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The start of my affair

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Last summer, I made a decision that shocked me and changed me. I will not go into detail as to why I am making a confession of sort by putting my story on paper for others to read, but I hope you understand me a bit more and sympathize. I will tell my story from the view of how it happened last summer.

I am in my late forties, married to my husband for over twenty years. We have a daughter a freshman in college and a son who finished his junior year. Our son met Todd (not his real name) their first year of college and became close friends. Todd’s family lives overseas for his dad’s work, so he does not have a home base to retreat to when school is out for holidays or summer. That first year, our son brought Todd home for these times off, including summer. Just like our son, he would get a summer job, has his own room, and comes & goes as he wants like most boys of that age. My husband and I call Todd our ‘’extra son’’, he fits in our family that well. Todd entered a serious relationship with a girl at college, but opted to come spend the summer with us again this year, she took a job that would not allow them to see each other much if at all over the summer.

The summer started out much like the previous two summers. Todd and our son coming home, making themselves comfortable in the house, starting summer jobs and enjoying the time off from school. My husband and I are also very active outdoors. We bike, hike, SUP, kayak, ect. We are heathy, fit and active. We love our children and spending time with them, but we also have our own world involving our own interest without children, and this has worked well once the two have moved on to college, leaving us with more together time.

This specific weekend was no different. On Saturday, I spent the day with girlfriends, my husband went on a long hike with his buddies. Our son and Todd both had to work, but that evening, our son had a date night, which is fine as Todd is a regular feature on his own at our house, especially this summer with a serious girlfriend, he is off the market.

Three people home, and all three had their own busy day. It was a good night for a quiet movie night. My husband set up a small TV room several years ago, with a flat screen, soft oversize chair with an ottoman, and matching love seat that allows two to sit back comfortably. It is a nice off to the side space to enjoy a movie or TV.

The movie was started with my husband in the oversize chair. He was worn out from the hike and after a dinner in his system, not much of a chance he was staying awake. I stretched out on the love seat, the lights off and the movie stared. It was a warm summer evening, and I was dressed light in the cloths I would be going to bed wearing; a cute light cotton set. Button up short sleeve top, with baggy loose fitting shorts with a tied waist band. Nothing sexy, just comfortable.

Todd showed up, asking what was about to start, then choosing to join in. My husband was already laid back and eyes heavy, ready to close, so Todd joined me on the couch. I did not want to give up my comfortable prom position, and Todd did not need me to move, simply raising my legs, sitting down and placing the legs on top of his. Thinking back, I did initially wonder if this was a little too familiar position for us to be in, but quickly put that thought away as the movie started. There was never any flirting or sexual tension in the house except with me and my husband. Never was my relationship with Todd anything more than friendly. But my bare legs on his, he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, did give me pause for a second.

The movie started, and I was laying on my side, comfortable, with a big soft throw pillow under my head. The movie had our attention, everyone’s attention except my husband who was laying back, arms sprawled on each arm of the chair, softly snoring. Todd was also laying back in the couch, feet on the coffee table, and, lack of a better alternative, hands on my knees. No offensive movement, no caressing, just relaxing on my knees. Nothing I would classify as erotic or sexual.

A bit into the movie, I repositioned myself on my back, possible because of the tv’s location in the room, it only required my head to be slightly tilted to the side. I still rested up against my pillow. My legs still over Todd’s. A minor change in the couch layout. But what I did notice a few minutes after this adjustment, Todd’s hands were gently caressing my knees, softly, very subtle. I noticed this, but was doubting myself that this was anything thing but an innocent gesture on his part, so I did not react. But as I continued to watch the movie, my thoughts were on Todd’s hands on my legs. I felt both hands move to my left leg, closest to his body, moving in soft but more deliberate motions, gently massaging. I now look back and tell myself this was when I should have put a stop to it, but at that moment, I was frozen, unsure what to do. It was not offensive, it was what I would call an innocent leg rub, but it was by a young man visiting in our home on my leg as my legs laid across his legs. I did not react, did not let it show that I felt his hands and his action had my attention. I was too unaware what to do. Without moving my head, just moving my eyes, I looked over at my husband, still laying back, head relaxing to the side, looking away, asleep. Todd’s right hand moved gently further up the top of my thigh, and his left hand gently down the top of my calf. The pressure from his hands increased, into more of a deliberate massage along my leg, fingers and thumb into the muscles on either side of my leg. At this point it felt good, massaging my leg muscles. His hands only on my left leg, never breaking contact, gently increasing the stroke of the movement, a little more left down my calf with the left hand and a little more to the right up my thigh with his right hand. I continued to watch the movie and out of the corner of my eye, in the dark, Todd continued to watch the movie.

