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The Lesson Part1

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I was sitting at home watching TV on Friday night.  Our kids were visiting their Grandmother for the summer and my wife was taking evening classes at the University.  She had two years left to her degree and was trying to finish it with evening courses while working.  She was taking a class Wednesday evening and Friday evening.  Her classes ended at around 10 and she usually arrived home at around 11pm, since the campus was about 45 minutes away.

At around midnight I realized what time it was and that my wife was not home.  I reached for my iPhone to see if maybe she had tried to call me or send me an SMS.  Nothing.  I checked my e-mail before I tried calling her, she rarely picks up the phone anyway since her ring tone is crickets chirping, can’t hear that over the din of a quiet conversation in church.  The only e-mail I received was from someone I didn’t recognize with my wife’s name in the subject line and an attachment.  I open the e-mail and in it were a series of pictures of my wife from behind.  The first one was of my wife making out with some guy I didn’t recognize.  In the second picture the guy is raising my wife’s skirt with his right hand to reveal her bare ass, she wasn’t wearing panties!  In the third picture his left hand is on her right cheek.  By the fourth picture his left hand had moved in the crack of her ass.  In the fifth, my wife was sticking out her ass out and you could see his finger disappear inside her pussy, he was clearly finger fucking her!  The last picture was of him finger fucking her asshole!  In all the pictures she did not seem to be aware that someone was capturing her image in such a compromising pose.

I responded to the email with the following message:

“Wow! Nice pics.  Anymore coming?”

About fifteen minutes later I received a reply with attachments.  There were three pictures.  The first was of my wife sitting on this guys lap facing him, lips locked, with her legs wrapped around his waist.  Her skirt was bunched up around her waist.  The second was taken from underneath for a full view of her glistening, gaping pussy with two finger buried inside.  The last picture was taken from the side.  My wife’s blouse was partially open, her naked breast clearly visible, she was not wearing a bra, while she had her tongue deep the mouth of this guy.  Again she did not seem aware that her picture was being taken.  I was stunned.  I stared at these pictures with mixed feelings.  I replied to the email:

“How far r u going to take this?”

The response came back five minutes later.

“All the way!” was all it said.  I replied:

“OK.  Make sure you send me lots of pics.”

I don’t know why I replied that way.  Part of me was excited at the thought of seeing pictures of my wife naked with another man, another part of me was jealous and angry at being cheated on.  I guess the excitement won over.  So I poured myself a drink and waited.  About an hour later I received the email.  It was fairly large and I sat staring at it before opening it.  I took a gulp of my drink and opened it.  There were a series of pictures and a video attached.  I looked at the pictures first.  In all the pictures my wife seemed oblivious of the picture taker.  All the pictures were taken from behind her.  There was my wife’s gorgeous ass on top on this guy completely naked with his cock buried in her pussy.  There were a few close ups of the cock at varying depths of penetration.  The last picture was of her lying on top of him, apparently spent, with cum dripping from her swollen and red pussy.  By that time my cock was so hard it hurt.  I took one last gulp of my drink, freed my throbbing cock and opened the video.  The scene started with my wife lying naked on her stomach.  A male voice said:

"Did you like that?"

"huh hum." my wife's voice was heard.

"Would you like more?" the male voice said.

My wife actually purred and said:


Then hands lifted my wife's ass and slipped a pillow under her pelvis.  The hands then spread her legs, this had the effect of opening her cum filled pussy.  The camera panned down to the guy's cock.  At first I thought it was the camera angle that made it look so big, but as he positioned it at the entrance of my wife's cunt, I realized that this was one massive dick!  He pressed the head slowly against her soaking pussy and slowly began to enter her.  My wife was heard moaning loudly and the camera panned to her head.  She was about to look back when the guy she had fucked earlier came into view and started to French kiss her.  Their tongues wrapped in embrace as the camera panned back to the monster cock slowly penetrating my wife's cunt.  He could not get it all in so he started to pull out.  Then he slid back in.  Back and forth he rocked his cock in and out of my wife's pussy.  Each time he got it a little deeper and my wife would let out a moan through the kissing.  Until finally he slid in, stayed, and grunted.  My wife's voice was heard:

"Oh fuck! I can feel you cum inside me!"

At the sound of my wife's voice, I shot my load into the air without even touching myself.  The video showed the guy pull his monster cock out and then a constant stream of his semen came pouring out of my wife's pussy.  The video ended there.  I stood staring at my wife’s pussy with a long trail of another man's cum hanging from it and pooled on the bed sheet.  I turned off the computer, had another drink and went to bed.  About half an hour later my wife very quietly walked into the bedroom and headed straight for the bathroom.  I heard the shower running and running.  I fell back asleep waiting for her to finish her shower.  When she finally crawled into to bed next to me, I tried to cuddle but she said:

“Sweetie, I’m sorry. But I don’t feel well and I’m very tired.”

She rolled over and fell asleep.  I did the same.

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