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Watching my wife with a couple, FMF 3sum, cuckold

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(This is another true story from chipair. If you live in Chicago and enjoy this sort of stuff send us a note!)

My wife Maria had met Adam and Lisa twice already on her own while I stayed at home and wondered what was going on. This time I was going to go with her. Emails had gone back and forth and the rules had pretty much been established. Adam and Lisa, or should I say Sir Adam and Madam Lisa, would be in charge. I was to expect no physical contact but some might occur. If I behaved I could perhaps watch for a little bit. But I should have no expectations other than to be present.

We were going to play our cuckold games with Adam and Lisa but this time I would submit to Lisa as well. I had played the Dom side many times with Maria but I had only submitted once or twice in my life. I thought Lisa was so hot though that the thought of submitting to her had me very excited.

We knew what our "rules" were. We were going to meet them on Sat night. Starting on Thursday I wasn't allowed to play with Maria anymore. Her body was off limits. I couldn't kiss her or fuck her or touch her breasts. I was allowed to play with my cock but I wasn't supposed to cum until Sat night. Friday night when I came home from work I was supposed to change into a pair of Maria's panties and I was also supposed to put on a pair of her stockings and a garter belt. Friday was one of those days at work where time just seemed to drag. I was already constantly thinking about Sat night and wondering what would happen. I was also already thinking about getting home and that I would have to change.

The traffic was the usual terrible Friday night crawl but I finally got home. I said hello to Maria and told her that I needed to go upstairs for a bit before we had dinner. She knew why and sort of giggled a bit. I'm sure my face turned a little red as I went upstairs to our bedroom to change. I made sure the door to our bedroom was locked and I took off my pants and underwear. Maria had laid out a pair of stockings and a garter belt for me on top of her dresser and I put them on as best I could. I had never put on a pair of stockings and a garter belt like that before but I had watched Maria do it many times. The back clasps were the hardest but I got everything on and looked at myself in the mirror. I thought I looked funny not sexy. But I suppose the goal here was to humiliate me and it was certainly working. I slipped on the frilly red panties Maria had also left out for me and put back on my pants. The rest of the night I was constantly aware that I was wearing the stockings and panties. All it did was constantly remind me of what was going to happen the next night. I hadn't cum in several days already as well. I was already climbing the walls I was so horny and excited.

We went to sleep and woke up on Sat morning. Maria looked so hot to me in her nightgown. I so wanted to cup and feel her beautiful breasts but I knew I wasn't allowed to touch her. Most of my dreams the night before had been about Maria playing with Adam and Lisa. I woke up with my morning hard on and Maria looked over and saw that I was hard. She said, "uh oh, I hope you weren't playing with yourself. You know the rules." I told her that I just woke up that way but it was very hard not to touch my cock. I was already desperate for release.

Sat was a blur. Once again when I woke up I put on the garters and stockings and panties and was constantly aware all day that I was wearing them. I was bouncing off the walls at home with nervous excitement and spend most of the day doing things like cleaning the house to try to keep my mind off of the coming evening but it was almost impossible. Maria asked me to go out and get lunch for her and the kids. I was really nervous driving around wearing the stockings and panties. What if I got pulled over by the cops or got in an accident? How could I explain it? Fortunately I made it home with no problems.

During the day Maria also teased me as much as she could with the kids around. She wore a low cut top so I could see her cleavage all day. I so wanted to play with her breasts but I wasn't allowed to touch her. At one point she took a long shower and asked that I come in and help her shave her pussy. I helped her reach a few spots that were hard for her to reach. I realized as I was shaving her that I was doing this so that another man and woman would see it and would be playing with her pussy later that night. My cock started to get very hard once again and started to make a tent in my pants. But I knew I wasn't allowed to touch myself.

Maria also teased me by making me pack a bag for her. I put in the toys she had requested and the clothes that she had picked out to wear. She packed a leather corset, a red corset, two different kinds of stockings, high heels, and several top/skirt combinations. I could tell she was going to look very hot.

Finally it was time to go to the hotel. I had reserved a room earlier in the week. We were going to check in and wait for Adam and Lisa to arrive at 8pm. We got there at around 7 and once again it made me very nervous to be driving while wearing the stockings and panties. We got to the hotel, checked in, and took our bags up to the room. When we got there we sent Adam and Lisa a text with the room number and the wrote back to us that they would be there at 8.

