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Some splainin to do

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Life had returned to a redundant boredom. Wayne and I were somewhat challenged at our jobs and Jim and Tony had returned to college. Our sexlife had likewise returned to a bored routine. Wayne did manage to spark things a bit by replaying tales of the fun I had with Tony’s young, hard, gorgeous cock this summer. On occasion I would search thru my dresser for a saved pair of panties that still had crusty stains of one of Tony’s voluminous cums and close my eyes as I recalled some of the days of summer. I’m sure Wayne missed my cum soaked pussy as much as I missed it being filled. In bed he would remind me of Tony’s large, veined, throbbing cock sending ropes of his hot seed deep into my pussy flooding my womb and leaking out for hours often onto Waynes waiting tongue. Those sessions being relived always resulted in orgasms on my part but not near the earth moving ones that big cock produced. We knew that we would have periodic visits with us going to the campus or the boys coming home and we anxiously awaited those. As the summer was creeping to a close, Wayne’s sister called us with the bad news that her husband who had a job x-raying pipe lines had been injured in Alaska and she needed to fly there to be with him during surgery. Their son, Josh, had just landed a job a local manufacturing plant and would most likely lose it if he went with his mom. Josh had dropped out of college and was fortunate to get this job. He had been living at home working minimum wage jobs until this opportunity arose. He was fairly self-sufficient but Melinda asked us to keep an eye on him until she was able to come back home. No biggie as they lived about 12 miles away and if Josh needed anything he could call us. Early the following Monday morning, Waynes sister called and said things were going well with her hubby but one of their neighbors had called informing her Josh had been throwing some pretty wild parties that weekend. She called to tell him to cool it but got no answer on his cellphone. She had called his work and they told her he was scheduled to work nights that week. She asked if we could go by the house and make sure everything was ok and to have Josh call her. When she called Wayne was on his way out the door to work. I did not have to go in until 10:00 so I told her I would run by before I went in and if Josh called her please call me and save me the drive. She told me where a key was hidden and asked me to make sure the house was o.k. if Josh wasn’t there. I hurriedly dressed and headed out. Traffic was light and I made it to the house in good time. I smiled as it was still standing although as I pulled in the drive I did note the side patio furniture was turned over and as I walked to the door a minefield of beer cans awaited me so I understood the neighbor’s call. There was a car in the drive so I knocked on the door but there was no answer. I retrieved the hidden key so I could check for damage and Josh’s wellbeing. As I entered I suddenly felt like I had returned to a fraternity house. I was met with the smell of beer and a room littered with beer cans and pizza and snack food remnants. Fortunately nothing a few hours of cleaning would not fix. As I rounded the corner into the living room there on the couch was an almost naked girl asleep on the couch and a guy wearing shorts sprawled out on the floor. Assuming they were among the living, I continued to check the house. As I walked by a bedroom I saw Josh laying in a bed. Snoring loudly he was dead to the world. I started in to wake him but thought I would take a picture to send his mom first. I retrieved my phone from my skirt pocket and stepped into the room. Belatedly I noticed not only was he passed out on the bed, he was passed out nude on the bed. I’m not sure if it was dream induced or simply a “man thing” but he also sported an erection,,, not just “a erection” but a huge erection. Why did those genes find their way into Wayne’s bloodstream I wondered. Even though his mom was likely aware of his attributes I figured it best to cover him up before shooting the “mom pic”. I did stop long enough to take a “before” pic to show Wayne and ask him why he got shortchanged. I shot that pic and the walked to the bed to cover Josh with a sheet before the 2nd shot. The sheet was somewhat tangled up under his body and I had to work a bit to retrieve it. In doing so I found myself somewhat close to that gorgeous piece of manhood. How often in our lives do we have a choice of paths and how often do we take one we should not ? The ole devil was whispering “go ahead” so I ran a finger along the length of the largest cock I had ever seen. I then reached down and cupped this huge set of balls wondering how many millions of baby-makers were in there. I needed to cover him, take the pic, text his mom and get to work but surely one little kiss would not hurt especially if I could make a selfie to send Wayne to “make his day” at work. Kiss! , Click!, Done! Well, maybe one more for good measure. Perhaps a ‘wet kiss’ right on it’s head. Oh My! The monster is leaking ! We wouldn’t want to mess up the cover sheet would we ? Perhaps I should clean that leakage first, right ? So I ran my tongue along the head and removed the leakage. The monster jumper and spit out a bit