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The Journey Began

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This is a 100% true story of our journey to being husband and Hot Wife. It began in the Fall of 2011. For a long time, we have enjoyed hanging out in bars which are likely to have businessmen dropping in for a drink and some conversation while visiting our town. My wife of 8 years is a very attractive but high maintenance lady who always dresses to be noticed by men. She looks great in her tight skirts, heels and always interesting selection of tops accenting her 38D breasts. She sometimes wears great looking tight size 6 dresses. The look is always perfect. Every detail has been considered and optimized to her liking for jewelry, hair, makeup, fragrance, accessories the whole package is very well put together.

Most men will tell me that I am a lucky man but I already know that. They don?t realize that if they play the game, they can get lucky too. Most married women just don?t try as hard and it shows. My wife easily looks 12 to 15 years younger than her actual mid-fifties age. But her personality is what really sets her apart. She is kind and friendly to all, approachable and always makes eye contact with sharp dressed men. If she finds them interesting, she will often speak first and carry on a fun lighthearted conversation throughout a bar visit. However, if the man is with a lady, then she is very different, she will speak to the lady and almost ignore the man. This doesn?t say that she is more interested in ladies than men, actually quite the opposite, but she respects the lady and won?t do anything to offend. Most of the time the husband gets himself in trouble, he will get caught gazing at my wife and be tugged away by his own lady.

One evening in October 2011 one such gentleman, began the game and has played it to perfection. He began to talk at the bar with us as a couple. Clearly he was more interested in my beautiful wife but was very careful to include me in the conversations. He seemed to have so many interesting experiences playing sports, cooking, travelling abroad, working in the restaurant business and he seemed to enjoy hearing about our stories and experiences. He stayed and engaged in conversation for several hours before one of us decided it was time say our goodbyes and leave.

We would see him about once or twice a week at the same bar and he would always come over and speak with us. We would invite him to take the seat next to my sexy wife and he would just hang out for an hour or two talking and becoming friends with us but especially with her. We always found it odd, but as it turns out very convenient, that he didn?t have a car so we would offer him a ride to his apartment or to his next destination on occasion.

These on-going encounters provided lots of sexual fantasy material for me in our bedroom. I encouraged her to be freer and flirty, open to something more with him.

Sometimes we would invite him to go bar hopping with us. Usually he rode in the back seat alone but once or twice she had a bit too much to drink and rode in the back seat with him. Those rides were hot and steamy, very hard for me to concentrate on the driving. Usually her top came down or off. Her skirts were always very short with no panties. He came to know that it was OK with her and with me for him to touch, play, finger her and even go down on her as much as a back seat permits. Travelling from bar A to bar B was never so much fun. I always picked bars that were far away as we bar hopped around town with him.

My whispered fantasies continued in our bedroom and I could tell by the reaction her body made as I whispered them in her ear that she was finding the prospects very exciting.

As Christmas approached we found out his birthday was just a few days before. She asked me if it would be OK to bake a cheesecake and take him a couple of slices. She did but when dropped by he was not home. We left them in a container by the door and went on to our favorite bar. Later that night we ran into him there and he was very touched at the gesture and quite openly appreciative to her. She began to touch him more putting her arm around him, quickly touching his arm or thigh as she told a story. He began to return the gestures. It was a huge turn on for me to watch.

On Christmas day with no family in town he was alone at his apartment. We felt bad and had bought him a gift, a bottle of his favorite Powers Irish whisky. Later in the day, after all our own family celebrations we stopped by to drop it off and wish him a Merry Christmas. Again quite touched by his new friends he accepted it graciously. We talked a bit and decided to head to our favorite bar all together as it opened at 4:00 pm on Christmas day. He rode in the back seat and we were in the front.

We sat at the bar told stories, talked and the closeness grew as did the lump in my pants. After dinner and a few drinks, he asked if we would like to go to his apartment for a shot or two from his new bottle of Powers. I was surprised when my previously reluctant wife said sure! We closed out the tab and left together but again she sat up-front with me.

When we got to his place, her reluctance had returned but I convinced her that we should go in. It was a nice place and I had a seat in a wing backed chair near the door. She sat on the sofa and he poured two shots. Somehow I was left out but I kind of knew I was just there to watch. He downed his quickly as he sat on the padded coffee table in front of her. They talked as he stoked her thighs and got progressively more bold at the hem of her very short skirt. Soon he was on his knees in front of her and trying to kiss and caress her. She nervously sipped her whisky with both hands in a kind of blocking maneuver until he took it from her and placed it aside. She looked over at me to see if I was OK, my smile and obvious hard on gave the answer.

He knelt between her knees and spread her thighs as he ran his hands up under her skirt. Finding no resistance he lifted her skirt and she laid back and closed her eyes as he began going down on her. I couldn?t see everything but surely could hear the sucking of her clit and her reactions to it. All this was happening before my eyes just a few feet away. She moaned in the way she does to send a signal that her new lover was doing quite well. He paused and slipped her blouse over her head to caress her breasts. He soon unhooked her bra and began sucking on each nipple bringing on more moans of encouragement. Soon after she threw me her blouse, skirt and bra and made clear with her nonverbal communication that my role was to keep up with her stuff and just watch.

By this time I had a considerable hard on and so did he. He looked quite large but I was careful not to stare. She asked if I had a condom and of course I did! In a few more moments he had lifted her to the padded coffee table which was quite large, sturdy and at just the right height. I watched from a very few feet away as he pounded away and she made all the noises of a woman being very well fucked. Her breasts began that rolling motion that drives me crazy in rhythm with being well fucked. I unzipped my pants and began stroking myself as I got increasingly turned on. This scene continued a good while. I was so turned on that I hoped it would never end. Then a very pronounced manly groan he came deep inside of her. As he pressed it home her body quivered, she was in the bliss of the moment of a long held fantasy coming true.

Afterward it was a little awkward, they got dressed, I tucked my manhood yet fulfilled away and we said our Merry Christmas?s they hugged goodbye. He shook my hand, thanked us for bringing him so much Christmas cheer and we left.

All the way home I was so turned on. I was touching and caressing every part of her I could reach and couldn?t wait to get home. We stripped our clothes as we raced up stairs and she fucked my brains out Christmas night, and the next, and the next? well past New Years as we reminisced about that evening.

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