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The Massage

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by cknthisout1

I have wanted to explore this lifestyle for some time but everytime my wife dipped her toes into it she wound up getting jealous and we wound up fighting. I had come to the conclusion that we would never explore or do anything more than play around with each other. Now don't get me wrong. Sex with her is great. She gives a great blowjob and can fuck with great abandon. I have always liked watching us in the mirror as she fucked and sucked me. The sight of her lips wrapped around my dick as it slid in and out of her wet hole always got me that much harder. It made me wonder what it would be like to see her sucking and fucking another dick. We had talked about it many times and she always got so excited and wet. And since I am not what you would call well endowed, I began to dream about seeing her with a man with an 8 to 10 inch cock. My only concern was that she would like it so much that she wouldn't want me anymore, but the thought of seeing a hugh dick sliding in and out of her pussy intriguied me enough that I was willing to risk it. And that brings me to this story.

After several years of tumoultous discussions about having sex with other couples I decided that even though she didn't want to persure I did. I posted an ad on an adult website stating that I a married man was playing alone without my wife's knowledge. Needless to say I got lots of negative comments from the swinger purist crowd. Folks that I approached would turn me down only for the reason that I was playing alone. I was about to give up when a man I met online told me that he was a licensed massage therapist and that he might be able to help me get my wife to change her mind and play with me. When I asked him what he had in mind he suggested that I get my wife a massage from him and that he would seduce her as he gave her a massage. I asked him for a picture to see if he would be someone that my wife would find attractive. I also asked for a picture of his dick to see if it was as large as I wanted to see fucking her. The pictures I received told me everything I needed to know and I tentatively booked him on my wife's day off.

That night as my wife and I were sitting in the hot tub we began to talk about different things that we relaxing. I mentioned that the massage that she had gotten me for our last anniversary was nice but that I thought that the massuse had been a little rough. She said that the woman that had given her a massage left her feeling more sore than relaxed. I asked her if she would like another massage and she said yes but that she wanted someone different. Someone that would leave her feeling relaxed and satisfied. I told her that I would check around and if I could find someone would book them for her day off the following week.

The next day I contacted Jim and got things set up. We decided that he would come to the house and that I would prepare the guest room for him to use to give her the massage. I was so excited at the possibility of something happening that I could barely contain myself. Jim told me that unless she indicated that she wanted something more that he would only give her a sensual massage. I told him that I understood and gave him directions to our house.

I told my wife that I had found a man that gave sensual massages and that he guaranteed that if she was not relaxed and satisfied that the massage would be free. Jim had told me that he didn't charge if he got to play. She was excited and gave me a kiss of thanks. Over the next few days I made excuses for not making love with her. I wanted her sexual tension to build so that she would be more open to Jim's advances.

When the day finally came I took a day of vacation so that I could spend the day with her and watch what I hoped would happen. Since her massage was scheduled for just after lunch we proceeded to do some chores around the house that morning. When we stopped for lunch my wife told me that after all that work she really could use a massage. I told her no problem that she was going to get one in just a little while. I then suggested that she go take a shower while I fixed us some lunch. She said ok and minutes later I heard the water running.

I quickly fixed us some lunch and then went and prepared the guest room. I closed the curtains to darken the room and lit some candles. I put on some relaxing music and made sure that there was room for the massage table and a chair for me. I got a couple of sheets and towels as well as a basin with some warm water, soap and a wash cloth. I looked around the room one last time to make sure that everything was ready and then went back to the kitchen to eat lunch.

My wife had just stepped out of the shower when I walked into the bedroom with the tray of food. Know that she was going to get a massage and possibly more I had fixed something light for the two of us. As she stepped into the bedroom I looked at my beautiful wife. At 46 years old she is still a knockout. The water was glistening on her 38DD breast. She looked up at me and smiled. I wanted to take her right then and there. I slowly lower my eyes to her well trimmed bush. The water droplets were clinging to her pubic hair almost in anticipation of the wetness yet to come. I felt my dick getting harder and when she reached over and grabbed it I knew that she was wanting it too. I told her not now as I hadn't had my shower and that we only had about a half an hour before Jim would be here to give her, her massage. She asked me what she should wear and I told her that if she wanted to that she could just wear a robe. She asked me if I was sure since she would be naked in front of another man and I told her that she hadn't worn anything any other time she had had a massage.

She then began to tease me about me wanting to show her off to another man. I laughed and said yea so what, you are a bit of an exhibitionist anyway. She agreed and with that plopped down on the bed with her legs spread and began to finger herself. She was teasing me hard and began to laugh as my dick continued to bulge in my pants. I told her to eat her lunch and that I was going to take a shower. As I headed into the shower I saw that she was already working her way to an orgasm. I smiled knowing that once she had cum the first time she didn't want to stop until she was satisfied.