His left hand reached down to my bare foot, and taking it between the fingers and thumb, initiated a foot massage. I love my feet being massaged. I never pass up a foot massage, and often ask my husband for foot massages. Todd had talent massaging my foot, I gently pushed my foot into his hand, a reactionary movement, letting him know I approved of this. His fingers and thumb were hitting all the sore muscles and tendons in my foot, he could feel where the knots and tightness were. This distracted me from his right hand, which altered from massaging my lower left thigh, to gently rubbing up and down my leg, and when I recognized where his hand laid, I froze. He was gently rubbing my leg right below the opening of my bed time shorts, along my skin, high on my leg. I looked over to my husband, still slumped back asleep, then I glanced to Todd, who was looking right at me. We locked eyes, but did not say a word or make any type of exchange. His left hand continued to massage my foot, and his right hand continued to gently rub my upper leg. I looked back to my husband, then back to the movie….nothing more.

The movement of Todd’s right hand became more deliberate. Longer firmer movement along the bare skin of my leg, along the length of my leg. Movements such as long glide up the outer thigh, just shy of my shorts, over the leg, and back down the inside of my thigh. I felt the tip of his fingers explore past the leg opening, gently caressing the skin under the shorts. These shorts, the shorts I was prepared to go to bed wearing, were baggy…loose….comfortable casual leg openings. There was no tight fit that would denture his fingers from moving beyond the leg opening, and, this is a big ‘’and’’, I was ready for bed. That top and matching shorts was all that I had on. No panties. No bra. Bed time for a warm summer night, light cotton top and shorts.

The more his hand moved inward under the shorts and up my leg, the more I froze. I did not move my body, I dare not adjust myself, I did not want to look at Todd, and the reason was; it felt good. His hand stroking my bare leg as it laid across his leg was causing my body to go flush. His touch was wrong and naughty, converting my feelings of uncertain surprise to warm anticipation. I was paying close attention to where his hand was moving along my leg, just by the touch. On the upward movement, I was in a knot uncertain how far he was doing to go, and when his hand moved back on the downward stroke, it was a feeling of disappointment. My reaction to what he was doing was from one extreme to the other, depending on his hand’s movement. When his hand did probe deeper under my shorts, stopping at my bare upper thigh, just short of my crotch, I took a noticeable deep breath, only releasing my breath as his hand move back down. The feeling of his unfamiliar hand for far up on my bare skin felt erotic like I have not felt since resolving myself to the same man for over 20 years. Todd’s hand moved back up, just like I anticipated he would, and further up my shorts, slower along my skin, across my upper thigh and further down my crotch, as far as my closed legs would allow. I felt his fingers tract the fold created by my two thighs pressed together. The movements continued, up under my shorts, across the pelvis, exploring the smooth hairless area where my pubic hair would normally be found. He expressed his approval of my smooth body with a soft moan, that I was worried might have been too noticeable over the movie. I looked over at my husband, still asleep, has not stirred, the hike drained him. I then turned my head and looked Todd right in the eyes, and as his hand moved up and under my shorts again, I gently raised my hips up against his hand, and took in a soft breath. What he was doing, and where we were doing it so was so wrong and dangerous, I was loving it. It was sexual tension absent for so many years because of familiarity.

