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Wifes First Theesome

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Wanted to share with you all the story of how my wife and I took our first step that resulted in us taking the plunge into the swinging pool….

My wife, Samantha (Sam) and I have been married for 14 years and are both in our mid forty’s. We met nearly twenty years ago and dated off and on for years before getting married. Prior to getting married, both Sam and I had enjoyed the monogamous relationships with people we were dating with and eventually with each other and became exclusive to each other soon after we began to date.

Our sex life was filled with what I would assume is the normal cycle of a sexual relationship. At first, we made love everywhere and anywhere we could having sex numerous times a week often several times a day/night. As we got older, the frequency began to dwindle down to once or twice a week. Neither of us were complaining because when we did hit the sheets, it was great… or so we thought. Over the years, we would tease and taunt the other with the fantasy of adding another to our sex life but it never went beyond that….until about six months ago.

Sam is a ravishing red-head that stands 5ft 8 with long curly red-hair that goes to the middle of her back. She has these light brown eyes that are absolutely sexy and when she smiles she can make men melt like butter on a hot summer day. I consider myself one of the luckiest guys around because between work, home and family life, Sam somehow manages to make her scheduled trips to the gym that allows her to maintain her very sexy and shapely figure. Sam carries a few extra pounds on her but believe you me, those pounds are ALL in the right place. My wife has these very nice luscious natural 34C’s that still have a decent amount of “perkiness” to them. Her waist isn’t as flat as it once was, but those few extra pounds in her mid-section gives me more to grab when we’re making love. Sam’s hips and ass cheeks have this sultry shape to them that helps to silhouette her sexy hourglass figure. Between her legs is what has always been the object of my sexual lust for her. Her slightly puffy pussy mound is kept impeccably groomed either sporting the tiniest strip of pubes or is completely bald. Her outer vulva lips are smooth and soft allowing her labia to slightly protrude out which gives me a great indicator that she’s horny and ready for action. Her labia lips swell and turn a shade or two darker and she flows beautifully when she gets erotically excited and her lips glisten with her pussy juices.

As I wrote earlier, Sam and I have taunted and teased the other with the thought of inviting another person into our bedroom, but neither of us ever had the opportunity or courage to make it happen. Like many men, I expressed how the thought of seeing my wife have sex with another man was a source of great sexual stimulation versus jealousy. My wife knew how I felt, but always had the concern that opening up our sex life to others could potentially ruin our marriage. There were a number of times when men have openly flirted with my wife but other than some innocent return flirtatious responses from her, it had never gone any further than that.

So, six months ago, a college buddy of mine arrived in town on business and he contacted me to schedule some time for us to hang-out and spend some time together. Sam knew my college friend and she was open to joining us one evening for dinner. Stewart arrived in town and he and I met one night and hit a couple of bars reminiscing about our days in college. The fourth night in town, Stew was to meet Sam and I for dinner at one of the local upscale steakhouses. When Sam and I would go out to restaurants like that, she didn’t need much encouragement to dress to impress. She chose to wear one of her little black dresses that fits her hourglass shape wonderfully. It seductively shows off her breasts and her lower half without being over the top “hooker action" as she likes to call it. Sam had her hair up in a loose pony-tail allowing her curls to fall to the top of her bare shoulders making her look oh sooooo sexy. Her ear rings and necklace accented her dress to the tee. Her entire look exuded sexiness and I looked forward to our love making that would follow once we got home.

We met Stew at the restaurant and the past six or so years had done him EXTREMELY well. In college he was on the chubby side with “nerdy” style glasses and not much “game” when it came to the ladies. Many of our female friends in college would comment that if Stew ever slimmed down and invested in contacts, he’d become the object of desire for lots of the women on campus. We found out that Stew got married and due to a nasty divorce, he took his frustrations out in the gym and chose to change his look to make his ex jealous for leaving him. Stew now looked like one of those guys you see on the cover of a GQ magazine, lean, rocking the latest trend in fashion and his personal grooming was absolutely perfect. We met Stew and we exchanged greetings and he gave Sam a big hug and kiss on the cheek. We made our way to our table and along the way, I saw other women staring at my once dorky college friend… even Sam commented on how good-looking and sexy Stew had become. One of our waitresses during dinner was so taken back by Stew’s looks she accidently crashed into another waiter causing some chaos in the restaurant for a few moments… the three of us had a good laugh about it and enjoyed the rest of the night. As dinner began to wind down, I saw that Sam had begun to innocently flirt with Stew and he returned the playful flirts back. Nothing that happened during dinner gave me any indication of what was to happen a few hours from that point.

