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We meet Jeff and have a great first MFM experience in Phoenix

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We finally made it to the bed after a long day of job and kid responsibilities. My small, cute wife settled in beside my naked body and started to rub my shoulders and back. As we decompressed, we talked about the day, stress and what was going on. I ran my fingers across her back and through her hair trying to massage away the tension. We worked on each other for several minutes and as we talked she rubbed down my chest and then drifted between my legs. I hadn’t planned to fool around but we started to kiss and one thing lead to another and soon I grabbed the vibrator, egg and started up the tablet for a little self-play and reading fun as foreplay. Amy smiled and nibbled my ear as I started an SLS story about a couple meeting another guy for a one-night MFM encounter.

Her vibrator had gotten going early in the process and I was not yet hard as it took some time to find a story. But after a few minutes into the story when the couple met the other guy she turned to me, put her hand on my semi-hard cock and asked if I was serious about her being with another guy. I said yeah, this story’s setup sounded ideal and yes, I wanted us to have another guy at some point whenever she was ok and comfortable with it. I pictured her as the girl in the story and my cock swelled with a pulse. She wanted to know why this was such a turn on. I told her I wasn’t really sure, but the thought of her seducing another guy was really appealing to me – I guess it’s the voyeur in me. And yes while I wanted to join in, the real turn on was to watch her interact with a new lover. We talked about it being sex only with no long term commitment or involvement. I recounted times that I got to watch her flirt and how sexy it was to see her light up when she caught someone’s eye. After a few more minutes of back and forth she agreed the allure of the chase and excitement of a new lover was a lot of fun. She was worried about it affecting our relationship and I said we had some experience prior to meeting so it really wasn’t that big of a stretch to have someone new as I frequently thought about her with former lovers. For me it was a huge turn on to hear her say she remembered the chase and she said it with a little lust in her voice – maybe an old boyfriend popped into her head.

The SLS story was excellent and the guy had great chemistry with the couple. It ended with the guys curled around his wife after an evening of her being completely ravished and satisfied. My wife was clearly aroused with the story and so was I.

As we searched for the next story she commented that the last story was very good and if we ever were in a similar situation she could definitely see her being the willing wife, just as long as I was sure her being with another guy was what I really wanted. She has always wanted to fulfill my ultimate fantasy, but I think she was a little surprised when I initially revealed what I would really like for us to do.

We read the next story and soon she had a great orgasm as the guy exploded inside the wife’s mouth as her husband continued to make love to her. I crawled on top of Amy with my throbbing cock and started to slowly move in and out. She was so wet and we whispered to each other as we made love. I came shortly afterward and as I softened she said do you still feel the same about me being with another guy after your orgasm? I said there is no doubt. She smiled and said in a flirty voice, well you do have a picture of me posted on our SLS profile, have you gotten any interest?

I told her over the years several had emailed asking about us and in particular guys asking specifically about her. Occasionally I go through the emails and clean up. Some are absolute no’s as they couldn’t write a complete sentence and others were obviously not her style. She was curious and said well how about we find someone in Phoenix? We are career oriented and therefore don’t want to play this fantasy out in our own backyard. We love to vacation in Phoenix and it would be a great place to meet a new guy to play with. I told her I would have to change our location in the SLS profile and see what responses we got. She smiled and said I am good with that let’s do it.

The next few months were busy with the usual life activities. One night as we were making love she asked if I had noticed any interesting single guys in the Phoenix area. I told her quite a few but there was one guy in particular that I thought she might like and looked to be a good fit for us. I have no interest in interacting with another guy. I wouldn’t mind occasional contact here or there but I am not interested in guy-on-guy action so all of those kind of profile/emails were deleted. She quickly asked about him and I told her what I knew and that I would contact him for more info. She said she was interested in checking him out if he had passed my assessment so far.