This time, Todd did not move his hand from out of my shorts. He had confirmed, I was panty less, I was shaved smooth, and I was enjoying his touch. His hand explored my covered region. When his fingers pressed gently against the folds of my closed legs, my instinct was to move my right foot to the floor and allow my thighs to separate. His hand moved down, his pinky finger following my pussy’s opening, feeling how hot I have become to his touch, and preceded by a few long strokes against my opening, releasing my fluids, I felt his middle finger glide the length of my wet pussy, and making his first contact with my clit. From there, his experience with a woman’s wet clit took over control of my mind and body. His hand rubbed, glided and probed as my body needed. I was moving my hips gently to his rhythm. My hips encouraging his finger deeper in me. when his hand cupped my pelvis and his finger petted my clit, I arched my back, pressed my head back, took in a deep breath and muffled my moan. At this time I noticed my right leg was pressing outward, offing him as much access possible under those circumstances. Stroking my clit, he was moving close to making me cum, which even in the heated state I was in, I realized I could not do in that room with my husband nearby. I reluctantly closed my legs, placed my hand on his to stop him, moving my head back and forth, not allowing him to take it that far.

His hand pulled out of my pants, surprising myself how disappointed I felt, moved his hand up my body, finding my hard nipples pressing against the thin cotton fabric. It was a very bold move and I loved it. He proceeded to massage my breast through my top, with attention placed on my aching nipples. One side getting attention, then the other, and back. The sensitivity of my nipples were the result of his previous movements and now they betrayed my true sexual passions I was feeling right then. His firm touch continued to push my limits of built up sexual tension.

I wanted both his hands on my bare breast, but it was too dangerous, obvious even in my high state of horniness. I did look over viewing the sleeping figure in the big chair, confident my husband was still asleep, I then reach to one center placed button, and released it, grabbing his hand, directing it through the opening to my bare breast. His warm firm hand against my breast and hard nipple was electric. I did not look at him the entire time he played with my nipple, keeping an eye for any concerning movement from my husband. Todd then reached to play with the other bare breast, but one button did not allow access at that angle. He moves to remove another button, but sensibility kicked in and woke me up from my sexual world, and I stopped any attempt to remove another button. I could excuse one missed button, but not two.

Todd moved to give my other breast attention but with the nipple under the thin fabric. I remember a strong desire, wanting to open my top, spread it, and expose my breast to this young man, but there was no scenario possible with my husband just over there.

Todd changed tactics, moved his hand back down to the bare skin of my left leg, then slid under my shorts once again. He followed this by grasping the ankle, bringing it in, placing my left foot directly on his crotch. My foot easily felt the outline of a hard-ridged young cock under his shorts. While I was lost in the moment, Todd returned to fingering my clit, but now with my left leg bent up, and my right foot still on the floor with the right knee leaning out, my pussy was opened up for a proper finger fucking by his right hand. His middle finger working along the slit, deep in my pussy, and up along the clit. I was lost in the fingering I was receiving. Keeping an eye on my husband, I could not refrain moving my hips and noticed my heavy breathing, struggling to keep the volume to a minimum, at least quieter than the forgotten movie playing. Then without any warning, his left hand entered, from the opposite leg opening, and soon he had his left hand fingering me deep while his right hand fingered and petted my clit.

It was too dangerous, it had to stop, but I couldn’t. Convincing myself I could catch my husband before he would have a chance to see what we were in the middle of. Todd’s fingers moved faster and more deliberate. My hips moved and pressed against his hands. I was lost between the fingers on my pussy and my foot on his hard cock. My foot pressing harder against that cock as my hips moved more animated against his fingers. It was a proper finger fucking.

