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What game?

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It was a Sunday afternoon and my son was at a friend’s house for the day. My husband Trevor had invited a few of his buddies over to watch football with him on our 54” TV. It was getting close to the end of the season and they were all very much into the game because their team was doing so well. Being the dutiful wife I am, I made the guys some snacks and then went into my bedroom with a good book to read. Every year we host the annual Superbowl party, but except for that game, I am not much into football.

As I was reading my book, I could hear the guys out in the front room groaning over how badly the game was going. I just smiled to myself and thought of how hard I was going to have to work to get Trevor into a good mood again if his team lost. You see, I love it when his team loses because he ends up in such a bad mood that I become very turned on thinking of all the good things I can do to him to change his attitude. I love being in control and knowing I have the power to turn him to mush! He doesn’t even realize that the best sex we have is after his team loses!

My book was not holding my interest very well and I realized that I was getting horny listening to the moans coming from the front room. In my mind, the moans were caused by a very different reason and I couldn’t wait to hear them later, coming from my husband as I lovingly took pity on him and stroked his ego (along with other things!) and brought him back into a better mood. Listening to the guys yell at the ref once again, I decided that maybe I should start now in getting Trevor to let go of his anger over the game and quickly changed into one of my more sexy outfits that my husband loves so much. It really wasn’t sexy in the way that most clothing stores advertise as sexy but my husband loves it none the less. I removed my panties and pulled the short denim skirt over my hips and buttoned the fly. I then pulled off my bra and slipped on the worn and faded light blue tee shirt with the sleeves torn off. The material had become quite thin over the years and was beginning to show more than was decent, but it was a Sunday afternoon at my own house and I felt I could wear what ever I chose to at home. As I checked myself in the mirror, I noticed that my nipples on my high round breasts had become hard beneath the stretched fabric of the shirt. My legs were still a golden tan from the summer and all the workouts I had done on the treadmill had paid off.

Deciding to go barefoot, I padded down the hall to the kitchen on the pretense that I needed a glass of water. As I walked through the living room on the way to the kitchen, Trevor glanced up and asked me if I could get him and the guys some more beer from the fridge. He immediately turned his attention back to the TV and the other guys never even noticed I was there. As I walked into the kitchen, I thought to myself what a challenge I had on my hands. I pulled more beer from the fridge and walked back into the living room. Tim, Kevin and Seth had all been to our house before and I knew them well. All three were nice looking guys and except for Tim, were single. Tim was dating a very attractive Mexican girl and Brenda was supposed to meet him here sometime toward the end of the game. The 3 guys were sitting on the sofa and adjacent loveseat and as I gave their beer to them, I leaned over just a bit farther than necessary to retrieve their empties from the table in front of them. My husband’s chair was sitting behind me so that when I leaned over, I knew that he would get a great view of my ass under my short skirt. That is if he was paying attention! I made a good show of picking up the bottles and wiggled my hips slightly to catch his attention. Tim and Kevin took their cold beer and popped the tops. As I stood up, I glance at Seth and noticed his eyes were on my tight tits but he quickly raised them when he realized I was looking at him. I just smiled and asked him if his beer was ok. He stammered a quick yes and turned back to the game. I have always had guys stare at my breasts and was used to it, so I didn’t think much of it. I turned toward Trevor and straddled his knee as I gave him his fresh beer and reached for his empty. Trevor started to look around me at the game but then realized that my luscious chest was in his face and was a much more pleasant view. His hand reached up my leg and he pulled me a little closer to the knee I was straddling. I whispered how was the game going and he said better now. I stood and turned toward the kitchen and saw that Tim had noticed the exchange between Trevor and myself. Feeling a little embarrassed, I took the empty bottles to the kitchen. Not knowing what else to do with myself for a bit, I decided to head back to the bedroom to read some more.

