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Teachers Pet - Part One

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My wife and I are a respectable normal couple in our thirties. I'm 38 and Angela is 34. I have my own business and she is a teacher at a local high school. We have lived in the same town our whole lives. Angela is a bit of a hottie, with a long legged, athletic body, although she tries to cover it up so she doesn't scare the parents at school or encourage the teenage boys.

A couple of months ago we went out to a simple local restaurant for dinner. The server at our table was a tall, handsome but slightly rough looking young black man in his early twenties.

"Hello Mrs. Thomas", he said unexpectedly, "I'm so pleased to see you again!"

"Hello Ty!" beamed Angela, obviously recognizing a former student, "how long have you been back in town?"

"Just six weeks. This is my first job!" he beamed.

"Good for you! I hope everything goes well for you!"

Ty was very attentive and took our orders. When he had gone, Angela explained that he was a former student who got in with the wrong crowd and after a series of minor crimes had ended up in and out of prison for a few years. He was basically a good kid, raised by a single mom and she had always liked him as a student. Each time Ty came back to our table there was a friendly exchange with my wife.

"How is your mom ty?" asked Angela eventually. His eyes dropped immediately.

"She died last year", he said sadly.

"Oh no - I'm so sorry to hear that. Where are you living Ty?"

"I'm still in the halfway house but I've got a few weeks before I have to move out"

Angela was upset and told Ty to give her a call, scribbling down our home number and her cell on his order pad. She told him to give her a call tomorrow and she would see if she could find anyone to help him. We had a nice dinner and left Ty a bigger than normal tip.

On the way home, Angela suggested that we could let Ty stay with us until he got himself back on his feet. She revealed that he had always been one of her favorite students and had liked his mother. I was apprehensive about the risks, especially with his background.

"Don't worry so much", reassured Angela, "I can always pick the good ones - you'll see!"

We met Ty a few more times and then he moved in to the self-contained flat above our garage. It was not directly connected to the house, so once we set some ground rules about no visitors or parties, I was OK with the arrangement.

Over the next month, Ty settled in well. He kept pretty much to himself in his studio above the garage and I had him do some work in our yard. Occasionally, depending on his shifts, either Angela or I would drop him off or pick him up at the restaurant. The rest of the time he went on his bicycle. Gradually I got to like him and any fears I had about his trustworthiness disappeared.

One afternoon I picked up some fencing and other yard material and brought it home, leaving my truck in the driveway, planning to find Ty to help me unload it. I could see Angela was already home from school, so I went in to say 'hi' to her. She didn't hear me as I entered the kitchen and I stood quietly at the door. Angela was staring out across the yard to where Ty was digging the post holes. He had his shirt off and his strong muscled torso was gleaming with sweat as he toiled. Angela just kept on watching him as the minutes passed, transfixed by the sight of his glistening black skin. I was sure the thoughts running through my wife's imagination were anything but innocent! I couldn't quite see from where I stood, but from the gentle swaying of her hips, I was sure she had her hand down the front of her jeans. Silently, I went back to the front door and made a much noisier entrance. I didn't want Angela to know I had seen her. Angela greeted me with an enthusiastic kiss and acted all innocent, although I could detect that her cheeks were slightly flushed.

That night lying naked beside Angela, I decided to test out what she thought about Ty.

"Was Ty one of the boys who had a crush on you when he was at school?" I asked. Many times, Angela had told me of the boys (and some girls) who developed hopeless infatuations for their teachers. They demonstrated their crushes in ways ranging from love notes to gifts and even outright flirting.

"Definitely - he got quite intense about me for a while, until I put a stop to it by threatening to confront his mother. He never wanted to be in her bad books!"

"So how did he behave?"

"All the usual things at first but then he would follow me around making sexual comments and telling me what he wanted to do with me, until one day he pinned me up against the wall in one of the classrooms and tried to kiss me".

"Did he succeed?"

