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Third Confession and Promise Fulfilled

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In a previous story I had described the first infidelity and confessions of my wife Marg; which had been preceded by my story of one of my own. Marg's confessions were divulged after I had related my story about fucking another woman just after my best friend had cum in her. Marg said that she would love to provide me with a wet deck sensing how much that aroused me; and when I had suggested that she would first have to fuck another man, she then admitted that she already had done so.

She had accompanied her friend Audrey to a sales convention in another city for 4 days and during that time they had invited 2 friends of Audrey's to their suite after a dinner date. Marg had fucked one man and then fallen asleep. The next morning while in the shower, the other guy followed her in and fucked her in the shower. She had experienced her first erotic venture outside of marriage and she felt very good about it. It was confirmation that after years of marriage other men still desired her. The following night, she and Audrey had invited a Jamaican man to their suite, a man that Audrey had fucked before. He was a very accomplished stud named Andy and he took turns fucking both of them. Marg had tried to tell me the details of this last encounter; but fascinated as I was, I was not sure I wanted to hear them!

Our plan this evening had been to lure my friend and business partner Brad over to our place. Marg would seduce him into fucking her in front of me, with me following for my wet deck. She was very excited at the thought of doing it; and besides she had always had a yen for Brad. Her excitement rubbed off on me. I had not told Brad what might be in store as Marg had told me to leave everything to her. When Brad arrived we enjoyed a few drinks by the pool; all three of us had a swim and then into the gang shower to wash the off the chlorine. While in the gang shower, Marg stripped off her bikini, pretending that she did it all the time; and seemingly ignored the two of us. Then noticing two hard-ons in bathing suits, she smiled and kissed me while rubbing her tits on my chest, and then moved over to Brad and did the same. Well, it was a little more than the same; she pressed her hips and pussy up against his swim shorts, and her kiss lingered just a little longer. She turned and winked at me and said to give her ten minutes and she would meet us inside.

As she walked naked out of the shower room, Brad looked at me with raised eyebrows, an unspoken question in his eyes. I shrugged and told him to just go with the flow; she seemed to be insatiable and had been fucking me silly for the last month or so, and that we should just relax and see where she was going with things tonight. We knew what was coming soon I think and both had hard-ons when we left the pool house.

Marg returned as we sat down on chairs in the living room. She was wearing a sheer black negligee with black half bra and thong visible underneath, along with heels to show off her legs and butt to better advantage. Our eyes followed her as she closed the sliding doors and pulled the dr*pes. Brad and I were speechless; she was fucking gorgeous and obviously ready for fucking.

She sat on a sofa across from the two of us, with her legs crossed and began to tell the untold story of her adventure with the Jamaican man. She first outlined the first night when she had fucked two different men and how turned on she had been. When Audrey had invited her to go with her to the convention, she had fantasized about getting laid but had not really believed it would happen. It had turned out beautifully. First getting seduced and fucked by a Latin looking guy, then taking a big cock from behind in the shower by a giant of a man. When Audrey suggested inviting the Jamaican the next day, she had agreed without a thought. Aside from the fact her juices were really pumping, Audrey's description of this man's capabilities and big cock had her mind aching to experience it. She and Marg shaved their pussies and giggled like school girls sneaking a peek somewhere they should not.

Brad and I were sitting there with glazed eyes, imagining this beautiful woman in front of us recounting tales of being fucked which had us almost trembling at what was coming. I do not recall either of us lifting our glasses during the story telling.

Audrey had opened the door for Andy, a tall slender Jamaican guy who moved with cat like grace. He was smiling at the two of them, his eyes roving over their bodies. They had dressed identically in black sheer negligees, black bra and thongs, high heels. Marg told us it was the same clothes she wore now, and that in fact she had not washed any of them including her thong.

Andy was wearing a silk shirt and soft slacks, his big cock dangling down the inside of one leg, obviously not wearing under shorts. He had a big one, and he enjoyed the reaction of women doing double takes when they spotted it. He had taken Audrey in his arms first, his hands moved easily over her body, feeling her ass and back of her legs, fondling her breasts as his lips moved over her face and neck. He then moved to Marg, held her at arm's length for a minute to see what she had and then pulled her to him. A soft lingering kiss first was followed by his hands on her ass as he pulled her up against his body. Marg's mind was focused on finding that big cock and rubbing her thigh on it. She could tell it was still fairly soft and wondered in her mind if it would get much bigger when hard. He whispered in her ear, "go ahead baby, feel it, you want to, I can tell." Heart pounding she slipped her hand down to find it and ran the palm of her hand along its length. She almost cum at that moment as the thought of taking it in her cunt filled her mind. Andy let her play a while as his mouth and hands tasted her, sliding easily and seductively up and down her body.