We had about an hour before they arrived. Maria undressed and took another shower so she would be squeeky clean for Adam and Lisa. I took the time to get things ready for the three of them. I put candles on the end tables by the bed and got a book of matches ready so they would be easy to light. I unpacked our bags and lay out Maria's clothes and lingerie on the bed. I put the toys we brought on a table in the room. I lay out the whip, the crop, our ball gag, two blindfolds, the nipple clamps, and several small vibrators.

When Maria was done with her shower I jumped in myself to rinse off while she started to change. Maria put on a her red corset with a pair of stockings with a short green dress over it. The dress was so short that you could see the tops of her stockings and the garters. It was the type of thing she would never wear out in public. Her breasts were also practically busting out of her top. Once again I desperately wanted to touch her breasts but I couldn't. I noticed that I was already starting to feel like I was getting blue balls. I was now very excited.

When it was about 10 minutes till 8 I did one last thing to prepare. I put on the leather cock harness Maria bought for me. I wrapped it tightly around my cock and made sure the velcro straps were on tight and then wrapped the leather strap around my balls. I had to squeeze my balls into the leather strap but I got it around them and snapped it in place. Now my cock has wrapped tight and my balls had a leather strap around them. If I started to get hard the leather sheath would pull the leather strap around my balls.

After I put on the cock and ball harness I pulled up the panties I was wearing and put back on my pants. I sat on the couch next to Maria. We were both pretty nervous and anxious at this point but it was in a good way. We were both very excited about what was to come and I was very curious how the evening would unfold. Maria told me that Adam and Lisa were very punctual and we should expect to hear them knock on the door right around 8 O'clock. Maria also asked me if I could answer the door. She was supposed to be sitting on the couch waiting for them with her eyes cast down to the floor so she wasn't looking at their faces. I was supposed to do the same when they arrived. Just look down.

Sure enough right at 8:01 there was a knock on the door. I got up to answer it and let Sir Alan and Madam Lisa in the room. I immediately sat back down on the couch and looked down at the carpet while they started to get ready themselves. Madam Lisa came over and stood right in front of me. I could see she was wearing a white skirt with black stockings but not much else. I didn't dare try to look up at her. She told me in a stern voice to get off the couch and kneel in the corner of the room facing the wall. I quickly did as she asked and kneeled in the corner looking down at the carpet.

I tried my best to stare at the carpet on the floor as I heard shuffling in the room around me. I could hear Adam and Lisa set unpack their own bags and they turned on some music. Opera. It set an interesting mood. They also put a porno in the DVD player and started to play it. The atmosphere was starting to get very erotic. All of a sudden I heard Maria moan in pleasure. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I could make out the shape of Adam in front of Maria. I couldn't see at all what he was doing to her but I imagined from the familiar moans she was making that he was playing with her breasts.

I felt the presence of Lisa behind me and she said in a stern voice, "You were peeking weren't you?" I didn't know what to say. I felt like I hadn't been peaking but I also figured this was all part of the game. I stammered a bit but didn't know what to say. Lisa said, "I'm going to have to blindfold you so you can't see evidently." All of a sudden she was putting a blindfold over my eyes and I couldn't see a thing.

It seemed like when she did that my other senses were enhanced. I focused on the sounds and tried my best to figure out what was happening. I thought I could hear Sir Adam playing with Maria's breasts. She was moaning and groaning in a familiar way. I would hear slapping sounds once in awhile and Maria would suck in some air quickly in pain/pleasure. I imagined he was playing with her breasts and spanking her nipples from the sounds I was hearing. Perhaps using the crop or a paddle on her nipples?

After listening to this for a long time it seemed I heard Maria moan in a different way. Sir Adam said, "Oh my god, Lisa, you should feel how wet Maria's pussy is. She is just dripping. It appears she is VERY turned on right now." I know I was very turned on myself! My cock was very hard inside the leather harness and it was pulling on the strap around my balls.