We had put away nearly three bottles of wine throughout dinner and were putting the final few sips of the third bottle as dessert had finished. During dessert, our conversation began to have a undertone of sex to it but again still everything still seemed to be on the lighter and playful side. We finished dinner and began to head out of the restaurant when Stew confided that he would be heading back to his hotel room and calling it a night preparing to make his appointments for the next day. Much to my surprise, Sam invited Stew back to our house to relax and have a couple more drinks and hang out in our hot tub. Her invitation caught me by surprise but I echoed her invite and Stew agreed to meet us at our house. Sam and I got to our car and we headed to our home. On the way to our house, Sam asked me if I was serious about wanting to see me with another man…. I said “of course….. Stew?” Sam replied that she wasn’t sure but she was curious to see if things could go that way. The rest of our drive home my cock was at full attention trying to burst out of its clothing restraints.

We arrived at our house, I changed onto a comfortable pair of shorts that if needed doubled as swimming shorts and a polo shirt. Sam changed into a two piece black bikini with a white mesh cover top that looked like an oversized t-shirt that went to the middle of her thighs. Sam is relatively conservative and not much into showing too much skin other than to me. Her two piece bikini had a conservative halter top and the bottom was a full coverage bottom with ties on the sides, sexy because it was on her but not too revealing. Soon after we changed, Stew arrived at our home and I offered him a change of clothes. He went into our guest room to change and Sam and I took a couple bottles of wine and readied the area near the hot tub. Stew met us near the hot tub and Sam got the jets going and in a few seconds, the surface of the hot tub was brewing with bubbles. Sam made three glasses of wine, took off her mesh cover and made her way into the hot tub. Not wanting to be “anti-social” Stew and I removed our shirts and made our way to join Sam. Usually, I’m fairly comfortable with my physique, but seeing Stew, I felt a bit overwhelmed. Stew was absolutely chiseled with very little fat on his very finely sculpted body. For the first time ever, I saw my wife have desire in her eyes for someone other than me!

The three of us relaxed in the hot tub allowing the water's warmth sooth not only our muscles but apparently Sam's inhibitions too. We were finishing off the first bottle of wine when Stew excused himself to make a trip to the bathroom. With only Sam and I in the hot tub, Sam asked me if I would be ok if she could kiss Stew and see if it perhaps could lead to more. Stew returned to the hot tub and the three of us were equally spaced at first. The flirtatious advances Sam made toward Stew began to intensify. Before long, my wife was sitting right next to Stew. My wife looked at me and asked me if I was doing ok.... I replied that I was ok with what she was doing and blew her a kiss and gave her a wink. Just then, Sam leaned in and planted a kiss on Stew's lips. Much to my surprise, Stew didn't offer much resistance and instead began to wrap his muscular arms around my wife's neck.

I watched with an inquisitive eroticism as my wife was making out with my old college friend. After a few minutes of them making out, Sam broke her embrace with Stew to catch her breath. She peered over to me and all I could do was smile. I questioned why I found no jealousy in seeing my wife kiss another man but seeing the huge smile on my wife's face caused by whatever jealousy that I may have had to subside. Sam made her way to where I was in the hot tub and planted a huge wet juicy kiss on me. Our tongues began their duo dance routine and I felt my cock begin to stir and harden. Sam released her kiss from me and exited the pool where she toweled herself off and to get the next round of drinks. With Sam out of the hot tub, Stew asked me if I was ok with him kissing my wife. My reply to him was that there was a chance that the kissing may only be the start.