"Not exactly, I turned my face to one side, so he kissed and nibbled my neck and shoulder, whispering how hot I was and that he masturbated all the time thinking about me. I could tell he had a hard on right then, although I never acknowledged it!"

I was finding this story strangely erotic, imagining Ty trying to kiss my lovely wife. At the time, we probably were still only engaged.

"Do you ever wonder what it would be like to fuck one of your students?" I had often asked Angela this question before and she always fended it off saying no teacher could afford to have thoughts like that. This time she hesitated for a second before answering.

"Not really. I admit it's hard not to see that some of them have already become fully grown men!"

"So, it has crossed your mind?"

"Is this a trick question?" asked Angela, smiling at me.

"No, but I would love to know what you really thought when Ty kissed you, back then".

Angela paused and drew in breath, then she gave a little sigh, like she had been found out.

"I liked it. It was a very hot moment and it turned me on!" she blurted out.

"And what if he tried it again nowadays?"

"Well he won't!" she deflected. "He's grown up now and I'm much older and married. Besides, he's been a perfect gentleman since he's been staying here. You've got nothing to be jealous or worried about".

"I'm not jealous or worried", I reassured her, "I was just wondering if you had thought what it would be like to fuck Ty now he's grown up into such a good-looking man?"

Angela got all coy and snuggled up closer to me, before she confessed.

"Maybe a couple of times", she giggled, "I couldn't help it! When he gardens with his shirt off I love to watch his body".

I snaked my hand down between her legs and found a very hot wet pussy.

"Hmm! Guilty as charged!" I said as I drew my finger up parting her lips and found her little button, which I started to tease. I kissed Angela and then whispered in her ear, "Would you like Ty to do this?"

"Stop making me think about him", she said halfheartedly.

"You've been fantasizing about him, haven't you?" I quizzed, my cock now getting very hard.

Angela looked at me with a mock guilty look and big sad eyes and just nodded before a wicked smile overtook her face.

"I think teacher has been naughty and needs detention!" I said, increasing my attention on her stiff little clit.

'Detention' is a game we often play when one of us has done something stupid or inconsiderate. We get the other to say something ten times that shows they are sorry and they understand the offence. We find it's a fun way to avoid silly arguments. This time I had ideas how I could use it to really test out Angela's fantasies about Ty.

"Yes, I've been bad" she said in a sulky voice, "what are my lines?"

"Say ten times - Oh Ty, I want you to fuck me with your black cock!"

"I can't say that!" protested Angela.

"If you don't I will double your detention!"

Angela looked at me with big shocked eyes and gingerly repeated it the first time:

"Oh Ty, I want you to fuck me with your big black cock!" I noticed she had spontaneously added the word 'big' and I smiled to myself.

"Again!" I commanded sternly, all the time increasing the attention on her pussy and inserting two fingers from my other hand into her.

"Oh Ty, I want you to fuck me with your big black cock!"

Now Angela was getting into it and I could sense her excitement building as she closed her eyes and tilted back her head. Time after time she repeated the phrase, each time moaning more. She must have lost count of how many times she said it because she kept going until finally she screamed out as an orgasm hit her:

"Oh Ty, fuck me, fuck me Ty, FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK!"

As Angela lay shuddering and coming down I kissed her.

"Did you enjoy that?" I asked, then placing her hand on my rigid cock.

"Too much!" she confessed, spotting my raging hard-on, "And it seems to have turned you on!"

"Too much!" I joked and we both laughed, knowing that we had crossed a new boundary.

"You might have to punish me again", volunteered Angela, "because I did do something a bit naughty the other day!" She then proceeded to explain that she had gone up to Ty's room while he was out to give him fresh towels and had stripped off naked and got into his bed, where she made herself come three times imagining he found her there and fucked her.

I nearly came on the spot and told Angela she had earned a double detention of twenty lines. This time I told her she had to say: 'yes Ty, fuck me like that and come in me - I want your come!'