All of a sudden Maria started to moan very deeply and I could tell she was cumming hard from Sir Adam playing with her pussy. All of a sudden I felt the presence of Madam Laura behind me. She put a collar around my neck and snapped a leash on it and told me to stand up. I did as she said and then she dragged me into the room. It was hard not to stumble because I was blindfolded and couldn't see a thing but she led me in a way that I felt safe. Madam Lisa took off the blindfold and told me to look down. Even looking down I could see that Sir Adam was now standing in front of Maria and fucking her face with his cock. I could hear the familiar sounds of Maria sucking and licking his cock.

Madam Lisa told me to strip and take off my shirt and pants. She wanted to see what I was wearing and if I had followed her instructions. I took off my shirt and threw on the floor under the desk. She said in a stern voice, "pick that up and fold it correctly and make a neat pile." I picked up the shirt and folded it and put it on the desk. Then I took off the my pants and folded them neatly as well. I was soon standing in front of her dressed in the garters and stockings and the frilly red panties. She sort of snickered and told me that I looked very pretty. While I looked down I could see that she had taken off the white skirt and was dressed in thigh high black stockings. She looked amazing. Then she told me to kneel down again and she put the blindfold back on me.

Once again it was dark. I heard her walk away and then I heard Sir Adam tell Maria to turn around and get ready to be spanked. Then I heard the two of them start to spank her. She started to gasp and moan in pleasure. Soon I thought I heard them start to spank her with a paddle or something. It sounded harder and Maria started to make groans of pleasure and pain. She started going, "Oh OH OHH!!" All of this seemed to go on for a long time. I could tell Maria was loving it but my knees were starting to get sore.

Every once in awhile I could tell that someone was fingering Maria's pussy and making her cum. I heard Sir Adam say after he made her cum yet again that she was dripping wet and obviously ready to be fucked. Madam Lisa said, "I think it's time we moved into the bedroom." I heard her walk over to me and she told me to stand up. She led me by the leash once again into the bedroom area of the hotel suite and told me to kneel by the foot of the bed.

I heard Maria and Sir Adam enter the room and soon I heard the unmistakeable sound of Maria sucking his cock. I heard the bed shift and Sir Alan let out a moan himself. He said, "Maria and Lisa are both sucking on my cock together right now and it feels so good." I heard Maria moan as well and she sucked and licked his cock. I know she loves to suck cock when she is super horny and it gets her very worked up.

This went on for a long time as well and my cock was getting very hard again. I couldn't see a thing but I could hear the unmistakeable sounds of Maria and Lisa giving Adam double head just a few feet from where I kneeled at the foot of the bed and it was driving me crazy. After a long time I heard the bed shift again and Madam Lisa said, "Now it's time for Maria to lick my pussy."

Once again I couldn't see a thing but I could hear Maria get between Lisa's legs and start to lick her. It was a softer sound but totally hot and soon Madam Lisa was moaning in pleasure. She said, "Maria is so good at eating my pussy. She's such a good little slut. Sucking cock and eating pussy?" Once again my cock was rock hard and I was going crazy listening to it all. I almost came in my panties without even touching myself. My cock was throbbing and I could tell I was leaking pre-cum all over the place.

Madam Lisa had Maria eat her pussy for a LONG time and it sounded like she came several times. It was amazing to listen to. Then I heard Sir Adam tell Maria to get to the edge of the bed. I thought I heard her suck him some more and then I heard him tell her to lie back so he could fuck her. Soon I heard the sound that I knew Maria made when I big cock was going in her. She let out a gasp and then a groan and I knew she was cumming just from him putting his cock in her. I quickly heard the sound of skin slapping against skin as he started to fuck her fast and deep. Maria started to make the sounds she made when she was cumming almost non-stop. But I noticed after a bit that her moans sounded strangely muffled. It was then that I realized that Madam Lisa was probably sitting on her face.

I heard the bed shift again and I was a little startled to feel a leather crop on the bottom of my chin. Madam Lisa leaned over and whispered in my ear, "would you like to watch?" I said, "yes please" and she took the blindfold off. She lifted my chin with the crop and said to me, "since you've been such a good boy I'll let you watch this time. I hope you enjoy the show." As my eyes adjusted to the candlelit scene in front of me I saw Madam Lisa swing over Maria's face so Maria could start to lick her pussy again while Sir Adam fucked her. Madam Lisa looked totally hot. She was dressed in a tight black leotard with solid black thigh high stockings. I was staring at a totally hot 3sum scene just a few feet from me with my sexy wife Maria as the star. She was on her back at the side of the bed and Sir Adam was standing at the edge of the bed fucking her hard. Madam Lisa was kneeling over her facing Sir Adam so Maria could lick her pussy. Lisa was playing with Maria's nipples, twisting and pulling them and making Maria cum from the pleasure. I could hear Maria's muffled sounds of orgasm as she licked Lisa's pussy.