When I got out of the shower she was no longer in the bedroom. I wandered into the kitchen to find her in her robe cleaning up the lunch dishes. I came up behind her, kissed and nuzzled her neck and told her that I loved her. She turned around and met my lips with hers. As we kissed I felt her tongue seeking out mine. Her passion was riding high and I was sure that this was going to be an afternoon to remember. She reached down and grabbed my semi-erect member giving it a little squeeze. You better go put something on she told me before Jim gets here. I quickly ran into the bedroom and threw on some shorts and a T-shirt.

When the doorbell rang I to her to go on to finish getting ready and that I would let in Jim. I opened the door and quickly told Jim that she was already in a sensual mood and that if he played his cards right I would be able to fulfil my fantasy and his desire. I led him to the guest room and helped him get setup. It only took a couple of minutes and I went and got my wife. By the time we returned he had changed from slacks to some soft shorts and a wife beater shirt. he had also turned on the small heater he had requested so that the room would be comfortable.

From the look in their eyes I knew that they were attracted to each other. My wife whispered to me that she didn't know that he would be so young and good looking. I smiled and said that you get what you get. I could tell that Jim too liked what he saw. He long, dark curly hair was flowing over her shoulders and her smooth tan legs flowed out from beneath the robe that was wrapped around her shapely figure. Jim asked her how she wanted to be for the massage and I responded that she would be nude. He smiled and said that would be fine. I helped her out of the robe and as she turned around to face Jim I could tell that he was enjoying the view. He motioned for her to lie face down on the table. I sat down in the chair across from the head rest.

Jim commented on how fit she looked as he lubricated his hands with massage oil. She replied that she worked out on a regular basis and did her best to keep in shape. As Jim began to massage my wife I noticed a bulge in his shorts. I too was getting excited as I watched another man touch my totally naked wife. He began with her neck and shoulders and slowly worked his way down her back. I listened as my wife moaned about how good it felt. When he reached her waist I notice that she was responding to his touch by slightly raising her ass. Instead of continuing to work his way down her body he moved down to her feet and began to work his way up her leg. I watched as she began to spread her legs as he massaged her thigh. The edges of his fingers gently carresses her labia. I moved around to get a beter look and saw the moisture pearling up on her pussy lips. Everytime he did something different he would ask her if she liked what he was doing and she moaned yes. As he began to work on her other leg she opened up even further exposing her moist love hole even more. As he moved up her thigh I could tell that she was getting excited. Jim was turned on too. His bulge had grown to a full hard on that was poking up against his waist band.

As he massaged her thigh he once again began stroking her labia with the side of his fingers. He then began to massage her ass and I watched her squirm in pleasure knowing that she was totally turned on. He ran his fingers up and down her ass crack and she pushed up against his hand. I could tell that she wanted to be fingered and was doing her best to get him to accidently finger her ass. He resisted and worked his way up her back and finally moved around to the head of the table as he massaged her shoulders, neck and head. His hard dick was now directly infront of her face as she looked down through the hole in the massage table. He has her lower her arms down toward the floor as he moved around her head. As he moved back and forth to each side I noticed that she kept brushing her hand against his engorged cock causing it to slightly twitch in his shorts.

He finished with her back and told her to turn over. Now she was totally open to his view and hands. I saw that her nipples were rock hard and that her pussy as dripping with moisture. He began at her feet and worked his way up. I could smell her sex as he excited her with his fingers and hands. As he neared her pussy I watched her spread her legs inviting him to explore her nether region. He ignored her invitation and moved on up to massage her chest. As he massaged her breast I saw her reach down and grab his cock. This time she wasn't even subtle about it. I knew that she was about to turn the corner and that I was going to have my fantasy fulfilled. She began to stroke his dick through his shorts.

When he told her that he massage was done she took her hand off of his cock. He asked her if there were any areas that needed additional attention and she said yes. She said that she needed some additional massaging between her legs and took his hand and placed it on her pussy. He began to rub her and spread her now soaked lips. She reached over and slid her hand into his shorts and grabbed his engorged member. I could hardly contain myself. It seemed like she didn't even know that I was in the room watching her. She told Jim to massage her clit and to finger her pussy. I watched as another man slid his finger into the love nest that had previously been mine alone. He used his thumb to massage her clit while he slid his finger in and out of her wanting hole. She held his dick firmly in her hand as Jim brought her closer and closer to and orgasm. I watched as her hips began to gyrate and she began to fuck his hand. As he slid another finger into her sopping wet hole I heard her moan with pleasure. He continued to finger fuck my wife and I could feel my own cock growing like never before. Suddenly my wife lurched forward and her whole body began wracking with spasms of pleasure. This was the first time in 18 years that another man had brought my wife to orgasm and I got to see it first hand.

