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The Intern - A Hotwife Adventure

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The Intern (hotwife, cuckold, voyeur)

One late summer evening my husband and I had a few friends and work associates over for a cookout. We have a large yard, and people were all milling around outside, drinking and chatting. My husband and a bunch of other men were watching a baseball game on the deck while Hubby grilled burgers and brats for everyone. I sliced and plated the toppings and condiments, and our guests brought salads and side dishes. I played the proper hostess, making sure everyone had food and taking every opportunity to chat or gossip. Eventually, the party wound down and people began to say their goodbyes and go home. By 11:00 the only guest left was Jerry, a legal intern my husband had met through an attorney he knew. After showing the last of our other guests out, I joined my husband and Jerry on the deck to watch the end of the ball game.

Jerry was in his mid-twenties, about twenty years younger than me and thirty-five years younger than my 58 year old Hubby. He was about 6?2? and, even in a t-shirt and jeans, I could see he was very well built. He had broad shoulders, narrow hips and, I would be willing to bet there was a washboard under there somewhere. Hubby turned off the TV and asked Jerry if he wanted to have margaritas in our hot tub. Jerry was willing, but he didn't have suit. Hubby took him in the house and, a few minutes later, they reemerged. Hubby was wearing his favorite pair of Bermuda swim trunks and Jerry, carrying his clothes in a bundle, had on a pair of lightweight running shorts. Hubby urged me to leave the cleanup for later and join them outside. He didn't have to ask twice. I changed into my suit, made a double batch of margaritas, and joined the two men in the hot tub.

It was a beautiful night, with just enough chill in the air to make the surface of the water steam. The three of us were soon relaxed and chatting companionably. The hot water did its work, and soon the entire pitcher of margaritas was gone. I got up and made a quick trip to the bathroom. I had just settled back into the hot tub when Jerry stirred, saying he needed to go too. He stood up and, when he did, the light colored running shorts my husband had given him became practically transparent. I suddenly didn't know where to look as this good looking young guy?s equipment was on proud display less than two feet in front of my face. And Jerry was very, very well equipped! I couldn't help staring at his cock as he got out of the tub.

When Jerry turned away, I snapped out of it and looked at my husband. Hubby looked like he had been hit by a two-by-four. He was completely stunned. I turned and admired the rear view as our young guest walked into the house. I didn't stop looking until his hard, muscular butt disappeared through the back door. Flushed, I looked back to my husband. He was smirking and pointedly looking at my breasts which were just above the water. I looked down and saw that, my nipples were so hard they threatened to poke right through my suit top.

I don?t know why, but I giggled like a school girl. "Did you see that?" I asked my husband.

Hubby grinned. "Yep. My god, he?s huge." Then Hubby made a dumb joke about a horse walking into a bar, and we both laughed. Hubby arched an eyebrow at me and asked me if it gave me any ideas. ?Do you want to find out if bigger is really better??

I smacked him playfully. ?You wish! I don?t know whether to envy his girlfriend or feel sorry for her.? I secretly began thinking of the first boy I dated in high school. He was very well-endowed, and I recalled the first time I saw his enormous ?thing.? I was terrified by its size, and there was no way I was going to let him take my virginity. Even so, I thought it was just amazing, and I loved playing with it, stroking it and kissing it. My husband didn't know it, but part of the reason I love giving blowjobs is because of that first boyfriend?s huge cock. I had never encountered anyone else so big, and I had completely forgotten how tempting a really big cock can be, until now. Old fantasies began to come back to me, and I really didn't hear anything my husband was saying.

Jerry returned, and Hubby said it was his turn. I asked him to make a fresh batch of margaritas while he was inside. Jerry and I watched him go into the house and I saw him walk past the hall window as he rounded the stairs going to the second floor bathroom. ?Wow Jerry,? I said to our guest, ?You really know how to put up a show!?

He grinned, and I could tell he knew exactly what I was talking about. ?Whatever do you mean?? he teased.

?Well, it?s really not your fault my husband gave you such a flimsy suit to wear. I don?t know why he didn't give you one of his other swimsuits. You don?t think he planned this, do you??

Jerry laughed, ?Come on. It?s not really that bad, is it??

