June 20, 2018
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Spring Training

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Spring Training

I just have to tell someone my story. It all started 3 weeks ago and will hopefully continue for a long time to come. Let be begin by saying I am 43, married to a wonderful man who has kept me fulfilled sexually for over 20 years. Jim my husband is a salesman for a sporting equipment company. To cut back on all his travel we relocated to Scottsdale Arizona over the winter so he could be closer to his customers. He sells protective clothing for high priced athletes. He sells to the teams and they give to the players. He also sells to colleges and high schools. The reason we moved to Arizona was for spring training for Major League Baseball. He is able to meet with many different teams with out traveling out of town so much. He will still have to travel during other seasons, but for baseball he will be home from now on.

Like I mentioned above I am 43 and since moving to Arizona I have been working with a personal trainer my husband gave me for a Christmas present to get my body to where I can still turn heads, that?s the way he wants me to look. I have always been his trophy wife. I am 5?7? 127 lbs with a 34D 24 35 figure. We have three grown kids in college. When Jim?s company asked him if we would like to make the move from cold Ohio to sunny Arizona, He jumped at the chance. I having grown up in Ohio and having the kids in school and both our families was not as enthused. Jim came to visit and to look for a house in early December and we were here for good by the week after Christmas. I like the house Jim found for us it is a lot smaller then our house in Ohio, but the weather has been fantastic and by February 1st I had an all over tan like I?ve only dreamed about in Ohio. Our sex life has even been reenergized. Jim wants to fuck any and every day. I with the kids and such have been a lot more reserved. I have always enjoyed sex with my husband but being raised in Southern Baptist tradition I was only allowed to have sex quietly and behind a locked door with the lights off. Within five minutes of Jim showing me our new house he had his cock out hard and proud in daylight. I was still thinking about the kids and things and told him to behave. That?s when he told me we have no more kids to worry about and can fuck anywhere anytime we want. I coaxed him into our new empty bedroom and gave him his first Arizona fuck. I was surprised that I was as wet as I was, his cock is not huge but at 7? it does need a little lubrication on my part for him to enter me fully. Usually he takes a few minutes before he can bury his whole cock in my body. He really fucked me hard on the floor of our new house and when I had my second orgasm as he exploded into my body with his biggest load of cum in years. He was still hard when I stood up leaking our juices down my legs that was the first week on December and we are now in March and we have never had so much sex and fun in 22 years of marriage.

This story is not about our sex life, but my new found appreciation for the all the fun I have missed all these years on my upbringing. After we got settled into our new house Jim gave me the certificate for the personal trainer. I was very embarrassed about going to a gym by myself and the first visit I was real nervous. My trainer is a young college student named Danny who reminds me of one of my son?s best friends back in Ohio. He is very strong and has a body that must make young girls melt. His personality is still a little immature. I work out twice a week and after 8 visits I was ready to get my tan in our new backyard. It was late January and the weather was 82 degrees, I talked to my sister in Ohio the first day I was laying out by the pool and it was on 28 degrees back there. I was drinking a frozen smoothie and she was shivering with hot coffee. I was really learning to love this move. So after only 8 days in the sun I had the best tan of my life and it was an all over tan as I was not as worried with any kids around to see me. Jim loved the new me as I have started to dress more revealing and our sex life has been fantastic and when we go out to dinner or shopping he is always remarking about the other men who are looking at me. He really likes it when other men notice me. When we are having sex he tells me he saw how that guy looked at me and he knows the guy would gladly trade places with him now and his cock was fucking me now. He really likes to do this and as of late it has been working on me also. A few weeks ago he met Danny and that night he fucked me like a man possessed telling me that Danny would love to fuck me. Also stating that because of his young age he could probably fuck me three or more times a night. All this did the trick for Jim and he fucked me twice that night. That was a first since our 10 year anniversary.