I emailed the SLS guy for the next few weeks. He was definitely interested in meeting up with us. Amy hadn’t said much more about him as work was getting really busy. Then one night we pulled up the SLS site for another story and she said, hey let me see this guy you have been emailing. You know our trip is just next month. I pulled up Jeff’s profile and she liked his profile pictures – he was in his early thirties, educated and professional, in good shape and down to earth. He had also opened up his private gallery and she liked what he looked like with nothing on but didn’t say too much – he wasn’t small, but wasn’t way big. We picked a great MFM story and I could tell Amy was imagining herself as the wife in the story with Jeff as the other guy – she let out a moan and I could feel my cock instantly get harder as she moaned. The couple and guy were flirting and Amy said do you like this part? Would you be ok with him doing that to me? It was such a turn on and I was extremely hard the whole story. As we were nearing the end of the story she cried out and came as the guy pulled out and the husband was inserting his very hard cock into a cum soaked pussy.

I moved on top and felt Amy’s moist pussy fold around my cock as she whispered, so Jeff is interested in me, us? I told her he is absolutely interested and wants to meet as soon as we can after we get settled. I moved a little quicker and she moaned. She asked if he had any experience with couples and I told her I checked his profile and he had certificates from 2 other couples and they gave him high marks. She moaned as I stroked in and out of her. I asked, are you interested? She moaned again and said she was. I got even harder and we talked about how we were outside our comfort zone, but he seemed like he would make a good fit and it was worth a try. As I continued to move we talked about meeting him for drinks to check chemistry, she moaned again. As we talked and moved we both got excited and finally I exploded into her as she talked about giving him a blow job and him shooting streams of cum inside her mouth on her tongue and lips.

We made it to Phoenix a few weeks later and got settled in. Amy was so cute as she flitted around nervously getting ready to meet Jeff. She chose a short dress with high heels that showed off her legs and ass. Did I mention she has the sexiest gate? Her hips swayed like she was moving to a hidden rhythm, I was so turned on. We moved the meeting with Jeff up to the day of our arrival thinking if it worked out we might have him out for a few more evenings if things worked out well.

We arrived at the bar early and Amy quickly drank her drink and got another. She didn’t want to get drunk, but wanted a little more liquid courage. Jeff arrived and politely gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. He ordered a drink as we got acquainted. He was respectful, clean, smart and well built. As we eased into discussion it was pretty clear that he was a good fit for us. We talked for nearly an hour and he got more comfortable with both of us and when he got up to use the bathroom he touched Amy’s exposed leg and said he would be right back. As he walked away Amy said he was a very good fit and she definitely wanted to get to know him better at our house.

When Jeff got back from the bathroom I invited him to our place. He smiled and said he couldn’t wait to get better acquainted. As he followed us back to our house Amy was nervous, but I could tell she was really excited too. I asked if she was thinking playful thoughts already and she grabbed my hand and put it up her short skirt and I felt a very wet thong. I joked that with not much fabric and that amount of moisture she probably left a wet spot on the stool. She smiled and said probably. I was glad she was so excited and pleased with Jeff.

We got to our place, parked and welcomed Jeff at the front door. Amy and I showed him his room and we went to ours to change into swimming suits. The boys suits were normal, but Amy had on a very, very small bikini with a black see through cover up. As she came into the kitchen Jeff couldn’t take his eyes off my hot wife, neither could I. It was so hot to show her off to another guy that she approved of. We went out with our drinks into the Phoenix heat and within a couple of minutes Amy slipped off her cover-up and lowered her skimpy self into the water. Jeff was watching her the whole time and his trunks showed what he thought of Amy with almost nothing on.

We joined her and the three of us talked about life, careers and miscellaneous this and that. Soon the banter turned more sexy and the sexual energy started to build. We did a few I would never and would you rather questions which naturally led to Amy asking about his experience with other couples. Jeff gave us a very general but often explicit detailing of his MFM experiences. As he described some of the touches he had done previously he would reach out and touch Amy in the same way. Her eyes were full of lust and she was responding to every touch. We were all fairly close in the water and as he talked and touched Amy she started to respond by rubbing both of us under the water. She asked Jeff if a MFM had always been a fantasy of his and he said it had. She gave Jeff a kiss and said she was going to blow his other experiences out of the water. With that she moved close to him for their first body to body touch. She looked so hot with lust in her eyes and Jeff returning the same. They hugged and started a more passionate kiss and I decided it was time to get a drink refill.

