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So Love Being Your Cuckold

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I truly totally enjoy being a your cuckold. You love the freedom that you can sleep with any man you want. How it?s such a turn on for both of us for you to enjoy a good fucking and filled to overflow by another man?s sperm. I love it?s a huge turn-on to you to be a MILF, a slut, a whore. All the time I?m being your loving cuckold. What a turn-on it is for you to guide me down to your full pussy and have me, lick, suck and drain another mans cum from your womanhood.

We are so on the same page, I love being a cuckold, being lead to the bedroom, you straddling my face, no need for a shower or tissue, my tongue is the perfect instrument for cleaning her lovers cum from your pussy. You love my soft tongue on your clitoris it always brings you to a soft but wonderfully orgasm. The best however is, no matter how thorough my tongue is, you will be sleeping with another mans potent thick warm sperm still deep in your fertile womb.

You have had only a few lovers over our 25 year marriage. Most of them being very long term, which allowed trust and exploration of your sexual desires and of course those of your lovers as well... Our experiences always begin with MFM?s until proper levels of trust are established, at which time more one on one interaction between you and your fuck buddy develops.. And while it may not work for many couples we both feel this more private experiences allows you to explore your sexual more openly with your gent.

Your time alone with another is always balanced off afterwards with us sharing several glasses of wine. You always in the same negligee you worn with your lover. The scent of him clinging strong in the air as you describe in detailed of what fun you had just experienced, and how you love me for being so understanding of your needs. You know and understand what a turn-on it is for me too and how I looked forward later in the evening to performing my cuckold duties before my cock enjoys your cunt and the feel of another mans cum still coating the walls of your pussy.

Now it almost always take a few dinner dates for to warm up to a new gent.. You are attracted to taller, well dressed, preferably professional and definatly single gents. But every once and awhile we attend a house party or a small gathering at the where things just seem to click. It might be the anticipation of the party. It could be the prep time of getting your hair and nails done. It could be the shaving of your pussy baby smooth that gets you in the mood. But some times, you find a gent or gents that you just want to be a slut for. I have to say that when that slut emerges, it?s not just a huge turn on for you, but a huge turn on for me as well. I love other couples, other men, enjoy watching you being the perfect MILF, the perfect slut, the perfect whore. and everyone knowing the I?m being the loving understand cuckold hubby.

Not that we are that experienced, but I think we can both agree that the little group that has found us, and the overnights at the Residence Inn is a perfect fit for us. A nice small group of couples, great conversation, classy smooth flirting interaction, and of course having met them several times has given you the added time to just warm up that little extra bit... Add a glass or two of wine to the mix and you are a man magnet. You just have a natural way of extruding the perfect mixture of school gal naivety and stripper VIP room bump and grind sexuality. This of course quickly attracts couples who are more than happy to guide you to a more private area and then to an unoccupied bed.

You so enjoy the role play of your impregnation fantasy. It just fits just so well with my cuckold tendencies. I love when you described to me the sheer bliss of feeling a man thrusting hard, driving his hard cock tight against your cervix and then how you enjoy the feel of his warm thick sperm being pumped into your womb. The only thing better than hearing you describe your pleasure is watching it happen.

I so enjoy sharing, watching the passion, the need, even the desperation, of your need for sexual release when your fucking another gent. I love seeing you exchange a few soft kisses, and knowing the look in your eyes as the moment approaches... Then his final few deep thrusts being met with your total bliss as your womb is filled, your pussy rhythmically contracting, milking those last drops from his now softening cock.

I love that you so enjoy being watched as you getting fuck. Then you so innocently let one of your legs splay open, giving everyone a wonderful view of the cum starting to pool there. You give me a knowing smile, communicating instantly that your not done playing yet. You then run a finger over your just fucked cunt, letting it linger at your clitoris sending an open invitation to others in the room who

I think we are both looking forward to the St. Patty?s party. We are comfortable with the location, we enjoy the interaction at the bar and the ability to have a glass of wine in our hotel room before heading down to the party room and having a good time... With that said... Communication between us is most important. While I would love to see you enjoy a new cock that night, you need to know that you should only fuck a gent if you want to. Don?t fuck someone if you don?t want too... and if he touches you in a way that you don?t like that you tell him and guide him to give you the best orgasm possible. I look forward that when we are chatting with a couple, or gent, if you like them that you tell them so.. and that you innocently tell them that you are feeling ?Sluty? Nothing that send a stronger message where you want the night to go, and there is nothing that more of a turn-on to a man than hearing you say you want to be his slut, his whore.... Maybe there will even be that gal who just cant help giving you a tender kiss, sparking twinges of pleasure you let that feeling take you where ever it happens to go...

Lastly... There is no doubt that watching you enjoying fucking a gent, or maybe even watching you with a couple is the biggest turn on for me... and you know I am a passive gent.... But being taken by a really aggressive slutty whore, well... you know.... might be something I would not mind happing as well..

Turn-on?s for me...

1) That you so enjoy being a whore and slut.

2) Love me being your cuckold.

3) You love to please other men

4) You love giving blow jobs

5) You love being watched.

6) You love the feel of other men?s sperm in your cunt.

7) You can enjoy the touch of a woman.

8) You so enjoy impregnation role play

9) You verbally encourage your lovers

10) ... Under you as you enjoy ?Doggie?....

11) ... Two cocks in your cunt...

12) ... Creampie & Snowball fun with me....

13) .. Anal fun ? Butt Plug Training? Maybe....

And after you read this.. Tell me your deepest sexual desire....

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