It was the fifteenth of February and I was lying out by the pool around 9am when I heard some loud chatter going on. I noticed that beyond our backyard was a baseball field suddenly being invaded by about 30-40 men wearing uniforms and starting to do baseball drills. Being topless in my backyard for a month now and I never noticed anything in our backyard before besides complete peace. I continued to lie out and was pleasantly surprised that I had hard nipples and was getting wet between my legs. It must have been that I was half naked and I could hear the chatter from the field and they could not see me. That night when Jim got home I asked him if we were connected to a college campus or what. He informed me the field behind us was a practice field and probably would only be used for a couple of weeks every February and March and mostly by rookies and minor leaguers (whoever they are). That is what the realtor told him he said. He said the team is one of his company?s customers and that we could walk to their stadium and watches a spring training game anytime we wanted. That week Jim was leaving early everyday to see a lot of Arizona as there are 10 or so teams training here. Jim is a huge sports fan and loves his job and this year he said would be the first time in years he could enjoy himself because all the teams in his region were in Arizona for the next month and he could give each one his undivided attention.

The first week Jim would be gone by 7am and would not return home until late at night. He was working all day and having a ball at night with all his old friends. I kept my workouts with Danny and had not noticed any sexual tension between the two of us. I was old enough to be his mother, but that still hasn?t stopped Jim from his comments while we are fucking. After my workouts I would tan by the pool and read my book for a few hours. On the second week of spring training after my workout I was again reading out back top less and was lost in my new romance novel when I started to play with my clit thru my bikini while reading. I was enjoying a very nice quiet orgasm when I was interrupted by a young man jumping on my fence trying to catch a baseball. The ball landed by my pool and when I noticed him I was lost in a climax and with rock hard nipples and just coming down from my climax. Being 43 and just now learning to enjoy sex more I was in no hurry to get up and retrieve his ball. I did not think he saw me in the split second he went up the fence to catch it. After I calmed down I put my top on and got the ball and stood up on my chair and looked for him to throw the ball back. He was a young man about 25 or so he was very cute with wavy blond hair. When I called to him and asked if he wanted his ball back. He told me it was my souvenir to keep. I thanked him and was getting down when he said ?no thank you? Did he see my naked body? I thought not, but his thank you sent shivers to my loins and I was shaking walking back inside the house. When Jim got home I was enthralled in my book and wanted him to make love to me badly. I was surprised that while Jim was fucking me I could close my eyes and the only vision I had was of my new friend the baseball player. I had an explosive orgasm while Jim fucked me and the players face was the only thing I saw. All the other times when Jim brings up others while we are fucking I have never seen another face other than his. This time I could not get the wavy blond hair and sexy green eyes out of my mind. After Jim emptied his cum into my body we were lying in bed and he asked me what was up as he knew my orgasm was of magnificent proportions. I smiled at him and told him it was my loosening up from my younger days. He told me he loves fucking the new me. The next morning Jim was again gone by 7 am. I did not have to work out so I went for a walk around my new neighborhood, only this time I walked to the baseball complex. I was wearing a stretch tube top and walking shorts. I took my dog with me like always and was soon approaching about four or five baseball fields. I could not tell which one was the one my yard was connected to. I was just looking when a man in a uniform asked about my dog. He was an older about 55-60 but he looked incredible in uniform his salt/pepper hair and strong arms caused my nipples to stretch my fabric. We had a very nice five minute conversation when my ball player drove up in a new 4 X 4. The coach was holding a clipboard when the guy walked over and asked for instructions. I think he knew me but could not figure out where. He was a very nice and pleasant and when the coach was thru giving him instructions he tipped his hat to me and walked away. I could tell he was trying to remember where he had seen me before. I was lost in time for a few seconds when the coach brought me back to earth with a tug at my leash and was asking to run with my dog. I readily gave him the leash and watched as they went around the field. I was leaning against watching the sexy older coach and my dog running when I looked to find my fantasy fuck and I saw him pointing me out to another young man in uniform. I could tell he was asking the other player where he has seen me before. When the coach and my dog returned all the other players started gathering around him looking for instruction. He also tipped his cap to me and said anytime Jr. Wants to run he would love to run with him. I told him I would be back again tomorrow. Jr. and I walked home and in less than 10 minutes I was in my back yard top less reading my book. I was having a hard time concentrating with all the