Back home, by this time Marg was laying back on the sofa, her legs spread wide, her negligee open and her fingers feeling her nipples and rubbing her pussy through the thong. Brad and I had our cocks out and our shorts on the floor.

Andy removed Marg's negligee and released her tits by untying the bra straps, and then sat her on the bed. He repeated this with Audrey and the two ladies sat side by side on the edge of the bed wearing only their thongs, tits bare and hungry expectant looks in their eyes. Andy slowly removed his shirt to expose his lithe brown chest and muscled abdomen. He pushed his slacks down slowly; paused just above his cock for effect; then dropped them to the floor. Marg's body almost crumpled at the sight of his long thick cock, still only partly erect and still dangling downwards. She resisted the urge to grab it and waited for his move.

Andy knelt down in front of Audrey, leaned in and kissed her with a big tongue in her throat; and then moved down and sucked on each erect nipple. Audrey's tits were long and hanging downwards and the thought passed through Marg's mind that she would like to suck them as well. Audrey lifted her butt as Andy pulled her thong off, untying it on the sides and sliding it out along her slit between her legs. Audrey then leaned back on her hands as Andy lifted each leg over his shoulder and moved his head down between her thighs. Soon Marg could see and hear his thick tongue lashing at Audrey's pussy as she gasped in pleasure.

At this point, Marg was completely spread out on the sofa, her nipples bare, negligee completely opened, her thong pushed to one side as she fingered her slit at the memory of her night of pure lust. But she was staring at Brad, this was all intended to convince him he should fuck her and there was little doubt he was feeling the vibes.

Andy then moved between Marg's legs and his mouth sought and found hers, forcing his thick tongue between her lips; sort of tongue fucking her mouth in a suggestive way. Then his head bowed down, one hand lifting one tit up and licking and sucking it, then the other. He was cool and deliberate; no fast moves; she could sense each move as he was really reacting to her; her cunt was on fire waiting for his tongue, but first the other tit and nipple.

His fingers went to her cunt area, massaging her shaved mound, slipping between her legs, rubbing her cunt lips through the wet thong, easing it aside to expose her bare slit. Marg bit her lip as his supple fingers played with her cunt lips, rubbing them together, sliding along, and teasing her butt hole, then sliding easily up her cunt hole probing for her G spot. The only sounds were her heavy breathing and sticky sounds from her pussy.

At this point Marg stood up and moved in front of Brad, leaned over him with her arms extended to his shoulders, her legs spread and tits dangling in his face. She murmured, "Be Andy for me Brad, feel my cunt, it is so hot and wet, use your fingers like he did to get me to the edge. Ah yes, along the slit, touch my butt hole, now in my pussy, finger me baby, that's it, that's it ----". My eyes were on them; my cock was hard, when he slipped his fingers up into my wife's cunt, I almost cum at the sight. She moved a big tit to his mouth and I watched him inhale it into his mouth. Then she pulled back, his fingers slowly emerging from her cunt. She returned to the sofa. Poor fucking Brad!

Andy's mouth was suddenly between her legs and licking her cunt lips. He pressed his tongue flat as he licked from the bottom to top of her slit, squashing her clit gently. He licked her relentlessly again and again, and then he inserted a finger up her hole. She almost cum right there and he sensed it. He lifted from between her legs and said softly, "Later momma, you have a beautiful pussy, lick this so you know what is coming." He lifted his cock to her mouth. All she could take was the knob; the cock had filled out so much since she had first held it. He removed it reluctantly from her mouth and moved to Audrey.

He pushed Audrey back on the bed with her feet still on the floor. He lifted them up to his hips and used his hand to move the cock against her pussy lips. Audrey closed her legs behind his butt and pulled him to her. Marg watched fascinated as that huge cock began to enter Audrey's pussy. Audrey drew her breath in sharply as he pushed relentlessly at her. He paused as she moved to adjust, and then sunk it further in, another pause. Marg did not believe it would all go in, and she squeezed her own pussy as she imagined what it must feel like. Then he was in, and Audrey began to move her hips, slipping back and forth on his cock with little movements, increasing as her cunt relaxed and adjusted. Andy sensed she was ready and began his thrusting, slowly at first and drawing a big grunt from Audrey each time, then more quickly, then he moved her legs to his shoulders, holding on to one of them as he stood half crouched and began his fuck ballet, rocking back and forth with his knees and hips, entering and returning in faster and faster strokes, until Audrey began to cum, arching her back up, grabbing at his thighs and butt and whimpering in pleasure. This was followed by a violent thrashing reaction of her body as she released. Andy let her calm down, slowing his stroke and now looking intently into Marg's eyes, checking to see if she was ready for him.

