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Who Says Marriage is Dull

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Chapter 1

My wife of five years, Rachel, never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think that things are becoming mundane, BAM, she kicks it up a notch. Lately, it's been several notches at once.

It wasn't too long ago that she found my stash of porn. There were loads (and when I say loads, I mean LOADS) of movies, stories, pictures and the like. Needless to say, she wasn't too happy about it. Most women probably wouldn't be. She took it rather personally.

I was embarrassed. Even though most men like porn in one form or another, try explaining that to your wife. I didn't want her to think less of me. Losing her love and respect would be devastating.

She seemed to think that she wasn't enough to satisfy me; that maybe I was looking for something outside of our marriage that she couldn't provide. I tried to put her at ease. "Most, if not all of these things are fantasies, Rachel."

"So you're telling me that you wouldn't want to do any of these things in real life?" She asked.

"I'm not sure if I could." I replied.

"Why haven't you shared these fantasies with me Ben?"

"I didn't want you to hate me. You know I love you more than anything. I wouldn't want to do anything to make you think poorly of me."

"I want you to share with me." She said. "How can I trust you if you hide things from me? Secrets are what will kill our marriage."

Even though it felt strange to do it, I shared with Rachel over the next several weeks. She wanted to read stories, watch videos and see what interested me most. Since there was so much material, I had to group the items by subject. One prevalent theme was cuckold stories. There were also all types of material on BDSM, interracial sex, creampie, cock and ball torture, golden showers and hairy women just to name some highlights.

After going over many of the stories, films and pictures, she asked me, "Would you really want to watch me get fucked by another man?"

"I don't know." I replied. Inside I was torn. It was huge turn on to think of Rachel, her hairy pussy splayed open being pumped by a big cock while I was forced to watch. To see her large tits wiggle as she was being pounded from behind. Her generous ass slammed by another man's body as he used and stretched her wet pussy out.

"If we did something like that, it could ruin our marriage." Her voice brought me out of my reverie.

"I don't think I could bear you sleeping with someone else." She informed me. "In fact, if I find out that you have, it will end our relationship."

"You are the most important thing in my life, Rachel. I wouldn't risk losing you. Ever." I told her emphatically.

She seemed to find some contentment with that.

Rachel decided to accompany me to an adult store. She was pretty embarrassed. We were perusing the video section, when her cell phone rang. Talk about mortified. I had to chuckle to myself. She was probably the one person in the store who wanted the least attention; and there you have it. She looked very cute as she made her way outside to take her call. I watched her through the door. She had just had her hair cut. It was about shoulder length, dark brown and they had put red streaks into it.

Her face was almost as red as the highlights in her hair when she came back. I decided to end her misery and told her that we should go. She said, "Not until we buy a couple of things." She made her way back into the shop. I guess she was determined despite her embarrassment. She went over to a display of leather crops. She chose one that was shorter than the rest. The clerk came over and suggested she take the one shaped like a hand. "It has more surface area," she explained.

"No, this one's the right length." Rachel replied. She also picked up a fishnet stocking/garter belt combo that I had indicated was sexy. We paid for our purchases and left.

I teased Rachel on the way home about her phone call. "You'll pay for that when we get home." She spat malevolently. "In fact, I'm going to get practice with the crop."

Rachel whisked into the house and went directly, with her purchases, into the bedroom. She came out wearing just a sexy black bra and the black fishnet/garter belt hose. She had done her makeup in a slutty fashion with thick eyeliner and dark lipstick. My cock was immediately at attention just from looking at her.

She had the crop in her hand and she ordered me to strip. When I was naked, she instructed me to spread my legs, bend over and push my cock and balls back through my legs. I did as I was told. I felt the first smack of the crop strike smartly on the back of my balls. It was slightly painful but exciting at the same time. I moaned loudly. She proceeded to land blows to my balls one right after the other. Occasionally my thighs and buttocks received a whack.

"Spread your ass cheeks!" she commanded.

"What? No please don't. It's very sensitive there." I cried.

"Don't you dare disobey me!" she barked. "Or I'll add twenty lashes!"

"I didn't mean to disobey," I cried meekly getting into her little game.

I spread my ass for her and she lightly cropped me on the sensitive area. It was oddly stimulating. I hadn't thought about that before.

I was hard as a rock by this time and leaking pre-cum.

"You're a dirty little bastard and you're going to lick up this mess you made." She proceeded to wipe my pre-cum with her finger and put it up to my lips.

"No, please, I'll be good." I cried.

She whacked the side of my cock with the crop. I licked the pre-cum off of her finger.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked.

"No, please don't make me do that again." I spoke in a whimpering tone. Truthfully, it was so hot and exciting I thought I was going to shoot my load.

"Well, perhaps we should wash your mouth out then. Lay down and open it."

"What are you going to do?" I asked, knowing the answer to the question.

"I'm going to piss in your mouth and all over your face."

My dick jumped when she said that.

She straddled my face and started to pee on me. I was forced to drink her salty piss. I had never done this before. I'd seen it in movies and read about it. I never thought she would do it, ever. My wife was degrading me and I loved it!

When she finished she instructed me to lick her pussy. Her hairy snatch on my lips after she had just pissed on me was almost too much to take. I needed to cum, BAD.

Since I was still lying on my back, she straddled me and put her pussy on my cock. She was soaking wet. She started to ride up and down taking all of my cock and squeezing it. Her tits were bouncing up and down and her big nipples were erect.

"You'd better not come unless I give you my permission!" she cried.

It took everything I had in me to prevent this. She started to pump faster impaling herself on my rigid member. "You are here for my pleasure." With those words, she pushed me to the point of no return. As hard as I tried, I couldn't stop it. It felt like I came buckets into her hot, wet cunt.

"Oh, you're in big trouble now." She laughed.

She slowly got up while keeping her hand on her pussy to stop the juices from flowing out. She moved until her pussy was right over my head. "I'm going to make you eat your cum since you didn't have permission." She stated flatly. I had read about this in stories and even seen it in movies. It's different when it's really happening. I was apprehensive to say the least. She didn't give me any choice.

"Oh this is going to happen. Just accept it." She straddled my face once again and our juices ran all over my mouth and tongue. I didn't know what to expect, but my semen and her distinct flavor made quite the combination. I lapped at her pussy as she kept encouraging me to "clean her up". Her taunts and jeers as well as her moans caused my now limp dick to spasm. I couldn't believe I was getting hard again so quickly. This as I was forced to lick up my own cum out of my incredibly sexy wife's muff. My tongue circled her engorged clit still tasting our mix of juices. I slipped my tongue deeper inside her getting it all. Rachel fucked my face bringing her to orgasm with the assistance of my tongue.

"That was really a big turn on Ben." Rachel said to me as she got up.

"Yes, it was." I responded. My head was still reeling from this amazing experience.

"Oh Ben, this was just the beginning." She said as she got up and left me lying there with a hard on and cum on my face.

I wonder what she meant by that.