baseball chatter going on and put my book down and decided to take a nap. I was lost in a wet dream when I was again awaked by someone banging into my fence. I was startled but this time I calmly got up and went to look. As I stood on my chair and looked over I was saddened to see the guy over the fence was not my player. Don?t get me wrong this player was also very cute and I could tell his body was perfect. I was looking for my fantasy fuck from last night. I stood looking around when from out of nowhere I heard a loud ?that?s her? I looked to the direction of the noise and there was my wavy blond fantasy. He ran up to where I was and said ?Hi again? He said he knew he knew me when he saw me this morning but could not place it from where. He said his name was Jeff and said we would have to stop meeting like this. I smiled and asked him if he was up for lunch when he was thru. He smiled back and said he would be UP for anything in about 30 minutes as they were given a 3 hour break each day for lunch. I gave him my address and he told me he could find my house without it because I was in left field. He ran back to his teammates and was leaving the field before I climbed off the chair and went into the house to think about what I just did. I meant lunch when I asked him I?m not sure what he meant when he said he was up for anything. I am a 43 year old happily married woman who was just openly flirting with a much younger man. I decided I was not ready to become unfaithful to my wonderful husband and we would just have a pleasant lunch. I went to take a quick shower and was making a three meat sub sandwich when I called Jim to see how his day was going. He told me he was in Tucson and was probably going to stay the night. I told him I met a baseball coach and that he ran with Jr. He asked me to find him a hotel room and if I wanted to. I could drive down and spend the night with him. I told him I had plans for lunch and I would reserve a room for him and when I hung up the phone there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and was staring up to a beautifully tanned over six foot man. He smiled and I invited him in He commented on my décor as I led him to the kitchen and gave him the sandwich I made for him. He looked at it with a little disbelief but only for a second and was soon enjoying it very much. I offered him a beer but he was not allowed to drink while training. I gave him a bottle of water and we continued to talk. He commented on the bikini I was wearing and said he had a dream about me last night (small world). He asked if I was married and I told him yes but my husband was out of town until late tomorrow night. He smiled and asked if I had any dinner plans tonight. I said no and he said he wanted to repay my lunch with a nice dinner. We agreed to a six pm early dinner and ice cream after. He said they had an early curfew during spring training. When he got up to leave he was showing a very nice bulge in his uniform pants. I smiled and asked him if he was ok. He was embarrassed and said that he had seen my breasts yesterday and had been hoping for a look at them for lunch. When he said that my knee went weak. He did see me yesterday. I reached over and felt his hard cock thru his uniform. It was thick and very hard. I peeled of my top and he wasted no time in putting his hands all over my burning breasts. My nipples stuck strait out and he commented that he had never seen nipples as hard before. I still had not released my grip of his cock thru his pants. I started stroking it and it kept growing. I was out of my self when I reach his zipper and freed his cock as he played with my tits. I love to fuck and be fucked but I have given my husband of 22 years a blow job only about 10 times due to my upbringing. I wasted no time in pulling his cock to my waiting lips. I was not very good at this and soon I could only get about a third of his cock in my mouth. Right then I thought to the book I was reading and proceeded to give him the same blow job the lady in the book gave to her forbidden lover to an enormous climax. He really liked what I was doing as I played with his cock and balls I could tell his balls were ready to explode, but I was having too much fun sucking this piece of meat. This was not like anything Jim and I had done in years, his cock had the aroma of sweat and yet tasted soo delicious. Just like in the book I grabbed his balls and held tight while my mouth was fully engulfed around his cock. When I was back in control I put my hands around his ass and pulled his cock into my face and soon he was fucking my mouth as I was now able to fit his whole monster in my wanton mouth he kept playing with my now ½ inch nipples and was telling me he was ready to cum I pulled his cock down my throat and he started coming and coming he came for about a minute and was still rock hard when he pulled his cock from my gaping mouth. I stood up and he said he still had fifteen minutes before he had to be back from lunch and wanted to fuck me. My body was like putty as he tried to remove my soaking panties, I told him he would have to wait till after dinner and as I put my top back on as he was trying to fit his hard cock back into his uniform. Right before he left he looked at me and said ?I?m sorry I don?t even know your name? He was right I had not told him yet, ?Kate? I said ?nice to meet you Jeff?. He smiled and said he would be back at 4:30 for dinner. I smiled and could not take my eyes from the bulge that was still prominent in his uniform. I was wet thinking about his cock feeling me completely later tonight.