Even though her first orgasm was so intense she never let go of Jim's cock. As she lay there with her body twitching she began to slowly stroke him. As she recovered from her orgasmic pleasure she rolled off the table and knelt down on the floor infront of Jim. Using both hands she slid his shorts down releasing the biggest cock I have ever personally seen. As he stepped out of his shorts she reached out and cupped his balls giving them a slight squeeze. He placed his hand on top of her head and guided her face to his cock. She wrapped both hands around his cock and squeezed it causing a little pearl of pre-cum to ooze out of the hole at the end of his purple mushroom head. I watched as she licked it up with her tongue and began to give his massive tool one of her best tongue baths.He held his hand on her head and leaned back as she began to give him a blowjob. The view from this angle was more incredible than when I would watch her from above on in the mirror. She licked up and down his shaft and around the rim of his massive head. I could almost feel her tongue on my dick as she had done this to me many times. I watched as she placed her lips on the top of his dick and began to slowly go down taking it deep into her mouth. I watched her bob up and down on this strange dick enjoying the view and proud of my wifes talents.

Watching her enjoying herself I didn't even realize that I had pulled my own dick out of my shorts and was stroking it. When she looked over at me with a smile in her eyes I suddenly realized what I was doing. I stopped for a moment but then continued as she continued to enjoy the dick she had in her mouth. After several moments of her attention Jim began to fuck her face holding her head with both of his hands. My wife has only swallowed me twice in the entire time we had been married but Jim didn't seem to be giving her a choice he pulled her close so that her nose wae buried in his pubic hair and dumped his load into her mouth. She tried to swallow as much as she could but she could not contain it all. I watched as some of the white fluid spilled out of her mouth and fell on her breast.

She stood up and asked me if I enjoyed it. I told her yes and she walked over and kissed me. I could taste Jim's dick and cum on her lips and mouth. She pulled my face down to her breast and placed my mouth on the cum on her tits. Even though I had never tasted a mans cum I eagerly licked it up. I sucked on her nipples and fingered her cunt. I had never felt her that wet before. Her womanly nectar was running down her legs. I scooped it up with my fingers and licked my fingers clean. I pushed her backward, gently laying her down on the bed. I kissed her again and then moved down between her legs to feast on her mound of womanly delight. Jim began to play with her tits causing her to moan yes, yes, yes. I began to lick and suck all of the delicious juices flowing from my wife. She soon was bucking and thrashing as her second orgasm swept over her. I was ready to fuck her but saw that Jim had recovered and wanted to see her pussy stretched as he filled her with his massive tool.

My wife said she needed to be fucked and I motioned Jim to go for it. She pulled me around to where I was straddling her face and she took my cock into hher mouth. This was more than I could have hoped for. My wife was sucking my dick in a 69 position while another man was getting ready to fuck her. I watched as he placed his head asgainst her cunt. He rubbed it up and down across her slit teasing her clit. She twitched each time he did that and each time she clamped down on my cock. After several moments of teasing her, Jim finally began to enter her stretching her lips wider than I had ever seen them. he slid his long thick cock into my wifes pussy going deeper and deeper. One, two three inches went in and he pulled back slightly causing her to gasp. I heard her say that feel so good. He pushed more and inch after inch was buried inside of my wife. My wife had stopped sucking me as she was fill as never before with this new cock. As their pelvis's met he paused for a minute letting her enjoy the fullness inside of her. Whe he began to stroke her I felt her shiver as a mini orgasm passed through her body. She took me into her mouth again and began sucking with the same speed that Jim was fucking her. Watching his dick go in and out of her pussy was one of the best things I have ever seen. I wanted to taste her pussy as she was being fucked and leaned over and began to lick and suck her pussy while Jim was pounding her. The smell of their sex was intoxicating. I wasn't sure how much longer I was going to be able to hold out. Jim apparently couldn't hold out much longer either as he buried his dick deep inside of her and released his second lode into my wife causing her to explode with another massive orgasm. As he pulled out I could see their mixed fluids all over his dick and globs of cum being pulled out of her pussy. My wife has always wanted me to eat her out when she was filled with cum and pushed my face down into the sticky mess. I began to clean her with my tongue enjoying the new taste of her freshly fucked pussy. By this time my balls were aching and I so needed to cum. I turned around to fuck her but she had been stretched out so much that all I could do was to get my dick wet. I rolled her over and using some of the lube still coming out of her pussy I rubbed it on her ass and pressed my swollen dick into the puckered brown hole. She winced in pain but I was at a point that I couldn't take it slow. I needed to fuck and get some relief. After pausing for a moment to let her adjust I began to fuck her in the ass. It felt so tight and so good and I didn't last but just a minute before I exploded with one of the largest loads I had ever had. I kept pumping and pumping as she fucked me with her ass pussy. Finally I had drained all of my load into her ass. As I pulled out she thanked me and told me that this was the best massage she had ever had.

by cknthisout1

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