Sam returned to the hot tub and instead of immersing herself in the warm water, she chose to sit on the edge of the tub with only her legs in the water. She handed Stew and I our freshly poured glasses of wine and the three of us toasted. We all took a sip of our wine and when Sam lowered her glass she called Stew over to her. She told him how attracted she was to him and asked him if he enjoyed their kiss. Stew stood up showing a rather large bulge in his shorts and told my wife that kissing her made him horny for her. He dunked back down into the water leaving only his head above water. He made his way to my wife who began to spread her legs open to which Stew said he liked the view she was affording him. She told him she wanted to kiss him again and he stood to kiss my wife. The two locked their lips together and I erotically watched the two of them kiss with passion and lust. Their heads worked in a choreographed dance as they probed the other’s mouth with their tongue. I found myself getting hornier by the second watching my beautiful wife make out with another man.

Initially, Sam had her arms wrapped around Stew's neck embracing the back of his head in the palm of her hand as if she was trying to pull his head closer to hers. Stew’s right hand began reaching up to caress my wife's breast while his left had made its way to my wife's crotch. I could see Stew gently pull my wife's bikini to the side allowing him to begin to finger my wife's pussy. I couldn't see the specifics of what he was doing to my wife, but it didn't take too long before I could clearly see that he was finger fucking my wife. As soon as he began to finger fuck Sam she released herself from her kiss with Stew to let out a vocal indication of her pleasure. Sam let out a moan of pleasure followed by several inaudible words which I knew was an indication that she surely was enjoying what Stew was doing to her.

With his mouth free, Stew began to kiss his way down to my wife's breast. He now had his left hand inside of Sam's bikini top playing with her right tit and Sam pulled the triangle off of her left tit affording Stew access to her full breast and hardened nipple. Stew was clearly skillful at his ability to pleasure a woman as he continued to finger my wife and suck and lick her breast. It only took a couple of minutes of Stew working my wife before he had her on the verge of an orgasm. She closed her legs around Stew’s hand as she twitched uncontrollably trying to dislodge herself from him working her ____. Sam bucked wildly as the waves of her ______ overwhelmed her body allowing herself to fully enjoy the pleasure that Stew was giving to her. The sight of seeing my wife ___ at the hands (literally) of another man was an _____ scene like I couldn’t have imagined. Seeing how Sam responded and allowed herself to be pleasured by Stew was very _____.

When the waves of Sam’s _____ finally subsided, she reached for mine and Stew’s hands and said she wanted to move to our bedroom. “I want you both to ____ me tonight!” she said. Sam led us into the house and up the stairs to our bedroom. She led us to the edge of the bed where she released our hands and took her place on the edge of the bed where she knelt down and faced Stew and me. She reached out a hand to me and placed her hand on the back of my neck and brought me in for a passionate kiss. She looked me in the eyes and softly whispered to me “Thank you….I loved you”. We locked our lips together and I immediately noticed the increased intensity of the way she was kissing me. Her grasp on the back of my head was firm and strong holding me intently to her kiss. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Stew begin to kiss my wife’s upper abdomen and begin to work his way south. As he neared Sam’s _____ I wanted to see firsthand how my wife would respond to a new man going down on her. Stew was now kissing the damp black bikini bottom and he reached to one of the side ties and began to pull on the bow securing my wife’s bottom to her waist. As Stew began to skillfully and slowly remove Sam’s bikini bottom I wanted to give myself a view of Stew licking my wife. I broke my kiss with Sam and stepped back to see Stew dive into Sam’s crotch area with his face.