more. Nothing to do but clean that off also… least I could do for Waynes nephew, right ? Well, this is ridiculous, the more I clean the worst it leaks. Guess I better stop and get on my way. Just as I made that decision and went to raise my head, a hand reached out and pulled my face closer to the monster. Next thing I know my lips were wrapped around the head as my mouth stretched to swallow a bit more. I looked up to see a drunken smile as Josh’s fingers wrapped in my hair pushing my face further on the phallic monster. Precum was seriously leaking from his gorgeous cock already and I worked feverishly running my tongue around the ridge as I took as much as possible in my mouth. He was leaking more and I suddenly realized that my panties were getting wetter also. He was so big I was having difficulty getting much more in my mouth and my brain could not help but wonder how that would feel stretching my pussy. “OHHH GAWDDDD” he moaned as he tried to push more of his cock in my mouth by holding my head and arching his body up. I immediately realized two things: his cock was so large it was hurting my mouth and his cock was so large I wanted it to hurt my pussy. With a bit of a struggle I freed myself from his grip and stood beside the bed. He looked so pitiful as I stood there but that look of pity changed to a smile as I kicked of my shoes, hiked my skirt and push my wet panties to the floor. I climbed back onto the bed and straddled his body. I pulled my blouse free from my skirt, pulled it up over my breasts, unhooked my bra and let my bra fall to the bed. His hands immediately went to my breasts and he rubbed them and kneaded them in a manner that made me think he could make biscuits ? I leaned over him putting my breasts in his face and he began kissing them and sucking the nipples. Meanwhile I shifted my body so my his big cock was slipping on my pussy lips. I kept sliding a few inches up and down letting that gorgeous cock rub my clitty and as I did so I felt my juices coat his hard manhood. I moved a bit more so that the bulbous cockhead would just tease my opening each time it slid by. He would buck up in an attempt to enter me but I kept control. Finally my desires overcame and I reach down and attempted unsuccessfully to wrap my hand around that steel hard shaft . He was so large I couldn’t wrap it but I was able to hold it in positon enough that I could guide him into my now soaked tunnel. I held my breath as I pushed back letting that stallion cock enter a little at a time. It was so large a time or two I had to pull back then restart. I was breathing, no gasping, like in Lamaze training as I lower myself more and more on the cock. Slowly I sat upward and pushed as hard as I could feeling his manhood stretch the walls of my pussy and drive toward my womb. I cried out “OHHHH FUCK !!” as I took it to the hilt and began very slow upward and downward motions as the ecstasy of pain and pleasure surged through my body. Gradually I became a cowgirl riding my pony. On each downward thrust I found myself screaming. I’m not sure the words were totally understandable but they were variations of “FUCK” and “YES” and they were loud. Sweat beads were forming on my body as I closed my eyes to heighten the sensation as I plunged down on his cock and screamed encourage at him begging him to flood my womb with his baby making juices. He grabbed my hand and guided it.. for a moment I felt his cock in my outstretched hand until I realized that was impossible. I opened my eyes to find the guy I had stepped over in the front room standing beside me holding my hand on his stiff cock. His cock was nice, nowhere close to Josh’s, about like Waynes. Caught up in the moment I wrapped my hand around his cock and stroked him as I continued to plunge down on Josh’s weapon. Josh moved his hands from my breasts and grabbed my hips pulling me down hard on his cock. My whole pussy was on fire as he rocked my body up and down making me his fuck toy. I needed both hands to steady myself on Josh’s chest and I had to release stud #2’s cock but he didn’t object and simply started jerking himself. He was rocking back and forth as if he needed to push his seed out. For a moment I thought I might help him but it was all I could do to ride my stallion. Josh pulled me down on his massive cock again and again Over and over he pushed deep in me stretching my walls as I screamed encouragement to him. Later I wondered if the same neighbors that had called Melinda were an audience to this morning debauchery but as it turned out that was a mute question. As stretched as I was I actually felt Josh’s cock expanding. He began to moan and announced he was going to cum. I again called for him to flood me with his sweet seed telling him “FILL MY PUSSY, BABY..I WANT IT BAD!!!!”