I could see the pool from the kitchen. Jeff and Amy were talking, laughing and touching. Tentatively at first and then more deliberate. My cock had been hard since I saw her basically strip, in front of Jeff, get in the pool and move around while Jeff watched her with lust. They kissed again and this one was long and intimate. Amy’s fingers dug into Jeff’s shoulders and I could feel myself getting even harder. As she pulled away she sucked and bit his lower lip and then licked hers in a very seductive, oral sex motion. Jeff smiled and I watched Amy’s hands move under the water and Jeff shift around. I couldn’t see very well, but after 20 seconds or so she moved slowly to the edge of the pool and came up with his suit in her hand. She held it up so I could see (even though she couldn’t see me) and then lay them on the edge of the pool and turned back to Jeff.

She put her hand under the water and I could tell by her arm motion that she was touching Jeff’s cock. As she got into a pattern he kissed her and wrapped his arms around her neck. With a few easy moves he loosened the knot holding her top but left the strings across her shoulders. As they continued to move and kiss he repositioned his hands to the middle of her back and slowly undid that knot as well. Amy knew what he was doing and her nipples were getting hard. He slowly pulled the strings and as he did the tiny little triangles of material slipped off her chest and floated in the water. He took in the beautiful site and then gently guided them to the edge of the pool where his discarded suit lay. He put her 2 ounces of clothing on top of his suit.

Their kisses got more intense and their hands were all over each other. I watched intently as they explored the each other like new lovers do. I decided to stay in the kitchen a few more minutes to let them play by themselves. They continued to kiss and got closer until she was in his arms. I was about to explode knowing she was basically naked and there was no doubt that he was! They drifted a little deeper in the water and Jeff shifted Amy up in the air slightly, just enough for her tits to be at his mouth. He took the left and then the right into his mouth. Amy let her head and hair fall back toward the water. As he sucked she wrapped her legs around his waist like she had often done with me and then started to slip lower in the water. As her tit fell from Jeff’s mouth her body slowly moved lower. My cock was so hard I thought it was going to burst. As she slipped further down Jeff move one hand under the water while the other braced her back. A second later Amy stopped, shifted slightly and then continued lower in the water. As she did both of their faces changed and I was certain that he had just put his cock inside her. I watched excitedly as her shoulders disappeared and they were once again face to face, his cock buried to the fullest inside my sexy wife and I was getting to watch it all. They both stayed still and kissed. Even though there wasn’t a lot of movement I was pretty sure that if he was inside her she was pulsing on his cock. It was time to go outside. I didn’t want to miss the sounds, and close up connection of them fucking.

It was dusk and as I approached the pool Amy looked up at me and smiled sheepishly. I definitely could tell they were together as she beamed up at me and they moved into shallower water. I said you guys are certainly getting along well. They laughed, kissed and agreed things were going very well.

I handed them their drinks as they stayed together and then I got in the water. Jeff moved the two of them towards me and as they approached Amy reached out to my trunks and squeezed my hard-on. She said oh my, you are certainly ready. And just in case you didn’t know, I know for a fact Jeff is. Trying an innocent tone, I asked, how so? She replied because I have been filled with his cock for the last 5 minutes. I commented that it was most unusual for her to have a cock in her and not be getting royally fucked. My cock got a little harder (didn’t know that was possible) as I untied my suit and put it beside their discard clothes pile.

Amy worked one hand over my cock and had the other supporting her hold on Jeff. So sexy. I asked if she was interested in having a little MFM fun in the pool and she said sure. As they moved Amy started to go up and down on his cock and as she did they both sighed. Water lubrication isn’t that great and it didn’t last very long and they separated. Jeff’s cock was indeed well sized and Amy was sparkling with her tits above the water and bikini bottoms still on. I sat on the edge of the pool as Amy repositioned herself so she was facing me. She wasted no time and as my cock disappeared into her mouth she wiggled her ass and Jeff stepped closer. He looked at me and I said hey, you have already been there, by all means give my girl what she wants. Jeff grabbed his hard cock and slowly entered her from behind. What a scene! Amy sucked me with a passion as Jeff stayed buried in her pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore and shot cum down Amy’s throat as I moaned and cried out. The orgasm took me by surprise as I usually can hold it but this scene was too much to overcome. Amy turned and asked if Jeff would like to the same treatment. He nodded his head and said yes, please. As Jeff slid out she held his hand and he made his way to the edge. He hoisted himself on the pool-side stone and sat, cock in the air, arms supporting him from behind.