As Stew began to work my wife’s pussy I took advantage of the opportunity and untied her bikini top allowing it to fall off exposing her full breasts and very erect nipples. I dropped my shorts allowing my fully erect cock to free itself and come to full attention. I reached over to caress my wife’s tits all the while enjoying the view of Stew’s face in my wife’s pussy. It didn’t take long for the pleasure that was over taking my wife’s body for her to give way and fall onto the bed laying on her back with her legs open and her head on the edge of the bed. Stew resumed his position between my wife’s crotch and began to again lick her pussy. Seeing my wife’s head at the edge of the bed and her mouth opened from the moans of pleasure from Stew, I placed my cock near the edge of her mouth offering her a chance to have two men working on her at the same time. Sam opened her eyes for a moment and saw my hard cock near her face and she lovingly grabbed my cock and brought it to the edge of her mouth where she gave it a tender kiss. She licked the precum that had oozed from tip of my head.

The sight of watching my wife get pleasured by Stew and me at the same time was strangely erotic and seeing her fully enjoy the sexual attention given to her by the two of us had a magical feeling of giving my wife a wonderful and amazing gift. I wanted to see what Stew was doing to my wife but his mouth completely covered her pussy. Stew was caressing my wife’s left tittie leaving her right one in need of some attention. I gladly reached down and began to caress it and gently pinch her nipple between my fingers. After a few moments of this Stew broke his lock on my wife’s love slot and he could see me staring at what he was doing to my wife. After a slight break, he resumed his oral pleasuring of my wife’s pussy, this time he had his face just far enough that I could see his tongue licking my wife’s swollen lips. Being able to see Sam get pleasured like that made me even harder than I was. I could see Stew’s tongue travel from the bottom of my wife’s dripping wet and swollen pussy to the top where her enlarged clit was begging for attention. For the next several minutes, Stew playfully licked every part of my wife’s pussy and at the end of every few licks, he would use the tip of his tongue to flick and circle Sam’s clitoris causing her to edge ever so close to her second orgasm. Seeing me eagerly watch him pleasure my wife, Stew seemed to take his game to a whole new level.

Feeling my own urges build in my balls, I refocused my attention to the oral pleasure that Sam was giving to me. She is great at sucking cock but what she was doing to me at that moment was unlike any blowjob I had ever received. She passionately sucked on my cock as she used the saliva on my shaft as lube to stroke me closer and closer to my first orgasm. Not wanting to cum too early, I refocused my attention on what Stew was doing to Sam. He was now solely focusing his oral attention to my wife’s clit but I could see that he once again was fucking her with a finger (maybe two or more). After a few more seconds of that, Sam roared into her second orgasm this one seeming to be bigger than the first. As she bucked her waist she clamped down with her mouth stronger than before seemingly trying to suck my dick off of my body. Seeing her completely losing control, I knew that if I could get my cock in her pulsating pussy it would send her into a third orgasm and maybe even a fourth. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and told Stew that I wanted to switch positons… I positioned myself between her legs and poised to ease my cock into my wife’s still convulsing pussy. As I prepared to enter my wife, I noticed Stew remove his shorts allowing his piece of manhood to fully harden.

I am average sized with a cut 7in cock that has decent girth to it. It has a nice shaped mushroom head that Sam says gives her extra sensations when I'm in her. Stew was definitely blessed appearing to have a cock that looked to be nearly 10in in length, uncut and seemed to be almost as wide as a can of Red Bull…. OMG!!! He was huge and I couldn’t wait to see him give it to my wife. I gave her love box a tap with the shaft of my cock before entering her. She opened her eyes and peered at me ready to ease into her. She begged me to enter her, which I did. I eased the head of my dick into her drenched and swollen pussy. I got about half of my cock into her when Stew took his place near where Sam’s head was letting her get her first glance at the large piece of man meat that she would have the pleasure of playing with. Her eyes popped realizing how large Stew was almost appearing a bit scared at the sheer size of him. With her focus on Stew, I plunged the rest of my cock into her bottoming out which caused her to lunge after Stew’s cock . She pulled his foreskin back exposing his plum and purple swollen head. My wife desperately tried to take as much of it in her mouth as she could. I had never felt my wife’s love canal as wet as it was and I took full advantage and began to pump her with all that I had. Seeing and feeling my cock in her and seeing her with another one in her mouth was the most erotic image I had ever seen. In that very instant, I realized that all of the scenes like this that Sam and I had ever seen in various porn videos were nothing compared to seeing it live and being a part of it!