That was the first time in my life I had been with another man besides my husband. I expected to fill guilty and I guess I did a little, but with Jim having tried to spice up our sex life by fucking me and pretending he is my ?boyfriend or one of the men he says were watching me that particular night I think I will just enjoy it and give Jim the benefits of his new found wife. I almost forgot to book his room for the night. I went online and in fifteen minutes I was on the phone telling him where he would be staying. I told Jim only that a friend and I were going to go to an early dinner (I am sure either he was not paying attention to my friend remark or he assumed I was going with a girlfriend). He told me he was seeing an old friend from the White Sox front office and they would be out pretty late and that he had appointments until 3pm tomorrow so not to expect him home until dinner tomorrow night. We told each other I love you and hung up.

I had to find something to keep the attention of my new young lover. I finally settled on an outfit that Jim bought me a couple of years ago for a vacation we cancelled. It was a pair of leather pants and a very tight white leather vest that really showed off my nice breasts. I had never worn before in Ohio because of all the comments I?m sure would have followed. Jim has begged me to wear it for him when we have gone out. I decided on just a pair of my favorite blue jeans and the leather top with my fuck me pumps. With my new tan I looked hot in my new outfit. I decided I would wear this for Jim as soon as I got the chance. I made a margarita and decided to wait for my new lover while reading my romance novel. I had lost track of time and my legs were wet when the doorbell rang. I got up to let Jeff in and when he walked in I could see that he had no plans for dinner as he was pulling his shirt off before he was thru my foyer. I was wet from my book and decided why not. I helped him remove his jeans and when I saw his hard cock it was not like this morning when I pulled it from his jeans it was bigger, fatter, more beautiful that I remembered from only 4 hours ago. His strong hands went right for my leather top. He thought it was the sexiest top he had ever seen and wanted me to leave it on for awhile longer. I pulled his cock to my waiting lips. He had showered and his cock was soo clean and smelled like nothing I ever smelled before in my life His cock smelled like ?Lust? My mind was writing this story as I took in his fantastic aroma. His cock was harder than before and seemed even bigger I could not swallow as much as earlier, but I was in no shortage of pleasure as I just needed to make love to this work of art in a way unlike earlier. As I swirled my tongue around his purple head I drove the tip of my tongue into the whole that was the top of his dreamy cock. I positioned my head so I was lightly teething the head of fat cock while my tongue played with the slit in his head. He went nuts over this and was soon trying to force his hands in my vest. My nipples were so hot and hard that they were clearly visible event thru heavy leather. As I coaxed more and more pre cum from the tip of his cock I knew that I was going to swallow his whole monster just like earlier an in an instant I used my tongue as a whip and tickled the head of his cock until I had him in frenzy begging me to suck his big cock telling me I am given him the best blow job of his life. All this encouragement only makes my mission more determined and my mouth is soon taking on a life on its own as I swallow more and more of his steel hard long cock. My tongue was once again licking his balls when he kept chanting ?Yes Yes YES Suck My Cock, suck my cock suck it yes ooh that?s soo goooood ooohh yeah fuck yeah I?m going cum? and before it the words were out of his mouth his cock sent blasts of cum down my throat. I had an orgasm from his exploding cock. I was just releasing my mouths grip on his cock when he withdrew his still rock hard cock and was begging me to take off my jeans so he could put his cock in my wanting cunt. I stood up and moved into the living room and looking at the clock and I was surprised to see that I had been sucking his cock for over 45 minutes