Who Says Marriage is Dull

Chapter 2

Rachel already knew that I liked to be submissive, as she had played with me in that role before. She was quite surprised that I had many videos (mostly German) showing females being dominated by males. One showed a woman with clamps on her nipples and then weights were applied. She was bent over and spanked mercilessly until her ass was bright red. Clamps were placed on her pussy lips and then weights were applied there. She was fucked and abused with dildos in her pussy and ass.

Rachel was stunned. "Do you want to do those things to me?"

"I only want to do what you feel comfortable with."

"I never knew this was something that interested you." She said.

"I'm willing to do anything and everything that you would like to try. I'm really not interested in hurting you or getting hurt. I'm just interested in having some fun." I told her.

I tried to pry out of her any fantasies that she might have since we were "sharing".

She didn't offer up too much except that she would let me know if and when she was interested in trying something.

Later that week, in bed, Rachel told me she would like to help me live out a fantasy where I was dominant. "Are you sure?" I asked.

"I don't want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable."

"If I really don't like something. I will let you know firmly. I'd appreciate it if you would stop right away." She said.

I readily agreed. I decided to put clamps on her nipples. I eased them on gently. I placed one on her left nipple then on her right. I could sense her discomfort but she didn't tell me to stop. I started to pull on the clamps slowly. She moaned. I couldn't tell whether it was from pain, pleasure or both. I started to lick and suck her nipples while they were clipped. I was so excited. My cock was leaking with pre-cum. I made her lick it off the tip. I went back to punishing her nipples with my mouth and tongue. She was groaning and I could tell by the look on her face she might just be enjoying this.

"You're a bad girl." I told her. "I'm going to teach you a lesson." I continued playing with her nipples in the clamps as she licked the head of my cock. "Now take the head into your mouth and suck on it." She did and rolled her tongue around the head while it was in her mouth. Damn, she could give good head. I slid my cock deeper into her mouth and started pumping. I'm not huge, not by porno standards, but it always amazes me when she can take it into her throat. She licked and sucked on me and I played with her nipples eliciting groans from her. The vibrations felt great on my engorged cock. She was licking and sucking on the shaft and the head; her tongue making circular motions. She just about drove me wild.

I told her I was going to clamp her pussy lips open. "No, please don't." she whispered. I knew that this was part of the game. She made it clear beforehand that she would be stern if she really didn't want to do something. I used vibrating nipple clamps on each hairy pussy lip. Then I spread her open with them. She groaned with pleasure. I was gentle with her because, if given the opportunity, I wanted this performance to be repeated.

Her legs were wide open and I had her pussy splayed. I could see her rock hard clit and it was open to me and completely vulnerable. I told her as much. I turned the vibrator on low. Her whole body shook. I used my tongue on her beautiful clit. She was already soaking wet.

I was surprised, but delighted that she was getting into this as much as she was. I know she was doing it for me and I appreciated it. I licked and prodded her clit with my tongue breaking only to talk to her about what I was doing and how she was being punished. I circled her clit, sucked on it, nibbled it and flicked it. Then I pushed my tongue inside her hole because it was open for the taking. I moved one of the vibrating eggs from the clamps right onto her clit while my tongue slid inside her. She was so slick and wet; I wanted to fuck her right then and there. I had to pace myself. I didn't want this scenario to end too quickly.

I pulled back and looked at her. She lay there; legs spread, pussy open wide, wetness leaking out of her. Clamps on her tender nipples. The clamps were black which were in stark contrast to her light complexion. Her shoulder length dark hair had red highlights in it and was fanned onto the pillow above her. She was wearing nothing but a thin leather collar with a metal ring in the front. Her blue-green eyes looked up at me and I could see she was filled with lust. I know I was.

She was beautiful and I wanted her now more than ever. Her voluptuous body writhed in response to anything I did to her. I lifted her legs and bent them at the knees pushing them toward her chest. I instructed her to hold them there. I know this was putting pressure on the nipple clamps but she didn't complain. Her pussy was completely open and I nibbled at her clit a bit more. She moaned and bucked up toward my face. She was so wet that the clamps on her pussy actually slid off. I made them tighter and reapplied them.

"I'm going to punish your tight ass, because you've been so bad." I told her.

She looked surprised but didn't say no. I lubed up my finger and inserted it into her tight anus. It was hot hot hot. She squirmed a little, but did not protest. I fucked her in the ass with my lubricated digit. It felt as though she may be loosening up just a little bit. Her splayed pussy was wetter than ever, so I dove right in and licked her while my finger fucked her ass. She writhed and moaned. She started to orgasm all over my tongue. She was extra wet. My cock was like a rock. She tasted so good. I never expected my proper wife to cum so hard from ass play.

"Oh, yeah." She moaned. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh." She was gasping. I couldn't believe the ferocity of this orgasm. I was getting close to losing control. I wanted to fuck her hard until I exploded into her snatch. I couldn't allow that to happen.

"I didn't give you permission to cum." I spoke harshly. I'm sure she was surprised to hear her own words uttered back at her. She was still recovering from her powerful orgasm and didn't respond. "I'm going to have to spank you now."

I put ankle restraints on her and clipped them to the O ring in her collar. She was totally vulnerable. I used a crop that she had purchased recently and started to whip her tender ass. It became red immediately. She was mewing and crying but didn't say STOP.

I applied several more lashes then I inserted my rigid cock into her dripping wet pussy. I decided to leave the pussy clamps on as I started fucking her fiercely.

I had to free her nipples. The clamps hurt worse coming off than going on. She yelped in pain as I released each one. I suckled each nipple for a few moments as I drove into her. She moaned with delicious arousal. I was beyond just being excited. My libido was in overdrive.

I felt her start to shake as I pumped away. She was having another orgasm. This was heaven for me. She was still in her vulnerable position with her ankles clipped up to her collar. I wanted to take advantage of this situation to the fullest. I pulled my cock out of her fantastic pussy and pushed the head into her ass. She gasped. I must have surprised her. I slid in slowly, not wanting her to say "NO" and end my fantasy. I figured that in her excited state she would let me go further than we'd ever gone. She groaned and gasped but didn't make me stop.

I took this as the go ahead and started to fuck her tight ass. When I say tight I mean vice grip. I had always wanted to try this, but didn't want to push the issue. Now I had my way. I was going to shoot cum into my wife's ass after dominating her. It was almost a dream come true. Definitely a fantasy fulfilled.

I was going in and out of her ass slowly. I removed the clamps from her pussy but put the vibrating egg on her clit. She was panting and moaning and she started screaming "I'm gonna cum again!" This orgasm was truly wild. She shook dramatically. Her ass clenched on my cock and drove me right over the edge. My orgasm coupled with hers. I don't know how long I came but it felt like forever. I don't recall ever having a climax last that long. I know I filled her ass with plenty of my seed.

As I pulled out, a gusher of come oozed out of her ass and onto the sheets. Her juices from her pussy were flowing out too mixing with the mess on the bed. I released her from her restraints. I held her in my arms close to me. Neither of us said anything for a long time.

