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Stream Fishing the whole story

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My wife, Kathy, and I have been married for over 4 years. You could say our lives are mundane, maybe even stagnant. We are sexually with just the usual few minutes of foreplay. Kathy is an attractive, average height and weight, 46 years old, with wavy long blond wavy hair, and rich green eyes. She has wonderfully large breasts that sway a little when she walks. She has very long sensitive pink nipples that become quite hard at the slightest touch, a direct go button to wetness. She has a nice hourglass figure with a nice butt for her age. See stays in good shape by doing the gym a few times a week. I?ve harbored secretly fantasies about her throughout the years after reading fantasies about men who share their wives, but never took the opportunity disclose them to her. For the past two years I?ve tried hard to break out of this funk to opening our sexual lives. Kathy, on the other hand, is open to talk in bed, getting excited when we speak during sex. We?ve tried all kinds of different things, from toys, films and so on. I know that she?s a little frustrated but has never complained.

One summer day, a buddy of mine, Mike, called and said he was looking for land in the same area we had already bought. He asked would I mind showing him around. Since we already had plans to go up there, it was not a problem. About half way into our three hour drive we stop for lunch and decided to have my wife ride with him just in case we separated. An hour into the ride I noticed from the rear view mirror her head was below the dash and it instantly got a hard thinking of what could be going on. Towards the end of the ride they past me up, when Mike flung her panties out the window. It was like we suddenly broke out of all in habitations. Arriving at our destination, it was heavenly wooded, with fresh air, and a great view. Knowing my wife was horny as hell and all fired up, we sat on a fallen log while Mike walk around taking his time. As usual kissing thing lead petting and soon she was sitting on a log with my cock in her mouth. Mike slowly walked up the hill toward us, I was standing facing him, fearing she would stop, leaving me hanging, but she didn't, she was proud of her talent. Mike who was staring wide eyed for some kind of response watched following her lips move up and down my shaft, and not blaming him one bit. Kathy has quite a talent for sucking cock and looked awfully inviting at that moment.

Mike moved to my left getting a better view between us, watching my cock disappear repeatedly in and out of her mouth. Finally cluing up he pulled his cock out, stroking it saying "man she is bad-ass, the best I?ve ever had", I got excited, confirming my thoughts of earlier. Never missing a beat she grabbed Mike?s rod examining his package closely, while keeping her lips wrapped around my cock. From that moment on, receiving head from my wife took on a new meaning, as she continued to stroke Mikes cock getting him hard. I looked down at Kathy who was staring at Mike's monster, I jokingly said to Mike, "It looks like she might like to try that again." Watching her actions forced my orgasm, I no longer could hold back, shoving my cock and my load down her willing throat taking all I could give her. Kathy now looking back at Mike, in amazement, said "How big is this?? Mike leaned in and lightly guided the back of her head, rubbing his cock across her face and lips, saying "Let me show you". She began to gently stroke his flaside cock flicking just the end with the tip of her tongue. "You find this on a horse!" she giggled as blood rushed to my head at what my wife said. My cock suddenly stirred, thinking ?What had I done?? Smiling up at both of us, after swallowing my load and rubbing remnants of my cock around here lips, holding both of our cocks, now just sucking his tip, flicking it back and forth tasting the drops of pre-cum.

She began wrapping her lips, sucking hard on his mushroom head, opening her mouth wider, trying to take him in deeply, then slowly pulling away, pressing her lips tightly over the head dragging her tongue and teeth along the underside of his thick shaft. Stopping for a moment, with her right hand rapidly stroking the length of his saliva coated cock, looked up at me and said, "Are you ok with this?", ?Hell ya? I replied. Mike?s right hand grab his shaft, while his left hand grab her head guiding it back into her mouth. Not stopping now, she pulled his pants and underwear halfway down, grabbing his ass with one hand, cradling his balls in her other. "Mmmmm" she purred as she pulled him closer, pressing his shaft further down her throat, welcoming his probing cock. Looking up at his face, smiling, she saw the pleasure Mike?s cock was receiving with her hot wet mouth.

Her lips and tongue bathed his cock along the sides of his shaft, then nibbled and licked his balls. Taking his cock in her left hand she forced it hard back into her mouth and down her throat. You could hear his breath becoming more labored, knowing his time was getting close, Mike smiled, looking down watching my wife putting on such a hot show. She removed her shirt and tossing it aside displaying her breast, moaning, "Oh my god". His large cock had become granite hard, trying to keep from cumming slightly pull away, , her head and mouth worked themselves over his cock again and again. Her face wet with saliva dripping off her chin running down her neck and tits. Mike moaning constantly, panting and grunting as her mouth continued to moved up and down on his cock. His hips started thrusting and flexing into her mouth, as she was pulling out all the stops. "Oh god????Kathy????Oh god???.?I?m going to cum???Yes???Yes???Yes???Oh god???Suck that cock" he moaned loudly. Now shaking, watching my wife?s head bobbing on his cock in a flury, sucking and licking him to ecstasy. She appeared to be in her own world, filled with his cock, pulling him towards her eager mouth, forcing his cock deep one last time down her throat and holding him there feeling him grow even harder in her mouth.

Pulling her dress up around her waste, viewing her hairless pussy, so aroused and damp, she was truly a sight to behold. Releasing her grip on his sack, she reached down between her legs, fingering her now wetness, slipping two fingers deep inside herself. Quickly she returned her hand to its place, cradling his balls, supporting them in palm of her hand. His one hand rested on her shoulder, the other clenched her hair. I was so proud of her and her effort, it was just a matter of time before his legs started shaking, emptying his deposit into her mouth.

