was a real hottie, and I was getting serious ?let?s fuck? vibes from him. Then, I heard the words I will never forget. In a voice so soft I could barely make out the words Michael said, under his breath, ?I would give my left nut to go down on you.?

Without even knowing why, I said, ?Don?t be silly. I want both of your nuts intact.? Three minutes later, we were in the master bedroom. I began to practically tear my clothes off and Michael was stammering and staring at me. I don?t think he could quite believe what was happening. As for me, I had decided I would think about it later. Right now, I wanted this young stud to give me what Hubby couldn't. I started tugging at his clothes, and he snapped out of it. He unbuckled his belt and, in moments, we were both naked. Taking his head gently between my hands, I guided him down.

The moment Michael's tongue slid up the groove of my pussy, my body gave a shudder. His tongue was turning my insides to quivering jelly. Right then I decided not to tell Hubby about Michael. I wanted my new lover to be my secret. I was going to cuckold my husband.

Michael had me cumming in about two minutes flat. He could really eat pussy! Then my young lover crawled up my body and kissed me. It was mind-blowing. I hadn't been kissed that hard and hungrily in over ten years. As his mouth explored mine, Michael?s cock pushed into my pussy. It felt amazing. I'd not had any other cock in over twenty years and, while Michael was only a little bigger than Hubby, he was MUCH HARDER! He began fucking me with these wild circular thrusts! Animalistic is the only way to describe it! He was so excited to be with me that he didn't last very long. He came almost immediately, and he could tell I wanted more. With a dazzling smile, he said, ?Not to worry!? Then, to my utter amazement, he climbed back down my body and began eating me again!

Some say screwing another man in your husband's bed is the dumbest thing a woman can do! Imagine getting away with it - but barely! As Michael lapped his cum from my pussy, I heard the door downstairs open. I glanced at the clock.

"Shit! Hubby?s here. Get out!" I whispered. Even though I knew my husband would probably be in seventh heaven, I didn't want to share this with him. Michael grabbed at his clothes and slipped out the balcony door into the back yard.

Hubby came into the bedroom and was surprised to find me lying on the bed, naked and panting. I decided to brazen it out. ?What took you so long, Big Boy,? I purred. ?I couldn't wait any longer, so I started without you!?

Hubby immediately stripped off his clothes and, at my gesture, knelt between my legs and started licking my wet, sticky pussy. It was my first "taste" of the power I had over him. Not just role-playing, but real power to make him do something because I wanted him to. I decided right then to let Hubby watch me have sex with other people. I decided to make him my wittol.

I wondered if Hubby could taste the difference. I mean, my pussy was leaking Michael?s cum! But he never said a word. He just served my pussy with enthusiasm, cleaning up all of our juices and giving me two wonderful orgasms. I also wondered if Hubby had seen Michael's car when he drove up. But, the next time I saw Michael ? yep, I fucked him for several weeks ? he told me he had parked down the street in case Hubby came home. Apparently Michael had been hoping to get lucky with me! I had to laugh because, to my way of thinking, I was the one who got lucky that day.


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