"You know, we never discussed anal sex Ben. I hope you realize that what's good for the goose?."

I shuddered in anticipation.

Who Says Marriage is Dull

Chapter 3

I felt like a mouse being stalked by a cat. Around every corner lurked the danger of being pounced on and devoured. Perhaps I'm being overly dramatic. Still, I was nervous. At our last encounter, my wife, Rachel had threatened me. Okay, okay maybe not threatened so much as she implied that I was going to be fucked in the ass. She didn't really elaborate. You can see how I may perceive that as a threat. I consider myself an open-minded individual but a man's behind, unless he's into an alternative lifestyle, is exit only! It's practically the unwritten rule.

It had been almost a week and a half since our last "encounter". Rachel hadn't mentioned it so neither did I. Ever since she found my stash of porn and insisted that I "share" with her, things had been different. She had allowed me to live out a couple of big fantasies, which I don't mind saying were extremely hot. Things got really heated and I fucked Rachel in the ass without discussing it with her first. She came really hard and it seemed she enjoyed it. Afterwards she made an offhanded comment about what's good for the goose?

That comment had me fearing the worst. It was one thing to watch it in a movie or read it in a story; it's a whole different ball game when you're living it. Yes, I feared for my virgin ass.

Rachel called me from her cell phone. "Honey, I have a couple errands to run, would you please get dinner started?" she sweetly asked.

"Sure thing Hon." I replied. "What would you like me to make?"

"Something easy is okay. You can grill if you want."

"When can I expect you?"

"About an hour or so."

We hung up and I pulled out some steaks to thaw. She certainly seemed chipper. Maybe she wasn't planning anything after all. I had just let my imagination get the best of me.

Rachel came home just as I was finishing up the steaks. I could hear her car pull in the driveway and managed to come inside just as she entered. "Looks great. Do you think you could whip up a couple of salads to go with?" she asked.

"No problem. It'll just take a couple of minutes."

"Great! I bought this bottle of wine. It should go nicely with your feast. I need to freshen up a bit, I'll be back in a flash." She gave me a peck on the cheek, put the wine on the table and carried her shopping bags to the bedroom.

Dinner was nice. We talked and laughed a lot. I really felt at ease. We went through an entire bottle of wine. I was feeling it. Rachel had a couple of glasses; I guess I must have had the rest. "Honey, I need to work on something for a little while, you don't mind cleaning up do you?" she asked sweetly.

"I'll take care of it." I said as I gave her a kiss on the cheek. She touched my face with her hand and kissed me on the lips tenderly.

She was such a sweetheart. I was feeling giddy as I went about my tasks.

After I did the dishes and put away leftovers, I went to the bedroom to see what Rachel was up to. The door was locked. It was the strangest thing. We never lock the bedroom door. I knocked. Rachel opened the door. She stood there with a stern look on her face. She was all made up and wearing thigh high black stockings with lace tops and a black leather teddy. The outfit was open in a V in the front showing the inside curves of her ample breasts and all of her cleavage. The V was filled in with chains connecting horizontally. The chains went all the way up to her neck where they attached to a collar. She held the crop in her hand. It was almost surreal.

My conservative wife was dressed like a dominatrix. I was too stunned to speak. I just gawked. "Close your mouth you slack jawed idiot!" she exclaimed. "You've got a lot to pay for."

"But I made dinner and cleaned up! Surely that will get me out of trouble."

"Not even close. Now take off all your clothes. You're going to be punished severely for your transgressions."

Maybe it was the wine but I just stood there staring at her, completely bewildered. The next thing I knew she grabbed my nuts hard. It was painful but oddly stimulating. "I said take off your clothes. When I tell you to do something you do it immediately." I took off my clothes as instructed. "You will also refer to me as Mistress. Do you understand?"

I must have hesitated for she grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her in a jerking motion. I was a human pull-toy. "Your cock is worthless. If you don't heed my commands immediately and address me in the proper fashion, I won't allow you to cum for weeks." She threatened.

"Yes, Mistress." I replied quickly. My cock was getting harder by the second. Her threats were turning me on. Rachel was full of surprises. Despite being upset at finding my stash of porn, she was bringing fantasies to life for me.

"On your knees. You will learn proper respect for me."

"Yes Mistress." I cried as I knelt before her.

"Grovel at my feet. That's right, kiss them."

I kissed her shoe. It was a black high-heeled pump. I removed her foot from the shoe and kissed her stocking covered foot. I could see her toenails were painted red. I don't have a foot fetish, but this was hot. I ran my fingers over her calf, my excitement rising. She smacked my fingers with her crop. "I didn't give you permission to grope me."

"I'm sorry, Mistress. I couldn't help myself."

"Get on the bed. Now!" She cried. I hurried to the bed and sat down. "Lie on your back." I did as I was told. "Stay there and I will be right back." She went into the bathroom. I wondered what she had planned. A bit of fear crept into me. If she decided to go too far, I would just say no. That was the deal I had with her in our previous encounter. She was able to stop it at any point. Surely she would do the same for me.

She came out of the bathroom with shaving supplies. My eyes grew as big as saucers. "Mistress, what are you going to do with that?" I queried.

"That's a stupid question pet. You know what happens with a razor and lather. If you need me to explain everything to you because you lack the intelligence to understand then fine, I'm going to shave you. I'm going to shave your cock and balls until they're smooth; I'm going to remove all the hair from your pubic region. Don't even think of protesting. I'm in charge and the sooner you accept that, the better off you'll be."

I kept my mouth shut. She was totally condescending to me. Part of me was hurt by her words but at the same time, my excitement was building. It showed in my erection. I had seen movies and read stories about things like this. I never thought it would happen to me.

"In fact," she said "there's really no reason for you to continue to speak anyway." With that, she put a gag in my mouth. I was nervous about her shaving my balls. What if she cut me? I didn't dare protest. I was at her mercy. She took out the ankle cuffs I had used on her on a previous occasion. She also had wrist cuffs. I didn't realize that she had tied hooks and ropes on all four corners of our bed. She clipped the ankle and wrist restraints to the hooks and had me spread eagle on the bed. I was completely vulnerable.

She lathered up my groin. I watched in horror as she started with my sensitive balls. I could feel her razor going over them. Even though she was being dominant, I didn't believe she would intentionally cause damage to me. At least, I hoped not. She completely shaved my pubic area.

"There." She said and took all of the shaving supplies into the bathroom. I was left lying on the bed helpless. She came out of the bathroom with a blindfold. Since I was gagged all that came out of me was a muffled groan. I wanted to see what was going on. Part of me found some excitement in being deprived that sense.

My cock was still standing at attention. She blindfolded me and I could hear her leave the room again. I'm not sure how long she was gone. I lay there, just listening for the slightest clue as to what was to come next. The next thing I felt was a warm washcloth wiping the lather off my cock and balls. It felt good. I moaned with pleasure. She was handling my cock and balls roughly as she cleaned them off. My cock was leaking pre-cum. I could feel it. She started cropping my cock and balls, lightly at first then harder. I counted at least 25 lashes. It wasn't really that painful as much as it was stimulating.