After a long time Adam pulled his big thick cock out of Maria and lay on the bed. He asked Maria to suck him some more and she licked his cock all over and started to suck his big head. When he was rock hard again he said he wanted to fuck Lisa from behind while Maria lay underneath and licked her pussy. They moved into place and once again I was treated to a totally hot 3sum scene just a few feet from me. Sir Adam started to fuck Lisa from behind and I could see Maria lick Lisa's pussy while Lisa's face contorted in pleasure. He fucked her for a long time like this and it looked like she came several times while Maria licked her pussy while she was getting fucked.

After a long time of this Sir Adam pulled his cock out of Lisa. He lay back and asked Maria to lick his cock and taste Lisa's cum that was all over his cock. He hadn't used protection when he was fucking his own wife and I could see that his cock was covered in her juices. Maria knelt between his legs and started to lick every inch of his cock. She said, "I love the way Madam Lisa tastes on your cock." Soon Lisa was kneeling beside Maria and the two of them were giving him double head again but this time I could see every lick. It was amazing. I was amazed at Sir Adam's endurance. I would have cum several times by then and probably would have been worn out.

His cock was once again very hard and he wanted to fuck Maria again. This time he had her get on her hands and knees so he could fuck her from behind. Lisa got in front of Maria and spread her legs and grabbed Maria by the hair and pulled her into her pussy. Sir Adam put a condom on and started to fuck Maria hard from behind while she licked and ate Lisa's pussy. Once again this was one of my favorite positions and I was rock hard watching the three of them play. Soon Lisa was groaning in pleasure and Maria was clearly cumming hard once again. She came so hard that she squeezed Sir Adam's cock out of her pussy and she apologized. Sir Adam laughed and told her that her pussy was amazing.

He fucked her for a long time like this and once again I was amazed at his stamina. Finally he pulled out and lay back on the bed. He pulled off his condom and told Maria to suck his cock again. He was soon moaning in pleasure and told her he was going to fill her mouth with cum. I could tell that Maria was sucking and stroking him and trying her best to make him cum. Lisa sat on the bed next to them playing with her pussy. Maria tried her best to deep throat Adam's cock but it was just too big. While she was sucking him she told him how much she loved his big cock and how good it made her feel. Soon I could see Sir Adam tense up and he started to fill Maria's mouth with what looked to be a huge load of cum. Maria moaned in pleasure as he filled her mouth with cum.

Then Sir Adam said to Maria, "It's time for you to go over and give Tim a kiss." I wasn't expecting this but I was very happy to hear those words. A fantasy cum true for me. Maria came over to me and gave me a deep kiss with her mouth full of his cum. Her tongue went into my mouth and she did her best to share his cum with me. I had never tasted another man's cum before. It wasn't as gross as I thought it might be. It was a little bitter and salty and the thought of Maria sharing Adam's cum with me once again made my cock totally hard. My balls were aching at this point I was so turned on and desperate for release.

Madam Lisa leaned over and said to me. "How would you like to cum?" I hesitated because I wasn't sure if it would be OK to ask her to help in some way? I said, "I would love it if you and Maria sucked my cock together." She laughed and said, "Not this time. Is there something else?" I thought about is and said, "I guess I would like a nice slow hand job from Maria?" I hoped she would grant this request. She said, "That would be OK. Lay down on the floor at the foot of the bed." She told Maria to give me a nice slow hand job and to try to not let me cum too quickly.

I took off the red panties I was wearing and the leather harness around my cock and balls. The panties were soaked with my pre-cum and my cock was hard when I released it from the harness. Maria leaned over me and got the lube out. She started to give me a nice slow hand job but I was very worked up. She tried to go slow and tease me as much as she could but I didn't last very long. In about two minutes I started to tense up and she could tell I was about to cum. Madam Lisa leaned over the edge of the bed and started to pinch my nipples hard. I tensed up and started to cum hard. It was a massive orgasm for me and I could tell Madam Lisa was surprised at how much I came. I think it was one of the most powerful orgasms I've ever had in my life.