I positioned myself between Angela's legs and told her to start her lines as I pushed my cock into her sopping pussy. As I drove my cock into her, my wife closed her eyes and called out as she was instructed but with more passion and little variations,

"Oh, yes Ty, fuck me just like that. Please come in me - I want your come!"

It was all I could do not to shoot my load immediately. Angela could sense my excitement and talked more and more filthy as she begged Ty to fill her with his come. Eventually I couldn't hold on any more before she could repeat twenty times. As my cock started to twitch I felt Angela coming too and she screamed out her final filthy talk:

"Yeah fuck me Ty! Fill my cunt with hot come! Fuck me and fill me!"

I did my best to oblige with the biggest come of my life so far, as I collapsed into Angela's arms. She nibbled and kissed my ear and then whispered, "Thank you Ty, I've wanted that for so long!"

We lay there panting and kissing and I asked Angela if she had any other confessions. She told me she had sort of flirted a bit with Ty over the last week and she had noticed him looking her up and down, so she thought he still fancied her. Finally, the full truth came out.

"I want to do him for real - as long as it doesn't break us up", she confided.

"I want it too. Let's plan it together!"

So, for the next couple of days we talked about all our ideas. We fucked dozens of times as we explored our fantasy. Eventually we set some ground rules and decided the first time, I should be somewhere in the house close by and that Angela should set it up by waiting naked in Ty's bed when he got home from work. The best time would be when he had an early shift and the night off. Angela would already be home from school, so I could collect Ty and send a signal to Angela to be ready. I normally go straight to my study when I get home over on the far side of the house and she could have a hot 'quickie' with Ty. By leaving her car a few doors down with a neighbor, I could pretend that I thought she was still at school.

On the day, we were both very excited and nervous. Angela texted me from school a dozen times to tell me how turned on she was and could hardly teach her lessons. A couple of times she asked me to assure her we were doing the right thing. I told her I couldn't concentrate either and I just wanted it to happen.

Everything went to plan and I stopped by the restaurant after work to collect Ty, sending a quick text to Angela: "be naked and ready - I have some black cock for you!"

In the truck on the way home I told Ty that I couldn't do anything in the yard with him tonight because I had some urgent emails and accounts, so I would have to go straight to my study. When I pulled into our garage, I commented that Angela was obviously running late, wished him good night at the bottom of his stairs and let myself into the house as he started to climb the stairs. As he reached the top and entered his room, I silently followed him up and stood outside his door. Fortunately, he left it slightly open and I could hear what was happening inside. I knew Angela would be lying there, naked in his bed.

"What are you doing here Mrs. Thomas?"

"Waiting for you to get home - to see how you would react". There was a pause while he must have surveyed her waiting womanhood.

"You want me to get in bed with you?" said Ty rather nervously. "What about your husband?"

"Don't worry about him. He always works when he first gets home. He won't hear a thing from his study. And I left my car at a friend's house so he won't think I'm home!"

I could hear Ty peeling of his shoes and clothes and throwing them down.

"Well I've wanted to get you into bed for years, so I'm not going to miss my chance!"

"Good then just come here Ty, I want you to fuck me with that big black cock!"

I heard the bed move and I knew he was lying with her. It was quiet with very little movement, so I knew they were kissing. I listened to Angela's moans and sighs and imagined his black hands roaming all over her sweet white body.

"I'm already wet, just push into me", she implored and I heard a gasp as he must have started to penetrate her. "Slowly - you're big!"

"Oh, that feels sooooo good", called out my wife, as her black lover began to enter her more forcefully. I could hear the bed rocking as he built up a rhythm. Soon little squeals of pleasure were coming from Angela with his every thrust. She kept up a constant commentary, telling Ty how much she had always wanted him, how beautiful his cock felt and begging him to keep fucking her. Ty didn't say much but grunted with the effort as he drove his cock into Angela.

They were like animals. There was nothing refined about their fucking as he just kept on pounding her. I knew all her noises and I could tell that Angela was building up to her first orgasm. Then she started to shout out and repeat her detention lines:

"Oh, yes Ty, fuck me just like that. Please come in me - I want your come!"