Mike moaned deeply, giving into his need to release his hot seed. "Now baby??.?Kathy???Now???I'm goanna?.......?Cum? he wailed as his hips flexed hard. Suddenly she stopped bobbing her head, holding still sucking hard on the head of his cock, sending electricity through out his body. Her right hand stroking him hard up and down in a blur, while her left hand tug and squeezed tightly on his balls. "Uhhhhhhhh" Mike moaned, with his eyes closed, his head bent down, flexing his hips, trying to fuck my wife?s mouth, again and again. Mike?s pulled at the back of her head as he pressed his hips forward shoving his cock as deep down her. She felt his hard cock begin to pulse and throb in her mouth. She was soon rewarded with the feel of his sweet cum squirting down her throat. She pulled back a bit to give him another deep suck to coax his orgasm along, filling her mouth with his seed. His cock swelled and pulsated while she continued her effort, jerking, twisting, and stroking the his shaft, gagging several times. She'd gotten her mouth full, instinctively chugging down her throat, still pulling hard on his balls. She gently sucked and licked his cock as she road out his orgasm, moaning, trembling, weak legged with all his pleasure. Still sitting before him she withdrew her mouth, his cock still in her hands, looking up into his eyes licking a dribble of cum from her lips, smiling up, saying "Tasty" then returned to his cock with her mouth squeezing every last drop of cum from him. He smiled down at her breathlessly whispering "Your??.. ?Such??..?A good girl? on unsteady legs. Returning sucking gently and licking sweetly, getting every bit of cum then pulled away with a satisfied smile.

Leaning back on one arm, her head now tossed back with her hair cascading down her back, sun shinning on her chest, while sitting on the log. We watched those giant tits swaying erotically from her movement, with her legs slightly spread apart. Both of us looked down at her cunt gapped open, juices running down the crack of her ass. I reached down for her crotch as she began to moan. I slowly open her lips and inserted two fingers into her cunt, continuing to work them in and out for minutes, knowing she was nearing a orgasm saying ?That's it????Play with my pussy?. I was sweating bullets. My cock started getting hard, ?Come on????Finger my pussy??..?Fuck me with your fingers????Fuck me hard you bastered??..?Fuck??.?That feels so good??..?I need this so bad? was her reply between moans. My wife?s and my fingers completely soaked, trading fingers in each others mouth forcing me to taste her. Now pressing her vibrator hard against her clit, she spread her legs wider giving us both a show. Seeing such a look of hunger on her face, was such a turn on to me. "Uhhhhhhh" she moaned, as Mike?s hand replaced mine between her parted thighs, as his fingers dipped in, pressing against the soft wet feel of her shaven pussy, pressing in against her labia, and clit. "Oh god" my wife moaned as his hand rubbed her there. "Make me cum??.?Please Mike??..?Make me cum" she breathed out between moans. Mike kneeling between my wife?s legs, his face inches from her pleasure, three fingers inside the wetness of her opening, his thumb rubbing her clit, while his little finger probed her ass. Crashing into orgasm, squirting like a fosscets, never seen her let go like that. The day ended with both of us sitting on each of her on the log, with her top off, fingering her to multiple orgasms, while we took turns sucking her tits.

On the way home still hot and bothered reliving what had just taken place, she placed her legs wide on the dash, her dress pulled up, wetness on her pussy, fingering her self, not caring of the view she gave every passing truckers. She relived her escapade of the drive up, how she started playing with Mike?s cock. How she put her head in his lap sucking his cock while he lifted her dress and fingered her. She said ?All I could think of was how much fun I was having knowing how turned on you must be??..?Knowing I?m sucking another mans cock and how he fingered me to multiple orgasms?. Looking up at me she asked ?Daddy, did today really turn you on???.?Did you like watching another man fuck and cum in your wife?s mouth??..? ?Did you like how I squirted all over his face??.?The way he turned me on???.?Do you like me talking dirty???.?Did that turn you on???.?Do you want me to do it again?? ? all I could say was ?Yes?. Since that time, in bed we played and replayed the thought of Mike fucking her for hours while either I watched or listen in the next room. When we got home we had many replayed fantasies including Mike.

Months later Mike called, asking me "If I would like to go fishing". I asked him ?What do you have in mind?? Thinking he might be interested in continuing our little fun. He said ?I want to go stream fishing for trout.? I told him "Sounds like a great idea????I have a great place to go". My mind was rushing at mock speed, how can I set this up? We decided to leave Friday mid-morning, driving about an hour and a half to a lodge at the peak of the Sierras. What he didn't know was Kathy was going to be about 90 minutes behind. We arrived, check in to our rooms and had lunch. During conversation I told him of how much we had enjoyed the last time we got together, and how much it help our sex life. He gave with the biggest smile on his face and agreed. I asked him ?Could you do me a hug favor?? He said "What's that?? I said "Will you spend the weekend with my wife?"??"I'll give you my room"??"It's the bridle sweet"??"I want you to treat my wife real good"??"Take care of her needs??..?Give her what ever she wants". He was thrown back with what I had said. He asked me "why?" I said "Because you can't believe what it does for our sex life". He said "Let me think on it".

When Kathy arrived and found us out back by the river sitting on a large rock, she had an instant connection between the two of them. She walks up with her hair styled and a low cut dress, greeting both of us, leaning down kissing me, showing in full view her large breast. Standing up with a big smile, she asked, "Have you spoken to Mike about our little secret?? I said "Yes but he's not sure"???He believes it will hurt our friendship". She grabbed Mike?s hand, pulling him up towards her, "DAMN" she laughed as he started too walked into her arms. "Hi" smiling at him, leaning in for a kiss, "Hi" he smiled back, welcoming her into his arms and meeting her for the kiss. Her lips parted slightly and her tongue found its way into his mouth. His hand found the back of Kathy?s head as they passionately kissed for moments embracing each other. She leaned forward grinding on his body, pressing herself against him. She could feel his cock growing harder through his jeans as they continue to kiss. Reaching down to give him a quick squeeze, seeing his hand comfortably place on her breast, she reached down again and grabbed his crotch, stroking it through his jeans, clearly showing the out line of his hardness. She turned her head towards me and said "It looks like I have an answer". They passionately kissed several more times with his hands exploring all the parts of her body, concentrating on the enjoyment of squeezing her breast in her half bra. Soon walking away, clearly seeing his hand drop low groping my wife's ass, with her arm around his side.

