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The Bahamas

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There is nothing like the crystal clear waters in the Bahamas to make life great. My wife and I wanted to go out for a private boat ride to see the sights, catch some sun, and I wanted to do a little snorkeling. But that meant at least one other person had to join us for water safety. We got lucky, two young men from Florida were also looking to go out and we split the cost of the boat. Their names were Tom and Pete, both seniors at Florida State University. They both seemed real nice and were both athletic so snorkeling would be safe.

It was a beautiful day, about 85 degrees, since I was the most experienced, I took the helm while my wife opened up the cooler and passed out some Bahama Mama?s. We were enjoying the view as we left the populated area and headed to a small island where we heard the reefs were in shallow water, perfect for snorkeling. It would be about an hour?s trip and my wife did not want to waste the sun. She stripped down to her bikini and went to the bow where there was a nice sunning platform. She put her big towel down and laid on it on her stomach. She asked if one of the boys would kindly put oil on her back for her since I was piloting the boat. Pete agreed and went over and rubbed some on her back and the back of her legs. Sue, then undid the strap of her top and relaxed in the sun. We were all enjoying the fresh air and beautiful clear water, relaxing as we approached the island.

The trip was nice, even the guys were soaking up the sun. About halfway there, Sue asked for a second drink and the guys each grabbed one for themselves and Tom took one over to Sue. Since I was driving so to speak, I just had a Coke. Tom went over to Sue and managed to drip some of the cold water from the jug on her hot back making her screech and jump a bit. This of course made all of us laugh and she told Tom she was going to get even with him when he least expected it. The sun was almost straight up by then and it was getting rather warm. Sue hooked her top back up and rolled over on her back and rubbed oil all over her front. I noticed the guys were enjoying the view since Sue is well endowed at 38D with a slim waist and nice 36? hips. Her suit was made for sunning and just barely covered what needed to be covered. We could see the island and 20 minutes later we found a great place to drop anchor.

As soon as we were settled, we dropped the ladder off the back, threw out our float and put on our life jackets, fins, and masks. Sue does not swim, so she was in charge of the boat while the three of us went in. We already planned our route, which would circle the boat at about 30 feet out and take about 30 minutes. The view was outstanding and we saw an incredible amount of wondrous things bringing us back to the ladder almost exactly 30 minutes later. We climbed back into the boat, took off our gear and sat back to relax. Sue grabbed the jug and poured everyone another Bahama Mama and we all told her what we had seen. After a bit, we pulled up anchor and headed down the reef about 100 feet and settled there. We did about the same thing there spending almost 40 minutes at that location, so when we got back onboard, we decided to all just lay down and soak up some sun. Sue emptied the first jug with another round between the guy?s and herself and told the guy?s she would oil them up since Pete had helped her earlier.

There was only enough room on the deck for the three of them, and since I prefer sitting, I took one of the big chairs on the side where I could look around and relax. Sue oiled their backs good then lay down on her stomach again and had me come over and do her back. She undid the strap and I gently oiled her up making her glisten in the sun. We were all relaxing in the warm sun and things were wonderful. Sue finished her drink and asked for a refill from the second jug. The guys were set so I came over and poured her another. As I sat back down I noticed she had rolled on to her back without hooking up her top! She was lying there with her eyes closed, now topless, with two young men next to her not realizing what they were missing. It took about 10 minutes before Pete moved and finally noticed. It was kind of cute because he completely forgot about me being there and was up on his elbow looking at my wife. I heard Sue ask him if he would oil her up because she was feeling the sun.

