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SHE DOESN’T KNOW SHE IS BEAUTIFUL … SHE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A CLUE ! We are a very happily married couple. When we got married my wife was only 18, and I was in my late 20’s. To this day we still have a great steamy sex life. I am an average guy with an average height, but slightly above average build. I do dress very trendy and young for my age with a whole head of hair styled to the max. Although I am in my late 40’s, I still look and feel like middle thirties. I exercise regularly and am able to keep up with any 20 to 30 year old guy. I am a multiple business owner and make enough money to support a very envious lifestyle. We have boats, motorcycles, an RV, several cars and trucks, a small airplane, and a large home in the nicest area of Dallas, Texas. My wife is a real trophy wife in the true sense of the word, a very high maintenance long legged, very long haired blonde. She has a very curvy body that is rock solid since she works out with a private trainer, very sexy seductive bedroom eyes, a fantastically incredible butt, envied well-manicured nails, the brightest white smile with perfect teeth, magnificently rounded double D 36 inch breasts that teasingly bounce when she walks, a perfectly styled and colored Beverly Hills movie star hairstyle, and a sculptured, sultry, high check-boned model cover girl face. She wears nothing but the very best clothes with carefully chosen accessories and matching Louboutin shoes/handbags. One of the best things about her is that she doesn’t know or think that she is stunningly beautiful. She is totally unaware! Totally clueless! This makes her that sweet and innocent “girl-next-door”. BUT, she does know how to use all of her beautiful looking assets to seduce you and to get what she wants.

A few years ago, somebody came out with a very catchy song entitled “She Doesn’t Know She is Beautiful”. I told Kristi that that song was written about her. Of course she modestly denied it and said “No Way!”

Then, on one Texas hot steamy summer Saturday night, we went out to a local bar to do some dancing and to get some drinks. Kristi was almost naked. She wore some killer low rider frayed blue jean cutoffs that were smaller than some of her boy shorts, a sexy neon pink tube top that showed her muscular flat tanned belly with shiny belly-button ring, no bra, cowboy boots, and a neon pink trimmed cowboy hat. All this was accentuated by her long blonde hair, pouty neon pink gloss lips, and matching long manicured neon pink colored both finger nails and toe nails.

At the bar, she commented on how all the good looking guys were flirting with all the good looking girls and just how lucky those beautiful girls were to have the attention of all those guys. I once again told Kristi that she was just as beautiful as they were, and if given the chance, those same guys would notice that she is also very hot looking and would flirt with her too if I weren’t there as her date. And, once again, she was absolutely clueless and didn’t know how beautiful, how hot, how inviting, how wanted, and just how sexy she really was that night.

Once again she said “No way!”

I told her, “Look, I will prove it to you.” She said, “Oh yeah? Now how are you going to do that?”

I said, “It’s easy! But we need to separate. Those guys can’t know that I am with you. Just stand over there by the bar and watch people dancing. I bet you that some guy will start flirting with you and ask you to dance within the first ten minutes. I will stand over here and watch. They won’t even know we are together.”

She said that I was acting rather silly and that she would rather just dance and flirt with me. I told her that it is something that I want to prove to her once and for all, and that I really want her to just stand there like she normally does without any extra sexy seductive fuck-me-now posing. I have to tell you that Kristi can just stand the way she normally stands, and that will look like fuck-me-now posing. After a while, after my repeated teases, and after a few more Bacardi Rum and diet Cokes, she reluctantly agreed to try my little experiment and went over and stood by an empty seat at the bar. Almost immediately, a good looking guy came up to the bar next to her to order a beer. I have to admit that he was hot looking for a guy. Like a young college coed, Kristi was smiling like she was up to no good as she was checking out his tight jeans which clearly showed that he had a “real nice package” and “a cute tight ass” (Kristi’s words later). I later learned that his name was Rowdy.

The bar was very crowded that night, and the bar girls had a rough time keeping up with serving the crowd. Rowdy struck up a conversation with Kristi while he was waiting for his turn to be waited on. Because of the crowd, they were standing so close to each other that the guy’s crotch was touching and pressed up against the front of Kristi’s bare thigh. At first she tried to back away, but then it appeared that she actually may have innocently turned and pushed her firm butt against his now hardening cock. She looked at me and winked as if to say, “You better be careful of what you wish for, because you just might get it.” Despite our “bet”, Kristi always loves to tease and flirt.