I settled down on the bed and started reading when I heard the guys razzing on my husband about something. They were all chuckling and I was glad to hear that they were in a better mood. Soon I heard the first quarter end and someone go into the hall bathroom. Tim hollered to whomever it was in the bathroom to hurry up because all the beer was going right through him. I smiled to myself thinking that all men were alike everywhere! Trevor told Tim that he could use the bathroom in our room and Tim poked his head in the door to ask if it was ok. I said sure and he walked past the bed into our bathroom giving me a big smile as he walked around the bed. I wondered about the smile but only for a minute. Tim soon came out and stopped to look at me. I looked up at him and asked how the game going. He smiled and said that they were not doing very well but if I would keep them in beer and chips, they wouldn’t mind losing at all. Then as an after thought, he told me that he had never noticed how nice my legs were before and how he thought Brenda would like them too. I thanked him and he left the bedroom to continue watching the game. I wondered about the comment but went back to reading my book. Trevor came in a minute later saying that the guys were watching the 2nd quarter but he wanted a little something from me first. He sat down on the bed next to me and put his hand on the side of my chest, rubbing his thumb over my hard nipple. He smiled and asked why I had changed my clothes. I told Trevor that he sounded like he could use a little pick me up because his team was losing so I put on his favorite outfit. Trevor told me that it had worked not only for him but for the other guys also. I turned red and he laughed and said it was ok. The guys had razzed him about me giving Trevor a show not knowing that they all saw. Trevor was not the jealous type and had often said how it turned him on to see other men admire my body. I told Trevor that I would change my clothes and put something a little more decent on. He stopped me saying that I looked great and no one minded what I had on, in fact, they had all sent him in here to ask me to just bring them beer once in awhile. He kissed me and left the bedroom. I could hear the guys laughing when he got out there, so I decided to give them a real show.

I waited until the 2nd half was almost through and then walked out to the living room again. I pulled back my shoulders and stuck my tits out, leaned against the doorframe and asked if anyone needed a fresh beer. They all looked kind of embarrassed and said they were fine. I walked into the living room and picked up the empty chip bag from the table just as half time started. As I was picking up the bag, I decided to be truly evil and pretended to lose my balance, falling into the couch and onto Tim and Kevin’s lap. As I did, my skirt rode up my thighs and Seth got a flash of naked flesh underneath. Trevor started laughing at the look on the guy’s faces and came over to help me back up. I just smiled at my husband and said that maybe I liked lying in their laps. I wiggled my bottom into a more comfortable position in Kevin’s lap and pulled Tim’s arms around me. Kevin started sputtering embarrassingly and Tim tried to pull his arms away from me. Seth just sat there with his mouth wide open. Trevor was the only one laughing and I wasn’t very far behind him. As I let out a loud giggle, I grabbed Trevor’s hands and pulled myself up. I looked at the 3 guys and told them next time they were going to use me as a sexy, beer getting, football cheerleader, they had better be prepared to really handle me! I laughed to myself as I walked down the hall to my bedroom at the looks on all their faces and decided that my initial embarrassment had been worth it. Soon I heard Trevor laughing at all the guys and calling them names for not taking advantage of a sexy cheerleader when she fell into their laps. Seth was right there calling them names with Trevor until Tim told him he wasn’t much better, seeing how all he could do was sit there with his mouth open. That shut him up real quick. They all laughed for a bit and then the 2nd half of the game started.

Part 2

I sat down to read my book again but still couldn’t concentrate on it. My body had really reacted to the guys in a way that it never had before. Sure, they were all very nice looking but they were my husband’s friends and I would never do anything to jeopardize my marriage to Trevor. But as I sat there and thought about what had just happened, I felt my nipples begin to tingle and a warm wetness spread between my legs. I was horny and it was because of my husband’s friends! Shocked with myself, I vowed that I would never put myself in that position again, not wanting to anger my husband. But the more I thought about Trevor’s reaction to the situation, the more I realized that he had liked it when I rubbed myself against Kevin’s crotch and had flashed my pussy at Seth. I have always been able to read Trevor’s face like a book and I knew I was not wrong this time. Flirting with his friends had excited Trevor! Not knowing what to think of the situation, I decided to ask Trevor what his feelings were about it later that night.