Then the orgasm hit her and she screamed out in perfect ecstasy. I loved hearing her coming with Ty's cock buried in her. He didn't miss a beat and just kept fucking her mercilessly. Now she was just moaning constantly and mumbling incoherently. He didn't give her any time to recover and I could tell she was still up high and she started to scream out again.

"Oh yes, Yes, YES! Fuck me! FUCK ME! FILL MY CUNT! COME IN ME! I WANT IT!"

Ty started to grunt and Angela went wild. I knew he was filling my wife's womb with hot seed and she loved it. It was exactly what she had always wanted.

"Oh yes, I love it! I love your hot come! Oh, it feels amazing!"

Ty continued to pump and thrust into Angela at least another dozen times before I heard him slow down and then the sound of them kissing again. It had happened! My wife had fucked her young black stud. I just wished I could have watched it all.

"I've got to go", Angela announced, "if I go now, Mark won't suspect anything", she lied convincingly. Ty begged her to stay and said he wanted her again. "Don't worry, we'll do this again. I haven't finished with you yet!" I heard her get up from the bed and could tell they were standing there kissing again. "Next time, I want to suck this beast!" Then, as she started to pull on her clothes, I slipped silently down the stairs and into our house. I went straight up to our bedroom and stripped off to wait for Angela in bed, just like we had arranged.

Ten minutes later I heard her car pull in and she came upstairs. She looked fresh fucked and was beaming with a victorious smile as she rushed into the bedroom.

"I did it! I fucked him and it was amazing!" she announced elated, beginning to strip off her clothes.

"I know! I listened to everything outside the door - it was the sexiest thing ever! I'm so proud of you!"

"I'm proud of myself!" she laughed, "his cock is BIG and I took it all!"

Angela was just about to go into the bathroom to freshen up and I told her to come straight to bed. I wanted to enjoy some 'sloppy seconds'. Angela fell into my arms and we kissed passionately. Her eyes flashed and sparkled. She was alive with her own sexuality and so full of Ty's come that between her legs was oozing.

"I've got to see what he's done to you", I said, positioning me face between her legs. I ran my fingers through the gooey mess and parted her pussy lips. Then I licked my fingers. "Mmm, tastes better than I expected!"

Angela reached down and dipped her finger into her pussy and gathered up a good glob of come before licking her finger clean.

"Yum! I love his come!"

"Me too!" I announced as I covered her pussy with my mouth and started to lick and suck Ty's come from my wife's used pussy. Angela's hands were immediately pulling my head onto her snatch.

"That's so fucking filthy - but I love it! Suck me out darling!" she begged.

I didn't need any encouragement and in no time, I had her coming on my face and literally pumping his come into my mouth with her contractions. Once I was satisfied I had sucked out as much as possible, I pulled myself up and entered her, where only minutes before, his cock had been. I told Angela how hot she felt inside and how much it turned me on to know she was freshly fucked by another man.

"Go on then - fuck my used pussy! Think about his cock inside me! I want you to come where he did!" Angela knew what I wanted to hear and just kept telling me about his big cock and feeling his come gushing into her. That was enough for me and I came quickly.

Lying there in the after-glow, saying how much we loved each other, we agreed the experience had been a total success. My cock never really went down after my come and soon I was hard enough again for Angela to climb on top of me.

We made love quite slowly talking about the whole experience, kissing passionately and saying how much we had both enjoyed it. I asked her to tell me more about his cock and what it felt like when he fucked her.

"His cock is long but not much fatter than yours. And he doesn't really know how to use it. He just shoves it in and keeps fucking. I didn't mind that because I just wanted to be fucked, so it was actually a big turn on".

"Maybe you can become his teacher again! And he can be your Teacher's Pet!"

"I would love that!" she beamed happily, "I can give him special tuition on how to pleasure me!"

"And I want to watch", I confessed, "hearing him fuck you was great but I want to see his cock sliding in and out of you and I want to watch him come in you!"