I smiled at his feigned innocence. Looking at him with mock sternness, I gave a flip of my wrist and a little twirl of my fingers to indicate I wanted him to stand up and turn around for me. With a very sexy smile, he complied, rising from the water and making a slow, sensuous spin. Past his shoulder, I saw my husband standing at the hall window. It was open, and I knew he could hear every word Jerry and I were saying. I admired the view, front and back, and arched my eyebrow at this beautiful male specimen. ?I see you shave everything.? I said with a giggle.

Jerry looked down at his waist. His cock was plain as day to see, and it was clear he had no hair down there. He shrugged, "OK, I guess you?re right. They are pretty see through when wet, aren't they?" I just continued to admire the view, smiling for all I was worth. "I hope I didn't embarrass you or your husband,? he said with false sincerity.

?Don?t worry about offending me. I?m a fan! As for Hubby? well, do you know what a cuckold is? I sure didn't, until I started looking at some of the websites he likes to visit on his computer. Since his heart attack, Hubby really can?t stay hard, and he?s been trying to get me to take a lover for over a year. My guess is, he?s upstairs fantasizing about me seducing you.? I giggled in sudden embarrassment as I realized how much I had overshared. ?Sorry, TMI.?

Jerry stepped closer and I found myself less than a foot from the huge, barely-clad bulge in his shorts. It appeared to have gotten even bigger, and it was straining against the thin, transparent fabric. I could make out the the plum-shaped outline of the big, thick head, and I was rapt with curiosity. I licked my lips and smiled up at him encouragingly. The hunky young intern hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and slowly peeled them down over his hips. My eyes were riveted to his beautiful cock as it came slowly free of the diaphanous fabric. By the time it sprang free, it was almost fully erect. It bobbed tantalizingly just inches from my lips. Hubby?s cock is well above average but, even when it worked, it couldn't stack up to this one. It was only a couple of inches longer than my husband?s, but it was at least twice as thick as Hubby?s had ever been.

The mental comparison reminded me that Hubby had been watching, and I glanced up to the window to see him standing to the side, barely visible. Jerry started to turn to look, but I stopped him by the simple expedient of reaching out and wrapping my hand around his rampant member. I felt it throbbing in my hand as I slowly stroked and caressed it. I leaned forward and kissed the massive head, once, twice, three times. Then, looking up into Jerry?s eyes, I opened wide and took it into my mouth. His beautiful young cock stretched my lips, and I really couldn't get much of it in my mouth. But it tasted so good, fresh and alive and a little salty. I stuck my tongue in his pee hole and cradled his big, smooth balls, one in each hand. I licked and sucked and slobbered on Jerry?s cock, bringing it to its fullest, hardest glory. It throbbed and bounced like a living thing. God, it was so beautiful!

Grasping my wrists, Jerry raised me gently, but firmly, to my feet. I turned my face up and he kissed me, a hard, hungry kiss that curled my toes and had me trembling. As we kissed, the young Adonis slid my suit off of my shoulders and pushed it down over my hips. His hard, thick cock throbbed against my naked belly. Jerry kissed his way down my neck and shoulders, then nibbled and sucked on my aching hard nipples while his fingers stroked and probed my dripping wet pussy, opening me up and spreading my juices around. He turned me around, trailing kisses across my back.

Then he turned my around and gently pushed on my shoulders, bending me over the edge of the hot tub. I really wanted him inside me, but I was still a little worried about his girth. "Please Jerry, go slowly, OK?? I couldn't believe I was about to let a man nearly half my age fuck me with my husband just 20 feet away, watching from inside the house. Jerry slowly pushed his monstrous cock against my pussy from behind. I let out a little gasp, and instinctively pulled away, apprehensive about accommodating him.

Jerry pressed his hand gently, but firmly in the middle of my back, holding me in place. We just stood there a moment, then he pushed again and I felt myself opening to him. I took a deep breath and pressed myself back, encouraging him to take me. ?We don?t have much time,? I gasped ?But try to be gentle.?