Not knowing how long I had sat there on the bed thinking about how horny I was, I heard the guys start to cheer and jump around. The next thing I knew, they were all running down the hallway into the bedroom and tackling me on the bed! I started to laugh and ask what had gotten into them when Tim’s hand found my breast and Seth had his hands on my thighs. Kevin and Trevor kneeled over me and Trevor told Kevin to go ahead. Puzzled, I looked from Trevor to Kevin and my eyes widened as Kevin leaned down and kissed me. Not being able to do much about it with Tim and Seth holding me down, and Trevor telling Kevin to do it, I decided to kiss Kevin back. Trevor started laughing again and said that if I was going to act like the horny cheerleader, then I had better be prepared to give it up like one. I just looked at him and slowly, a smile spread across my face as I realized what he had given me permission to do.

We had never talked about having a three some or any other out of the ordinary sexual fun, but it had always been a secret fantasy of mine. I had never told Trevor but now that I thought about it, I was not surprised that he would not be against it. Trevor had always been sexually open and never once jealous in our marriage of 7 years, even when I was hit upon at parties and bars when we would go out. In fact, more than once, he had encouraged me to flirt back with various men and to dance with them. Now I could see that maybe it was a fantasy of his also!

I pulled my arms free and wrapped them around Kevin’s neck to bring him down for another deep kiss and spread my legs wider to let Seth get a better view of my wet pussy. I felt Seth start of get up but heard Trevor tell him it was ok and he sat back down again. Tim was about the only one who didn’t really act like it was anything new to him and I wondered about that. His hands were rubbing my breasts and working my shirt up my stomach. Stopping only to glance at Trevor for a second, he put one hand under my shirt and felt my hard nipple with his fingers. Lowering his head to my chest, he flicked his tongue against my tit and I moaned deep in my throat. My fingers were entwined in Kevin’s hair and I could feel Seth’s hands start to gain confidence as they roamed upwards on my thighs. Trevor sat back and I reached over with my hand to his leg. He put his hand in mine and then moved my palm to his hard cock to show me how “OK” he was with this. I rubbed him through his jeans until I heard him moan and smiled to myself what a great day this was rapidly turning out to be!

Tim said he thought he heard Brenda drive in but he would be right back. This worried me because I didn’t want to come between him and Brenda. I truly liked Brenda and I wanted to see Tim settle down with someone as nice as her. I started to try to get up but the Trevor, Kevin and Seth had other ideas and told me to just be quiet while Tim handled Brenda. Knowing that I could never pull off an innocent look to Brenda, I decided that they were right and to let Tim talk to Brenda. I didn’t know what Tim would tell her but figured that they would just leave, using some excuse that I was sick or something and everyone else had already left. Boy was I ever wrong!

Part 3

As Trevor, Kevin and Seth continued to gently hold me down and run their hands over my partially naked body, Brenda walked into the room and demanded to know if she can play too! My mouth dropped open and I started to sputter that I didn’t know how to explain this. Brenda just laughed and started taking off her clothes. She told us that her and Tim were swingers and hadn’t told any of us because they didn’t know how we would feel about it and they didn’t want to jeopardize their friendship with us. Tim asked if any of the rest of us had ever done anything like this before and when we all answered no, he told us that this would be our first time then. By this time, Brenda was standing with nothing on but her panties and I could see how my husband was just drooling to get his hands on her. She was a perfect example of his dream woman. I gave Trevor a little nudge and told him with my eyes that it was ok. He stood up and walked over to Brenda and asking Tim for permission, he pulled Brenda into his arms and ran his hands down her back to her ass. She arched her back and put her arms around his neck and pushed her pelvis into his throbbing cock. Tim came back over to the bed and smiled at me as he kissed me.