A short time later I look over my right shoulder seeing them up in the window of the upstairs bridle sweet. Mike turned French kissing my wife, as he slowly undid the buttons on her dress, soon removing her bra. Thrusting her tits upward, he took his time suckling each of her nipples in his mouth, while completely removing her dress. She said? I slowly reached out with trembling hands and undid his pants. Reaching inside, I grasped a hold of his huge shaft and pulled it out into the open. I never remember his cock being that long or thick. I couldn't get my hand around it. I thought, "My God, how can this be?????How can any one be hung like this???..?This was a pussy wrecker." She said ?I was getting nervous and scared, because I had never handle a cock that big???.?Never in my life did I think this would ever fit?. My husband always bragged about my pussy being so little and tight. Fearful of the pain, he would wreck me for life, but it was too late to stop, since I had gone this far with him.

My eyes now closed, bent at the waste, with my hands pressed against the window, naked except for my shoes, his hands from behind freely exploring the softness of my breast hanging down in full view. I reached back with my left hand and slowly stroked his cock. Mike new how wet I get when my tits were pinched and sucked, feeling set up by my husband, knowing it was one of my favorite forms of foreplay. After moments of moaning from Mike?s right hand fingering me rapidly, penetrating my pussy with multiple fingers, my juice all over his hand, running down my legs, I turned to him trying to gain my senses. Facing the right side of the window, Mike looked down at my husband with a big smile on his face as he placed his right hand on my head gently pushing me down letting me know he wanted his cock sucked again. Instinctively feel to my knees, surrendering to his needs, leaning forward and took his cock in my mouth. Trying to give him the hottest, most passionate blow job he had ever had, idolizing his cock. Stroking him with one hand, cupping his balls with the other, moving my mouth up and down his shaft, licking circles all around the head, I knelt pleasuring him. Increasing my speed, stroking his shaft, sucking as much of his cock as I could fit, knowing it was just moments before he filled my mouth. My husband still down at the river watched looking up in the window for his wife who disappeared except for the top of her head moving back and forth, offering Mike, her lover a satisfying blow job. My husband watched Mike?s hips jerk back and forth for some time, until I stood up, looked down at my husband, wiping my mouth with my index finger, and then disappeared for over an hour.

Kathy told me later after wiping the mess of my face and swallowing the rest of his load he took me to the shower. I started lathering his body washing his hair and chest, but ended up stroking and washing his hard cock with soap. He spun me around, and bent me over, his hands holding me by my waist, sliding his finger down the crack of my ass until he touched my back door as I gasp. He grabbed my hips, spreading my checks, holding my balance with the shower wall, feeling his fingers probing both of my openings. Double penetrating me, fucking me hard with his hand. His pace quickened as I moaned "Oh yes?...?I?m? ...?Going to?....?Cum?...?Please don't stop?....?Ohhhhh". My entire body stiffened as the climax crashed through my body. He pressed his fingers deep to the knuckle in me and held them there, as I came. Trying to pull away and escape from the added attentions, knowing I didn?t have the power get away, gasping and moaning, I shuddered as I came hard, my pussy throbbing and convulsing with delight. Slowly I relaxed standing there, panting slightly as he gently teased and probed me with little strokes until he pulled his fingers from me. Still with my face pressed against the tile, he grabbed the front of my hips from behind, fucking my lower back with his soapy tool for twenty or thirty seconds. I then felt his soppy hard cock slide down between my ass fucking my cheeks for close to a minute. He forced me to balance on my on one foot, while he held my left leg up, balancing, as his long cock worked its way further down sliding back and forth along the underside of my taint until I encountered this sharp shooting pain through my body. Jumping, I realized he had taken his soppy tool up my virgin ass. Trying to fight him off, he plunged his huge cock like a spear, deep, with force, pinning me deep inside of my ass, something I refused to let anyone do?. Pissed off I yielded ?What the fuck are you doing?? responding ?I'm fucking your ass and you better like it?.

"Uhhhhhhh? I screamed, grunting as he thrust into me like a machine, holding me close. One arm was around my throat the other around my waist. I couldn't see his face, but the way my body shook, told me it was a fine line between pleasure and pain. My large tits now smashed against the tile, holding me in complete control, mounting me for what seamed like an eternity. The pain raced to my head, I thought I was ripping part and would pass out. I felt so full with his cock sawing it way passing the ring of my ass, invading me like a prized bull, feeling like I had been mounted by a light pole. It felt weird, his cock penetrated my ass, feeling his thickness passing back and forth. I could barely breathe trying to handle the pain of what was happening. Not given a choice, I tried to just relax and surrendered to it all, as Mike lifted my ass up higher and shoved in deeper.

With one arm still holding me around the waist, his other reached forcefully around grabbing my tits, squeezing my nipples, pinching them to the point of pain, while biting the back of my neck leaving teeth marks. Mike?s face turned toward me with his lips near my ear; softly whispering soothing words of encouragement telling me ?you have a wonderful tight virgin ass???..?My cock feels great plowing it???? ?You need to relax so you don?t feel much pain?????Soon this will be over and you will be mine?. He was now ramming so deeply that he was banging me hard. "My cock feels so good fucking your ass???.?I?ve jacked off many times dreaming of this since the last time you sucked my cock???..?Does it feel good, are you enjoying it too?? I moaned, "Fuck no!" Mike was driving his stretching cock into me with long deep strokes, his balls slapping me ?Do you like my cock in your ass????.. ?Yes? I said, ?Please fuck me???.?Fuck me in my ass?? hoping to get this over quicker ?Yes,???Fuck my ass.? he asked ?Have you ever been fucked in your ass before?? he ask ?No?.....?Fuck?.....?No? I replied ?Then I'm the first man to fuck your ass?? I nodded yes, with my eyes shut tight, tears rolling down my face ?I?m honored? he said ?Do you like playing with yourself????..?Show me how naughty you are?. I started to breath really heavy, hoping what I was doing was driving him nuts. I reached between my legs, grasping his huge wet balls, feeling them tightening up in my hands, I knew that Mike wasn't far off from emptying his load. I couldn't wait to feel his hot seeds dumping out into my burning rectum. Lovingly I squeezed his balls, pushing back to meet his thrust, he increased his humping. Fucking me with a frenzied, all the while hoping this would end. I could feel his huge cock expanding even larger, as my ass clamped more tightly, as another vaginal orgasm started to build deep inside me. The shaking in my body got stronger, my finger tips trying to grip the shower wall, as his grunting became one long moan. Seconds later he whispered in my ear ?what?s my name?. ?What? I said, again he said ?What?s my name?. I said ?Fucking Mike, what else?. ?Wrong? he said in a stern voice, plunging me harder, causing the pain to increase, ?From now on you will address me as master?????Do you understand? he said ?No mater where we are???..?Or who we are with????Do you understand?. At that moment I understood my position, I was now his property, for his pleasure, regardless, without question, and again I submitted with a ?yes master?. I strained my hips up, barring the pain, trying to keep his rock hard cock consumed with in my ass as deeply as I could encourage him to finish what he started.