She was ready and she watched Andy's long cock pull out of Audrey. Marg laid back to receive him; her cunt aching to be fucked. She looked down as he moved in between her legs, still standing crouched over. His cock looked enormous all wet and dripping with Marg's cunt juice and cum, the knob swollen and almost purple in color. He rubbed the knob in her slit, pushing and prodding, looking for entrance, finding it and moving the big knob inside and paused. Marg's eyes were saucers, it hurt but in a strangely nice way. Her fingers were trying to spread her cunt lips wider for it. He looked in her eyes and eased it a few more inches into her. She whimpered and closed her eyes, spread her legs more, trying to adjust to this large cock, but at the same time she wanted to feel it all. He was half way in now and moving it back and forth gently but pressing steadily. Marg could feel every inch of it; her hands went to his hips, letting him know she wanted more of it. Suddenly her cunt seemed to readjust and open more and the entire cock was in her in a fraction of a second. Another pause and he began to stroke her slowly. Soon Marg was arching her back up to receive each stroke and Andy relaxed back a bit standing straight up and began long even strokes. He said, "hmmm, nice pussy baby, likes to be fucked doesn't it, grab it baby, you will get my first cum, saved it for you, will fill you up with hot cum baby, can you feel the little shots now, here it cums baby, cum with me." Marg heard very little, she was completely lost in the feel of that big hard cock pummeling her and began to vibrate at the first feel of hot cum shooting inside her.

At this point Marg moved to the floor with her head on a pillow, immediately in front of Brad and spread her legs wide pointing her pussy right at him. She pulled the thong out between her legs as Andy had done for her. From somewhere she pulled out a big brown dildo, already jellied and applied it to her lips, rubbing it around as her eyes fastened on Brad. Brad was stroking his cock, his eyes wild and ready to jump her on call. Marg worked that damn dildo up her pussy, fucked herself a bit with it, and then pulled it out all wet and glistening. Brad needed no further invitation and was between her legs within seconds. Her eyes continued to burn into his, as if demanding she be fucked right then. He fumbled around a bit, never a glance in my direction, totally intent on fucking my wife. In turn, my heart was pounding. I was still dealing with the mental pic of a younger stud getting my wife off with a huge cock and now there was my friend fucking hell out of her in front of me. Brad was in her in one thrust; he lay down to cover her body with only her arms and legs showing, his butt pounding up and down on her, the sound of the cock stirring her pussy with wet noises, her grunts and words. She teased him mercilessly, wanting to bring him to cum. "Fuck it hard Brad, pretend you are Andy fucking my pussy, get deep and hit me hard, rub that big hard knob along my hole, start cumming baby, give it up, I want to feel your cum!" And he did, a mighty shout and his ass drove into her lifting her head up on the pillow and then his legs began to shake and jerk as his cum drained into her. His body relaxed a bit, but his cock was still in her, and still hard enough to enjoy those "end of fucking" strokes, oozing cum. He lifted off of her, as I watched as his cock dripped some cum into her open slit, then to his knees as Marg took his cock and squeezed more cum into her slit. She looked over at me from her back.

"Here it is baby, what you ordered, hmmm I am horny for it, have not cum yet, wanted you to have it wet and hot, quick baby come and get it." I almost shouldered Brad out of the way as I mounted my wife. We used the knob to push some oozing cum back into her hole and then followed with an agonizing grunt of approval. It felt as if I was entering the finger of a rubber glove filled with hot slippery liquid, little tongues inside the glove licking my cock as I entered her. She whispered, "Slow fuck me baby, bring me gradually to my climax, build it up, never stop fucking, fucking faster, deeper and harder." By this time she had convinced herself that she would cum, and she did, along with me.

We were all worn right out. The whole seduction scene followed by the hot story and the obvious pleasure Marg had enjoyed with those three men, and finally both of us fucking her on the floor, there was little emotion left in us at the end. But Marg and I had entered a new world. There would be no more independent actions, only together and with mutual agreement. But there were no real hang-ups about what we might try, just everything but rough I think.

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