She then grabbed my balls at the base until they were tight. It didn't really hurt but it certainly made them sensitive. I'm not sure what she did next but my balls were still tightened and she was leaving the room. She must have restrained them somehow.

I heard her reenter the bedroom. "Since you've just been freshly shaved, we need to protect your skin. I think a little aftershave will do."

"NO!!!" was what I was thinking, but "mmphhh" was all that came out. It was going to sting bad. She had just cropped my prick and balls; they were ultra sensitive. She was going to do cock and ball torture just like in some of the stories I'd read. I'd never read about this in particular. She sprinkled some aftershave on my sensitive nuts and cock. Although it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would, it stung like the dickens.

"There we are." She said sweetly. "Now we'll just put some lotion on to moisturize your skin." The lotion almost immediately stopped the burning. I was grateful. She rubbed it in sensuously all over my pubic area. It was very soothing. My erection had subsided when the burning started, but it was coming back to life as she rubbed lotion on me.

I could feel clamps being put on my nipples. They were being tightened. Oh, the sweet pain. I didn't mind that at all. It was very pleasurable and my cock jumped. She ran her tongue over each nipple, sucking and nibbling, increasing my sensation. I don't think my cock could get more rigid. I needed release from all of the stimulation I was experiencing. It seemed as though Rachel could read my mind.

"Now I'm going to fuck you." She explained. "You look like you're ready."

I was so turned on. I couldn't wait to feel her hot pussy on my cock. She was right. I was ready. Ready to have that hairy pussy clench down on me. My cock was as hard as it gets, if not more so. My wish was that I could see what was going on.

Who Says Marriage is Dull by Mistress Blue

Chapter 4

Here I was, spread eagle on the bed. I was restrained with wrist and ankle cuffs, blindfolded and gagged. All of my pubic hair had been removed. My balls felt really tight. They must have been tied up. I couldn't see what was going on but I could certainly feel the raging hard-on I was sporting. My wife, Rachel, was dressed like a Dominatrix and she had me completely at her mercy. She was even wielding a riding crop made of leather. I had never been so sexually stimulated in all of my 42 years.

She had just informed me that she is going to fuck me. I was undoubtedly ready to cum. I couldn't wait to feel her hairy pussy slide onto my recently punished cock. It was twitching just at the thought. I felt something cold and wet against my asshole. Wait a minute! Rachel removed my blindfold. I was horror-stricken. She was wearing a strap-on dildo. I wanted to tell her to stop. "MMPPHHH" was all that I managed to say with the gag in my mouth.

"What is that pet?" she asked. "Oh, yes, I know you're anxious. I definitely didn't want you to miss seeing this." The dildo was black, not overly huge. It wasn't petite either. It seemed to be about the size of my own cock. "I'm going to start you off small." She said with a smirk on her face. I couldn't get away. My terror was rising, but my erection was still tremendous.

I didn't want to look; yet I couldn't help myself. It was like a train wreck. I just couldn't avert my gaze. I watched as she steadied herself in between my legs, which were spread out and restrained so I couldn't close them. She guided the head of the dildo to my puckered anus. She swirled the lubricant around my hole with the head of her fake cock. I thought maybe she was just playing around to scare me. I didn't know. She was just teasing my entrance. She started to insert the head of this menacing probe. I cried "NO STOP" this had gone too far. My cries were muffled. The searing pain brought tears to my eyes.

She pushed forward. I was in shock. I was being ass r*ped by my own wife. The dildo was inserted a little past the head. She pulled back then thrust in again slowly. My screams were only in my head. She thrust a couple of inches deeper. I felt my insides fill up and stretch out. The burning sensation was subsiding but the pressure was too much. I knew I needed to relax. She showed no signs of stopping. I told myself that this will be over soon and we'll have to have a "talk".

"How do you like being fucked like a woman?" Rachel asked with a smirk on her lips.

I shook my head and tried to tell her no. "MMPHH" MMPHH".

"You love it do you?" she responded. "Well I'll just have to go deeper then."

Rachel started to fuck me rhythmically with her strap-on. To my surprise, I felt a muscle spasm and I wasn't quite as full anymore. Her cock was stretching me out. It was starting to feel quite pleasurable. I was completely ashamed to feel this way. This went against my male tendencies completely. I couldn't help it though. My cock had resumed its rigid condition. She was fucking me at a faster pace. I felt her push it all the way in and she stopped, her harness touching my body. I could feel vibrations coming from it. She had a vibrating egg inside there. I saw the lust in her eyes. She was enjoying fucking my tight virgin ass.

I'm still amazed at the pleasure I felt. The dildo was splitting me open and she was pumping me quickly. Rachel's body started to spasm. She was having an orgasm while fucking me in the ass! I couldn't believe it! My cock jumped at this. I was being fucked and used against my will and I loved it. Rachel's orgasm added to my excitement. I was at her mercy and I must admit, it's where I wanted to be.

My Mistress pulled her cock out of my tortured ass and I was disappointed. She released my left ankle from its restraint. I was sure that our session was over and I didn't get to cum. What a bummer. She pulled my left leg over my right, jutting my ass out at an angle. She positioned herself to enter me and plunged into my asshole again. It was tighter now because she had shifted me and she was pumping harder this time. Oh, the sensations. Shivers went through my body. I felt the build up of an orgasm. How could this be? My cock wasn't even being touched. My nipples were completely sore from the clamps, my ass was being violated and I felt like I was going to cum. Rachel started to shake again in ecstasy. This was enough to push me over the edge. I started to shoot my seed all over my stomach and the bed. There was so much of it. The intensity was unbelievable. I was cumming fiercely.

My Mistress pulled her cock out of my completely used ass. She walked over to me slowly and removed my gag. "What do you say, pet?" she asked.

"Thank you Mistress for fucking my virgin ass." I replied breathlessly.

"Clean off my cock." She instructed as she jutted her dildo closer to my mouth. I didn't dare say no. I started to lick the head of the dildo slowly. She pushed more of it into my mouth. "That's right, I'm going to teach you how to suck cock properly, pet." She grabbed my head and pushed it onto her cock, making me take all of it. I gagged when it hit my throat. "You're just a cocksucker, aren't you?"

I nodded "Yes" with my head. I had been completely reduced to a sniveling wimp. My lessons continued as she forced me to take her cock and suck on it as well as forcing it deep in my throat, after a few attempts, I was no longer gagging.

My Mistress was tiring of this game. She pulled her cock out of my mouth and removed her strap-on. She removed my nipple clamps and the intense pain seared through them. She undid my restraints and released me from my bondage. She undid the wide rubber band and freed my balls. I was wondering how she had them so tight. With her hand, she scooped up the jizz from my stomach. "I don't remember giving you permission to cum, pet. Clean my hand."