Amy slipped Jeff inside her mouth and he moaned. It was warm like her pussy but her tongue and mouth are very strong. She moved his cock in and out at the tip as her hand firmly grasped the base and moved in time with her mouth. After about 30 seconds she removed her hand and took his entire length and thickness into her mouth. Jeff moaned and said he was going to cum if she did that a few more times. Amy wasted no time in deep throating him and within 20 seconds Jeff told her he couldn’t hold on any longer. He cried out as he was letting go and Amy buried her head to his tummy as his cock shot the first spurt down her throat. Amy swallowed the next pulse and then pulled out just enough to let his last spurts go in her mouth. She looked at both of us as she tasted his cum said yum and swallowed. She grabbed me and kissed me and said that was one of the hottest things she had ever done. Jeff agreed that he hadn’t had this much fun ever. And we were just getting warmed up.

We visited a while longer enjoying drinks, the evening and the water. As night started to fall I suggested that we go inside. Jeff and I didn’t bother with suits as we got out. Amy still had on her bikini bottoms which barely covered her small mound of neatly trimmed hair and soaking wet pussy. We dried off, left the suits by the pool and went inside. Amy excused herself and went to the bathroom. Jeff commented again that this was the hottest experience he had ever had. He loved the get to know us time and all of the foreplay. He went to his bathroom and I joined Amy in ours. She was glowing with excitement and said she couldn’t believe how amazing it was to have 2 guys completely under her spell. I told her we were just starting and her pleasure was the focus coming up. She finished and went into the bedroom, dropped her bikini bottoms on the floor beside the bed and slipped under the covers completely nude. Even though she had officially had Jeff inside her pussy she was still a bit bashful since he hadn’t seen her completely naked. I called to Jeff and he walked in with a semi-hard cock and three water bottles. He climbed in on the far side of the bed and got under the covers with Amy between us. We drank some water and chatted about how nice of a place we were in and how insanely easy and fun sex was with each other.

I put the water down and kissed Amy. She responded and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I knew she was about to explode as her kiss was passionate with desire. She lay back on the pillow and pulled my mouth to hers and reached for Jeff’s hand. He moved and took her left nipple in his mouth and slowly reached down between her legs. She moaned as our kiss deepened and then yelped and thrust her pussy into Jeff’s hand as he lightly bit her nipple. She was nearing sensory overload. I loosened the kiss and told her to just let herself go. I wanted her to cum hard and as many times as she could. Jeff and I were all over her body as she moaned and begged for us to fuck her. I had a finger inside her soaked pussy stroking her g-spot while Jeff kept her mouth and tits busy with his tongue and teeth. We drove her crazy a little longer and then she broke their kiss and grabbed Jeff’s cock. She commented that he was already leaking and quickly licked his tip. She told him she wanted him in her right now. She couldn’t wait any longer.

Jeff smiled, looked at me and I smiled back and said I would like to just watch the first time. I said please give her what she wants. Jeff quickly repositioned his legs between her legs and leaned down to kiss her. Amy moved her hand to his cock and lined it up with her moist lips and positioned his very large, wide cock for entry. She broke the kiss, looked at me and then helped Jeff slowly push that big cock inside her. She continued to face me but her eyes closed as he continued to push his length and girth into her. She moaned as their bodies met and then opened her eyes wide as the fullness of his cock started to register. Her eyes were full of desire and surprise. She turned back to Jeff as he completely inserted his cock inside her. She pulled his head down and kissed him and then he started to move and she matched each thrust with one of her own. It was amazing to watch her let loose and Jeff focused all his attention on her making it easier for her to give herself completely over. They kissed and murmured as they moved slowly in time.