We started to discuss all the ways we could enjoy Ty. Angela said I should teach Ty how to lick and suck her pussy and it would turn her on so much of we could both lick her at the same time! I promised we would do that and lots more. My big ask was to lie on my back, sucking Angela in a 69 position while Ty fucked her pussy right in front of my face and came inside her. Angela loved that idea too. We both came several more times and we were so engrossed in exploring our fantasies that we completely missed having dinner. I even suggested that Angela went back over to Ty and got another load of his come because I was so hungry.

"No, I don't want him to think I'm desperate or I'm just going to run to him. I'm the teacher and he will have to enjoy being my pet or nothing at all. Besides, I'm going to have to explain to him that you'll be there to watch and join in next time". She was right of course - do what the teacher says! "I'm going to make him wait a few days and then we can have a good session at the weekend!"

That worked out well because Ty was on double shifts but had Sunday off. Angela avoided seeing him and he made his own way to and from work. Ty did text her a couple of times but Angela told him she needed time to decide what happened next, so if he wanted any chance of another experience, he should not pester her. Immediately she took control of the situation and I could see how assertive she could be as a teacher. What a turn on! No wonder her students had crushes on her!

On Saturday night Angela left a note on Ty's bed.

'Dear Ty, I enjoyed being with you - it was very hot and sexy. I had always wanted to fuck you and if possible, I want it to happen again. In the future, there will have to be some conditions, so I want you to think carefully before you agree.

First, my husband knows and he's is completely OK. It was Mark who encouraged me to do it with you, so you have nothing to worry about from him. Second, I want Mark to be there to watch and join in. It turns us on a lot to share our sexual fantasies and pleasures as a couple. You must decide if you can cope with that. I want to teach you how to give me true pleasure. I will decide when, where and how, on my terms. You will be my 'Teacher's Pet'. I'm sure you will enjoy being my student! When I am satisfied that you are an experienced and accomplished lover, I will reward you with one whole weekend when I will be just yours to enjoy, any way you want.

If you decide to submit to my rules and commit to follow my instructions and requests, then send me the following text: 'Mrs. Thomas, I want to be your student and promise to follow your rules and instructions. Ty'

Mrs. Angela Thomas

Angela and I were lying in bed when the text came in, just after midnight. Ty must have just got home, read the note and responded immediately.

"Shall we give him a quick fuck as a reward?" she asked me. Of course, I said yes and watched her text him back.

"Have a shower and come over immediately. The side door is open. Come up to our bedroom. I just want a simple hard fucking doggy style. We will start your proper tuition tomorrow".

"OK 5 mins" was his response.

Angela was in her element and took control. She dimmed the lights, propped me up with pillows in the bed so she could kneel in front of me to suck my cock and present her pussy to Ty. I could watch all the action and the look on her face as he fucked her. I warned her that I wouldn't last too long!

"Don't worry, I have some ideas for that!" she smiled.

We didn't have to wait long for Ty. He stripped off his shorts and I saw his long black cock for the first time. He was already hard. Angela looked over her shoulder and told him he should get behind her and just enter her. I watched her satisfied grin as she felt his manhood penetrating her. She closed her eyes and let out a deep moan. Her fingers encircled my cock and she began to pump me in time with his thrusts. She was already pushing back to meet him and calling out for him to stuff her full of cock.

Angela instructed Ty exactly what she wanted - the depth, speed and force of his strokes. Once she was satisfied she told him so.

"Oh yes Ty, that's perfect! Do me just like that - I love it! I love your cock!"

Then she opened her eyes, flashed me a wicked smile and winked before she engulfed my cock in her mouth. All she needed to do was encircle me with her lips. Ty's thrusts drove my cock in and out of her waiting mouth. Angela just kept looking straight at me, her beautiful eyes crinkled in a smile. Yes, she was loving it and so was I.