I grabbed Sam’s hips as my pace of pumping her began to increase. I looked at Sam and she had relinquished her role of being the aggressor in sucking on Stew’s cock to being a recipient of what seemed to be a good mouth and throat fuck. I tried to coordinate my thrusts in time with Stew’s to make the most of her sexual pleasure. Normally, Sam is very vocal when we are having sex but with Stew’s large piece of man meat in her mouth, her normal moans of pleasure were largely muffled. Sam reached between her legs and began to rub her clit with her fingertips which was a sure indicator that she was on the verge of her third orgasm of the night. I felt the walls of her vagina begin to clinch down on my cock. I tried to let my mind wander feeling my own urge to cum rush over me. I wanted to somehow stay off my orgasm until Sam had hers first. I gave her a few more strokes then Sam erupted in her third orgasm. I gave her a thrust depositing the entire length of my cock in her giving her vaginal walls something so convulse on during her orgasm. After a few moments of just keeping my cock buried deep in her, I resumed my thrusts in and out of her. Feeling the overall intensity and overwhelming heightened erotic tension, I couldn’t hold off any more and let my orgasm go deep in my wife. Pulse after pulse of my jizz was dumped into Sam as I tried to send every last drop in her as far as I could.

My cock began its normal “shrinking” and before long, my head was easing out of her pussy. The very instant, she felt my cock pop out of her, she pulled Stew’s massive dick out of her mouth and demanded that he fuck her. Stew moved from next to her head and made his way to take my place. Still maintaining his extremely hard cock, Stew pulled back the foreskin from his cock and exposed his plum head and placed it at the entrance to my wife’s love hole. He rubbed his head against her clit heightening her sexual pleasure even more. As he teased her clit with his cock, she began to beg him to fuck her. Wanting to please Sam, he ceased teasing her and began to ease his massive penis into Sam’s waiting pussy. I was amazed as every inch disappeared into my wife’s dripping pussy. Stew had gotten a little more than half way in when it seemed like Sam couldn’t take any more. Sam looked at Stew and begged him to give it all to her. Stew eased his cock out a bit then began to ease it back in. He got all but the last inch or so into my wife and Sam’s face rolled through a series of expressions ranging from pain, pleasure and desire. “I want it ALL!!!!” Sam cried out. Stew pulled his entire shaft out leaving only his head in her, he wrapped his muscular arms around Sam’s hips and lifted her off the bed and in one smooth thrust plunged the entire length of his massive cock fully into my wife’s pussy. Feeling his crotch area against hers, she knew that she had Stew’s entire man meat in her. She smiled at the realization that she had one hell of a big cock fully inside of her. She called for me to bring my dick to her and she pulled it to her mouth and began to kiss and lick her juices off of my semi-hard cock. I could see Stew begin his rhythmic pumping in and out of my wife’s pussy. The sight of this absolute stud fucking my wife, got my cock to stir and start to harden again. With Stew pumping my wife with all he had, Sam pulled my dick into her mouth and began to lick and suck me again. I usually don’t “turn around” quickly like I did in my younger days, but seeing my wife allow herself to fully enjoy the sexual escapade that she was in the middle of got me to recover quickly and ready for round two.

Sam now had two cocks in her and she was loving it. I began to slide my cock in and out of my wife's mouth as Stew continued his pelvic assault on my wife's pussy. Again, Sam's screams and moans of pleasure we're muffled by a cock in her mouth. After several minutes of this, Sam pulled my dick from her mouth and stopped Stew. She turned herself over and got on her knees giving Stew access to enter her doggie style. I brought my cock to her and offered my hard member to her to suck on as Stew again shoved his massive cock into my wife's pussy. By now, Stew's thrusts were so intense that Sam just rode his pumps to not only accept his massive cock but to also allow me to continue fucking her mouth. I don't know who was enjoying it more, Stew, Sam or me? I know she was loving the feel of such a large cock in her and getting fucked hard with Stew's amazing stamina. I could feel Sam begin to tense up which was a sign that she was on the verge of her fourth orgasm.... but this one would be like ones she'd never had before. The size and stamina of Stew was about to give my beautiful and amazing wife the first orgasm from penetration alone.... and I wasn't jealous, instead I was ecstatic for her.