and he was still hard after shooting enough cum in my mouth to trigger an orgasm in my untouched loins below. When I got to the couch he was waiting with his cock in hand. I knew he was at least an inch bigger an as much thicker than my husband, but somehow I knew my body would have no problem taking his whole monster to another chapter in what has been the best day sexually of my 43 years. I laid on the couch so he could mount me missionary so I could adjust to his enormous size. He was very eager to bury his cock in me and I was a little scared when he thrusts all the way in me in his first thrust, my body was ready for his size and as he filled me with his cock I had my first of orgasm with his cock in me. He was an Adonis with a beautiful body and the fluid motion in the way he was fucking me was unlike anything I had ever encountered. My mind was racing with the fireworks exploding in my cunt and my nipples being licked, flicked, bitten, and sucked and all that being repeated, while not losing rhythm of his man machine working my lower body. After about 30 minutes of missionary style he announced he was going to cum and wanted to know if I could get pregnant. I awoke for a second from my bliss and told him in a voice that was not mine that he has better fill me with his hot seed. I then used my vagina muscles and clamped around his cock and held him buried in me while he exploded burst after burst of cum in my body. He collapsed on top of me and his cock never went soft inside of me. This was definitely not my husband, nor was I his wife in all our years of married life we have never fucked like this for this amount of time. When Jeff got up and his cock was still hard I was in disbelief and he asked me if we could fuck one more time. Once again it was not me who said yes. After the fucking he just gave me if that had been my husband he would not be allowed to touch me for at least a few days, but with my new Adonis I was ready and willing to be his slut until he wanted me no more. I needed to get a drink and told Jeff to make himself at home. I went into my room and put on a very sexy teddy that I had bought for Jim a few months ago. When I went back to the living room he was watching T.V chatting on his cell phone. I had a drink in my hand when I approached him while he was talking. I put my drink down and went for his cock which was only semi hard when I wrapped my lips around it. I was not paying attention to his call when he pulled my shoulder up and as I released my grip from his cock he smiled and said he had to go. The phone call was from his coach telling him he had hanged out with a rookie tonight and keeps him out of trouble. I was shocked at what came out of my mouth next when I told him to bring him here and I would help him baby-sit. His face and cock sprang to life and he was dialing and telling the rookie to join us ASAP. He had me bent over my couch with him feeding his cock to me from behind when my phone rang. I was too enthralled to answer it went it went to the machine I heard my sister in Ohio saying ?you two must be out enjoying the Arizona nightlife I?ll call back tomorrow? If she only knew that my husband was 125 miles away and I was being turned into a willing slut for cock that I had already fucked and sucked my dream lover, but that I had allowed him to invite a friend over for more of the same. With his cock pounding me and me coming down to meet his every thrust and his hands acting like a sports bra around my tits I was again in a constant state of climax. I must have had four or five continuous orgasms before he again filled my waiting hole with his sweet seed. I collapsed on the couch and was shocked to se his cock had gone flaccid. He told me he would need about a half an hour before he could fuck me again. I got up and went into the kitchen and looked at the time we had been fucking for over three hours and I still wanted more when the phone rang. This time it was Jim. Jeff sat on the couch as I chatted with my love of 22 years. We had small talk as I could see Jeff getting a gleam in his eye and a spark in his cock and while I was chatting with my husband Jeff pulled me up by my free hand and had me sink down on his cock as he sat on the