I was too far from them to hear exactly what they were saying, but it must have been funny because both of them were laughing. Kristi has a very sexy laugh, not a giggle, and a cute smile too. They were staring into each other’s eyes. The place was noisy, and the band was playing exceptionally loud. He was bending over whispering in her ear so that she could hear him. I should add that heavy breathing into Kristi’s ear is one of her most favorite erogenous turnons! I caught him sneaking glances at Kristi’s perky breasts as they strained at her tube top begging to be set free. If he looked at the right angle, I am sure that he could see one or both of her nipples. Despite it being hot that night, her nipples must have thought that it was cold because they were erect and sticking out to the max. Her tube top did little to conceal her nipples’ state of excitement. I could tell that his whispering and breathing into her ear began to take its effect on Kristi. I could see her goose bumps ! Under the black-lite lighting and under the rest of the bar’s dim lighting, her tan made her incredibly sexy looking with the neon pink tube top and skimpy frayed blue denim cutoffs. Her bright blue eyes and bright white teeth looked seductively awesome. They were both laughing, and now he began touching her by placing his right hand on her bare exposed left hip as she was stretching her hot body up on her tip toes to talk into his ear. Her beautiful breasts sometimes were in the way and brushed against his chest. Her toned six-pack stomach was envied by those girls around her. She had her right hand on his shoulder behind his head for balance. In her left hand was her fourth empty Rum and Coke drink glass.

Now, it was his turn to be served, and he also bought Kristi another Bacardi and Diet Coke. It was happy hour two-for-one drink time. He got two long neck Lone Star bottles of beer, and she got two more Bacardi Rum and Cokes, her fifth and sixth drinks of the night. Her drinks were tall enough to maybe be doubles. Oh gawd ! Kristi can’t drink a lot of alcohol without taking her clothes off, but I am going to let this flirting go as far as it can go without interfering. They sat down on the only two empty barstools at the bar together which happened to be at the most remote and the most dimly lit area at the end of the bar. They toasted her drinks together and continued their flirty conversation. I guessed because it was so noisy they HAD to move closer together. Moving even more closely together, with leg against leg, she looked back at me. I winked and gave her the OK sign. She looked back at me as if to say, “OK, mother-fucker, what do I do now?” However, it was clear that both of them were really enjoying flirting back and forth with each other! The chemistry between them was heating up, and it was rapidly becoming obvious to everyone around them. I was starting to get hard myself and surprisingly realized that I was being turned on seeing Kristi flirting back and forth with another guy which up to now was just a fantasy of mine. I admit that I have often thought of a threesome fantasy with Kristi being the center of attention between me and a total dangerously looking stranger that we pick up at some dive bar. I thought that I am one sick fuck for even thinking about that! But, it was an enormous turn on for me! My cock was getting really hard now.

I could tell that she was nervous because she was drinking much more quickly now. The first drink of the two drinks he bought her went down in a flash. That now makes about her fifth drink in total within only a couple of hours. She started drinking the next one. Rowdy got off his barstool to ask her to dance. She promptly declined. He sat back down. I could tell she was even more nervous now and looked back at me as if asking for help. I nodded my head towards the dance floor. She rolled her eyes back into her head to show her disagreement with me, but nodded “OK” back to me. The guy placed his hand just above her knee on her bare leg and began to move it up upwards towards her frayed cutoffs... Kristi did not back off. She put her arm around the back of his head and began whispering something in his ear. They both smiled, and he moved his hand even higher. She did not stop him. Now I know that her drinks are slowing transforming Kristi into her “Evil Sexy Twin Sister” who always gets Kristi into trouble. LOL Unfortunately, they were interrupted. I later wondered know how far this touching one another would have progressed. Rowdy began talking to a few of his friends that had come up to them, which incidentally were also very hot looking guys too. All of them Kristi would describe later as “hot eye candy.” None of the guys saw our signals to one another. She gave me the evil eye as if to say, “OK asshole, I’ll finish what you have started, and you will be so, so sorry!” I smiled and gave her the big OK sign.