He grabbed the tube of suntan oil and squeezed some onto her stomach. He stared rubbing it all around her tummy but did not go anywhere else. She then told him she would burn if that?s all he did and with a little hesitation, he brought his hands up to her breasts and started to rub the oil in. I saw her nipples get hard as his hands massaged her breasts and the sun glistening off her upper body was so sexy. Tom had fallen asleep so he had no idea his pal was seeing and feeling my wife?s breasts right next to him. He rubbed the oil all over her chest and shoulders going back to her breasts three or four times. Sue?s nipples were standing straight up and she was breathing long slow deep breaths. I knew she was enjoying herself. She told him to do her legs too and he put oil on each one running his hands all the way down her legs to her feet and then back up again stopping about 2 inches from the very top. I heard her say how good it felt and asked him to keep rubbing her legs. As his hands moved up and down in long slow strokes, she was slowly spreading her legs apart. Pete was looking over her entire body as he continued to rub her legs and every once in a while he would bring his hands up close to her bikini bottoms, but would always stop short. Sue was really breathing deep now and she brought up her hands to rub her own breasts. She began to pull on her nipples every time Pete brought his hands up close between her legs. Then, when Pete was rubbing down her legs to her feet, she swung her right leg over him so he was now between her legs.

Pete was on his knees and now turned to face her straight on instead of from the side and put one hand on each leg rubbing the oil up in down on both legs at the same time, in long slow strokes. After a couple of minutes, as Pete?s hands made their way up to the top, Sue reached down and grabbed his hands and brought them up to the top of her bottoms and lifted up her butt. Pete was no dummy and caught on quick pulling her bottoms off in one long slow movement making her completely naked in front of him. Sue then took her legs and wrapped them around his back pulling him down on top of her, taking his head and bringing his mouth to her breasts.

Pete gladly began to suck on them and I could see him work his hand up between her legs to touch her soft pussy. I could tell when he finally touched her as she tilted back her head and let out a long low moan! At this point, Tom finally woke up and the look on his face as he realized that his buddy was playing with my naked wife was perfect. He looked over at me with an expression of wonder. I smiled and waved him over to her. He grinned and leaned over tapping Pete on the shoulder so he too could play with Sue?s breasts. Pete began to make his way down her body until his head was between her legs. As his tongue began to play with her now very excited pussy, Sue took Toms face in her hands and brought his mouth up to hers and began kissing him with passion. Tom brought up one of his hands to play with her breasts while they kissed and I watched as Sue went into her first orgasm. Her whole body was shaking from the intensity of it and Pete had to back off as she ran one of her hands down to her clit rubbing it franticly as she went over the edge. Her orgasm lasted close to a full minute and as she settled down, she moved Tom?s head back to her breasts and told him to bite them gently. Then she looked up at Pete and told him to take off his suit and finish what he started!

I watched as he quickly pulled off his trunks exposing his erect manhood. He positioned himself between her legs and brought its tip to her wet opening. As he pushed himself into her, she raised her legs to his shoulders to allow for total penetration. Pete began to pump all the way in and I had the perfect view of his cock sliding in and out of her hot wet pussy! She was in heaven as Tom worked her breasts and Pete kept working his cock in and out of her hot pussy. I only wish I had a video camera, it was that hot! I watched as she worked her hand over to Tom?s trunks and began to rub his dick in rhythm to Pete?s thrusts. He was doing very well and I would say he lasted a good 15 minutes of non-stop fucking before his pace quickened and he began to pump his load deep into her. She arched her back in response telling Tom to bite a little harder on her very hard nipples.

She was being very vocal as she repeated ?YES?YES? OH SHIT YES?? as Pete finally slammed home with his orgasm. She was almost whimpering as Pete slowly withdrew his now semi soft cock and she brought her other hand down to her now dripping lip?s and played with her clit while Tom continues to suck and bite her tits. She used the edge of her towel to wipe the excess off and then much to my surprise, brought her fingers to her mouth and licked both her and his juices from them. Then she told Tom to take off his trunks and as he complied, she sat up and got to her knees. As soon as he was naked, she pushed him down on his back and straddled his hips, lowering her still wet pussy onto his erection. Tom was a lucky man in more than one way. Not only was he about to get fucked by my wife, he also packed about 9?. I watched as she guided the tip to her opening and she began to sit down taking all 9? deep into herself until she was sitting all the way down. She began to rock back and forth with his cock inside and told Pete to get behind her and reach around to play with her tits.