Then, music started on the movie, the credits running. The movie ending, but I was not ready. When the credits stopped, so would the music, and the room will be filled with silence, denying me of the pleasure I was feeling. I wanted to cum, I needed to cum, Todd had to finger fuck me to my waiting orgasm, the same one I stopped him from completing earlier. I had to have it now. I was too far gone not to get off, and it had to be this young vibrant man to do it, it would not do to get myself off later. He had to finish what he started. My left hand grabbed his right arm encouraging his work. My right hand grabbed his bare knee, feeling his young leg muscles. With this leverage, I fucked his two hands right back. Staring at my husband’s sleeping body, hoping he would remain asleep, my young stud finger fucked my wet aching pussy, and my pussy fucked back. My orgasm finally released. Holding down my moans and controlling my breathing, I let my release happen. My body spassimed, as my body and his hand continued to dance under my shorts. The orgasm rolled over and over again. The moisture running down my ass. I remember hearing a faint sloshing wet sound with the movement of his hand penetrating me. I held on to the feeling as long as I could, until the sensation was too much and my clit became too sensitive, and I grabbed his hand, holding it still. He knew then it was time to stop. I was glowing in the dark, wet with perspiration, and so very content. It was huge, the orgasm, the best orgasm I had experienced in a very long time. It was the danger of where we did it. It was the erotic feeling of the unfaithful event. It was his ability to finger fuck me. My left foot still pressing and rubbing along his hard cock. It was so ridged, and I felt so sorry for him, but there was nothing I could do for him, the credits were ending, just no time. I did what I could, I sat up, leaned in and kissed him with a short quick open mouth kiss and thanked him. Then with the silence in the room as the movie ended, I placed the pillow on his lap, to cover his erection, and got up. First I straitened myself and cloths, then I walked over and woke my husband up, telling him it was time for bed.

My husband said his good nights in his half sleep stupor, as he left the room to bed. I gathered dirty glasses and dishes in the room to take to the kitchen. Todd, fumbled with the remote for a show to watch. The room is situated away from the bedrooms, so a person can watch tv at all times of the night and not disturb the people sleeping. My husband kissed my cheek, telling me not to stay up too late watching tv (I have a habit to stay up late sometimes, engrossed in shows if I cant sleep).

I went to the kitchen, and filled the dishwasher. Todd came in carrying more of what was left behind and placed them on the counter for me. As I finished, I started the cycle and then washed my hands in the sink. It was at that point, I felt Todd walk up to me and press his body against my back. No words were exchanged, just the feeling of is very hard ridged cock pressing against my ass. His arms carefully wrapped around my body, almost like he was feeling out any hesitation on my part to tell him to stop, but there was none. I stood there, quietly, sandwiched between the counter and his body. His hands cupped my breast, feeling them up though the thin fabric. I did not resist. He leaned in and kissed my neck softly, I tilted my head, allowing him access for his lips to my neck. In the distance, I heard my husband close the bedroom door as he slipped into bed. This allowed me to get lost in the moment, let this young body have his way with me for a few moments. His hand reached for my buttons, I did not stop him as one after another came undone and when the last button released, I felt a rush of the cool air hit my upper body as he opened the top and reached in with both hand, exploring not only my bare breast and hard nipples, but my whole upper body, the firm fit upper body of a women old enough to be his mother, but with a firm fit upper body never the least.

It was then I noticed the sound from the tv room. Todd had started another movie before coming in the kitchen. We had background noise again. But it was not the same scenario, this time I could not keep an eye on my husband, and my son was out on a date, what time would he be home. These things were running through my mind as this young man was seducing me once again.

He caressed my body under the open top. Gently dry humping his hard cock against my ass. Part of me wanted to press back and encourage his direction of this situation, but part of me was hesitant to allow it to continue with so many loose ends with my husband and son. Then this young stud reached up, gently grabbed my chin and moved my head, moving my mouth to his. Our lips touch. Our mouths opened, and we kissed deep and long. The kiss quickly turned into making out, with his hand no longer confined to my upper body. One hand reached down to find my pussy once again wet and on fire. I spread my legs, giving him the access his hand asked for. His other hand took a break from my breast, long enough to grab my and, pull it back, placing it over his shorts, feeling his hard cock pressing the confines of the shorts. There was no undershorts, just his hard cock, my eager hand separated by a thin fabric. The room was light, but only by the dim light of the under counter lights. it was a warm atmosphere as we engaged in our continued extramarital exploring. As we kissed, and he fingered my clit and tweaked my nipples, I tried to reach into his short, wanting to feel that bare cock just once while I felt brave enough to do it, but the angle was wrong and his shirt was in the way. Sensing my lack of success and my goal, his hands left my body and move down between us, the lack of sensation by his hands on my body let me grasp the situation with a clearer head; he was pushing his pants down.