Amy was close to an orgasm and Jeff slowly increased his speed. Amy stopped him, took his hard cock out and then flipped him over so she was on top and could control the movement. She lined him up and easily buried him as far as he could go and she moaned loudly. As she leaned over her hair fell around Jeff and then she started to move just her hips. I could only hear the wet sounds of their love making and her soft moans. She started to pant and then raised up, tilted her head and started to ride Jeff like she was on a horse. The pace quickened, her moans increased and then without warning she screamed and came all over Jeff’s cock and tummy. She continued to move, crying out, tears forming as her orgasm continued to rack her body with pleasure and a film of light sweat. Their smell was intoxicating and we both stared at her with huge smiles as she stopped moving and calmed her breathing. She looked at us and Jeff said that her performance was nothing short of unbelievable. He had never had a girl actually cum around his cock and on his belly, ever. She smiled and said she was glad to be his first. Jeff hadn’t finished so he checked to make sure things were ok with me and then they switched positions. I told them they were the show and that I was completely committed to watch until the end of the performance.

Amy laid back, spread her relaxed legs and showed off her incredibly sexy body. Jeff got between her legs and lowered himself into her. She met Jeff’s slow thrusts with small hip movements and moaned as another orgasm started to build. I was amazed at how she was responding to this new cock. Jeff quickened his pace and started to bury himself to the hilt every 5th or 6th thrust eliciting a sharp breath from my wife every time. Soon she was telling him to please fuck her. Jeff didn’t have to be told again, but Amy kept crying out for him to fuck her and fuck her hard.

He quickened his pace and I watched this younger, well hung guy totally have his way with my wife. It was spellbinding. As he thrust his hips into Amy she was inching toward the top of the bed. She put her hands above her head to hold her tight. This allowed his cock to move even deeper and she closed her eyes and groaned as he bottomed out inside her. She talked less and moaned more and was in total ecstasy as Jeff kept up the fast fuck. Finally she stopped talking altogether and started to just moan and cry out. Her breath quickened and I watched as she totally lost control as one continuous moan escaped her lips. She rolled her head over and dreamily looked at me as Jeff kept his rhythm and pace. I think she nearly passed out under the continuous pushing of his cock into her. I don’t know, and she doesn’t either, how many orgasms she had as Jeff kept going. Occasionally I would hear her moan or cry out but she was clearly out of breath and barely hanging on to consciousness as her pleasure continued to take her away. I had never seen her this way. She was so beautiful. Jeff started to moan and I knew he was close. He looked at me since Amy wasn’t really responding and asked if he could cum inside her. I said absolutely. He kept moving and then with one huge shove buried himself in her as far as her body would allow. His balls were tight against her body and he jerked and moaned as he unloaded himself inside her. Amy sighed as he lowered his sweaty body on top of her and collapsed.

I watched them talk to each other and Jeff apologized if he hurt her in any way. Amy was emphatic that it was the best fuck she had ever had. Jeff blushed and wiggled his soft cock from her very moist pussy. He replied he was glad he could be the best. As he moved away from Amy a string of cum kept them connected until it broke and fell across her tummy. I made my way to her and she reached out and kissed me as I slowly climbed on top and entered my wife for the first time with another man’s cum slowly leaking between her legs down her ass and to the large wet spot in the bed. She took me easily and was silky smooth. I could smell Jeff and her sex juices as I moved gently between her legs and it nearly made me cum on the spot. Jeff’s relentless fucking was only about 5 minutes but I knew it was quite a bit of activity and I didn’t want to wear her out the first night of our vacation.

Jeff left the room to shower and clean up while Amy and I made very passionate slow love. She whispered that she was worried since she admitted to Jeff being the best fuck of her life. I told her that I was so glad that I got to be with her while it happened. She laughed and said thanks for a wonderful experience. She loved that we were together and experienced it together and could relive it anytime in the future. She admitted us sharing was very strange and she never imagined that it would be so powerful. I told her that I loved to see her happy and pleasured even if it was with another guy. I did ask to always be present if it wasn’t me doing the fucking. She agreed and we moved together even closer. I quickened my pace and she again started slowly moaning and crying. I said can you go again? She replied with another breathless round of words to fuck her and fuck her harder please. I obliged and what started as gentle turned into a fast pounding. Since Jeff had taken her to a great orgasm prior to me she quickly arrived again as I kept pushing my hard cock into her. She again was breathless and on the edge of consciousness as I totally lost myself in making love to her. I came with a force I had never experienced and collapsed on top of her. We agreed it was the best sex ever.