Closing my eyes, praying for him to finish, my breath was hot and gasping, hips continued pounding against my ass forcing me into the tile. He relentlessly, continued his assault on me with his large cock pounding up my ass, for the next couple of minutes. Reaching around he parted my lips, fingering my pussy, rubbing my clit to multiple orgasms, wishing this would just end. ?My cock is about to come inside your virgin ass????I will be your first? as he said this, my orgasm reached full force. His cum erupting into my rectum as my whole body shook as though I had a seizure. My legs shook uncontrollably being held up by his arm around my waist, until I felt his cock shoved with all he had, burying deep in me, feeling him throb and pulsate, moaning, refusing to release me. Screaming in both pleasure and pain, enjoying the moment knowing what I had endured, and the feeling of his cock throbbing up my ass, what a relief.

Quickly leaving the shower with water and soap still dripping off my body, barely able to walk from the assault I took in the shower, he took my hands and led me over to the middle of the bed. With this look in his eyes, he commanded "bend over and touch the bed". I did as I was told fearing what might be next. Barking "spread your legs", I follow his orders, standing behind me, he rub my ass in a circling motion making a deep moan. Suddenly he reach up from behind cupping and squeezed my breast hanging down, flicking my hard erect nipples, while playing with my sore ass with his other hand. He then with out provocation jammed his middle two fingers deep in my ass past my sore ring while slapping my pussy with a wooden sponge. I wasn't allowed to move or make a sound. I just accepted my situation for earlier acting like such a hoar, hoping for the best. He then reached around my body, and feed me his cum covered fingers with my tongue as I sucked them clean.

Laying me back down on the bed, he mounted my body rubbing his cock all over me like a dog marking its territory. In my hair, eyes, nose, mouth, all over my neck, until he reached my breasts. Looking up at him, he reached down grabbing my tits, rapping them around his cock, as he began to fuck my cleavage. Cluing up to what he was doing I replaced his hands with mine feeling every hard tick inch of his cock pressing through them. He watched me pinch my nipples while cupping my breasts, grinding my hips in the air as he reached back at my curvy body dragging the tips of his fingers over my stomach, past my shaved pussy, rubbing my inner thighs while spreading my legs. I moved my hips, trying to bring my blood swollen clit in contact with his hand. He finally reached back farther and inserted two fingers into me. Pulling his cock out, not taking a chance of cumming on my face, he moved his mouth down, feeling his tongue run across my face, down my neck, and then run down my body. He gravitated to my swollen breasts, bring pleasure to my sore sensitive nipples as they grew insanely hard as he licked and blew air over them. He then drew each nipple into his mouth, sucking slightly hard, bringing them to attention, flicking just the tip back and forth, and then biting my nipples hard enough to releasing a soft moan from my lips. ?Mmmmm?....?Yes?....?Suck my nipples??.?Suck them good" I moaned as his mouth moved to my left nipple, my body on fire, with ever body hair tingling. Suddenly I felt him clamp down hard on my nipples, his teeth felt like they were biting a button off, causing pain to shoot through my body, leaving sore red marks, shuddering beneath his body causing goose bumps to race all over.

Dragging his tongue down my stomach, he followed my little happy trail down to my shaved wet pussy. His hands pried my knees further apart, giving him full view and complete access to my engorged pussy. He began licking gently along the sides of my pussy, sucking my tender flesh, circling completely around my pussy until his tongue was tickling the sensitive flesh between my lips and my violated ass. Occasionally he softly bit my otter lips as I spread my legs wider for greater access. I started squirming with my hips rotating, trying to beckon to his attentions, licking all around my cunt until he fucked me with his oversized tongue working its magic once more on my clit. I could feel him working a couple of fingers into my opening, pressing upwards with his fingers, finger me as his mouth and tongue sucking on my clit. Reaching down with my hands I spread my pussy lips wider apart, exposing my clit completely. My hips trusting to meet his probing fingers I could feel him working a third finger into my sore ass.

Suddenly my hips began bucking hard, moaning loudly in orgasm, with my head thrown back, my breath coming in pants. His arms held my legs tightly, continuing to stimulate my ultra sensitive clit with his tongue. I cupped my breast, arching my back, while gently pinching and squeezing my sore nipples as he was driving me crazy. He didn?t make me wait long, my juices flowing freely over his fingers, tasting my intoxicating juices he found my swollen clit. His tongue bathing and sucking hard on my clit, like it was a nipple from a bottle, forced me to discharge like an over sized straw in his mouth, releasing three soft grunts as my abdomen heaving with each, bringing me to trembling rolling climax. Mike crawled back up my body, straddling my breast, his knees pinning both arms back, his cock just below my chin, having me defenseless, bending over, looking into my eyes said "open your mouth???.?Wide", scared I complied. His mouth hovering inches over me, spit my juices I just released into my own mouth, making sure I swallow.

I new now he was going to take me, moving down my body he sat up on his knees and placed his swollen cock between my legs slapping my pussy several times. It looked larger then the first time I saw it. Listening to him I couldn't believe he had just that to fucked my ass, and he was about to destroy my pussy without protection. I wondered if he any plans to pull out. I was too excited to listen, playing out the event in my head. I reached down rubbing the top half of his cock with an open hand and then gave it a little tug, stroking his pre-cum cover cock all over my skin. Standing there listening to my wife describe her event, made my hands start shaking wanting to stroke my own cock in anticipation. ?Mike, eager to start, gently pulled his cock away from me???.."I grinned and sighed as he lifted my legs to the point where the back of my knees touch my breast???..?The opening of my pussy pointed straight up in the air" she said. He backed up and rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slit, until his mushroom head glisten with moisture, pointing down like a human jack hammer. Ready to deliver punishment I had earned, my extreme wetness flowing, I rotated my hips, bucking forcefully trying to receive his cock, begging for the fucking I was about to receive. His huge bottle sized head made my unyielding pussy lips flower open as I spread my legs wider.