Slowly but surely, my young lover entered me, sheathing himself completely in my pussy - my married, pussy. I squirmed as I adjusted to the intense pressure, then stifled a moan as I felt him press against my cervix. I remember thinking, ?This should hurt, but it feels so fucking good!? It was almost too intense to bear and, with a whimper, I tried to stand up to ease the pressure.

Jerry stopped me from pulling away with a whispered, ?Ssshhhh,? and a gentle pat on my butt. I breathed a few times and, as my pussy adjusted to his size, I began to relax. Once he was sure I was okay, my young bull wrapped his hands around my hips and slowly eased his cock almost all the way out of me, until I could feel the bulbous head stretching at the very opening of my pussy. Then he slowly eased it back inside until I felt his pelvis resting against my ass. I was dimly aware of someone moaning and gasping until, with a start, I realized it was me. He did this a half a dozen times, and every time, it felt a little easier, a little better. Then, he pushed all the way inside and just held himself there, enjoying the feeling of being enfolded in my womanhood.

Having fully adjusted to Jerry?s size, I wanted to feel more movement, more friction. I started rocking my hips, pushing back at him as he continued to work his cock in and out of my tight, wet pussy. My hands were squeezing the edge of the hot tub and my shoulder and arm muscles were rigid with tension. I forced myself to relax, and concentrated on pushing back to meet my young lover?s thrusts. We found a rhythm and he began to piston into me harder and faster as I pushed back to meet every thrust. I think I had an orgasm at that point, although there were so many new, amazing sensations going through my body that I wasn't sure at the time.

I felt one of Jerry's hands move over my breasts and down my belly. I moaned loudly enough to be heard by the neighbors as his strong, gentle fingers found my clit and the started making small circles around it. I felt my body begin to clench inside and, I couldn't stop myself from crying out as the incredible fucking inside and the gentle teasing outside combined to take me to a shuddering climax. Once he knew I was cumming, Jerry turned his attention to his own needs, fucking me savagely, ravaging my pussy with his massive cock. It was the most intense, animalistic sexual experience of my life. I don?t know how long it went on, but I was still cumming when I felt him drive even deeper into me and hold himself stiff. I could feel the increased pressure as my young lover?s wonderful cock swelled and he emptied himself deep inside me. I heard him groaning with his release, and I felt really good, really satisfied, really powerful. I won!

I suddenly came to myself when I remembered my husband watching us. I pulled away, feeling Jerry slip from inside me. I thanked him, gave him a quick thorough kiss, pulled up my suit and scrambled from the tub. Wrapping my towel around my waist, I hurried toward the house, weaving a little in the aftermath of the incredible fucking I had just enjoyed. When I walked into the kitchen, Hubby was just pouring our margaritas, so I knew he had been watching the entire time. I also knew my suit was full of Jerry?s cum and my nipples were still rick hard. I didn't give my husband a chance to say anything. I just took a margarita and headed for the stairs.

As I passed the hall window, I saw Hubby walking out to the hot tub with two margaritas. In front of him I saw Jerry, standing there naked, with his semi hard cock hanging there, dripping cum and pussy juices. I smiled. Jerry knew Hubby had been watching too, and he was going to rub it in. Jerry made a show of wringing out the running shorts. ?Oh it?s you.? He said innocently, ?I thought your wife was going to catch me changing." From where I stood, I could tell that Hubby was staring at Jerry?s impressive cock. I could see it, too. It was shining, wet and slick. Jerry dr*ped the shorts over the side of the tub and took one of the margaritas while my husband, drinking it down, inviting my husband to admire the strong, virile young body that had just fucked his wife.

As Jerry lowered his glass, he caught my husband looking him over and smiled. Hubby, quickly downed his own drink and set his glass on the edge of the tub next to Jerry?s. Jerry slowly started getting dressed, flexing and posing, really rubbing in the fact that he was clearly the alpha male and daring my husband to dispute it. Of course Hubby could not. What he had just witnessed made that impossible. Jerry finished dressing and smiled at my husband with benign confidence. "Well, I?d better be going. Thanks for having me over. I had a great time. You are one hell of a host. Let?s do this again sometime."