Jeff got out of the shower, announced he was in the room, came to the side of the bed and kissed my wife. It was so incredibly sexy. Amy reached down and fingered her wet opening and said you boys have fucked me silly, but I am not sore like I thought I would be. Jeff do you want to stay the night? I would like to be with you both if you can. He smiled and so did I.

We took a break, got rehydrated and had some snacks. It was like we were old college friends. Amy took the initiative and grabbed our hands and lead us back to the bedroom. We all brushed our teeth, disrobed and climbed back into the bed. It was all very natural. Jeff took one side and I the other. We both took turns kissing and slowly moving our hands over her body. We fell asleep in a bundle of arms and legs.

I woke up to Amy lightly cooing and moaning. I looked up and noticed it was just starting to get light. Amy was laying on her back and Jeff had his hand between her legs giving her a gentle fingering. I joined in and she smiling as her body yet again gave in to two guys pleasuring her, feeling her intimately. We continued for a few minutes and then I was surprised as Amy sat up and told Jeff to prop up on the pillows. I was still waking up so thought I was dreaming as I watched her straddle him and sucked him to complete hardness. Then she slowly climbed on top of him while inserting him expertly into her pussy. He let out a moan as she started to move. She turned around and asked me to squirt some lube on her cute ass. I couldn’t believe what she was setting up. We had talked about her taking another guy and me at the same time, but this was really wild! I followed her instructions and poked my finger slowly inside her, just above Jeff’s huge cock. She moaned in pleasure as my finger slowly broke through her opening and vibrated slightly on my finger as I held it still. I moved very slowly for a few strokes all the while getting mentally ready and her physically ready for the wildest thing either of us had ever done. Jeff said this was a first for him as well and he used his free hands to roam Amy’s breast face, hair arms and finally to her hips where he pulled her completely into him and held her there. I slowly pulled my finger out and put the head of my waiting cock at her entrance and pushed slightly. I entered slowly and then stopped. Again I felt the same vibration of resistance as I held still in her tight little hole. I told her to relax and as she did my cock started to slide into her. As it kept going until I was fully buried in her she let out a huge breath, sucked in another and panted. It was unbelievable as she nearly had an orgasm from just us being in her simultaneously with her pulsing on each of our cocks involuntarily.

I could feel Jeff inside her, but not in a bad way. I felt her pulse and then felt him pulse in response. It was a strange and amazing feeling. She asked me to move but to go very slow. I did and within a few moves she was moaning and crying and making noises I had never heard. She grabbed Jeff and just squeezed as I continued to move. Jeff was also moaning due to the intense noise she was making and the jagged breathing we were causing. He cried out as she bit down on his neck. Then she took her hands from the headboard and dug them into his shoulders, hard. He cried out again as she squeezed in harder. As she amped up the sexiness he started to move with my rhythm and that did it for Amy. She screamed out in ecstasy as she gushed a second time and started to raised herself off Jeff and back against me, burying me further inside. She gasped, boys please fuck me – I have never felt sexier or higher than I am right now. She went limp as we both continued to move gently. She continued to moan and her orgasm extended as we were both ready for climax. She was so wet and there was hardly any friction as she totally relaxed and gave in to the afterglow of sex. I came in her before Jeff, but only by a few strokes. I pulled out and watched as my cum leaked out of her and down onto Jeff’s buried cock. She lay there on top of him until he started to shrink. As his semi hard cock left her pussy I could see his cum leak slowly out of her and onto him and disappear to the bed. That was an incredibly sexy sight.

We finally managed to weakly get up and clean ourselves. Amy begged Jeff to not be scarce during our stay. Jeff said he was canceling all his plans for the week. Amy said she needed a break of a day but should be ready to go after that. He agreed to give us a break but made firm plans to stay the next night. We all smiled and Amy kissed him and told him to have a great day at work. Jeff was all smiles.

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