The guys bought some tequila shots and included Kristi in their group. They made a toast and the liquor was tossed down their throats. I learned later that they were there celebrating a bachelor party. Kristi loved all the flirty attention that the guys were giving her and quickly downed several more tequila shots with them. She easily had 4 to 6 shots. By now everyone was feeling the effect of the alcohol. Kristi doesn’t need Tequila to make her clothes fall off, but it does speed up the process. She flirted and teased them all back with her innocent, but sexy nearly naked body. Kristi can make even the sluttiest outfits look classy. The bar’s black-lite lighting made her blonde hair, bright white teeth, bright blue eyes, and tanned firm body exceptionally stand out from the crowd. Damn ! I was so proud that she was mine! I love it when guys want what I have. Another song started, and once again he asked her to dance. This time the tequila began its magic, and this time she quickly accepted. Hand in hand to the dance floor they went. Her drinks began to take effect causing her to stumble as she got off the bar stool. Her neon pink thong peeked out from the top of her cutoffs which were cut and frayed so short that the front pockets stuck out and were visible also. She looked back to me, and I smiled. She made a funny face and stuck her tongue out at me. I laughed and smiled back at her. It was a fast song. She got out on the dance floor and began her tantalizing wiggling of her butt and breasts. The crowd took immediate notice and stared. This attention fueled her boldness. She began to dance even more seductively, if that were at all possible. Her Evil Twin Sister began taking over her body and mind ! She was enjoying the attention that everyone was giving her, and she responded by putting on a very hot show. The guys were all smiling with bulges in their pants showing their erections, poking each other with their elbows, and nodding in Kristi’s direction. Two guys joined her and sandwiched her into the middle of them. She began rubbing the crotch of the guy to her back with the crack of her butt. She put her arms around the neck of the guy in front and pulled him close to her smashing her breasts tightly up against his chest. The guy in back had his arms around her bare waist and looked like he may have reached around and had his fingers under her cutoffs. I really couldn’t tell. The guy in front had his arms around her neck and under her long blonde hair. The song ended, and they all reluctantly returned to the bar with her arms around their shoulders and their arms around her naked midriff. Then, it was another slow song. Rowdy didn’t ask her, but just grabbed her hand and pulled her to the dance floor. She turned around and placed both her arms around his waist, tilting her head onto his shoulder. OMG ! My cock began to get rock hard too. I also noticed that his friends and many others stared at the tastefully partially exposed cheeks of her butt as she made her way to the dance floor. Kristi makes jeans look frickin’ amazing. She could easily be a model for Guess Jeans or Victoria Secrets jean ads if those companies wanted to turn up the heat even more. Rowdy’s friends were smiling at each other and high-fiving each other displaying their approval of the hot chick they had picked up, which was MY WIFE KRISTI. Very flattering! And made my dick even harder. I was so proud of her!

They seductively danced that song and rubbed their bodies against each other for two more songs before the band finally played another slow song. She started back to the bar, but Rowdy grabbed her by the waist and held her feet off the ground staring directly into her eyes. This time she looked back at me as if to say, “WTF?” Before she had a chance to say no, he kissed her on the lips and held her tight. She kissed him back, but quickly. Still holding her, he and Kristi began to dance. It turned out to be a long, slow song. She began to relax and just swayed to the beat of the music while his strong arms and hands gripped around her bare middle section. Her breasts were smashed tightly against Rowdy’s chest and looked even more inviting by struggling to be set free from her skimpy tube top. His friends were cheering them on and brought drinks to them on the dance floor which they immediately chugged since it was a hot steamy Texas night AND, it was certainly getting hotter by the minute. Kristi was definitely getting sexually aroused too. Her Evil Twin Sister was in full control of her body and mind now. LOL Sexual tension began to mount among us all. Before the slow song was over, they moved into the more dimly lit area of the dance floor, and he let his hands drift down to hold her cute butt pulling her tightly against his crotch. Her wet pussy and his stiff dick were perfectly aligned, and both of them began to rub hard against each other. Oddly enough, she didn’t resist, not even just a little! Damn her! I could tell that she was becoming turned on by this guy. She was teasing him by pushing her firm and nearly naked body tightly against his body with very suggestive sexy wiggles. Kristi was enjoying the power she had over him. She put on a sexy show for me and tried to make me jealous. She did an amazing job of it too. They were drawing attention from not only his friends, but most of the audience too. She kissed him first this time. He kissed her back. Kristi checked me out to make sure that I was looking. She thrust her tongue deep into the guy’s mouth, he thrust his into her mouth, and they locked their lips tightly together. My cock was so hard that it began to ache. After one long slow song came a second slow song. This time Kristi quickly kissed Rowdy on the lips and again started towards her seat, but again he held her tight. Not releasing her with strong arms, he kissed her back. At first she appeared surprised, but soon relaxed. They kissed a long time, tongue to tongue, turning their heads from side to side as the kiss became hotter. After kissing awhile, Kristi really got into it and placed her hand on the back of his neck and ran her fingers thru his hair. This tickled him. I caught a glimpse of a definitely big cock growing in his crotch. Shit, he had a frickin’ massive hard on! AND a big one too ! It was so obvious! She didn’t hesitate a bit this time, accepted his offer to dance, and went with him making their way back towards the darkest rear section of the dance floor. I struggled to move to a place where I could still see them. Since this part of the dance floor was more private, the guy got a lot bolder now. He held her even tighter, if that were at all possible. Her eyes were closed. Her head was resting on his chest. Kristi did not know that I was able to watch her. She let herself go. Rowdy’s hands were now just inside the back top of her low slung cutoffs surely feeling the crack of her ass underneath. He was grinding his growing stiffening cock back and forth in between the tops of her legs. They were dry fucking! His shirt was unbuttoned half way down thanks to Kristi’s Evil Twin sister. Kristi unbuttoned a couple more buttons mischieveably grinning up at him as she did it. He resisted none and smiled back down at her. It was now his bare chest against her nearly bare chest with only a small thin tube top separating the skin of these two hot bodies. Her nipples became more erect than I have seen them in a long time. He put his leg between her legs and began grinding her pussy hard against his muscular leg. She rubbed her pussy up and down his leg and up against his cock. She titled her head back and looked like she was going to cum at any second. Nearly collapsing, it looked like maybe she did cum, and he held her close. She held back her normal “oh yes! Oh Gawd!” scream. But now as usual after she has one orgasm, she wants more. I knew then that she did not know that I was able to see them. Her Evil Twin sister has turned my Kristi a very, very naughty bad girl! She was getting hotter, and he knew it! Matter of fact, everybody that saw them knew it! He began kissing her neck. I have to tell you that her neck is another one of her many hot erogenous zones. Kissing it quickly turns her on. I could tell that Kristi really was enjoying that! She was breathing heavily now. Her mouth was wide open breathing heavily now. Her bedroom eyes were half shut. As she was panting, her beautiful breasts were rising and falling against his chest. Her tube top slipped down a little bit exposing more of her well-rounded breasts. OMG ! What a beautiful sight!

