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Teachers Pet - Part 2

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If you read Teacher's Pet Part One, you will know that my wife Angela has taken a 22-year-old black lover, Ty one of her former students, who has been living in the guest flat over our garage. For several months now Angela has been instructing him how to pleasure her and together we have been sharing the enjoyment of her 'Pet'. Ty will be leaving us soon to join the military, so Angela has planned a special treat for him. Another former student called Gail, who like Ty had a huge crush on Angela at school is now the target for Angela's attention. Gail is a single mom of 24 and Angela wants to seduce her and offer her as a gift to Ty. This is how it happened.

Angela met Gail in the mall a few months ago, shortly after we had introduced Ty into our sex life. At first it was just good to catch up with her ex-pupil. They saw each other a few times over the following weeks. While they chatted over coffee, Angela could sense Gail still liked her and commented to Gail that she had turned into a very attractive woman. Gail played it coy and was obviously embarrassed by the compliment.

"It's OK Gail, I know you had a crush on me at school. I was kind of flattered, although I didn't know what to do about it because I was never into girls. Looking at you now, maybe I missed out on something!"

Gail poured out her heart and said she had never been with a woman either but she used to idolize and worship Angela. After leaving school, she got pregnant very quickly and then when her little daughter was born the father just left. Angela held her hand and they talked affectionately for a while and promised to meet up again, since it was school vacation and Angela had lots for spare time. Just as she turned to leave Angela asked Gail if her crush had been sexual.

"Very", was Gail's simple reply.

"I'm glad!" said Angela, blowing a kiss to Gail and walking away.

That night, Angela told me all about the encounter and revealed her idea about seducing Gail and turning her into a new 'Teacher's Pet' for us to play with. She described Gail's dark hair and tall shapely body with soft round breasts, quite a contrast to Angela's lithe leggy athletic form. I was surprised she was interested in a woman because she had always told me it never turned her on.

"I'm doing it for Ty", she explained, "I want to give him a special gift before he leaves. And besides, I think it would be very sexy to watch him enjoy her in front of us, here in our bed!"

I wasn't going to complain and I loved the idea. Angela told me not to mention it to Ty because she wanted it to be a surprise. Then Angela set about planning Gail's seduction, starting by buying her lunch later that week. During lunch, after a couple of glasses of wine, Angela let Gail know she liked the idea of being with her.

"I have a confession to make", she whispered to Gail, pulling them close together so her hot breath caressed Gail's neck, "I fantasized about you after we had coffee. I went home and made myself come!"

"Oh, my god, so did I", swooned Gail. "I felt like a schoolgirl again. All my feelings for you came back!"

They continued their sexy talk throughout lunch and Angela could feel herself getting hot and wet at the thought of her first encounter with another woman. As soon as lunch was finished they came back to our house. In no time, they were naked in our bed, entwined in each other's arms and kissing. Angela told me they were like naïve school girls, not really knowing what to do but slowly the passion took over and they learned how to touch and please each other with fingers and mouths, eventually ending up in a 69-position eating each other through waves of beautiful orgasms. Caressing each other tenderly after their love-making, Angela started to tell Gail about keeping Ty in our home as a 'Teacher's Pet'. Gail couldn't remember Ty from school because she was a couple of years older. Angela explained he was black and very hot.

"Does your husband know you're fucking him?"

"Of course! It was mostly his idea. He watches and joins in. They share me together".

"You're so wicked!" chided Gail, "that is the sexiest thing I've ever heard!"

Angela explained to Gail how she loved Ty's strong young black cock and was tutoring him in the art of pleasing her. Gail said she hadn't been with a man for more than two years, so she had almost forgotten what cock felt like.

"Who knows", teased Angela, "I might even let you have a play with Ty - his cock is magnificent!"

Gail didn't reply, so Angela just let the idea sink in and didn't press her.

Over the next few weeks Angela and Gail started to meet regularly for sex during the day. Angela convinced Gail that so far, their trysts were a secret, even from me and she wanted to keep it that way. Of course, I knew everything! Being with Gail was really turning Angela on and left her hot and wound up. Those nights Angela was always so horny that usually we got Ty to come over and give her a good pounding.

One morning Angela announced she was finally ready to seduce Gail with the idea of fucking Ty. She went over to see Ty and had him fuck her hard and fill her up with come. Then when Gail come over a little later Angela apologized for being a bit unprepared.

"I'm sorry darling, I'm a bit of a mess today. Ty gave me such a hard fucking this morning and I haven't had time to clean myself up and get ready for you. Let's go upstairs and I can wash my sore pussy".