couch. I had a mind numbing orgasm while talking to my husband as I sat on the biggest cock I have ever felt. Jim noticed something and I told him I was doing exercises that Danny had given me. He asked if Danny was personally showing me. I blurted out in my lustiest voice ?yes and that I was right now sitting on his fat young cock? And that he was right that Danny did want to fuck me? He did not miss a beat and told me when he get home he will fuck me like he has never fucked me before?. I loved telling my husband that his fantasy was almost a reality just the name of our stud was wrong. I knew Jim did not suspect anything and he thinks I am just teasing him because he is not here. I had two more climaxes before hanging up on Jim. Jeff had not even moved his cock and it sent me to outer space and beyond. Now finally off the phone I ground my pussy into his cock and he suddenly started bucking from below me sending my body into convulsions as I met his every upward thrust with a downward thrust of my own. He was feasting his mouth on my tits while continuing to pump his cock up my body when his cell phone rang. It was the rookie. He told him the door was unlocked to hurry in and be ready for fun. Right as the rookie came into view I took over and was thrashing my body on his cock with my tits flailing about every where. I look up and see another nice young man with a very pronounced bulge in his shorts. I licked my finger with my tongue and used my finger to pull him over to me. I stood up over Jeff?s cock and turned my body around so I could sit back down on Jeff and free his friends cock for my waiting mouth. I wasted no time in getting his even sexier looking cock in my mouth and now from behind as I sat down back on Jeff?s monster the feeling was new again and his cock now was hitting my g- spot with every stroke. I could hardly pay attention to the cock in my mouth with Jeff giving me a climax on every stroke. The rookie had his hands all over my tits as I tried to swallow his cock. He was as hard as a rock and his taste was fantastic that lust taste I had tasted earlier today for the first time in my life. My mind could not keep up with my body and I just went to another state of mind that of a possessed sexual being and soon I was rewarded with two loads of sweet cum filling my body and mouth. As I licked the cock in my mouth dry, Jeff had gone semi soft again and was telling me I was the first woman to ever fuck him out. I started peeling the clothes off the rookie when I got to his bare chest and went up to his steel blue eyes with his jet black hair this kid was a god. I wasted no time in guiding his still hard cock to my waiting cunt as we were standing in my dining room. He fucked me for about 10 minutes and another orgasm before he picked me up and laid me on top of my dining room table and proceeded to fuck me harder than I have ever been fucked. I was spread out on my stomach as he pounded into me with such force that each stroke shook the table to it legs. I was so lost in another orgasm that I did not know that Jeff had brought his again erect cock back to my face. I reached for it with my tongue and soon I had the pre cum leaking all around my tongue. In less than a minute my table was being fucked from both side as Jeff fucked my mouth with his monster cock while the rookie who?s name I still do not know is pounding me from behind as I shudder thru countless orgasms the rookie brings my body to yet another level of bliss when he starts to slap my ass as he is fucking me. The sting from his slaps reverberates through my entire body and I go lifeless as they continue their pounding from both ends. While still lost in lust I feel my cunt accept the rookies rocket blast of cum as he collapsed on top of my body just as Jeff has given my mouth another treat of his sweet tasting cum. As the rookie climbed off the table so I too could get off. Jeff was picking up his clothes and was getting dressed telling the rookie to do the same as it was already 9:40 and curfew was 10 pm. Jeff asked if he could stop by tomorrow for lunch. I told him sure and to bring the rookie also. The rookie shouted that his name was Brian and he was glad he met me and could not wait for lunch.