Sam began to buck wildly from the orgasm Stew was giving her. She took my cock from her mouth and began to frantically stroke me wanting me to cum. I heard Stew announce that he was ready to cum to which Sam told him she wanted him to fill her up with his cum. Hearing my wife beg for another man to shoot his load in her put me on the edge of my second orgasm. It took just a few more strokes from Sam before I began shooting my load. The first shot hit her upper lip but she managed to engulf me allowing me to release the rest of my seed in her mouth..... aaaaahhhhhh it felt so good! As I deposited my load in Sam's mouth, Stew began to dump his load in my wife's pussy. He came for for what seemed like several minutes before finally pulling his semi-limp cock out of my wife.

With our two cocks dripping the final remnants of our jizz, Sam began to play "clean-up" crew sucking first my cock clean followed by Stew's. Sam was exhausted from the amazing fuck that she had just been a recipient of. She laid on the bed with her legs partially open which gave me a view of her freshly fucked pussy. I saw the results of me and Stew cumming in her pussy as she had a large amount of semen oozing from her love hole. I don't know why I did what I did next, but I was compelled to dive into my wife's pussy and lick up the cocktail of her pussy juice and the cum from Stew and I. It tasted absolutely wonderful and Sam seemed to like to feel of my gentle tongue lapping her worn pussy lips.

After getting a fair amount of the love cocktail in my mouth, I took it to Sam to share with her. I kissed her deeply allowing her tongue to prove the inner recesses of my mouth and taking some of the cum with her. She swallowed and smiled. I went back to her pussy for round two of eating my wife and it didn't take long before she was on her back legs wide open aching for me to clean her up. As I lapped up the mix of cum and pussy juice, she began to stir and ramp up. I wondered if she could go for a second round with Stew and me. I figured that I'd eat her till she came again and see if she'd want to go again.

After a few minutes of lapping up Sam's pussy, she motioned to me to come and lay next to her. There we were in the middle of our bed with Stew on one side and I on the others side of Sam. As the three of us began to talk about what we had just done, Sam began grabbing both Stew and my cock and began to gently play with them. I could feel my blood flow to my cock readying it for what I hoped would be another round. I looked at Sam's hands and Stew and I were again hard. Feeling her two lovers ready to go again, Sam sat up and told us that she wanted to see what it'd be like to suck on two cocks at the same time.... she asked if Stew and I would be ok if our cocks touched as she tried to get both of our cocks in her mouth at the same time and we both assured her that we'd be ok and we wanted to please her.

Sam got off the bed first and beckoned Stew and I towards her. She welcomed us both by giving us both a sensual kiss on our lips as she caressed our hard cocks. My wife dropped to he knees and began to stroke our cocks simultaneously right in front of her face. The look on her face was that of a child on Christmas morning after opening up third big gift. Sam smiled and lunged towards my cock first giving it a loving kiss all the while still stroking Stew. Sam engulfed my cock to the base and then pulled her face off leaving a healthy amount of saliva on my cock. With my dick now lubed, Sam began to work on Stew's cock. She pulled his foreskin back exposing his plum head and wrapped her lips around it. Stew moaned with pleasure as Sam began to suck on his massive cock. After getting most of Stew's cock in her mouth, she pulled off of Stew like she'd done to me a minute before.

Kneeling with two cocks in front of her face freshly lubed with her saliva, Sam stroked them gazingly with anticipation and lust in her eyes. She brought our two cocks together with our heads touching and Sam tried to wrap her lips around the two heads in front of her. Sam struggled and barely managed to get our two cocks in her mouth stretching the limits of her lips and mouth. Relishing in watching my wife's sheer pleasure and enjoyment of what she was doing and realizing that she was fulfilling a hidden fantasy filled me with a sense of calm and eagerness to let Sam do all that she wanted.

