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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "The Anniversary Trip".


The Anniversary trip

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We were finally pulling into the parking area to check into the five star resort for a much needed anniversary trip. As I parked the car, Pam looked up from her kindle to see that we were here. She had been totally involved in her reading. I know, I see all of the romance novels she reads when the purchase comes across my account. The common theme in these stories are of some damsel in distress that gets saved and it always ends up in a three way, mmf scenario that my wife secretly wont admit to the world, but has fantasized about for quite a while.

Pam surveyed the parking area and immediately exclaimed, "Honey, if the eye candy is as fine as those two all weekend, you are gonna be in trouble" as she noticed the two young bellman standing at the valet desk.

I rolled my eyes and went in to get us registered. When I came out, I saw the two bellman standing by the Suburban and talking to Pam as she had her window down and was smoking her recently discovered electronic cigarette.

( I hate actual smoking, but have a smoking fetish). She knows how much I enjoy watching her take long drags from that cigarette and slowly exhale thru her mouth and nose. She was doing just that and softly laughing with these two. She had them eating out of her hand I quickly assessed.

"Honey, this is Pierce and Jeremy and they said they could help us with our bags" Pam quipped as I got in the vehicle. I told her that would e fine as I knew that she had packed for a month like she always does and I wasn't looking forward to lugging all of that luggage into our villa. The boys, or I should say, young men said they would follow us to the villa in a golf cart. I sized them up as they walked away. Pam was right, they were young and handsome. Pam proceed to tell me what she had already learned in those short minutes while I was inside. Pierce and Jeremy both attending the local state college and were both juniors. We gathered that made them 21 or 22 years old. Pierce looked to be about 6 foot2 and weighed about 190 pounds with short, dark black hair. Jeremy on the other hand, was just under 6 foot and weighed about 180 pounds. He had wavy sandy blonde hair and was definitely the more muscular of the two.

"Just what are you doing " I asked in a very reserved tone as we drove." Pam,normally fairly reserved, quipped back. "Oh Tony, I was just chatting. Don't be so jealous. Besides, you are always the one talking about me and other guys. I was just making small talk," she quipped as we parked the car. I looked over at her and she had this mischievous smile on her face. "Besides, you have not given me my anniversary present yet" as she got out of the car and directed the guys to gather the bags and follow her.

"Just put those bags over here" Pam instructed as we walked into a beautiful villa with a spectacular open view of the ocean. In the two trips, the guys brought in about ten bags it seemed. As I reached for my wallet to give them a customary tip, Pam leaned over and whispered something into my ear that I will never forget."Can I fuck them baby" she cooed. "That can be my anniversary present for the both of us".

I looked up and could tell the two of them had no idea what she had just said, thought about it for a moment and concluded, hell yes. I was about to enjoy one of the greatest fantasies I had imagined.

"Guys, I am gonna step into the restroom. Pam will take care of your tips" I stated, knowing this was about to be true both figuratively and literally!

I went into the bathroom and checked my watch. I was anxious to see what was going on. That 5 minutes took forever to pass. When I quietly opened the door, I could hear muffled moaning coming from the den area. I walked around the corner and the scene almost caused my knees to buckle. There before me, Pam was totally nude and on her knees in front of Jeremy. Underneath her was Pierce and she was sitting on his face. Pam was running her tongue up and down the shaft of Jeremy?s cock. His cock was about 6-7 inches long, but it was very thick and very purple. He was enjoying what he was getting because he did not even see me walk in and had his hand behind Pam?s head, guiding her along his shaft. Pam was moaning between licks to Jeremy?s cock. Pierce was flicking his tongue and sucking on her clit back and forth. Pam had her hips grinding all over Pierces face. ?Eat that pussy baby?, Pam groaned. ?Does that pussy taste good baby?? she managed to say. I could tell Pierce was encouraged because this just caused him to lick her shaven pussy even more.

About that time, Jeremy looked up and without missing a beat told me,?Mr. C, your wife is by far the best cocksucker I have ever met?. I did not know how to react, but knew I had to sit down. My dick was already begging to get out of my trousers, but knew I had to watch this show. ?Oh baby, fuck my mouth with that hard cock of yours? Pam told Jeremy. ?Oh shit, that feels so fucking good on my pussy honey? Pam managed to moan to me in a lustful tone. ?Thank you for allowing me to enjoy these two studs. Right there, Right there baby?.Oh,Oh, Oh, I?m gonna cummmm??..? as she grabbed Pierce?s hair and smothered his face with her pussy. I could see her pussy juices running all down Pierce?s face.