How did I get to this point of degradation? With my eyes closed, I licked my Mistress's hand clean. "Now, look at the mess you've made on the bed." I looked at the sheets stained with my semen. "Lick it up." She ordered. I licked and sucked up cum stains from our sheets. I had no choice. My Mistress had given me the order.

"Lie on your back. You're going to clean my pussy and ass now." She said as she began to straddle my face. "Do a good job and maybe I won't make you sleep outside like the dog that you are."

Her hot, wet, hairy pussy was in my face. I could smell her sex and tasted her sweet juices on my tongue. I licked up and down her clit, which elicited groans from her. I was satisfying my Mistress. She ground her cunt into my face. My tongue was plunging into her seeking out her fragrant juices. My nose was against her clit and she wiggled her bottom egging me into rubbing her nub with my nose and probing her deeply with my tongue. My cock had once again risen to the occasion. Licking and tasting her was one of my favorite things to do.

She moved her body slightly upward to place her anus at my mouth. I tongued her puckered hole and she squealed with delight. Her moaning pushed me onward. I held on to her hips and pushed her bottom further down on my face, completely smothering me. My tongue went into her hot, tight ass. My tongue was where my cock longed to be. She moved her soaking snatch back to my mouth and humped my face until she came yet again.

She rolled off of me and lay on the bed for a few moments. I reached over to caress her and she slapped my hand away. "I told you that you don't have permission to grope me. You touch me when I permit it." She cried angrily. I mistakenly thought our session was over and we were back to being loving husband and wife.

My Mistress ordered me to follow her into the bathroom. "Get on your hands and knees in the tub." She commanded. Not wanting to risk the consequences of challenging her, I quietly complied. "Since you're such a filthy beast, I'm going to cleanse you." A bath or shower sounded good to me. "Don't look so pleased. I'm going to cleanse you internally with an enema."

Enema? I hadn't thought of that. I had never done one before for any reason. She readied a bag that looked like a hot water bottle and filled it with four cups of hot water. She attached a long hose that had a plastic clip near the end where the nozzle was. She let the air out of the hose and some liquid came out of the nozzle. This didn't look good for me. Since I was still lubricated from the ass fucking I took, the hose slipped in effortlessly. She pushed it in gently past my sphincter muscle and proceeded to open the plastic clip, which regulated the flow from the bag. I could feel a rush of liquid inside me. It was very warm and I experienced a sensation I had never felt before. My dick jumped and I couldn't believe I was getting hard from this.

My Mistress stopped the flow by cinching the hose and rubbed my belly to help with the cramping. "Here it comes." She stated as she let the hose go. She stopped the flow again to rub my belly some more. She repeated this procedure several times until the bag was empty and she removed the hose. I felt utterly full. "Mistress, I feel so full. I need to relieve the pressure."

"Not until I tell you to. You will leave the enema in until I feel it's cleansed you properly."

"Yes Mistress." I replied. I really had to relieve the pressure. She couldn't make me hold it forever could she? Would my body start to absorb the water? I didn't have any experience with this.

After about 3 minutes,(that felt like an hour) she said "You may relieve yourself after I've left the room. I'm tired. I'm going to get ready for bed." She proceeded to walk out of the bathroom, closing the door behind her. The relief was sweet. I had to admit to myself that this whole enema thing was turn-on. I was amazed at how hard I had become when she was forcing me to take all that liquid inside me. I took a quick shower afterwards, and came into the bedroom to find Rachel out of her dominatrix outfit and in a short sexy nightie.

"All better now?" She asked with a smile on her face.

"Yes Mistress. Thank you. May I touch you now?"

"You don't have to call me Mistress anymore tonight," She responded. "And, yes, you may touch me."

I kissed my wife on the lips passionately. "Thank you Rachel." I said as I held her face in my hands. "Did I mention how much I love you?"

"Not tonight." She responded.

"Well then I've been remiss, because I do, very much."

We held each other until we drifted off to sleep.

Who Says Marriage is Dull by Mistress Blue

Chapter 5

My wife Rachel and I have shared some of my secret fantasies over the last couple of months. We've done some things that I could hardly admit to, let alone brag about. Rachel was reluctant to share her fantasies with me and I couldn't understand why. My own secret desires were quite "different" and she knew it. I didn't think there was anything she could want to do that would offend me.

I coaxed Rachel into finally confiding one of her fantasies to me. I was surprised but delighted.

My wife is a pretty conservative woman. She's attractive but not flashy. She's self-assured but not overly confident. She's very personable especially when she gets to know someone, but more than anything I would describe her as slightly shy. This made her fantasy all the more intriguing.

It seems as though Rachel wanted to accompany me to a strip club and have a dancer perform a lap dance for her while she sat in my lap. According to Rachel, the thought of the other men in the place watching this and envying me was arousing to her. She wanted to put herself on display.

I didn't mind the thought of this at all. I would feel like top dog having two beautiful women gyrating against me. Everyone would know who was getting laid that night.

Shortly after Rachel's admission, I hatched a plan. I knew she would never risk running into someone we knew locally. I would have to think outside the box. Vegas ! I hadn't taken Rachel on a get away in quite some time. Las Vegas would be perfect! I would take her to the Palomino Club, one of my preferred Vegas spots. There were other clubs that might be better, but I had always liked the Palomino; it's not as fancy as some clubs but not as seedy as others.

At the mention of Vegas, Rachel was excited. She enjoyed a bit of gambling and some of the shows. I was particularly interested in one show so I gleefully booked our weekend trip.

Rachel was extremely happy about getting away. We were lying in bed discussing our upcoming weekend. She started to stroke me as she chatted. It didn't take long until I was as solid as a rock. Pre-cum was leaking out of the tip of my cock. She rubbed her nipples against my chest and slowly slid her body down until her head was just above my swollen shaft.

She started by licking my sensitive spot just below the head. She nibbled it and flicked her tongue eliciting groans from me. She began to suck and lick the head as she cupped my balls and slightly squeezed. Her expert tongue knew the exact places to touch. She went further down the shaft taking most of my penis into her mouth then her throat. She went up and down slowly, teasing my prick and not sucking too hard. This continued for a while as she moved her hand to the base of my cock and with her thumb and forefinger started to move in a circular motion. She moved her head slightly upward and started to suck the head of my cock really hard. Her mouth moved in a clockwise motion around my swollen knob as her hand moved counterclockwise around the bottom of my shaft. She repeated this act over and over until I thought I would explode.

She suddenly jerked her head downward taking all of me into her luscious mouth and down her throat. She violently sucked me until my groans were so loud; I thought the whole neighborhood would hear me. Rachel was moaning hungrily while she was blowing me and the vibrations felt out of this world. It didn't take long for me to shoot my wad into her mouth. The blowjob was so excellent I decided then and there that I would start taking Rachel on weekend trips more often.