They left and I took a very hot bath and was in a state of arousal still even after my body had been ravished for over 5 hours. After my tub I went to sleep and slept like a baby not waking until after 7 am. Over two hours late for me. I had a shower and was on my cup of coffee when the doorbell rang. I thru on a t shirt over my naked breasts and put on my walking shorts and answered the door. It was the coach dressed in sweat pants and a tight muscle shirt he looked very handsome, he wanted to run with Jr. I offered him a cup of coffee while I went to get Jr. after the two of them left for the jog I went back to my coffee and my book. I was again lost in my romance novel when they returned from the run. The coach who asked me to call him Tom was covered in mud. Tom said Jr. had seen another dog and went after it and the leash had come loose and as he chased my dog he slipped in a puddle of mud and was soaking wet. He told me he could shower at the ballpark, but I would not let him leave without trying to clean him up. I led him to the garage and told him to take off his sweats and shirt. I held up a towel so I would not embarrass him. As he took off the sweats I noticed he was wearing Jim?s company under garments and that they flattered his body. I asked him how old he was and he said to guess. I told him I thought he was at least 48-50 (I lied). He told me he was 53 going on 23. I smiled and asked what that meant. He said that he did not really want to walk my dog only to hear my voice and see my body once again. He said he was a widower and had not talked to another woman in over a year before our meeting yesterday. I was stunned this mature man was very sexy and handsome and seem so confident at the ballpark, but was so shy and slightly awkward here. As I gave him the towel and led him to our guest shower. I left him to get cleaned up and with in five minutes he was wrapped in a towel waiting for me to bring some of Jim?s clothes for him. When I returned I handed him a pair of Jim?s golf shorts and a shirt. I asked for his towel and when he gave it to me I saw his very beautiful cock it was dormant and hung down at least six inches soft. I wasted no time in asking if he wanted to see my breast and before he could answer with something to kind I pulled my shirt over my head freeing my braless tits. His cock sprang right to life and was easily bigger than even Jeff who I fucked for hours yesterday and was hoping to again today. I asked him if he wanted to make love to me and he said he thought I was a married woman and I explained to him that he was right and I only make love to my husband but if he wanted to he could have sex with me. I wanted to feel his huge cock in my body and soon I led him to the dining room and had him sit on the chair while I lowered my body over his cock. He was so big that it took about 2-3 minutes before I was resting against pelvic bone his cock completely stuffed inside of me. I sat on his cock and would not move as my body was brought back to last night once again only with a different man. I had a very quiet orgasm before I started slowly moving up and down on his pole. He had his hands all over my tits and was closing his eyes. He told me I had better go slower or he was going to fill me full of cum real fast. That he did I think his load of cum while much faster than the young boys was every bit as powerful when he shot his seed into my body sending me to another climax. He was still playing tenderly with my breasts as I felt him shrink inside of me. I stood up and gave him a helping hand up. He thanked me and told me I was the first women he has been with other than his wife in over 35 years. He said I was fantastic and could he see me again. I explained that I was married, but my husband travels quite a lot and maybe we could do this again. He smiled and said he would like that. I let him out and he promised to return my husbands clothes later that day. Lunch came way too fast and Jeff and Brian came to visit and for the next two hours they both fucked me and I sucked them to at least 6-7 more mind shattering orgasms. When they left they had both just emptied their cum all over my tits on my chaise lounge in our back yard. I did not even get up to let them out I just used my hands to smear the combined cum from both of them into my body. I drifted off to sleep and was only awaken by another baseball flying over our fence. When I looked over at the fence I saw not just my two studs but three more young pairs off eyes enjoying my naked body. I smiled and went inside to take a shower and wait for my husband to come back home.

I made Jim his favorite dinner and when he got home he took a shower and came out to eat he asked me how things went while he was gone. I told him my sister had called and that other than a stray baseball coming over the fence everything was fine. We went outside to enjoy the sunset when he came up behind me and grabbed my breasts thru the shirt I was wearing. Jim asked me if we could fuck out here tonight. I know he expected me to say no, but the new me had already been fucked twice today on the chaise lounge about 15 feet from where we were standing. I again surprised him by dropping to my knees and freeing his cock from his shorts (like I said earlier I have not sucked his cock 10 times in 22 years) and swallowing the whole thing to his base. He was in heaven and asked me to show him what else Danny had taught me while he was away. I then pulled my mouth off his rock hard cock and had him sit on a chair where I lowered my body on top of his hard cock (this position was not one of my favorite ones before either). He then asked me if I really did fuck Danny my trainer. I continued to slide up and down on his cock and flatly told him No I did not fuck Danny while you were away, but that I might if he would like me to. He smiled as he emptied his cum into my body and said if this is the result I could fuck the whole gym if I wanted. He liked the new me also. I only wonder how long before he notices it is not the gym, but the baseball field that has been the cause of my long lost sexual reawakening

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