My cock began to swell even more. I found my hands in my pockets playing with my cock as it hardened. There is nothing more beautiful than a hot long haired blonde with a cute butt in skimpy jean cutoffs with a thin tube top barely covering two well-rounded breasts, unless she happens to be your wife. Oddly enough I not only was not jealous, but also was quite the opposite. I was turned on to the max! It was at that moment that I realized that I was not jealous at all, and that I enjoyed seeing my wife flirting and enjoyed seeing her in a sexy intimate kissing situation making out with another guy. I was proud that she was my wife. She was indeed beautiful! She was enjoying the fact that she was the center of attention of so many good looking guys. I tried to imagine what it would look like if I could watch Rowdy fucking Kristi. I admit that I now realized that it would become my number one sexual fantasy of mine to watch Kristi fucking another guy.

Sadly, the slow song eventually ended. He kissed her passionately on her lips and held her tight in his grip. Her breasts were smashed against his bare chest. She leaned into him and returned the hot kiss with her open mouth and her tongue wildly searching for his tongue. Her long blonde hair, nearly to the crack of her butt, was swaying back and forth. As she deep throated him, she tickled the hair on the back of his neck, pulled his head towards hers. He was enjoying her charms. The kiss seemed to go on for days. Both of his hands now were further deeper inside the back of her cutoffs, touching her bare butt drawing her ever so closer to him and his hot hard cock. Kristi made absolutely no attempt to hide from me, his friends, nor the audience that she was thoroughly enjoying his advances! She urged him on! The crowd was sneaking glances and was eagerly watching to see what they would do next. It had turned into sexual foreplay without a doubt. I was turned on! She was turned on! Rowdy was turned on! His friends were turned on! And, the crowd watching them was turned on too!

They made their way back to the bar arm in arm where yet another drink was waiting, obviously bought by one of Rowdy’s friends. With many strong guys’ arms to help her, Kristi hopped up onto her barstool and then onto the bar itself and adjusted her top just a little, but left nothing to the imagination. Her breasts were still exposed almost to the top of her nipples. Where Rowdy had his hands down her cutoffs, the strings of her neon pink string bikini thong underwear were now clearly visible above her cutoffs too. If her cutoffs were any lower in back, the crack of her ass would be peaking out, and if any lower in front, her freshly waxed pussy would have been be exposed for all to see and enjoy. WOW!