We arrived at our hotel, the Rio, on Friday morning. The Las Vegas atmosphere heightened my excitement. Slot machines were ringing, people were buzzing about the casino and cocktail waitresses in their skimpy outfits served gamblers their drinks. We checked in and made our way through the casino toward our room. Rachel stopped at a blackjack table. "I'm going to play a few hands, I'll meet you in the room in a little bit." She told me.

"We just got here, babe. Don't lose it all at this table." I joked.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." She laughingly told me as I walked away.

She sauntered into our room about an hour later happily chattering about being up about $100.00. "I guess dinner's on me." She said as she plopped down on our king size bed.

"Why don't you save your cash for tonight." I responded. "You might need it where we're going."

"Where would that be?" she asked casually as she leaned back on her elbows.

When I told Rachel about taking her to the strip club she gave me a wry smile. "So that's what this trip was all about." She said knowingly. She unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down to my ankles. Rachel started to give me one of her world famous blowjobs as she knelt in front of me. My excitement of the upcoming events as well as her expert tongue had me approaching the brink of orgasm and suddenly she stopped!

"Since you didn't fill me in on the activities, I'll need to go shopping." Rachel got up and left the room without another word.

I was left with a case of blue balls but I contented myself with thoughts of tonight being a hot sex night. I decided to check out the casino while Rachel was gone. I ended up striking a conversation with some guys at the bar. They were attending a convention and staying at the hotel. All three of us were playing video poker. Our conversation drifted toward other attractions in Vegas. "I'm heading up the Palomino Club tonight, guys."

"I've never been there." Said Brian, the tall lanky one.

"Me neither." Piped in Billy, the shorter, stockier guy.

I described the Palomino to them briefly. I continued playing video poker as we talked and I drew on a pair of Aces and my machine gave me four of a kind. The machine was ringing and the light was flashing. I forget all about our conversation as the guys congratulated me on my win. I collected my winnings and went back to the room.

Rachel was in the bathroom when I got back to our suite. I changed my clothes and called out to her. "Are you about ready, babe?"

Just then Rachel walked out of the bathroom. She looked stunning. She was wearing a dress that I hadn't seen before. It was red in the middle and black on the sides. The dress was cut an inch or two above her knee and it had large black buttons up the front to just below her breasts. The dress opened enough to show some cleavage but not enough for her breasts to fall out. It was fitted and showed off her curves. It was sexy yet elegant. It looked expensive.

Her black stockings and high-heeled leather pumps complemented the ensemble perfectly. Her dark hair was fuller than she usually wore it and her makeup, which was usually understated, was done heavily, but not overdone. Her lipstick was a deep red that matched the color of her dress. Her blue-green eyes sparkled just like her crystal earrings. She looked as if she had stepped out of a magazine and I was completely bedazzled.

As Rachel and I walked through the casino to the limo I had reserved, men's heads turned to look at her. Even the veteran husbands who'd long ago learned to just move their eyes to avoid the wife's wrath were craning their necks. Some women couldn't help themselves either and openly gawked. Rachel's self-confidence showed in her stride. It was extremely appealing and I couldn't help glancing at her myself.

Rachel and I had drinks in the limo as we rode down Las Vegas Boulevard to our destination. It wasn't far, but Friday night traffic on the Strip kept us at a crawl and Rachel refilled her glass more than once. She rubbed my crotch with her free hand and got me all worked up before we got to the club. I had to keep my wits about me and not walk into the place with a hard-on.

The limo pulled into the parking lot of the strip club. Finally, the moment had arrived. We walked into the vestibule and up to the ticket booth where I paid our cover charge. The host was waiting to take our tickets. He sat us at a table near the stage where the view was superb. We received a few curious looks from several guys; it appears we were the only "couple" in the place. The Friday night crowd was in and the place was nearly full. A cocktail waitress came to take our drink order as we watched a gorgeous blonde with gargantuan tits swinging around the pole on the stage.

Our drinks arrived and Rachel greedily drank her first one down and immediately ordered another. Rachel leaned over to me and asked, "What do I do to get a lap dance?"

"You just tip the cocktail waitress and tell her who you'd like to have a dance from. Pick who you'd like from the performers and when she comes over you pay her for the dance."

We continued watching the show. Several dancers later, a hot brunette came on the stage and started doing her routine. She wore an outfit that was covered in rhinestones. She removed her top revealing perfect natural tits with medium sized nipples. Her breasts weren't as huge as some of the other dancers but in this case, quality beat quantity if you catch my drift. Her long hair cascaded over her shoulders and back. Her face was beautiful and she had a slender athletic body with long legs. Rachel's eyes lit up as "Crystal" bared all and paid attention to the tippers along the stage.

Rachel caught the cocktail waitress's attention and whispered something to her. About five minutes later, Crystal showed up at our table wearing sexy lingerie and started to talk to me. I told her that I wasn't the one who wanted a dance. She looked at Rachel and I swear I saw a gleam in the girl's eye. She went over to my wife and they started to talk. I couldn't hear what they were saying but I saw Rachel tip Crystal generously. Rachel stood up from her chair and Crystal got behind her. Rachel started swaying to the music and Crystal was grinding into Rachel from behind. Crystal was a few inches taller than my wife so there was a good view of both women.

Needless to say, this caused some attention to be diverted our way. Crystal shimmied down toward the floor running her hands up and down Rachel's sides. Casually, Rachel found her way over to me and stood in front of me. Crystal followed suit and started removing her skimpy outfit as she danced in front of Rachel. Crystal was now topless and she leaned into Rachel rubbing her breasts onto her. My wife sat in my lap and ground her ass into my crotch. I was already sporting a hard-on at this point. I'm sure she could feel it. Rachel was lifting her ass off of me then on to me as Crystal stripped off the rest of her outfit.

I put my hand under Rachel's skirt as she was going up and down on my lap and was very pleased to find she wasn't wearing any panties. I knew that Crystal could see what I doing and she started being more aggressive with Rachel. My wife's cunt was dripping wet and I was playing with her clit as this gorgeous dancer rubbed her body on Rachel's. All of a sudden, Crystal mounted Rachel on the chair pinning me underneath them both. Crystal started humping on Rachel's crotch and Rachel met her thrusts with her own. Crystal rubbed her breasts against Rachel's face and lips. It appeared as though this whole thing just might have excited Crystal who was giving Rachel a lap dance like I'd never seen before. The stripper lifted my wife's arms above her head and ran her hands over her breasts and sides. I could feel Rachel shudder. My fingers became increasingly wet as Rachel came all over my hand.

Crystal leaned in and softly kissed Rachel on the lips. It was a simple act but extremely personal. Crystal picked up her discarded outfit and put it back on. She blew me a kiss and smiled then walked back into the dressing area.

Rachel calmly moved back to her chair and took a gulp of her drink. Her face was completely flushed and I wanted to take her back to the hotel and fuck her all night.

The waitress came by with two shots of tequila. "We didn't order these." I explained.

"These are compliments of Crystal. She said to tell you thanks."