. After a few more words he stiffened, push my hips down to assure his baby maker was as deep as it could be and shot rope after rope of molten seed into my womb. My pussy spasamed and my own juices mixed with his and the mixture managed to seep along his hard shaft ozzing onto his tight ball sack. As if those sensations were not enough I felt my face being coated with white, hot, cum from my 2nd stud as he jacked his cock spurting onto my face and in my hair. Just as I thought he was through he managed a second blast all over my breasts and wadded up blouse. All I can remember is somehow falling over on the bed next to Josh. I could feel small spasams echoing through my pussy and the sensation of hot juice flowing from my gapping pussy to my ass and onto the sheets I had originally intended to protect. I lay there trying to catch my breath and wondering if I would ever walk again when my phone chirped bringing me back to reality. My first thought was that my work was calling. I had lost all track of time but imagined I was late. I was preparing my excuse…something other than I was suffering from a fantastic fuck and I was soaked with sweat and cum and what little clothing I had left that was not totally crumbled was cum soaked. Despite being hit by a truck I managed to feel around in my twisted skirt and find my phone to beg forgiveness and tell them I would be late. My eyes focused on the screen and I saw it was Melinda calling. I pushed the screen and tried to answer but my mouth didn’t seem to work. As she asked if I had found Josh and inquired about his wellbeing and the condition of their house I feebly assured her I had found Josh sound asleep, the truth, and saw no significant problem with the house. I told her I was in traffic and needed to call her back. I let the phone fall back to the bed and I started to get up but my body refused. I did manage to roll toward Josh and watch his breathing. I then looked down at that monster that had just whipped me. Even flaccid it was an awesome sight. I ran my fingers along the length and around the ring of the monster’s head. My fingers were stickey from the cum mixture soaking his cock and balls. As I lightly ran my fingernails along his ballsack he rolled his head toward me and smiled. I gathered some of the cum-lube on my finger and used it to rim his ass slightly. The monster cock twitched. I leaned over and ran my tongue along the full length tasting our cum mixture. He moaned slightly. I managed to make it to my knees and leaned across his body continuing to tongue his cock. “DOES JOSH LIKE THAT, BABY ?” I asked. “GAWD YES!” he cried out, “SUCK MY COCK, HUN.. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!”….We continued our verbal banter as his cock responded to my manipulation. I somehow could not resist although I felt foolish as I knew I couldn’t possibly take much of him orally and it was certainly debatable if I was ready to have that monster impale me this quickly…. But I continued….. I thought I heard a voice and I looked up, Studmuffin #2 was still in the bedroom rubbing his hardening cock but he was only observing and saying nothing. I had heard nothing from the sleeping blonde I saw on the sofa as I came to the house but , as I listened, the voice did not seem to be coming from the living room. Curiosity got the best of me and I was forced to stop my oral treatment and solve the mystery. I heard the faint voice again and as I attempted to hone in on it I saw my phone still laying on the bed and realized I had never hung up after telling Melinda I’d call her back. As I pushed the “end call” button I though of one of Waynes comic statements: “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do” The incident somewhat unnerved me as I wonder how much she heard. I figured my best bet was to try and make mydself presentable and make it belatedly to work. I managed to wobble to the bathroom and startled myself looking in the mirror. I was the poster child for a cum slut as my face was smeared with man cream as were my breasts. I slipped my blouse off hoping to lightly wash it enough to make it wearable. With my skirt still wadded up at my waste I sat on the toilet to let the 10 gallons of man-goo leak out before I got to the office. I leaned my head in my arms wondering why in the world I let myself get into these situations. As I ‘drained’ I looked up to find studmuffin2 at my side holding his renewed manhood inches from my face. As he pulled me toward his hard cock I just sighed thinking ‘why not’ and I took his stiff shaft in my mouth. I assumed he would not last long being but apparently the tremendous flow from earlier gave him some staying power. I needed to get to work so I gently pushed him back a little, stood and braced myself against the vanity and bent over exposing my backside to him. He didn’t seem to mind that his buddy has poured a unimaginable amount of cum in me as he quickly slipped his stiff meat in my sloppy tunnel. As he started, I wonder if I would feel him after Josh had stretched me so but, apparently I was still tight enough to get the job done for him. “I LOVE THAT FRESH FUCKED PUSSY” he murmured in my ear as he drove his cock into the mess. Apparently he did love the feel as it wasn’t long before he added his cum to the mix. He stumbled back out of the bathroom leaving me with cum dripping down my legs. I found washcloth and washed my legs and face. Looking in the mirror I still looked like warmed over death. I dabbed water on my blouse to remove as much evidence as possible, went back to the bedroom and found my bra. I put myself together as best I could. A damp badly wrinkled blouse, a badly wrinkled skirt, and damp panties which I’m sure will be far wetter before I make it o work. Only my shoes and bra had survived the onslaught. I kissed both the guys, picked up my phone to see missed calls from Wayne, Melinda and work. Yep, “Lucy you do have some ‘splainin’ to do”,,,,,,

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