Now all the guys got real close and sandwiched her in like an Oreo Cookie. They rubbed their bodies against hers in a sexually animalistic way. Then her two favorite guys were flirting with her and getting a little feel here and there. She did not try to stop any of them at all. She actually encouraged it ! She liked their attention. Kristi was in heaven. Damn her ! They had two more drinks and were looking like a threesome or moresome about to happen. She was making out with both of them. As one would French kiss her, the other would feel as much of her bare skin as he could. Kristi was definitely getting drunk. She was past the point of no return. People began to notice the three of them kissing and rubbing up on each other. The guy’s stiff cocks were sticking out like pup tents. The three of them were putting on a fantastic show of sexual exhibition! I wish I had a camera ! Kristi’s EVIL TWIN Sister stole the show.

The band announced last call for drinks and started their last set of songs. Due to popular demand the band started its last set once again with a slow song. This time Kristi took both guys to the dance floor. She looked at me with her devilish “I’m a very naughty bad girl smirk” and stuck her tongue playfully out at me once again. I looked back at her and gave her the “I’m OK with everything sign”. She nodded back. They immediately went to the darkest rear area of the dance floor. Kristi was sandwiched tightly in between them. Both guys were rubbing their bodies against hers and feeling her up to the beat of the music. Their cocks were getting harder and were clearly visible even in the darkness. I was struggling making out what was going on, but this time I noticed that the top two of Kristi’s 3 button cutoffs were now unbuttoned. The guy facing her back had his arms around her waist and had his hands inside the front of her cutoffs playing with her pussy. She had one arm behind her and put her hand inside the guy’s jeans and was feeling his cock which was now sticking straight up towards his navel poking out of the top of his jeans and grinding along the crack of her ass. She had the other hand in front feeling the other guy’s cock. Both guys were playing with her breasts and bolding placing their hands underneath her tube top which was barely covering her erect nipples. Because of her long, thick blonde hair, no one saw their lewdness. They took turns deep French kissing her. She turned her head back and forth to each of them eagerly kissing them back long, deep, and hard, sometimes biting their lips. When not kissing her on the lips, they would kiss her on her neck, her shoulders, and once or twice on her nipples when her breasts would pop out of her top. She was almost past the point of no return. No, actually she was well past that point. Her EVIL TWIN Sister was in total control of Kristi now. If she weren’t married, and if I weren’t there, they both could have easily fucked her. She was without a doubt ready and willing to immediately fuck them both.

After what seemed like an eternity, the song finally ended, but the three of them continued dancing, kissing, and rubbing up against each other as though the music was still playing. After a while, they finally realized that the song was over, stopped, and went back to their seats at the bar kissing as they walked, or in Kristi’s case, as she stumbled. She didn’t even button up the two unbuttoned buttons on her cutoffs. Only one lonely button remained buttoned. The front of her cutoffs was folded down like it was designed to be that way just less than an inch above the top of her smooth waxed pussy. Because they were playing with her, her string bikini thong underwear was pushed down barely visible. If the strings of her thong were not visible above her cutoffs, you would not know that she had any underwear on at all. The top of her pussy was almost showing, but wasn’t. Kristi’s pussy swelled up with the excitement and now a sexy camel toe was formed clearly showing thru her skin tight cutoffs. The alcohol and flirting had established their powers over her. She did not try to regain her modesty. She was now a sassy bar slut, but yet very classy. She was sitting on a bar stool and had so little clothes on she was nearly naked. She was so sensitive to their sexy caressing that goose bumps were everywhere. Her thong had to be dripping wet. Kristi was hot, turned on, and ready and wanting to fuck!