I panicked and turned around to stop him. This was too much, taking it too far. As I stopped him, the look on his face was disappointment and desperation. I then remembered, he has not had any relief from our fun, and suddenly I felt very sorry for him.

No words were exchanged during this time, and no need to start now. I reached to his elastic waist band and pulled the front of his pants down and away from his body, keeping the pants in position around his ass in case of the need for a quick cover up. My right hand grasped his ridged cock, and I remember a moan released from my mouth and his. It was so fucking hard and so fucking warm. Precum around the cock tip. I took slow deliberate strokes, keeping the situation controllable, knowing how dangerous it was right now. He leaned in, and we locked in another deep long kiss. His right hand wrapped around my body, and slid in my shorts, grabbing my bare ass, holding me tight. His left hand went back to my unbuttoned top and to my breast. We were locked in a sensual embrace again. Making out. Feeling each other up. My stroking his cock evolved to stroking his cock and balls, feeling his whole manhood, getting as much feel in a movement as I could.

I had to get this young stud off. I wanted to get him off. But I broke our kiss and pulled his pant back up, and re buttoned my top. I put my finger to my lips, telling him to be quiet and wait here. I want back to our bedroom and wanted to check that my husband was asleep, if he was, I would go back, if he wasn’t, then I would have to end our sexual activities and go to bed. As I reached for the door, I could clearly make out the common sound of a light snore from a husband of over 20 years. My heart beat faster and my stomach was in my throat as I quietly walked back to the kitchen.

I entered the kitchen to find Todd leaning back against the counter, waiting for me. I walked up to him and we embraced in our passion kiss again. As much as I loved it, and I really did love making out with him, I knew I could not waste time if I was to get him off before some interruption developed. I pulled the front of his pants back down, and reached in with the other hand and resumed my stroking. At first it was deliberate stoking, with the purpose of getting him off, but as we continued deep long kissing, his hands reopening my top and release of my breast, the passion took over. The stroking was no longer to get him off, it was to pleasure this young stud as he pleased me. Long strokes telling him I wanted his body.

There was the problem of his shirt, though, still getting in the way. Several times I had to move it out of the way. It needed to be held off, out of my way, but my hands were full, one stroking , the other holding open the pants. Todd’s two hands were busy exploring my upper body and making me feel fantastic. Sensing my frustration with his shirt, he made the move to take it off, and I did not have the will power to stop him. In one swift movement, his shirt was gone, and a firm smooth young 20-year-old stud was bare chested in front of me. We locked together again, but this time, my hand roamed from his ridged cock along his stomach, across his chest and back down. Up and down, I explored his body as he explored mine. Soon both my hands were exploring him, I simply pushed his pants down, exposing his cock and ass for my hands. I also noticed that my shorts were worked down with more of Todd’s exploring of my ass and hips. I should have stopped him, but each time I pulled back and looked at his exposed body, I wanted more, and if his hands were pushing my pants down, I did not care. Then once the waistline of my shorts went down past my hips, there was no more resistance, they simply slid down to my feet. I have not felt sexier, hornier, wetter in 20 years than I did at that moment.

There I stood in my kitchen, faithful to a man for over 20 years, now naked except for the opened top hanging on my shoulders, with a young 20 something male who was dressed in just a pair of shorts that themselves were hanging on his body just below his ball sack. We pressed against each other kissing, feeling, stroking, teasing. I don’t know when his pants finally hit the floor, but we were now wrapping around each other, I was lifting my right leg up to his waist, spreading my pussy, grinding it the best I could against his hard cock. I wanted a fuck and it had to be him to satisfy my state of mind, but we could not do it in the kitchen, nor the laundry room around the corner. Thinking fast in my state of mind, I grabbed my shorts and his shirt, he grabbed his shorts, and I led him out the back door into the night air and the back yard. Standing in the shadows, looking at what the area had to offer, it was still too close to the house, and I knew I could not be trusted to be quiet. I lead Todd around to the left and the side of the house, the little grassy area between our house and the neighbors garage. This side of our house was quiet. The street and sidewalk were close, and a street light lite up the area, but we remained in the shadows. If someone walked by, it was very possible they would see us between the two buildings, but it was late and not likely anyone be walking now. I did not feel a passing car would see us.