Pete made his way over and knelt behind her and leaned in close as he reached around. Sue kept up her rocking motion and Pete began to knead her breasts in time with her motion. Sue reached a hand behind and started playing with Pete?s cock and I was impressed to see he was getting hard again. Sue was all covered in oil and in the sun with these two young men she looked like a goddess of love. I was in heaven as they rocked in rhythm for close to 30 minutes and Sue had several small orgasms grunting and moaning through each one. Then she did something completely unexpected. As Pete was leaning against her back with his hands on her breasts and her hand still stroking his now fully erect cock, she began to lean forward adjusting Tom?s cock deep in her pussy. Pete was forced to let go of her wonderful breasts but was treated to feeling the tip of his cock pressing against Sue?s anus. She was rubbing the tip of his cock slowly into her tight butthole and thanks to all the oil, Pete was able to push forward and I watched his cock slowly slide into her ass while Tom was deep in her pussy.

As soon as he was all the way in, she began a different rocking motion and I watched her get both cocks working in unison inside of her. She stretched herself up and managed to bring her breasts up to Tom?s mouth and he was able to suck on them as they both fucked my wife at the same time. Finally, I heard Tom say he could not hold it any more and with that he began to groan he was cumming. Sue began to push back hard against Pete and egged them both on. As Tom emptied his balls up into her pussy, she again became vocal as a HUGE orgasm began to rip through her body. All this was too much for Pete and as unbelievable as it seems, he too once again pumped his cream into my wife. All three orgasms took place within moments of each other and when it was all through, they all fell to the deck together breathing heavy and looking rather well spent.

I brought them the jug of Bahama Mama?s and poured them all a round and after a bit the three of them decided to don lifejackets and jump in the water still naked. They splashed around for about 10 minutes and then Sue came back into the boat with Tom and Pete close behind. They all toweled off and laid back down on the sun deck still naked. One of the nice things about being out where we were, there was no other people around. Sue told the guys to relax and she would oil them up since it was only 2:00 and still good tanning sun. She kneeled between them and put oil on them both using one hand on each. After their chests and stomach?s, she began to oil their cocks and when Tom?s began to rise, she smiled and said, ?Well, well. Look at this!? and leaned over and took it into her mouth. She began sucking in earnest bringing him to full erection. Pete?s cock was also beginning to rise and I had a feeling my wife was going to get fucked again! I was not wrong. Pete kneeled behind my wife and guided his cock once more into her pussy and I had the pleasure of watching her tits swaying beneath her as Pete?s thrusts rocked her back and forth. I was rock hard myself and had to adjust myself to relieve the pressure.

Pete began to really slam into my wife and in response, she took Tom deep into her mouth and I am sure into her throat. Tom?s eyes almost bugged out at the sensation and in moments I saw him thrust his hips up and I knew he was cumming into her eager mouth. Pete never missed a beat and I knew my wife was enjoying his cock slamming into her. As Tom?s orgasm subsided, Sue let his cock shrink out of her mouth and she looked over to me and smiled. Pete kept up his wild pace and Sue was starting to get that glassy eyed look from the pure pleasure. Tom slid underneath her and started playing with her swaying tits, teasing them with both his hands and his mouth. Once again, she started to call out she was cumming. She raised her butt up even higher pushing just as hard back into Pete as he slammed forward into her, It looked as if she were trying to fit him tight like a glove! She was shuddering from her orgasm and if Pete had not grabbed her hips, she would have fallen onto Tom when she lost control.

