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Wifes first time with another man two weeks ago!!

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My name is Will and we finally got up the nerve to do it!!

I finally talked my wife into having sex with another man two weeks ago. She was out with her friends one evening 3 weeks ago and came home late (3am) with her girlfriends. My buddies and I were playing poker while they went out. I drove her home right when they got back and she slurred to me...I feel so bad. I asked why...she said b/c I allowed a guy to hit on me in front of all our friends and I think the girls are mad at me....I asked what did you do? She said we just talked until the bar closed and we all went outside to wait on our taxi and while we waited he tickled my hair and talking really close to me. I said that's nothing...did he kiss you? she said no...but I feel bad b/c the other girls were looking at me with him like I was so bad while we waited on our cab. She did get his number and the next weekend we went downtown. Later that night after drinking we wound up at the bar where she met him the previous week. As soon as we walked in, she started acting like a teenage school girl. She said, "there he is, don't look". I told her...go talk to him, I'll go to the restroom. I went to the restroom, came out and she introduced me as her husband. When the bar closed (20 min later) we all went outside...I told her if she wanted to bring him home, that I was ok with it. She asked me...are you sure? I said yes...she said you promise you won't be mad? I said no. We approached him and two of his buddies and she asked him if he'd like to come home and have a few drinks. It was a bit weird b/c I'm standing right there. They all looked at me...I swallowed my pride and said, "I'd rather her have a good time at home than to cheat on me behind my back". His buddies, asked him what he wanted to do? He said he'd go, they asked him was he sure...he said yea I'm good. We went back to our apartment and I said I'd get us a drink. Before I even got into the kitchen, they were making out like 16 year olds.(she was 24) I didn't even get the drinks made when they went into the spare bedroom and closed the I wasn't even there. I listened intently to them through the bathroom door that connected to the spare bedroom. I was so shocked/turned on by the fact my wife was in the spare bedroom with another man and I'm standing on the other side of the door letting this happen. I heard them kissing and clothes being dropped on the floor, I then hear them move on the bed and my wife gives a little yelp as he began to finger her pretty hard...I've never heard her yelp like that (actually surprised me). After a few minutes of him fingering her...I hear my wife say...OMG, you are huge! Now I'm really turned on...then she starts sucking his dick...b/c I could hear her slurpping like never before. I couldn't believe it...this is really happening. Anyway, I'm creaming in my pants now and dying to go in and watch but can't bring myself to open the door b/c I don't want to interrupt them. I've got my ear on the door trying to hear everything. She asks him if he's got a condom and he says ?yes...never leave home w/o them?. I heard them adjust and the guy said...put these pillows under you. I know he entered her b/c she took a few deep breaths and said OMG! He asked her...are you ok? She said yes, it?s just so big but its ok?he said, ?are you sure, just try to relax:. After about a min or so, I began to hear the bed creaking faster and faster as he began pounding her so hard I thought my bed was going to break or he was killing her b/c she was moaning so loudly and saying, ?fuck me harder...I can feel it in my stomach?! I?ve never heard her talk like this?EVER! She came so hard...I could hear her grunting like she was going over the edge of a 1000 foot roller coaster. He fucked her for a good 20-25 minutes before they switched positions. I finally couldn't take it anymore. I slowly walked into the room and saw my wife on top of him riding his massive dick (at least 10? and fat). She looked at me and said, "oh, hey babe, come on in". So I sat in a chair in the dark and watch them fuck until he cam and then left. We went to our room and had sex?I was so turned on. She was sooooo stretched out, I know she couldn?t feel too much from my 6?. I cam pretty quickly and we fell fast asleep. It was great?I?m hoping she wants to do this from time-to-time b/c it?s sooo exciting. We?ve talked about doing it last week and she was a little hesitant and she said it was b/c she enjoyed it so much. I think she maybe thinking about doing it all the time and wondering if it will be good for a long term marriage?thoughts from the other cuckolds?to be honest I?m not sure what she?s thinking but hope that she does do it more!!


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