Just then Mike asked "Are you willing to be my cock slave?"??."Are you willing to do what?????When ever I want it????. ?Regardless?" Wanting his cock with hungry delusional desires, completely submitting to his desires, the only thing out of my mouth was "Yes master." With a close up view, my opening just inches from my face, I saw his giant mushroom head begin to penetrate my opening. Splitting me like an anvil, pushing in steadily as I gasped loudly. Lifting my hips, flexing them back against him, soon had the head of his cock past my vulvae as he drew my engorged lips inward as he push. Finally in, I gulped as his huge cock head slowly penetrated my pussy, as I closed my eyes. He held it still there for several seconds, and then pushes more into me. "Oh yes???.?That's it???.?its going???.?God you're fucking huge?, I grunted loudly. My lower lip held tightly between my teeth as his huge cock head continued to slowly slip inside me like a giant snake. Now closing my eyes, never experiencing so much erotic intensity, the feel of his cock pressing against the walls of my womanhood, my mind flashed back to the mountains, when Mike?s long hard cock was standing at attention inches from my mouth, realizing that it was penetrating me like a four by four.

Breathing frantically, his cock split me like an over sized oil rig, as I was stretched wide by the massive thickness of his cock. I could clearly see my labia thinned out. Open wide, with his giant shaft shoving in and out of me, thoroughly coated with my juice, he grabbed both of my hips and gently began impaling me with the rest of his 8 or 10 inches. Gasping, I my eyes squeezed tightly shut, shuddering into my second and third orgasm, knowing he was just a little over half-way in. I reached down between us using both hands, and parted my swollen labia. "Oh God????Easy baby?????You're way too big? I said in a deeply moaned. Grimacing with both pleasured and pain on my face. Mike stopped, slid back out of me until the head of his cock approached my opening. He slowly started to push back into me again, sliding more this time, then he pulling back, again and again as I moaned with pleasure.

Mike look down at the pleasure he created on my face pushing more in. "Please hold it there" I begged "Please give me a second"??"I can't breath"??."I can do this" I told Mike with a pronounced whimper. After waiting a moment I reached down, wrapped my arms around his waste and pulled him in the rest of the way. He pushed driving his powerfully pussy pleaser into my drooling stretched pussy with one final thrust. Pressing brutally against my cervix, his monster cock was buried deep, feeling our bodies meet, our hips pressed tightly together, his large hairless balls resting against my ass. I Yelled "Is it all the way in? then saying ?Fuck that hurts???. ?It?s against my cervix?. I wondered where it had all gone. Again I asked "Are you all the way in?" fearful there might be more? "Yes" he said that he literally had hit bottom. Never had I had a man so big, felt so full, and felt the head of a cock hit me there. I begged him ?Please hold it??? ?I need just another moment", as I cried into another orgasm. Gazing down our skin pressed together, I told him ?You?re so beautiful.? Feeling of our connection, panting heavily, my chest heaving, it was all I could do not to squirt all over us.

Now, as Mike began to withdraw his over sized piston, sawing in and out of my pussy, "Oh fuck? I cried ?Oh God? moaning, yelling "I?ve never felt so good?, begging him ?Please I need this???.?Please fuck me deep???.? With all of your cock." The nastier I spoke to Mike the harder he fucked me, he got off on it and I loved it. He started driving into me, slamming hard, this huge cock drilling deeper and deeper into my belly, never stopping plundering and ravishment of my tightly clamped wet pussy. He just kept on ramming his relentless shaft between my now quaking thighs. Faster and faster his cock penetrated me pounding me rigorously, tearing my pussy up, both of us now moaning, asking me ?Do you love my cock?? answering between deep breaths ?Yes????I do????Just keep fucking me with that huge fucker". Replying he said, "God???.?Your cunt is so wet and tight???..?I've never had such a tight little snatch in my life like yours??.. ?Never." I replied "Your cock is incredible????It?s magical????My pussy is yours???.?Love it like you own it???.?No man has ever made me feel this???.?No other????Fuck me deep like you mean it????Fuck me until I can't walk." Mike enjoyed my talking as his speed increased with force, grunting deep with in my chest, I moaned "God that hurts so good??? ?Your huge cock feels like it?s in my throat????Please fuck me harder???.?Take my pussy???.?Make it yours" I yield. Never saying such things before with my husband. I spread my knees as far apart as my body allowed, pulling him further in with each thrust.

With my ankles now over his shoulders Mike griped his hands on my wrist, positioning himself over me for leverage, seriously fucking me. We started to move against and then with one another with my hips flexing into him. Thrusting into me in long hard steady rhythm, he finally released me my hands, as I reached above my head grabbing the spindles of the headboard. Moaning and screaming, my orgasms crashed from one to another, each taking me to a new high. ?Look?, Mike said, ?Look at me cock fucking that beautiful pussy? Opening my eyes, looking down to where we were connected, his cock fucking my cunt, I began to moaning harder with each thrust as my eyes remained riveted to his shaft, while his hands lifted under my knees, lifting my legs, forcing my cunt higher, causing my breasts to be smashed, being given a great view of his cock pleasing me. Unconcern of the noises I was making, oblivious to anything other than that huge hammer fucking me, I watched as if in slow motion, his powerful cock splitting me open, feeling his balls slapping my ass as he fucked me like an animal.

He began increasing his speed until his body began to shake, looking down saying, "I'm fucking cumming???.?I?m going feel you like no man has before??? ?Uhhhhhhhhhhhh???.?Take it all????Be my bitch????Be my cock slave", as his balls erupted sending spurting hot seeds through his throbbing pulsating cock into my tightly clenching pussy. Concerned if he's going to pull out, but really didn?t want to be cheated of the feeling of him exploding inside of me, yet concerned of getting pregnant. I desired to be taken by him, filled with his seed. Breathing heavily, grunting, pressing his weight down, lowering his chest to my breast, laying on top of me, grabbing me hard under my shoulders locking himself in, pushing deep into my pussy, he placed his mouth on the side of my head, biting and sucking my neck, feeling like gallons of cum shoot up inside me, while flexing my pussy down on his strong rigid cock.