After struggling to take as much of out two cocks in her mouth, Sam spent the next several minutes orally pleasuring Stew and I. Sam would deep throaty one cock and stroke the other. I was amazed at her masterful control of two cocks at the same time. While Sam worked our cocks, Stew and I fondled and caresses Sam's breasts. Stew even somehow managed to periodically reach down and grab a handful of Sam's ass cheeks which seemed to help her intensify her assault on our cocks. Several minutes went by and I was once again on the verge of blowing another load. I told Sam I was ready to cum and she said that she wanted two cocks in her again, one in her pussy and in in her mouth.

Sensing that I was ready to blow my load, Sam ordered me to lie on the bed so she could mount me in reverse cowgirl. With my cock fully erect and wanting to go back in my wife's pussy I readied myself as Sam straddled me with her pussy right above my cock. As Sam spread her outer lips, I could see that she was still dripping cum from round one with Stew and me. With the extra lube in her love hole, I slipped into Sam with great ease. She lowered herself down onto me completely engulfing my cock in her pussy. With my cock in her, Sam beckoned Stew to her so she could resume her oral pleasuring of Stew. Like before, Sam pulled the foreskin of Stew's cock back exposing his plum head and I watched her fight to get as much of his cock in her mouth.

Sam rode my cock and allowed Stew to fuck her mouth sending us two guys closer to a sexual explosion. Watching my wife imitate a porn starlet was more than I could take and I released another load of my cum in Sam. I bucked crazily trying to send my cum in her as deep as I could. After several releases, I felt my cock begin to go limp and slowly ease its way out of my wife.

As soon as my cock slipped out of Sam's pussy, she begged Stew to fill the void left by my cock. Sam laid on her back and opened her legs wide for Stew to enter her. Stew with his massive cock positioned himself between Sam's legs and prepared to enter her again. Stew grabbed the shaft of his cock right behind the head and bubbled his cock against Sam's slit beginning at the bottom. Reaching the entry point of her pussy, Stew forcefully entered Sam causing Sam to scream with a sense of pleasurable pain. Sam looked at Stew and begged him to fuck her hard! Stew did as he was asked and began to pump and pound on Sam. I honesty didn't think she knew what she was asking for when she asked Stew to fuck her hard, because Stew fucked her like she had never been fucked before. Stew had the stamina of a porn star and fucked my wife silly for the next 15 to twenty minutes. Like I said, Sam had never been fucked like that before and after several minutes the pounding she took sent her through at least two or three more orgasms. The combination of Stew's exceptional stamina, unrelenting pounding and Sam's orgasms had my wife at a level of sexual exhaustion like never before. Just when I thought Sam couldn't take any more, Stew finally announced that he was going to cum. Wanting to heighten Sam's pleasure, I began to kiss one nipple as I rolled the other nipple between my fingers. That seemed to do it..... it pushed Sam to her final orgasm which caused Stew to release his load too.

Stew pulled his cock from Sam and blew his load all over my wife's stomach and tits. Seemingly disappointed that Stew didn't cum in her, Sam began to use her fingers to clean herself up bringing Stew's cum to her mouth. With most of his cum cleaned up from Sam, Stew fell forward onto Sam's body and the two of them rubbed the remnants of Stew's cum between themselves. Sam gently kissed Stew on his cheek and Stew returned her kiss with one on Sam's cheek.

Stew whispered in Sam's ear thanking her for a wonderful night then he thanked me. He secured his belongings and left. Sam was visibly exhausted from all the sex she had that night. Soon after Stew left, I heard Sam's familiar soft breathing signifying that she was fast asleep. I gave her a kiss on her cheek which was met by a smile on her face. I held her firmly and I soon too was fast asleep.

The next day, we talked about the adventure we had with Stew and how exciting and adventurous it was to have him join us. We talked about inviting Stew again to join us the next time he's in town. We all are looking forward to Stew's next trip so we can continue where we left off..... who knows..... maybe that will result in me (or Sam) adding another chapter and story to share.

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