Todd and I embraced again. He slipped my open top off my shoulders. Both of us naked and making out in the shadows of this warm summer evening. I don’t remember if I pulled him down with me or he initiated me to move down, but we ended up laying bare on the grass. I was on my back, my legs spread wide. This young fit smooth young man laying on top, between my legs. I remember he reached between my legs, slipping fingers in my wet pussy, finger fucking my hot pussy. I let out my moans of pleasure, no longer muffling them, or holding them back. I was telling him loud and clear how much I enjoyed the finger fucking. Arching my back, moving my hips against his hand, kissing with deep heavy pants. That was enough, I reached for his hard cock, and god it was hard and ridged. So wet along the head too from his precum. I pulled him in. He caught on quick. Leaning on his arms, he lined up his cock head to my pussy. When the head made contact, I let out a squeal of pleasure. Then he entered me. I grunted as I felt his hard cock enter my aching pussy. My hands reached and grabbed his smooth bare ass, pulling him in further. I needed that cock in all the way into my aching pussy. We wasted no time, he laid on top of me, wrapped his arms around me, grabbed my ass with each hand, and fucked me hard. My head arched back, feeling him piston his cock in my pussy over and over, I opened my eyes and realized how close the sidewalk was. Shadows or not, anyone walking by was going to hear us and see us fucking on the grass. But I did not care and neither did he. His hard fucking with hands on my ass brought me to an orgasm quickly, but I am unsure if it was one ever long orgasm or many orgasms one right after another. My body went to putty. I was moaning and scratching with excitement, as wave after wave of sexual pleasure hit me. I lost track of time and my surrounding, eventually going limp under this young stud as he continued to fuck me. He slowed down, then stopped with his hard cock deep in me. He kissed me all over, reached over with one hand and teased my breast and nipples. Something was unsure in my mind and I asked, “did you cum?”. He giggled and replied “no”. Then it just slipped out of my mouth, unintentionally, “fuck, are you’re kidding me”. I was not being mean, I just could not understand how he brought me so much pleasure and so many orgasms so quickly, making me limp, and he did not cum.

I just laid there in bliss, feeling the cool air on my bare skin. Todd slowly moving his cock in my spent pussy. My wetness and cum dripping down my ass. Wanting to please him and now unsure why he did not cum yet, I asked if he wanted to cum on my tits or tit fuck me. He said “no, I want to cum in your pussy”. We kissed deep and I prepared for another hard fucking by this stud, but he pulled out, sat back on his knees, and pulled me up. When he moved me around to hear him say “I want to fuck you from behind”. I was now on my hands and knees, facing out to the street. Todd behind me, positioned his cock at my spent pussy opening and slid in, and deeping the first penetration. I moaned and groaned with pleasure. I was loud and I did it towards the street. Todd was fucking me doggie style from behind as we both looked forward onto the public street. It was late but if anyone came by, they would see and hear us.

Todd grabbed my hips, and started slamming my pussy with his ridged hard young cock. I was cumming again and knew he would be too. His actions were too far gone to hold back now. The slapping sound of his body against my ass was clear. Moans recognizable. Heavy breathing clear. I arched my head back and pressed my breast forward into the night air and felt him cum in my aching pussy. It felt magical. Wave and wave of cum deep in my pussy. My body slid to the ground, first my chest then my legs. Todd still in me, laid on top. He was gently fucking me with his spent cock, we were kissing, making out, loving the fuck we just had.

Then we separated our naked bodies, dressed and quietly walked back in the house. Todd went in the TV room to give the presence of normal. I went to bed. I tried to clean up the best I could without turning on the lights, but the next morning, when I showered, as I undressed, I saw the mud and grass stains on my back and knees. Luckily, my husband did not.

It was an unexpected fuck and the first of our affair. Even as his relationship grew stronger with his girlfriend, we remained lovers. The summer was about finding opportunities to fuck each other and it continues to this day.

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