We cleaned up and it seemed like the Dom/Sub thing was over. We all had big smiles on our faces and I calmed down and we all got dressed again. We ended up chatting for a while and realized another hour had gone by. It was getting late and we decided to call it a night. Madam Lisa told me that I should wear the panties and stockings home but I could take them off when we got home. We packed up our stuff and left the hotel room and went to our cars. We have each other hugs and kisses and said we hoped we could meet again soon.

As I drove home I was still very horny. I was also still very aware that I was wearing the stockings and panties. It was late at night and I tried to drive very carefully. We were both still in a daze from the night and we chatted a bit during the drive home. We both agreed that we had a fantastic night. I told her that I was really surprised at home much I enjoyed submitting to Madam Lisa. The whole night had been great. But it wasn't over still. We still had a few things to do at home.

We got home and I went to the bedroom to get things ready. I lit a few candles and put a towel on the bed. This was part of our routine when Maria went out on dates and I knew what to do. She joined me in the bedroom and we undressed. It was nice to take off the stockings and garter belt and panties. I lay on the bed on top of the towel and Maria knelt over me. I knew what I was supposed to do. Her pussy was right above my cock and I would have loved to have fucked her but I put a couple fingers inside her instead and started to feel for her G-spot.

I could tell her G-spot was swollen from all the fucking and all the attention she had all night. It felt like a small balloon. I started to massage it with my fingers and she let out a loud moan and said, "that's right. make me squirt all over your little cock. See how turned on I get when I fuck a nice big cock like Adam's?" Then she let out an even bigger moan and started to squirt all over my cock and chest. She drenched me and came so hard she almost passed out. She squirted so much that one stream almost hit my face. I had never seen her squirt so much at once. She was very worked up.

My cock was now rock hard again. I said to Maria, "are you up for one last thing tonight?" She knew exactly what I meant, let out a small moan, and said, "I would love it". She got in the middle of the bed while I got out the lube. I put a liberal amount on my fingers and started to finger her asshole and get it lubed up. Then I took a bunch of lube and covered every inch of my cock. I lined up the head of my cock with her puckered ass and pushed inside just a bit.

When we do anal I let Maria take control as much as possible. I let her back into me and fill herself up with my cock at her pace. Maria was in a very horny mood that night and I was surprised when she backed right up on my cock in one stroke and filled her ass up with my cock. I could feel her cumming as soon as my cock was buried all the way in her ass. Through the moans of her orgasm she said, "fuck my ass, pleeeeeese" I started to stroke in and out of her ass and she started to go crazy and started to cum almost non-stop. The pleasure for me was intense. Her ass seemed so tight and she squeezed my cock hard with every wave of her orgasms. I could also see some bruises from where Adam and Lisa had spanked and flogged her earlier that night. With her ass in the air like that I could see in my mind the scene from earlier when she was getting fucked from behind by Adam while eating Lisa's pussy. It was a good thing that I had cum earlier in the evening or I wouldn't have lasted as long as I did. Even still I didn't last much more than 5 minutes before I let out a groan and filled Maria's ass up with my cum. She had one last massive orgasm when she felt me cumming in her ass and I could feel her muscles squeezing the cum out of my cock when she came.

We were both spent now. We looked over at the clock and it was almost 3 in the morning. It had been a long and incredible night. We would have liked to have crashed but the reality was that we were both a little messy after the anal sex. I had really filled her ass up with cum and it was started to leak out of her. We ran downstairs to the bathroom and took turns taking quick showers while we talked about the evening. Maria wanted to know what things I enjoyed and didn't enjoy about the night. We were back to being a "normal" married couple at this point. We went back upstairs and cuddled with each other and quickly fell asleep. When we woke up in the morning we were both still very horny and quickly fucked again. Her body was very sore from the night before and her nipples were sore to the touch. Her pussy felt a little tighter than usual because it was sore from being used so much the night before. I was so turned on that I didn't last long and filled her pussy while she came as well. We both walked around with silly smiles on our faces all day. When Monday came and we went back to work one of my coworkers asked me how my weekend went. I told her, "We had a great weekend. Maria and I went out and visited some friends we knew and had a really nice time. How about you?" ;-)

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