Watching my sexy wife being humped by her black lover was so exciting - the contrast of his black skin against her white body was so erotic that I only lasted a few more minutes before I shot a powerful load in her mouth. After six or seven pumps, she pulled her mouth away and quickly jumped off me and Ty. She spun round and locked her arms behind his neck. Before he had time to react she was kissing him with a mouth full of my come. I watched them kissing passionately with eyes closed, their mouths hungry and hands caressing frantically.

Angela broke the kiss and told me to lie on my back with my head at the end of the bed. I knew what was next as she straddled my face forcing her clit into my mouth. Then she fell forwards so her face was on my cock. She was going to make one of my fantasies come true.

"Fuck me from behind until you come", she instructed Ty, "I want Mark to see how beautifully your cock fits in my cunt!"

Ty did what he was told and I watched his magnificent piece parting my wife's pussy lips only inches from my face. She was so wet and open for him.

My come soaked cock quickly sprang to attention again and I felt Angela slip it into her mouth. Ty's cock kept scything into her snatch causing her juices to splash on my face. I wrapped my arms around her back and held her tight in that position so I could keep her clit in my mouth. Soon she was gasping and gagging on my cock as her orgasm came in waves. I didn't let up my grip and her black-cocked stud just kept fucking her, his balls occasionally slapping my forehead.

Now she was losing control and couldn't stop coming. Her screams were only muffled by my cock in her mouth, until finally I felt Ty tense up and I witnessed his cock and balls contracting as he pumped his load deep into my wife, triggering my second come of the night. This time, Angela drank down all my come quickly.

As Ty began to withdraw his glistening pole from Angela, I witnessed her open flowering pussy bubbling and sputtering with his fresh come. A big string fell straight onto my lips and across my face and I reveled in the smell of their hot mixed juices.

Angela turned slightly and told Ty he was finished.

"Thank you, Ty. You fucked me very well. Now go and have a good night's sleep. You'll need all your strength tomorrow".

As Ty left, I settled into my task of cleaning Angela's pussy. This time I didn't rush and over the next twenty minutes I was rewarded by lots of Ty's come while she had two more orgasms.

For the last couple of months, we have found so many ways to enjoy Ty as part of our sex life. He has become a good lover and we sometimes spend the whole night enjoying and pleasuring Angela together. We suck and lick Angela together for hours, taking turns to make her come or come inside her. Ty will happily suck my come from her too. Angela loves to suck both our cocks together and we love to douse her face in come. She has been resisting our attempts to double penetrate her. I know she can only hold out so long and I'm looking forward to feeling Ty's cock next to mine as we fill her two holes. I have bought a new camera and I have plenty of great movies and photos of all our fun times together.

Ty has grown in confidence now and he will be leaving us soon to join the military. Angela has a wicked scheme to seduce a former student called Gail, who is a single mother a few years older than Ty. Then she wants to give Gail to Ty as a special 'going away present' and let him fuck her. Gail had such a crush on Angela at school and they have been meeting for coffee quite often recently. Angela is sure she can get Gail to obey her instructions. I'm hoping I can watch two of teacher's pets performing together. If I'm lucky, maybe I will get to eat Ty's come from Gail's pussy too, although I may have to fight Angela for that pleasure!

Ty and I have also been hatching our own plan. Angela has said that Ty is almost ready for his weekend alone with her. I told Ty that Angela will still need a pet when he goes, so he is planning to bring a couple of his former classmates along and surprise her with a gang bang on his weekend alone with her. After all, she did say that she would be his to enjoy any way he wants! I'm sure she will have no choice that weekend to avoid multiple penetrations at once! I'm planning to be there too but just to record the events. I'm hoping Angela enjoys the other men enough to add them to her stable of pets.

I have also been encouraging Angela to find and groom other new pets for the future. Not surprisingly, she can think of plenty of potential candidates!

Our new lifestyle is fun and satisfying. I have no real desire to fuck other women but I love the sight of my wife enjoying another man's cock and the taste of his come from her pussy. Something tells me the best is yet to come!

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