I thought that this was a little odd. A stripper has never bought me or anyone I know a drink before. Rachel giggled and pounded down her shot. Before I knew it, the waitress had set down another round of shots. "These are from those two gentlemen over there." The waitress explained as she pointed to two men standing close by.

"Hey Ben, remember us? Brian and Billy from the Rio. That was quite a show." Brian said.

They introduced themselves to Rachel and sat down immediately without an invitation. To my chagrin, both the men engaged Rachel in small talk and flattery. I was ready to leave and enjoy my wife's company in private.

They continued to order drinks and by this time Rachel had passed her limit by a lot. She was extremely giggly and flirtatious. I don't recall ever having seen her this way. Brian got one of the strippers to do a lap dance for him and he asked Rachel to help out. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her onto his lap. Rachel laughed and ground her behind onto his crotch while the dancer performed a lack-luster lap dance for Rachel and Brian. Brian wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to the dancer and I think it pissed her off. Billy cried out "C'mon Rachel, do one for me!" At this point, Brian moved beside me and put himself in between Billy and me. I was extremely annoyed by all of this. The next thing I knew I saw Billy undo his zipper and pull out his thick cock. He pulled Rachel onto his lap and when I tried to get up to protest, Brian pushed me back into my chair.

"We're all having a good time here right? Why spoil it?" Brian said firmly. Another dancer had shown up and was doing a routine in front of Rachel while Billy was undoubtedly fucking my wife. I was upset yet part of me was aroused by the whole scene. Rachel was moaning her approval as Billy bounced her up and down on his lap. Right before the dancer finished, Billy's face became contorted and I knew he was cumming in my Rachel's pussy.

Billy put himself away, pounded a shot of tequila then slammed the glass on the table and let out a resounding "Hot Damn."

Our table had created quite a stir with attention being diverted from the stage. At this point we decided to leave, right after being thrown out. Rachel had told the guys about our limo and they invited themselves along for the ride back to the hotel.

Brian and Billy sandwiched Rachel in between them on one side of the limo while I sat across from them. Brian popped the cork on a bottle of champagne and spilled some onto the front of Rachel's dress. "Sorry Rachel, how clumsy of me." Brian said laughingly. "We should try to get that out before it stains." Brian started unbuttoning Rachel's dress revealing her generous breasts in her black lace bra. "Oops, spilled some in there too. I'd better get it." He started to lick in between Rachel's breasts as he cupped one of them.

"I'll help you out." Billy piped in. Rachel's dress was opened to her navel and both Brian and Billy pulled her bra down so that her big tits would spill over. Brian started sucking her left nipple while Billy held her right one in between his fingers. "There's no sense in letting good champagne go to waste." Billy said as he took her exposed nipple into his mouth. Rachel moaned and lolled her head from side to side.

Brian turned to me and said "Ben, you really do know where the hot spots are in Vegas. Thanks again for telling us about the Palomino club. The show was outstanding." He snickered.

I wasn't sure what to do. Part of me wanted to beat the crap out these guys but it was two to one. The other part was extremely turned on by watching my wife being handled by them. Brian turned his attention back to Rachel's exposed tits. He moved his hand in between Rachel's legs and then pulled it out suddenly. "Oh man, your jizz is oozing out of her snatch!" He yelled at his friend.

"Make our good buddy Ben clean it up then." Billy answered.

"You heard the man, clean her pussy up for me." Brian leaned over and grabbed me by the back of the neck and forced my head down into Rachel's cum covered pussy. I was hesitant but Brian pushed my head and held it down. I put my tongue into Rachel's hot snatch and tasted Billy's cum and her juices mingled together. It was a gooey mess. I probed my tongue into her canal and scooped the juices out. Rachel's moans spurred me on and I started to lick her furiously. I heard the men's jeers from above and could see them handling her tits roughly. Billy kissed Rachel on the mouth while Brian sucked and bit her tits. They were manhandling her and Rachel wasn't protesting at all. She humped her wet pussy into my face while she kissed Billy. Rachel shuddered and more wetness leaked onto my face and tongue. Rachel was having an orgasm and her body was quivering.

Brian grabbed my hair and pulled me away from Rachel's soaking wet cunt. I was thrown back onto my seat and Brian put his fingers where my mouth had been. He was roughly fingering Rachel and she was groaning. "Your wife is such a slut." He told me. "I'm going to enjoy fucking her while you watch." With that he undid his trousers freeing his raging hard-on. His cock was longer than Billy's but just as thick. He pulled Rachel onto his lap facing away from him. I watched her face as he entered her.

Her eyes were partially closed and she cried "Yes, yes fuck me harder!" as Brian started to ease his cock into her. Billy pulled his thick member out and put it to Rachel's mouth. Her red lips were around his erection and he pumped it into her mouth matching his friend's strokes into her cunt. I felt powerless to do anything. These guys whom I had befriended earlier were completely degrading me by using my wife and rubbing it in my face, literally.

Brian was pounding his cock into Rachel's pussy as Billy fucked her face. Rachel was moaning. Brian was massaging her tits as he continued to feed her cunt his enormous cock. I was sure she was going to be stretched out. "I don't want to cum yet, baby." Brian said. "I'll make sure you get a proper fucking tonight though." Billy pulled his cock out of Rachel's mouth and pulled his trousers back on. Brian slid out of Rachel and adjusted himself as well. They assisted in buttoning Rachel's dress back up just as the limo pulled in front of the Rio. We all got out and I tipped the driver. I hoped that he hadn't heard what was going on but by the sneer on his face; I could tell that he had.

Brian grabbed me by the arm and said, "Let's go buddy." Billy had his arm around Rachel and they were laughing as he led her across the casino floor to the elevators. Brian and I were right behind them. My mind was whirling. How had this gone so wrong so fast? This was supposed to be a night of fulfilling Rachel's exhibition fantasy and hot sex between us. Instead, Rachel was being used to sate these conventioneers' lust and I was being humiliated.

Billy led the way to their room with Rachel on his arm. Brian had a tight hold on my arm, but where was I going to go? They had my wife and I couldn't just leave her. Billy used his keycard on the door and asked Rachel "How did a hot sexy momma like you end up with a wimp like him?" Rachel laughed huskily and entered the room.

Brian and Billy stripped off their clothes immediately after telling me to sit down in one of the chairs facing the bed. Brian turned on some music and told Rachel to strip for him. She began unbuttoning her dress as she swayed to the music. She dropped the dress into a heap on the floor. She was left with her black lacy bra, a garter belt and black stockings. She danced a little in front of Brian and turned her back to him. He ran his hand up her ass and snapped her garter belt. "Leave that on." He instructed.

She continued swaying her hips and ass for him and Billy came up in front of her. "I've had enough dancing for one night." He ripped her bra off and Rachel looked surprised. His greedy mouth went to her right nipple as his left hand cupped her left breast. Brian was playing with Rachel's ass and pussy from behind. Rachel threw her head back and began to moan in pleasure. Against my wishes, my cock was rock hard. Seeing her with these lustful men was totally arousing to me.