Again and again his huge cock exploded, shooting his cum deep inside of my desires, continuing his ramming, causing my hot pussy to start contracting my own vaginal orgasm. "Ohhhhhhh??..?Yes????Yeeesss????Oh God yes??..?Fill me mother fucker????Feel me with your cum" I yealed "I'm Cumming?. ?Ohhhhhhhh" as my orgasm meet with his, our cum mixing deep inside my pussy. Listening to sloshing noises as he continued hammering my pussy, overflowing out of me, running down the crack of my ass, he cam like a fire hose releasing its fluid, like no man had before. Lost in the throes of passion, I shouted "Fill me??.?Mother fucker??? ?Oh God??..?Fill me up????Fuck me with that cock"?.."I can feel you throbbing in me????Oh my god what a feeling", as the head of his cock pulsated. A stream after stream of his milky white thick semen continued to launch deep inside of my womb, my pussy felt like a water balloon about to burst.

Mike had definitely wreaked and seeded my pussy, with his smile beaming down, told me he had enjoyed every minute. As we laid there locked together kissing, rubbing our cheeks, moaning for about two or three minutes while his hips slowly rotated until his cock slowly withdrew. Catching my breaths, my pussy feeling so sore and well used, Mike finally started pulled his deflating cock out of my soaked tore up pussy. With my pussy protesting, I couldn?t help but lift my head watching it all happen, seeing him withdraw that long, thick, shinny shaft from my opening, ?God I thought??..?Did I have all of that in me?? The head of his cock releasing from my body making a popping sound followed by a small river of cum that flowed out and ran down the crack of my ass. Looking down at my stretched, gapped open pussy, and our love juices flowing freely out of me, feeling very sore, well used and completely satisfied, lying with a mess all around me. My eyes closed, Mike laid next to me, kissing and nibbling my neck and shoulder, as he slowly raised his head to my lips, receiving his kiss with my tongue. We laid there and kissed for several more minutes until he again was getting hard as I ran my fingers around his cock and balls. Just then he reached down and began to rub my tender satisfied pussy, inserting two fingers deep inside of me, placing them into my mouth. I started to giggle saying, "Haven't you had enough?" I couldn't help myself, powerless over his persuasion he fuck me three more times in different positions in the next hour. My pussy was so sore and on fire. I promised him later if we could just take a nap.

Later that evening we all meet for dinner, Kathy sat down between us at the table with a glow on her face, as to say WOW what a time I just had. I noticed the left side of her neck, bearing a hickey like a badge of honor, a trophy of Mike's actions, reeking of sex. The whole time during dinner Mike and Kathy giggled like high school kids feeding each other food with there fingers, while continued to play with there hands under the table. During our dinner conversation Mike went into great detail how terrific my wife has gotten at sucking cock, describing how he took her ass in the shower, and how he fucked her four times in less then an hour. He then said ?I have a little surprise for you?. Turning his head to my wife he said "Stick your fingers inside your pussy???. ?Get them real wet, and then place them in your mouth". Bowing her head, she looked at him and said "Yes master", I was shocked. I couldn't believe what I was hearing? What had happened? Mike, facing me said "She's now my bitch????I do what I want??..?She is for my pleasure??? ?I now own her???. ?If you want any of this??..?This weekend you better go along with what I say". He then said ?Let me prove my point?, looking at her he said "Pull your chair back show him your pussy". I couldn't believe how swollen and red the lips were, it looked like hamburger. He then commanded "Open you legs????Show him how hard I fucked you". Bending down, looking close, I saw large amounts of semen dripping out, with cum still matted to here inner thighs. Then he told me "Take your hand and feel how much I came in her", she was soaked. At that moment I felt like I was under his authority as well.

Dinner had finished, getting late, the sun gone down, Mike suggested "Let?s go back down to the river". I new Mike?s comment was meant for me, since she had no choice in the matter. Not sure what to say, since this was awkward, he told us he wanted to burn some bud. He said "It helps with my staying power???.?My sex drive". The three of us left the building walking towards the river, the two of them holding hands, me walking behind. We spoke for a while as Mike was getting high. The smoke definitely was taking its effect loosening up his inhibitions. Conversation eventually turned to sex. Smiling between puffs he spoke of the enjoyment of how much more fun it was since we were so openly about it, not sure if it was our sex life or her being dominated by him.

I was given blow by blow of everything that went on earlier, interrupting each other out of excitement, with their hands touching each other. Soon Kathy pulled Mike's cock out, stroking it, occasionally bending over licking the top as if it was a cream cone. A large drop of pre-cum formed on the tip of his engorged head as she dipped her tongue deep in it. Mike pulled down her straps, exposing her tits leaning over alternating taking each nipple in his mouth. All of a sudden she repositions herself lying on her back across the log with her head in his lap. He exposed her beautiful breasts, as he reached out and touched her shapely body. Her nipples were bruised and hardening as she turned her head inward trying to lick his head and the underside of his cock.

Moments later he lifted her dress, exposing her shaved opening, spreading her legs to full view sinking his two fingers at a rapid pace forcing themselves in and out. Listening to the sloshing sounds of wetness, her chest heaving told me she was having crashing orgasm, trying to hold his cock in the corner of her mouth, like an oversized white cigar. My wife suddenly turned her head looked me straight in my eyes and said "Would you enjoy watching my master with his big cock fuck me silly". My cock was instantly hard. I'm not sure if I said yes or not, but I think I gave it away when I pulled my cock out and started masturbating. She turned to Mike with a big grin on her face and said "Look what we have done master???.?This pour man with his little cock, is going to have to masturbate and get himself off all night long thinking about us.???.?Should we give him a show?"