Even after her orgasm, Pete did not stop. He kept pounding away and my wife?s breathing was turning to gasps as she sucked in air to keep up with her racing heart. Pete was dripping with sweat from his exertions and I wondered how long he could last. Finally, after countless strokes he exploded! The force was so strong it shocked my wife and her eyes bugged and her mouth open in a huge Ohhhhhhhhh?. As she felt his cum rush deep into her. This time her knees gave out and with how slippery they were, Pete could not hold on and Sue collapsed onto Tom and the last few spurts from Pete?s cock spewed out onto her slick butt and back and Pete had to grab his cock to finish milking himself dry. Tom wrapped his arms around my wife and held on to her as she lay there. Pete sat down and the only thing he could say was ?INCREDILBE!? I let them lay there for a bit and made sure we were still alone out there and I was surprised to find it was already 3:00. I suggested that they all jump in the water one more time before we had to go. Sue said she was too tired, so she stayed onboard and I joined the guy?s in the water.

I enjoyed the water. It helped me cool down a bit since not only was the sun hot, I was still very aroused about the show I watched. The guy?s were also glad to cool off and they told me my wife was fantastic! I thanked them and told them I could not wait to get back to the hotel so I could have a go too. They said ?Way to go? and after 20 minutes or so, we climbed back onto the boat. Sue had fallen asleep still naked so I decided to take my time on the trip back. The guy?s went over to her and gently caressed her whole body as we slowly made our way back. Since the boat did not have to be back until 6:30, I took it easy and managed to keep away from any other boats with no problem. Sue woke up about 5:00 and she smiled at all the attention she was getting. I told her we had about 45 minutes before we got too close to shore so she just laid there, letting the guy?s play with her naked body. Now that she was awake, her nipples got hard again from the attention. Then she surprised me and asked if we could drop anchor for just a bit.

I looked over the side and saw the water was not too deep, so I cut the engine and tossed the anchor over. She asked the guy?s if they were up to one more before we got in, and they both enthusiastically replied in the affirmative. She told me to lie down on my back. She then straddled my face bringing her pussy right over my mouth. Then she told Tom to get behind her, and Pete to kneel in front of her straddling my left leg. Then she leaned over and told Tom to wait a few minutes so I could get her wet again and then I heard her suck Pete?s cock into her mouth. I began to lick her pussy, and I could taste the difference from the sex earlier. This actually excited me more and I enjoyed myself making her wet. After a few minutes of that, she stopped sucking on Pete just long enough to tell Tom she was ready.

This was incredible. As I dropped my head to the deck, my face was only inches away from her now wet pussy and Tom leaned forward and I watched his 9? cock enter my wife. I was in heaven as I watched him pump in and out. I extended my tongue out as far as I could and used it to tease her engorged clit bringing Tom?s cock only an inch from my face as it slid in and out of my wife?s now dripping pussy. I tasted her juices as they ran into my open mouth and I had to take my cock into my hand from the pressures building up. This time, it was Tom who did not last and suddenly, his cock began erupting into my wife?s pussy and I saw it happen! His orgasm went on for a half a minute and I could see Sue?s pussy spasming from the pleasure. I watched as Tom?s cock began to shrink and slide out of my wife in slow motion. I kept licking her clit as he finally popped out and he backed away. Sue must have noticed I was stroking myself because she began to scoot forwards gently pushing Pete back never taking his cock out of her mouth. As soon as she was far enough, she grabbed my cock and sat down on it taking me deep inside in one swift motion. She was so wet and hot I felt my balls tighten almost instantly. I could not hold out and I too exploded deep inside of her.

Sue stayed sitting on my cock and I was happy to see even though it was not rock hard, the excitement was keeping it at least firm so she wiggled herself for pleasure as she worked on Pete. I gently rubbed her back while I waited for Pete to finish and I enjoyed the warm feeling of her hot pussy on my cock. It took a while, but sure enough, she got Pete going enough, he had to let go, filling her mouth with his warm fluid. When she finished swallowing his sperm, she sat up and asked if everyone had as great a day as she did. We all agreed it was the best and we cleaned up and made our way back to the dock. We said our good-byes and headed to our hotel for some much-needed rest!

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