Billy pushed Rachel onto the bed. Brian barked at me "Take off your clothes and get into the spirit of things!" I removed my clothes and sat back down in my chair. My cock was leaking pre-cum I was so excited. I began to play with myself as I watched the three of them on the bed together. They had put Rachel on her hands and knees on the bed. Billy was fucking Rachel's mouth again and Brian was doing her doggie style. I could hear Rachel's muffled moans and the way she was grinding her hips into Brian's member I knew she loved this.

Billy was fucking her mouth wildly and he said, "Damn, this bitch is hot. Your slut wife really knows how to suck cock. I bet she could charge a lot for a skill like this." His words stung but they didn't abate my erection.

"Her mouth is that good, huh?" Brian asked. "Her pussy is extremely fuckable too. She's nice and wet and hot. Let's switch." They changed positions and laid Rachel onto her back. Billy lifted her legs and swung them over his shoulders. He thrust himself into her snatch hard.

Rachel was screaming "Yes, fuck me harder, harder!" Brian soon plunged his long cock into her mouth and she was sucking him off fervently as Billy rammed his thick meat into her. Rachel's body started to shake again and she climaxed onto Billy's cock.

"This bitch's cunt clenches down on your cock when she cums." Billy cried right before he shot his second load of the evening. Brian continued to pump his prick into her mouth as his friend finished and pulled out.

"Damn it! It's all soaked in your cum again man!"

"That's what bitchboy over there is for." Billy said. He got up and grabbed me by the hair and pulled me over to the bed. "Look, he's got a stiffy watching his wife getting fucked by real men." He pushed my face into Rachel's used pussy and I licked and sucked up his cum, yet again. He went over to the table and poured himself a drink. He watched Brian fucking Rachel's mouth and me licking her pussy to clean up his spunk with an amused look on his face. Rachel humped my face and Brian pulled his cock out of her mouth.

He told me to lie down on the bed and instructed Rachel to kneel over my face. He had me lick her engorged clit. She was wetter than I had ever remembered and she tasted so good. He proceeded to fuck her slit while my tongue was licking her and his cock kept hitting my mouth. Rachel began to quiver again and that set him off. "Her pussy gets so tight when she cums!" he yelled. He started to ejaculate into her hole and some of his jizz dribbled into my mouth. He pulled his cock out and a gusher of cum came spilling out of her and right onto my face. He laughed and joined Billy for a drink. "This time you get to clean up my cum."

Rachel's hairy pussy had Brian's cum dripping off of it. I had been instructed to clean it off. I was getting used to the taste of the spunk and it wasn't that bad. I was getting into licking my wife's wet pussy when the men pulled her off of me. "C'mon Rachel, let's have a drink." Billy said. He took a swig of his drink, bent Rachel's head back and kissed her pouring the liquor into her mouth. His hand was on her breast again. "We should use the Jacuzzi. Hey Pussyman, set up the Jacuzzi for us and then bring us drinks once we're in there."

He and Brian continued to fondle Rachel's breasts and clit. She was whispering and laughing with them while I readied the Jacuzzi in their room. It was quite large with room for four. I got the distinct impression only three would be using it. When it was filled and the jets were going Brian, Rachel and Billy climbed in. I brought them their drinks and they sat around kibitzing and laughing. Billy's mouth went to Rachel's tit. I swear that guy didn't get breast fed enough as a child. Brian's hand was under the water presumably playing with Rachel's pussy.

The guys stood up and brought Rachel to a standing position. They moved her over to where one of the jets were and placed her in such a way that her pussy was right in the stream of the jet. The pulsating water was so strong on her clit that it forced Rachel into an immediate orgasm. The men held her there even though she pled to be let go. "Oh, it's so sensitive, I can't take any more!" They held her in place and she climaxed violently. She was screaming, "No more, I can't take it!" But her body continued to betray her. After four orgasms, they let her go and she slumped down into the Jacuzzi.

The men laughed and pulled her up onto her feet. Brian knelt in front of her and spread her legs slightly. Billy stood behind her and kneaded her breasts. Brian started to prod Rachel's clit with his tongue. "It's so swollen Rachel, how many times have you cum today? Ten times? Maybe more? You are a slut aren't you? Mmm. You're all wet again, even after your sissy husband cleaned you all up." His mocking tone did not escape me.

He continued to lick her clit and finger her pussy. Billy's fingers joined Brian's. Billy started to rub some of her slippery juice onto her asshole and poked his finger in there. "Nice hot tight ass. You're a slut you love getting your ass fucked don't you?"

Rachel started to protest but Billy had already put the head into her puckered hole. "That's right bitch, you love to take it in the ass." Brian continued licking her pussy as Billy slowly moved his thick tool inside her. Rachel began to moan and my cock was completely rigid. My sexy wife taking that thick cock in her ass while another men licked her wet, stretched pussy transfixed me. Billy developed his rhythm and was pumping her at a steady pace then Brian stood up and inserted his tool into Rachel's pussy. Rachel screamed in ecstasy. Her ass and pussy were being stretched out and used by two strangers and she loved it.

Watching this sight was too much for me. I had been so excited all day and I couldn't hold back any longer. I stroked my cock several times and shot my load right onto my stomach. Rachel was sandwiched in between my two new "friends" and being fucked into oblivion. Billy yelled "Oh, shit. I'm gonna shoot." Both he and Brian pulled out of Rachel and pushed her to her knees in the Jacuzzi. Rachel opened her mouth and Billy stroked himself a few times until spurts of cum flew on her face and into her mouth. Brian followed soon after. Rachel knelt in the Jacuzzi; her face and mouth covered in their cum and I swear I can't remember when I saw her look more appealing.

Brian emptied the Jacuzzi and sent Rachel into the shower with a smack on her fanny. Billy grabbed my arm and pulled me from my seat. "Get into the Jacuzzi and kneel down." He ordered. I knelt in the now empty tub. Billy proceeded to pee on me as he laughed and called me names. Brian soon joined in the festivities streaming his hot piss at me. When he was finished he said, "You can go back to your room Mr. Fancypants. Your slut wife is in good hands. We've got some buddies that are just going to love her. You'll get her back some time tomorrow." I was prodded out the door covered in piss and naked. Billy threw my clothes at me through the open door and then slammed it in my face. I heard raucous laughter coming from their room as I struggled to get some clothes on and get back to my room unnoticed.


Rachel came back to our room early Sunday morning. She was completely disheveled and wearing her dress from Friday night. Her stockings had runs in them. She stripped off her clothes and collapsed naked on the bed. She looked tired and well fucked. "Well, what happened, Rachel?" I asked.

"I'm too tired to talk right now." She answered. "But Billy and Brian said that they left you some presents." She spread her pussy open and I could see the gooey mess inside her. "There's more in my ass. You'd better come get it. You don't want to be an ingrate do you?"

I certainly did not. But that's a story for another time.

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