Finishing his joint flicking it to the ground, he pulled her close and started kissing her. There tongues lavished each other while his hands squeezed her tits and lightly pinching her reddens nipples as she lightly stroke his harden cock. Mike stood up as she sat up, trading places, with her setting next to me. Still stroking my cock, Mike stood between my wife?s legs, with his cock dangling straight out. It was the largest cock I've ever seen with a pair of balls to match. His cock must have been 8 to 10 inches hard. I caught Kathy gawking at her masters cock, with her mouth lavishly kissing and sucking the tip waiting for permission to open taking it in. With her hand slowly messaging his balls, pulling slightly up and down, placing the other behind his ass, she forced his cock down her throat. I was admiring the effort she was giving, putting on a show for me I think. A couple of times, by choice or by accident, Mike would pull out, rub and slap his wet cock all over her face, then disappear back in her mouth. Mike stood with his eyes closed as my wife stroked and sucked his cock.

I looked down at my wife's pussy, her dress over her hips, her ass sitting bare on the log, exposing her crotch, fingering her clit with her hand a blur. Bring her self to two more orgasms while never missing a beat. Just then Mike grab the back of her head, forcing her mouth to the base, gurgling, chocking noises coming from her mouth, then he would release. Repeating this several times until her face pressed hard against his crotch, tears in her eyes, he grunted loud filling her mouth, as she continued to suck him off. Less then a minutes later he pulled out, his cock now soft, she licked the ruminants off the tip, then turned her head towards me, showing the puddle of semen between her tongue and lower lip. With a quick head jerk back, she swallowing his entire load, turning her head back sticking her tongue out showing it was gone. She reached out trying to grab the back of my head, as she tried to pull me down towards her crotch attempting to bringing her cum covered fingers with juices to my mouth. Looking me in the eyes she said ?You better not make my master mad? then told me "you better suck them clean now". Surrendering I sucked her fingers then allowed her to grabbed my hair with authority losing my balance falling to the ground between her legs, on my hands and knees. She Rubbed my face back in forth in her crotch, telling me 'Lick my pussy"??."Lick my pussy like a good little boy". This was a new Kathy I had never seen, saying "Remember what I smell like???.?So tonight you can think of me jacking off". She r*ped her legs around my waste confining my arms to my side holding me in place. With both hands grasping my hair in the back of my head firm, she maneuvered her pussy up and down all over my face as Mike told her how sexy she was.

Soon her body shook, flooding my face, laughing, humiliating me, while having an earth shaking orgasm. They both collected there clothes, saying "The shows over", Mike reached down and squeezed her ass. Kathy walked over and hugged and kissed me on the cheek, licking my face, tasting herself. She then bent down and kissed my aching cock. Looking up at me she said "I promise I'll make this up to you????Thank you." They then left me by the river, off to my bedroom suite hand-in-hand while I cleaned myself up. Later I went up to the other room for a fitful night of masturbation. When I got to my room there was a note, it read "This might help you tonight", I opened the bag there was hand lotion, a baby monitor, and a Penthouse magazine. She then asked ?Would you like to have a threesome tomorrow?? She would speak to Mike and she would make it up to me tomorrow, signed love you lots.. My cock immediately jumped to attention.

My mind was spinning listening to them from the monitor with the thoughts of what would be going on in our suite. I got up to go to the restroom and I heard my wife and Mike grunting as she was gasping for air next door. I went to there room door, cracked it a little, still having a key, I could see them fucking in the dim light of the moon from outside. He was taking her doggy style. Kathy had her head buried in a pillow moaning and screaming for Mike to fuck her harder. He cock was shinny and glisten from her wetness, pounding her as his balls slapped her pubic mound, reaming in and out of her pussy. He asked her "Who's your daddy?"??"Who's your master?", she just keep saying ?You master?. Soon his body shook, I new he had just climaxed as he unleashed another torrent amount of his sperm deep inside of her. When he began to pull out my wife begged, "No????Please master"??"I need your hard cock just a little longer"??"Please master????Please leave it in??..?I bag you"??"Please hold it in for a moment." I knew she wanted all of his cum inside her. I went back to my bedroom. After getting off again I was drawn back to here door like a bug to a light, looking inside once more, I noticed she was blocking his view, giving him head trying to get him hard again. Soon they moved into a sixty-nine as her hips rotated on his face. Looking up noticing me standing their, her mouth full of cock, smiling as her head bobbed up and down, trying to suck hard again. Getting less then half of his cock in her mouth and frantically stroking his cock following her mouth stroking, twisting, and wringing the shaft as her other hand had a hold of his balls, gently massaging them tugging now and then ever so slightly with her dainty little hands. . Mike was enjoying being every moment underneath sucking her pussy. I went back to bed to masturbate furiously while listening to them fucking until the late hours on the baby monitor until I feel to sleep out of exhaustion.

The next morning I was fixing leave for breakfast in the diner cafe down stairs when Kathy walked into my room. She looked like hell, like she had been up all night. She grinned, leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. She obviously hadn't gotten much sleep. Her hair matted looked like cum was in it and still reek of sex. I reached out and opened her robe, viewing her red breast, with her nipples having bite marks, standing at attention. Looking further down her pussy was tor up then dinner, heavily matted with semen, with cum was running down the inside of her thighs. Thinking ?He must have cum a quart?, and it was all over her. "Looks like your night was busy" was all I could say. She grinned and said "I'm real sore", ?I can barely walk?. Moments later Mike walked into the room at full mask, walking up to Kathy, without any resistance, bent down to kiss her. She grabbed his head planting a long wet kiss on his mouth. Breaking the kiss, he cupped her right breast, then reached down and grabs her crotch firmly forcefully causing her to her toes. My wife finally let him go and told him that she will be right there. I wanted to fuck my wife so bad. He could cum in her mouth, fuck her ass, I could accept, but him kissing her on the mouth kind of pissed me off. I told Kathy I didn't like her kissing him. She said, ?I didn't either?, ?But I just figured that he needed to taste his cum on my mouth the same way you have done.? Mike poked his head back in and said ?Hurry up? then went straight back into there room to shower and get ready for the day ahead. All of a sudden I didn't care so much about the kiss. I liked the way she thought. She then looked at me and said "I have to do what he says"??"I need to go"??."I need to finish what I started." I showered, got dressed and went down stairs for something to eat. Mike came down twenty minutes later with a big grin on his face. We had small talk during breakfast until he said "My bitch spoke to me this morning?, ?She offered me her ass if I would have a threesome with you". My stomach went to my throat. I had trouble swallowing my breakfast. "It looks like your getting pussy tonight".