As she finished twitching and grinding on Pierce?s face, she immediately, licked around the shaft of Jeremy?s cock and slowly took all but about one inch down her throat and held it there for several seconds while massaging his balls. That was all it took and Jeremy grabbed her head and pushed on her on down that last inch or so. ?Oh hell, my cock is gonna explode, take this load of cum Mrs. C.? Jeremy grunted as he started to cum. Pam took her mouth off of his cock and it was still spewing several strong ropes of cum on her lips and chest. She never missed a beat, rolling over while wiping off the cum from her breasts and licking it wither lips.? Take a break Jeremy, momma has plans for that thick monster of yours as soon as your young ass can get it up again? she commanded. Just then, Pierce, who somehow still had his pants on, pulled them off and spread Pams legs. He grabbed his cock, which I felt Pam should really enjoy because it was about 9 inches long, slender, but curved sharply upward. He rubbed the outer lips of her pussy and soon pushed his cock head into her gaping hole. As he did this, Pam moaned deeply and grabbed Pierce?s ass, pulling him all the way into her very wet pussy. The two of them looked into each others eyes and then Pam smiled as she started to fuck him like she had never been fucked. ?Oh Jesus, that feels good on my pussy. I have never had a cock touch me that way.? Pam gasped. ?Fuck me good honey? as she started to meet every thrust Pierce could give her and the pace increased to the point that I thought they may pound each other into the floor. ?Oh God, your pussy is so incredible, it feels like a glove on my cock? Pierce managed to say. It was barely audible because all I could hear was his balls slapping against her and the sucking sound of her pussy with each thrust. I knew it would not take long and sure enough, I watched as Pam told Pierce,?Cum in my wet pussy baby! I want to feel that cum shoot against my wet cunt?. That was all he needed and started to shoot what seemed like forever into my wifes extremely wet pussy. ?Oh man, that fucking pussy feels so good as it grabs my cock when I am cumming. I don?t want to ever stop.?Pierce mumbled as his balls twitched when they kept shooting stream after stream of hot cum inside my beautiful wife.

Pierce rolled off of Pam and the two of them laid there for a few moments as I looked at my bulge in my pants and the growing wet spot on the khakis. I wanted to cum so bad, but was going to see what happened next as I figured this session was done.

I then brought Pam a towel and she wiped herself off and then gave me a deep, long wet kiss, telling me to enjoy round two.

Round two, round two, I could hardly contain myself with lust after watching round one.

Pam proceeded to go immediately to Jeremy and started to rub his limp cock and lick around the purple head. Within moments, he was hard again and Pam said ?I told you that I had plans for that fat cock of yours?. She pushed him backwards and when he fell, Pam hovered over his dick and slowly rubbed the outer lips of her pussy, and then lowered herself all the way down until he was deep inside of her. ?Oh yeah, that is what momma is talking about? as she started to raise and lower herself all the way to the tip of his cock. ?Come here now, Pierce.? She demanded. As he approached, Pam started to lick the head of his dick and proceeded to suck his very recently spent dick back to full attention. ?Now, lube that cock up and put it into my ass, but go slowly and get it in there good before you start fucking me. Do you understand?? She was in total control of these two fuck robots and she knew it. Pierce obliged and was rubbing the tip of his cock against her ass. He was a good student and slowly, ever so slowly, pushed the tip of his cock into her ass. It has been at least five years since I had fucked her in the ass and I was now officially jealous. Pam was whimpering and sucking in air as she reached around and spread her ass cheeks to give Pierce ample room to get into her ass. ?Oh you nasty motherfuckers? she told the two of them. ?Mrs. C has wanted to fuck two young studs for so very long. Fuck me good, boys? She was now in total control. The three of them started into a rhythm that made me start to sweat.?Oh my God, that is the most incredible fucking feeling. Fuck,Fuck,Fuck?Pam was chanting now as the two of them were giving her all she could handle. ?Your ass is so tight, I am gonna shoot my load? as Pierce started to thrust his hips and I could tell he was cumming in her ass. ?Oh man, I am cumming too? Pierce was now chiming in. ? Oh my God, give me that cum?ughhhhh, cum in me now? Pam was begging. This pounding by all three of them continued for another minute or so and then, Pierce first, then Pam rolled off and all three of them were laying there like they had just ran 5 miles. I brought them all a towel and the guys started cleaning up and getting dressed. Pam sat up and after wiping herself down, gave each of them a deep, wet kiss thanking them. ? I love my husband and he is the best fuck I have ever had, but you two are freaking awesome? Pam smiled. I reached for my wallet as I walked them to the door.?Man, put that shit up?, Jeremy told me. ?We should be paying you, Mr. C. Your wife is the hottest MILF we have ever even dreamed about.? And then they were gone.

I walked back in and Pam was sitting on the bed, smoking her e cigarette and slowly exhaling thru her nose and blowing rings from her mouth. She looked completely satisfied and glowing. ?Come here baby? I need that best fuck and I want it now? Pam cooed as she spread her legs and was rubbing her very red pussy as it was shining in the afternoon light.?After watching that show, I don?t know how long I can hold out honey? I confessed. ??Don?t worry, I just want to feel that cock of yours where it belongs and let it enjoy those sloppy seconds you have always joked about? she begged. I entered the wettest pussy I could have ever imagined and was soon fucking my wife with her legs straight up in the air, the way she likes it from me so I can get deep into her as possible with my thick 6 inches.??Fuck me honey. Mix that cum of yours inside my wet pussy and do it NOWWWWW??..? Pam begged. I could feel her pussy walls start to grab my aching dick. My cock had not hurt from holding my cum this long since one of the times I had been making out with my girlfriend in high school and had to come home and jack off in my bedroom. I still remember when I came that day that it seemed to shoot 10 feet in the air and I thought that if I pulled out of that clenching, wet, cum filled pussy, my cum would shoot at least that far. I started grunting and was now shooting rope after rope of cum deep into recesses of my wifes pussy that I did not know existed. It was the orgasm of my life.

We just smiled and kissed as we lay there afterwards. I was dozing off to sleep when Pam nuzzled against my ear. ?Honey, are you asleep? She whispered. I nodded no, but my eyes were closed.

?Did the boys say if they were off tomorrow?? Pam huskily begged. Immediately, my eyes were wide open and a big grin came across my face. What have I created? I wondered as I drifted off to sleep.

To be continued?..

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