Kevin and Seth decided that I needed my clothing off too, so they unbuttoned my skirt and pulled it down over my thighs. Seth spread my legs farther apart and leaned down to push his tongue into the wet folds he found there. Kevin pushed my shirt up my chest farther and not seeing how he could get the shirt off me without making me move, he ripped it apart and grinned at me, telling me he would buy me a new one. Lowering his head, he sucked on one nipple then the other until I was ready to scream. Tim reached for my hand and rubbed it against his tight crotch. I rubbed it for a minute then he asked if I minded if he took his jeans off. I smiled and told him I wished he would. When Tim stood up, I could see that Trevor had his shirt off and Brenda was kneeling on the floor in front of him unbuttoning his jeans. As I watched Brenda pull Trevor’s large cock out of his jeans and take it into her mouth, I began to cum. Seth’s tongue was working my clit and Kevin was rolling my nipples around between his fingers. Seeing the look of complete pleasure on my husband’s face was enough to drive me over the edge. Moaning loudly, I screamed in ecstasy as Seth sucked and ran his tongue over my engorged clit. His fingers had found their way inside me and were fucking me as I bucked my hips into them. I felt wave after wave come over me as I rode the orgasm to its final end. My hands had become entangled in Seth’s hair and I realized that I had been pushing his face harder into my pussy as I came. He looked up at me and said that he hoped I enjoyed that because soon, he would have his hands in my hair. I just laughed and told him turn around was fair play.

Tim knelt down on the bed next to me and put his cock in my hands. I started to run my hands over the head of it and up and down the shaft. I felt Kevin stand up and heard him pull his shirt off over his head and his zipper being undone. Seth was not far behind and soon had his clothes off also. Kevin and Seth knelt on the bed on either side of my head and both placed their cocks on my mouth. I touched my tongue to both of them and took as much of them as I could in my mouth. Trevor had always bragged about how good at giving head I was and I didn’t want him to lose face with his friends. I let them play with my face for a few minutes with their cocks while I stroked Tim’s member in my hand.

I could see Trevor standing at the foot of the bed with his head thrown back and Brenda still on her knees in front of him. Only a few minutes had passed since I came, but I was ready for more. As I lay there, I watched Trevor pumping his cock into Brenda’s mouth and her hands on his balls and ass. I knew that if she kept that up, he wouldn’t last long. His hands were holding her head and his stroke was getting faster. I wondered if Brenda minded men cumming in her mouth because I was not big into that and would only let Trevor do it occasionally. I knew he would love to cum on her face and down her throat and wanted to see what would happen.

I could see that Tim was watching Brenda also and could feel his cock throb in my hand. He was getting as excited as I was and I wanted to have him fuck me. I sat up on the bed and turned around kneeling facing Trevor and Brenda. I asked Seth and Kevin to lay down on the bed in front of me so I could work on both of them at the same time. Tim moved behind my raised ass and slipped his cock into my cunt as I moaned out my pleasure. I lowered my head to Seth’s cock first and wrapped my lips around it. Running my tongue over the head, I grabbed Kevin’s cock in my other hand and started to stroke it simultaneously with the rhythm I was making with my mouth on Seth’s hard member. Tim kept pace with his strokes in my pussy and I wiggled with pleasure.