When we arrived back from fishing, Mike ran up the stairs saying "I need to shower"??.?I'll be down in a few?. Some time later I entered my room, hearing the moaning again I walk into there room. There they were, Mike was standing at the foot of the bed, his pants half way down, his hands tightly gripping Kathy?s waist, driving his cock deep inside my wife as she was rocked back and forth on her hands and knees at the foot of the bed. He held her by her hips, guiding her back and forth on his pole. Her beautiful full breasts in full swing swaying back and forth. Her head know thrown back as he was pulling on her long hair, her eyes closed yelling, "I'm cumming". Mike looked over his shoulder grinning at me, then winked, not missing a beat, grabbed her hair hard this time as it was obvious he was cumin too. I walked back into my room and sit on my bed soaking what I was experiencing. I was so turned on watching him fuck my wife's, not wanting to stop him if I wanted. A short time later they came into my room. Mike said "Look, I love fucking your wife, and she loves fucking me,? Both of them were still gasping for breath as they sat on my bed together. My wife reached over and started stroking Mike's half hard cock. She looked me in my eyes and said, "You don't understand????He's so sexual???.?He?s like a drug???.?I can't get enough."??"I've never had a cock make me cum like this"?.. ?It?s like another world?. The two had sex throughout the day, seeing very little of them. She did sneak out twice, giving me blowjobs, but never let me fuck her, telling me she wasn't allowed, and too sore. The two of them sleeping together rest of the day in our bedroom while I went off to the other room to fantasize and jerk myself off while I listened

Things went on until later that night. Mike waking up saying he was horny and needed some pussy, she kiss him at the bathroom door, reminding Mike about there agreement of including her husband in a threesome. He said that he was cool with it. After a quick dinner we went to there room, getting ready for some long awaited serious sex. Stepping out of the bathroom, they didn?t wait for me, Kathy nude, already had her mouth bobbing up and down Mike?s cock while on her hands and knees. I slipped off my boxers and snuck up behind her for a long anticipated fuck. My cock was so hard it hurt, already had pre-cum leaking out of my head. With my hands on her hips, I very slowly slid into the wettest hottest pussy I have ever felt. This was not the pussy I have come to know for over four years. She moaned and pushed back against me as she continued to suck Mike's cock. I really got into this, hammering into her. She wanted to turn around so she could see all that was going on. Having me lay on my back she immediately mounted my cock laying down on my chest, fucking me hard with her wet pussy. Mike approached her form the side of the bed, grabbing her head, guiding his cock in her mouth, sucking on it in wild abandon inches from my face, never taking her eyes off of him. Her mouth explored his cock from top to bottom, and then she began to lick his balls, something she had never done with me. "Uhhhhhhhh" Kathy moaned, her body shaking, her head lifted inches off my chest, viewing the expression on her face with a mix of ecstasy, desire, and release.

Holding her breath, flexing her hips, grinding hard against me, until she released her breath an a torrent of hot fluid erupting between us, continuing to pour as I held her tight, moaning in her ear not to stop. She thrust back down on me, shuddering at the ferocity of her climax. Looking over her shoulder she asked Mike "Please Master??? ?Please place your hard cock into my ass????You know how badly I want to be DP". Mike quickly got up behind us as Kathy leaned forward once again as far as she could with my hard cock still stabbing her freshly fucked pussy. Mike keeled down between both our legs. Kathy shuddered taking a deep breath, moaning into my ear as he flexed several times. She was dripping wet; I could feel her fluids running down my balls. With him hard and ready, he squeezed a little of the lube onto his cock, feeling Mike move around, then felt him pressing his cock head against her ass. As he pressed in harder, slowly she opened up, and his head popped in. "Ahh!" as she felt his cock stretched her out. "Slow??..? Go slow????Please be gentle master???.?Please" she said to him over her shoulder.

Mike moved slowly, but firmly as he pressed it in more. I felt it through the thin skin that separated our cocks. It felt a bit weird having another mans cock in my wife, but also very exciting. Finally he bottomed out, holding it there for a few seconds, so she could adjust. "How is that baby???? You ok?" I asked. She just nodded and grunted an unintelligible sound. Then slowly Mike started to slide it back out. This made my wife start to shake. Holding her firmly close around her back I gently thrust up into her as he slid out till only the head of his cock was in her, then he pushed it back in. Making her shudder again, moaning loudly. I held her shoulders as I hugged her chest against me, holding on as Mike began to saw his cock in and out of her ass. I tried to alternate my thrusts up into her as she was now shaking fully, moaning and grunting with every one of our thrusts. Feeling Mike?s cock throbbing through the thin membrane, he slowed his thrust, then slowly withdrew his hard cock from my wife?s punished ass. Her ass full of cum, to the point of over flowing with his own orgasmic emissions.

On shaky legs, Mike got up walking back into the bathroom to wash up. Kathy laying her head back against my chest panting waiting for me to finish, telling me I must hurry. I lost control sending stream after stream of cum into her with my hard cock. "Ahhhhh????God I'm coming" I wailed. I pushed my hips up to meet Kathy?s flexing and thrusting. I felt as if I was going to expire from the pleasure of the moment, needing this badly. I held onto Kathy until my orgasm finally subsided, allowing me to relax again. My cock softened immediately, starting to slip out of her well used pussy. Kathy laid on me without moving or making a sound. I would have thought she was dead except her torso raising and falling heavily as she gasped for breath. Both sweating I could feel how soaked the bed was beneath me. I shifted, and my soft cock popped completely out of her pussy. As Mike had walked back into the room, I moaned as she moved onto her side on the bed, and I climbed up. She looked at me saying "I love your cock." Kathy continued to stroke Mike's cock, soon having him hard and ready to go another round. I was told by Mike my time was over, that they needed one on one time now. I looked back one more time, as he turned her over on her back, she said, "You better be careful not to cum in me????Unless you want to get me pregnant?, laughing as she guided him back in pussy, giggling with a big smile. I myself was done, never to recover, I left there room giving the time he asked for.

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