When they were in the bedroom, Gail and Angela quickly stripped off. Angela sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. Her puffy come-filled pussy was there for Gail to see.

"Look at what he did to me! He gave me such a wonderful pounding!"

Gail knelt between Angela's legs and inspected her pussy, gently stroking her engorged cunt lips. Ty's come leaked out and down to her ass crack.

"You poor thing. You need a woman's touch", consoled Gail. And then she lowered her mouth tenderly onto Angela's pussy and started to kiss and lick her clean. After she had brought Angela to two of the sweetest orgasms of their life, they fell into bed together.

"Would you like me to lick Ty's come from your pussy like that one day?" asked Angela.

"Fuck yes!" confessed Gail. "Will you share him with me?"

"No", said Angela, to Gail's surprise, "but I will share YOU with Ty while my husband watches him fuck you!"

"That's so naughty" exclaimed Gail, covering Angela's face with kisses. Angela started to finger fuck Gail and strum her clit intensely.

"Tell me you will be my student and follow my instructions!" Angela commanded.

"Yes, yes, please tell me what to do!" moaned Gail as she built up to a come.

Angela explained that she wanted Gail to come over to visit for a whole night, so she would need to leave her daughter with her mom. Angela explained that she would decide what happened to Gail that night and she would expect no complaints. Gail submitted completely. Angela even gave Gail money to buy sexy new lingerie and a dress, telling her she wanted her 'gift wrapped'.

The night was arranged and Gail came over at around seven-thirty. Angela introduced Gail.

"Mark, this is Gail, she is my new 'Teacher's Pet' who we are going to enjoy tonight. Gail, this is Mark, my husband. You can kiss him".

I stepped forwards and took Gail in my arms and kissed her. She didn't hesitate and responded, returning my kiss. Angela nodded approvingly, seeing that Gail was going to do as she was told.

Gail looked great in a red mini dress that hugged her curvy figure. She had gone to a lot of trouble with her hair and makeup and looked amazing. Angela came over and kissed her with me and said she was beautiful and so did I.

We sat down to a nice light dinner with a few glasses of wine. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed but you could see Gail was expectant and excited. Sometimes she squirmed a little in her chair when the conversation turned to sexy topics.

"Don't worry darling", reassured Angela, "we will be fucking you very soon now!"

Around nine-thirty we took Gail up to our bedroom and lit candles, then together we kissed her and slowly peeled off her dress. Underneath she had a cute set of red lingerie to match and we lay her down on the center of our bed still wearing it. When Angela and I were stripped, we joined Gail on the bed, one either side.

Slowly we started to kiss and caress Gail, not rushing her. We kissed her mouth and face together and she started to coo and moan gently. Angela leaned across Gail and kissed me deeply.

"Do you think she's ready yet?"

"Check if she's wet enough", I suggested.

"I'm soaking!" blurted out Gail and Angela kissed her laughing.

Then Angela called Ty on the house phone. He would have already been home about an hour and he knows this is about the time he gets a call if it's a sex night.

"Come on over to our bedroom. Mark and I have a special present for you tonight. You won't need clothes!"

We didn't have to wait long for Ty to arrive. He stopped at the foot of the bed admiring Gail, who was squirming slightly in anticipation.

"We thought you deserve a 'going-away present' and this is also your final test. We want to watch you fuck Gail and please her. Can you do that for me Ty?" asked Angela.

"You know I can!" said Ty confidently with a huge smile.

"Come here and help me unwrap your present" instructed Angela as she started to undo Gail's bra and help her out of it. Ty knelt on the bed and pulled down Gail's little red panties revealing a very neatly trimmed pussy with thick glistening protruding lips. All the time Gail was transfixed looking at Ty and his huge cock.

When Gail was naked, Ty just stayed put for a moment admiring her. She looked a little nervous but her eyes were glazed over with lust. Ty looked at Gail and me.

"Thank you, Mr. and Mrs Thomas, she's beautiful!" he said, as if looking at a new car.

"Enjoy!" declared Angela, "just make sure you don't come until I tell you. I have a little fantasy of my own for tonight!"

Then Ty moved over Gail and started to kiss her. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, finally rewarded with the touch of this beautiful male specimen. His cock lay rigid on her belly so he moved his body down slightly so his tip just brushed her pussy lips. Gail let out a moan.

"Please take me!" she called out.