I would have paid cash money to see my husband?s face at that moment. Instead I just heard him say, ?Sure, Jerry. It was great having you over. I?m glad you enjoyed yourself. You?re welcome any time.? Jerry smiled again, looking right where I stood, hidden by the window. On an impulse, I stepped into view and pulled the top of my suit down, baring my breasts for my young lover. A huge smile spread across Jerry?s face, and he extended his hand to my husband. Hubby shook it, and Jerry slapped him heartily on the shoulder, still looking up at me. It was priceless. Seeing my husband so meekly acknowledge my young lover?s superiority made me so hot! Exposing myself to Jerry while he made small talk with my husband made me feel wanton and slutty. I considered asking Jerry to come upstairs and fuck me again right then. I really wanted him to. I wanted him to make Hubby watch!

But I couldn't do it. I just stood there on display until my husband started to turn around. Then I ducked out of sight and went to our bedroom and looked out the window onto the street outside our house. I stood on display, bare-breasted, as I watched Jerry get into his car and pull away. I don?t think he saw me, but I wanted to be there for him if he looked up. I continued to watch as his taillights disappeared around the corner. I didn't turn around when I heard my husband walk in. Instead I slammed the last half of my margarita, set the glass down on the bedside table. Wrapping the towel around my waist, I pushed my suit completely off, noting the puddle of semen in the gusset. I knew there was much more, deep inside me. I dropped the towel onto the floor when I felt Hubby move up behind me and fold me into his arms. I stiffened instinctively for just a moment, then lay my head back on his shoulder letting him kiss me. He was so tender, so tentative. I realized how much I love him, and I knew that I always would.

Hubby gently turned me around and lay me onto the bed. I arched her back to meet him as he kissed his way down my neck and softly kissed and nibbled my nipples. He moved to mount me and I saw that he was harder than I had seen him in years. I guess he didn't masturbate after all! But, as much as I love my husband, I didn't want him inside me. I had just enjoyed the best fuck of my entire life. I wasn't going to tarnish that memory. I gently, but firmly, pushed Hubby?s head downward. Taking my cue, he kissed his way down my belly until he reached my little bush. My pussy felt puffy and swollen and truthfully, it was kind of sore. I wanted Hubby to soothe my poor abused pussy.

As if reading my mind, he slowly planted a kiss on my clit eliciting a pleased moan of encouragement. Then my cuckold husband tended my pussy. I squirmed as he licked and tongued my labia. Once I had him sucking and licking me, I squeezed, forcing Jerry?s thick, hot seed out. I looked to see my husband?s reaction to this blatant display of my infidelity. With a groan, my husband pressed his mouth onto my gushing pussy and sucked and licked it for all he was worth. I decided Hubby liked the taste of Jerry?s cum. I looked down at my husband with his mouth locked, like a lamprey, onto my cum-filled pussy. Our eyes met, and I worried for a moment that I had pushed him too far. Then I closed my eyes as Hubby found my clit and brought me to another lovely orgasm. I lay there moaning with passion, feeling like an incredible slut. I had just been fucked by a young, virile stud, and now I was being pampered and serviced by my loving, devoted husband. I shuddered and spasmed under Hubby?s ministrations, feeling like the luckiest slut in the world.

Finally my orgasm subsided, and Hubby positioned himself between my legs again and began to ease his cock into me. I knew my pussy was wet and loose, but I really didn't want Hubby to fuck me right then. I stopped him before he got all the way in. "All that time in the hot tub made me kind of sore, Sweetie.? I said disingenuously. ?Let me return the favor." I moved down and took his cock into my mouth. It didn't feel very big after having to stretch my mouth to its limits around Jerry?s thick cock. I think Hubby must have been thinking the same thing. As I moved my mouth down to the root of his cock and tongued the underside, he exploded, filling my mouth with his hot, salty seed. I sucked and swallowed and didn't let a single drop escape. Then I lovingly licked my husband?s lovely, flaccid cock squeaky clean before snuggling up next to him.

I wondered if my husband would say anything about what had happened, or if he would just ignore it. Then, as I was about to drift off to sleep, he whispered, ?Your pussy was incredibly wet and juicy tonight. You taste wonderful.?

?Mmmmm? I purred, "It must have been the hot tub. We should do that more often."


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