Part 4

From my vantagepoint, I could see Trevor pushing Brenda’s head onto his cock and she was kneading his balls with one hand and holding onto his ass with the other. Her face was wet with spit and I could see Trevor’s red cock as it quickly passed between her lips again and again. Trevor was groaning and saying, “yeah, baby” and I could tell that he was at the point of no return. Tim was fucking me faster and I knew he was also close. Soon Trevor shouted out and came in Brenda’s mouth, some of it dribbling down her chin. He stroked it in and out a few more times and then pulled out and sat on the floor. Brenda looked over at us and smiled at Tim. I could feel his hands dig into my hips and his pounding was getting harder. Each thrust was pushing Seth’s cock deeper down my throat. Seth started to moan loudly and his hands found my hair just like he had promised he would. Brenda could see that I was having a hard time handling three cocks and got up to help me with Kevin’s. She pushed Kevin down on the bed and straddled him. Kevin sighed as Brenda’s tight cunt engulfed his cock and he held her hips, lifting her up and down. Tim and Brenda were now facing each other. Brenda reached out and pinched Tim’s nipple and just as she did, Tim threw back his head and came deep inside my pussy. As he did, I let my throat relax even more and Seth’s balls touched my lips. I stuck out my tongue and licked his balls and felt them tighten in response. His hands started to move my head faster and faster and I let him choose the pace.

I could feel Tim slide out of me and fall back on the bed. He lay there and watched Brenda fuck Kevin. She was grinding her hips into him and slowly raising and lowering her body on him. His hands had found her small breasts and were teasing her nipples into tight hard nubs. Trevor had recovered and was standing next to the bed watching the show. His cock was standing up straight again and he came around the bed to take Tim’s place behind me. Tim moved over to make room for him and I felt that oh so familiar cock slide into my already dripping pussy. Seth was breathing heavily and now with Trevor’s rhythm behind me, I was taking him in very deep down my throat. Soon his cock started to throb and I felt his hot cum in the back of my throat. I swallowed it all and licked him clean as Trevor still fucked me from behind.

Kevin had his hands on Brenda’s hips and was lifting her faster and faster, meeting her every downward thrust with his upward one. His face was red and he was panting with exertion. Just as I thought he wouldn’t be able to go on, Kevin roared as he came inside of Brenda. I could see the cum running down the inside of Brenda’s legs as she stood up. A crazy feeling came over me then and I knew I was going to have to act upon it. I moved away from Trevor and stood up also. I walked over to Brenda and took her hand. Leading her back to the bed, I pushed Trevor and Tim off and told Brenda to lay down. I knelt between her legs and spread her thighs. The guys all looked on expectantly and watched as I lowered my head to her dripping pussy. I stuck out my tongue and started to lick Kevin’s still wet cum off her thighs. As I got closer and closer to her opening, I looked up and saw Tim and Trevor with wide grins on their faces like they were saying, “That’s my woman!” I flattened my tongue out and lapped at the wet folds of Brenda’s cunt and she started to wiggle and moan. Like a cat, I slowly ran my tongue over her engorged clit again and again. The men just sat back and watched, not wanting to interrupt our fun. I put one finger inside her cunt and started to stroke her. Moving my finger in and out in the same slow rhythm I was using with my tongue, I could hear her breathing getting faster.

My own cunt was dripping with desire and I looked at Seth to fill it. I stopped long enough to ask Seth to fuck me and then returned to the slow lapping on Brenda’s clit. As Seth moved behind me, I raised my ass into the air and let him have my cunt. I felt his still hard cock slide into me and I moaned with pleasure. I lapped up the juices flowing from Brenda and used the tip of my tongue to flick her clit with it. She pushed her hips upward into my mouth and I nibbled on her. I continued to fuck her with my fingers and felt her start to tighten around me. I picked up my pace a little and started to push my own hips back into Seth faster at the same time. I could hear him breathing heavily and feel his hands on my hips pulling me closer to him. My clit was begging for release and it wouldn’t be long until it got what it was asking for. Brenda started to scream and pushed my head into her pussy and I rubbed my face into her. I could feel her orgasm tighten around my fingers again and again as she came. At the same time, I could feel my own orgasm building and soon it came over me just as Seth was cumming in me again. With the three of us yelling out, Tim, Trevor and Kevin watched and cheered us on.

After Seth pulled out and we collapsed on the bed, Trevor went to the kitchen and brought us all a beer. With the six of us sitting on the bed resting, I asked, “So, who won the football game?”

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