"When I'm ready he replied", smoothing his end across her soaked lips and parting them to expose her clit. He ran his cock along her little button and she shivered with pleasure. Ty liked it when Angela begged him for his cock and he obviously wanted the same from Gail. Angela realized the game and asked: "Shall we hold her wrists?"

"For a while!" he smirked and moved back to kneel between Gail's thighs, so he could rub her clit more forcefully with his cock in his hand. Angela and I took Gail's wrists and held her arms wide, making her a sacrifice for Ty. Gail's torso was heaving and her breathing was in loud gasps. Ty kept winding up her lust.

"You gonna beg for it?" he asked.

"Yes. Anything. I just want you! Please, please fuck me!" Gail called out. She sounded like she was going to cry.

With her spare hand, Angela had started to touch herself and I was stroking my rigid cock enjoying the erotic scene unfold.

Ty pulled back away from Gail, making her gasp but before she knew what was happening, he grabbed her thighs forcing them open and dove his mouth down onto her slit. With all the months of tuition on Angela he knew how to eat pussy and in moments he was playing Gail like a violin, bringing her to the cusp of an orgasm and then making her hang there without coming. Gail started to sob with the exquisite pleasure, begging Ty to let her come. Angela and I looked smugly at each other and kept hold of Gail's wrists.

After a few more minutes of merciless teasing, Ty finally let Gail come and she screamed out wildly, twisting her body and trying to mash her cunt even harder on Ty's mouth. He kept up his assault on her clit and her head started to thrash from side to side as she shouted out to him.


TY decided she was ready and in one movement he drew on top of her and forced his whole cock into her. Instantly Gail's legs wrapped around his back as she welcomed him into her depths with a gasp.

Angela and I released her wrists and Gail clung onto Ty as he picked up a rhythm and started to plough into her. Little tears of joy started to drip form the corners of her eyes and she whimpered with another orgasm which just seemed to go on and on. She pulled Ty down and they kissed while he fucked her smoothly. It was almost better than watching him fuck Angela. She obviously liked it too because she was frigging herself hard now and beginning to come calling out and urging him to fuck Gail.

"Oh yeah, fuck her! Give her your cock deep. Fuck my little pet!"

When Angela had come, she tapped Ty on the shoulder and told him it was time for a new position. Gail was panting like a dog and was off in some dream world with a dazed look on her face. Angela lay down with her head at the end of the bed and ordered Gail to climb onto her in a sixty-nine position. As soon as Gail's pussy was over Angela's face, she started to nibble on Gail's clit. Ty knew exactly what to do and stood behind Gail, entering her from behind, his cock inches from Angela's face. Angela called out for Ty to fuck Gail and come inside her. I took my cue and knelt in front of Gail and shoved my cock in her mouth. Now all three of us were enjoying her.

Gail didn't stand a chance and was coming constantly. Ty and I smiled at each other across Gail's back and timed our thrusts in unison, impaling her on each forward thrust. This was fun!

Ty didn't last long and soon I saw him tense up and fill Gail with come. It reminded me of the first time I saw him empty his load into Angela and it made me smile and come too, although Gail didn't swallow it all and ended up with a messy come-soaked face.

As Ty withdrew, Angela started to eat his come from Gail's pussy, fulfilling her promise. Gail dropped her mouth onto Angela and dribbled my come into my wife's pussy, massaging it in with her tongue.

Ty and I just stood there watching two sexy women pleasing each other until they both came.

When they were flopped back on the bed, they held hands and kissed. Gail thanked Angela.

"It's not over yet!" Angela laughed. "Ty, take your present back to your room and enjoy her for the rest of the night. We'll see you in the morning".

Gail threw a questioning glance to Angela, who picked up Gail's, dress and lingerie and tossed them to her. "Do as you're told and whatever he wants", she scolded. "Now go!"

Ty grabbed Gail's hand and pulled her out of the room behind him. When we heard the door close downstairs, Angela and I collapsed in laughter and fell into each other's arms.

Angela quickly sucked my cock hard again and mounted me. We like to make love slowly after a hot session and talk about what we enjoyed most. Angela said she now understood why I loved sucking her while Ty fucks her from behind. She loved seeing his cock inside Gail so close and especially when he flopped out on her face all slimy with come and Gail's goo.

"I think Gail is a 'keeper' don't you?" I asked.

"Yes, but don't forget she's mine, not yours!"

"I won't!"

"But I will definitely let you play with her!"

"Yes please!" I replied and came inside my wicked wife.

(The story continues in Teacher's Pet Part 3).

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