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Unplanned Cuckold

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My wife (who for the purpose of this story we?ll call Debbie) and I have been happily married for 18 wonderful years and we?ve always managed to keep the spice in our sex life by keeping it spontaneous. We?d think nothing of being out at a club and going out to the car and jumping in the back seat for a quickie not caring who walked by and might see us. Or her getting dressed up real sexy and we?d go into a bar or nightclub separately and she?d made sure that she got noticed for the pleasure of being ogled by other men. Sometimes she?d do some flirting with some guy or group of guys who would buy her drinks and dance with her hoping for a chance at popping those 38DD?s out, lifting her skirt and burying their cock in her pussy. She?s masturbated in the car while we?re driving down the highway or she?d give me a blowjob while I?m driving making sure we were noticed by truckers driving by us. Many other fun and wonderful things have happened and continue to happen.

Well, last month I had an old friend of mine (who we?ll call Steve) from back east called and ask if he could stop by for a visit; he was going to be in town for a conference and we hadn?t see each other for years. We of course agreed and were excited to get to see our old friend again. On the night before his arrival my wife asked if we could have some ?fun? with our old friend Steve. When I asked what kind of fun she said that she wanted to see just how much sexual teasing she would have to do with him before he got a noticeable erection. I said sure why not, Steve?s always been a good sport. She picked out a nice short skirt, tight blouse and her 5 inch stilettos for her tantalizing tease. The evening came when Steve was to arrive, well the last time I saw Steve he was six foot three and weighed 275 lbs. with a big old beer belly. When the doorbell rang Debbie ran to greet him, opening the door she was in awe of the physical specimen that stood in our doorway. Steve was lean and trim and ripped tilting the scale at an estimated 185 lbs. He took Debbie in his arms and picked her up and gave her a big bear hug. When she turned around I could see that she was really turned on by the sight of him. I too greeted our guest and we invited him into our home. We had a wonderful dinner that Debbie made and then retired to the living room for some conversation and drinks. That?s when Debbie started her teasing of Steve. She?d bend over at the waist and lean in while refilling his wine so Steve could see her beautiful tits free inside her blouse and then she?d bend at the waist to fill my glass so Steve could get a peek at her firm ass naked under her skirt. When she?d sit down across from him she made sure her legs weren?t completely closed so he could see her neatly shaved pussy under her skirt. I could tell that Debbie was turned on just as much if not more than Steve was. It didn?t take long for a big lump to be quite noticeable in his pants. Steve excused himself to go to the restroom and I?m sure it was to give some relief to his stiff member. While he was gone Debbie came over and sat on my lap, gave me a great big wet kiss and whispered in my ear, ?I want Steve to fuck me?. Now we?ve talked about us being in a threesome but I didn?t think we were at the point of giving that a try. Well, apparently I was wrong. She pleaded with me to please let Steve fuck her. I was now excited at the prospect of seeing my wife with another man so I quickly agreed. She kissed me again and said she loved me. Well when Steve returned his erection was no longer noticeable but it didn?t take long for Debbie to work her magic and make his cock swell even bigger than before. She walked over to him, sat on his lap, kissed him deeply and told him what she wanted. Steve looked at me and I gave him a quick nod of approval. Well you?d think the two of them got shot out of a canon. He lifted her skirt and massaged her clit while she had opened her blouse inviting his mouth to suck on her erect nipples. Steve?s cock was begging to be released from his pants and Debbie quickly obliged. She unbuckled his pants and they quickly fell to the floor, his briefs budging to the point of ripping. Debbie slid his briefs down and his huge 10 inch cock sprang forth. Debbie quickly had it in her mouth and down her throat as he held her head guiding it up and down his massive member. After a few minutes of that Steve stood up and asked her to direct him to the bedroom, she quickly pointed down the hall asking him to hurry please hurry. I cock too was as stiff as a board watching my wife offering herself to him as a gift. They finished disrobing and he asked her to leave her stilettos on, lie on her back and open her legs as wide as she could, she willingly obliged. He climbed on top of her and she guided his manhood to her soaking wet pussy. As he slid his cock in her she remarked how huge it was compared to mine. She squirmed wildly as he quickly developed a rhythm thrusting the entire length of his cock in and out. Harder, faster she demanded, harder and faster. Oh it feels sooo good. Fuck me; fuck me she continued to scream. It wasn?t long before Steve exploded inside her and fell on top trying to catch his breath. Oh no, I?ve waited for another cock to be inside me for too long, you?re not done. She sprang up and laid him on his back and began sucking his cock to bring it back to full life. She turned to me and told me to fuck her until Steve was ready again. I slid my cock into her now cum dripping pussy and it didn?t take long for me to add my love juice to Steve?s load. Just as I finished she had his cock ready for action once again and ordered me out of her pussy. She climbed on top of Steve and buried his cock back into her pussy now dripping from two cum loads. They fucked and sucked for what seemed like hours after which they fell into each other?s arms exhausted. I, seeing that my bed was occupied by my old friend and my wife both sound asleep went out to the living room and laid down on the couch. During the night I heard them fucking several times more and once again in the morning when they woke up. At around 10:30 they came out of the bedroom with the look of satisfaction on their faces. Debbie came over and kissed me deeply and told me that she loved me and she knew I loved her too because I was willing to allow her to be satisfied by another man. Her pussy was so sore from their fucking marathon it was almost a week before she felt good enough to allow me to fuck her.

It turns out that Steve was in town to begin the process of his company opening an office in town and was going to be coming back at every couple of weeks for the next 4 or 5 months. Well guess who has been our house guest and Debbie?s boy toy when he?s in town? Yep, and while he?s here he gets her attention, her pussy and my place in the bed.

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