Rowdy’s friends returned to the bar to get them because the bachelor party was leaving to go to an after-hours topless club. They had a limo and asked Kristi if she would like to go with them. She looked as though she was thinking about it, but then coming back to her senses, she looked up to me and reluctantly declined to join them. No doubt she wanted to go. If she were single, there is no doubt that she would have joined them and sucked and fucked every one of them. They each hugged and kissed her deeply for what seemed like forever. She followed them outside to the limo. But, she wanted her favorite two guys to stay. She rubbed their crotches and begged them not to go. She whispered something in their ears, which to this day, she has refused to tell me what she said to them. She reminded me that she was drunk and sexually turned on past any of her prior limits. The other guys pulled her into the limo wanting her to join them. The bachelor party was still waiting on one guy before they were able to leave our bar. Now inside the limo, the guys laid her down across their laps, pulled her tube top down, and began sucking on her nipples. I know that this is one of her favorite hot spots, and giggling she began to moan and squirm showing her enjoyment. She did not resist their taking advantage of her weakened lack of control. Actually, Kristi encouraged them to do more! With her arms above her head hanging on to the guys, she French kissed them all. They had their dirty way with her. She squirmed and raised her cute butt into the air as they all had their hands all over her body. Her little boy short cutoffs and tiny thong underwear were then pulled down to her knees, and her smooth pussy popped into plain sight. One guy began to lick her pussy, and she tossed and turned spreading her legs apart and was with delight obviously enjoying all the attention. The guys pulled one leg out of her cutoffs and spread her legs widely. Another guy pulled out his cock and looked as though he was going to mount her right there in front of everyone. Kristi grabbed it and began sucking intensely on it. Once he slid his hard cock up and down the opening of her clit, Kristi moaned and began wiggling her hips around in a tight circle placing her free leg around the guy’s waist drawing him closer to her! He slid is cock into her so easily and it felt so wonderful and good to her! She wanted more. BUT, Kristi despite her aroused and drunk state of mind then realized that this party was getting way out of control, wondered what I was thinking, panicked, and pulled her clothes back on as best she could. She then jumped out of the limo. Her little tube top was still down, her breasts were still exposed, and her skimpy cutoffs were still unbuttoned. Her thong underwear was missing. By this time, I was getting nervous and stepped in to prevent them from pulling her back into the limo. I told them that I was her husband, and that I thought that this party should be over! The guys politely agreed, said that they didn’t know she was married and thought she was at the bar to pick up some stiff dick and get herself fucked good. Then while saying their goodbyes, they quickly sped off in search of their next rendezvous. She turned to me and said let’s get out of here. She hugged and kissed me. Kristi told me that she was so glad that I was not jealous and that I did not cause a scene. She was turned on and wanted to finish with me what she had started with them. She told me that she needed my hard cock deep inside her now! Right down, not a second later. That night I learned that I was not the jealous type, that I enjoyed seeing my wife have fun with other guys, that I wanted to see her have sex with another guy while I watch, and maybe even join in. I wanted a threesome or moresome! AND, I wanted it now!

I said, “You have to believe me now? They all wanted you! You are beautiful!”

She smiled and said, “What fucking ever !” However, I sensed that she now slightly knew what I was talking about.

In the car, she was all over me. She was kissing me, unzipping my pants, and getting my already hard throbbing cock out. Kristi always wants nasty sex when she is drunk and doesn’t care where she is, or who is there watching. She sucked on my cock as hard as she could and stroked it until I nearly came. Her tube top was tossed aside and her skimpy cutoffs were kicked to the floor. Kristi wanted to be fucked, and she wanted to be fucked NOW! She didn’t even give me time to lick her pussy which I always love to do.

Some people came by the car and peeked in. She said, “Hold that thought! Let’s get home! ” She looked for her clothes and wanted to be dressed in case we were pulled over by the cops.

Once home and inside, I slammed her against the wall, kissed her while holding her hands held tightly above her heard, and stripped her of all her clothes as she stripped me of mine. We jumped on the couch and made out like teenagers in heat. We fucked in as many different positions as we could think of. We did not make love, we fucked! There is a huge difference. Kristi’s EVIL TWIN SISTER is every man’s dream fuck ! While I was fucking her, I kept asking her, “Did you want to fuck those guys?’ She moaned but did not answer. I said again, louder this time, “You did want to fuck them, didn’t you? Kristi tell me the truth!” I told her she was a very naughty bad girl and told her that my cock was all she was going to get that night. I said, “Close your eyes. You will just have to pretend like you are being fucked by the cute guys at the bar, but it will be me.”

I never saw her so excited and so wild in bed. She could not get enough of my cock slamming into her wet pussy. She could not get enough of my tongue satisfying her pussy. She bucked, came and yelled that she wanted more. She came so many times that I lost count.

She wanted some rough fucking. This time I yelled at her, “You wanted to fuck all of them, didn’t you? You bitch! You dirty little slut !” She loved me to talk dirty to her while we made love. I didn’t know if I was playing, or if I was serious.

She finally answered, “Yes! Yes! I wanted to fuck them. Hell yeah ! I wanted to suck and fuck all of them! Does that make you happy now? Isn’t that what you wanted ?” She even called me by those guys’ names, begging me to fuck her even more and harder by yelling out their names.

We were fucking doggie style. She was a terrific sight! The cutest butt, completely tanned with the exception of a very small area where her thong once was, broad shoulders with long blonde hair dr*ped over her back nearly to the crack of her butt. I loved seeing my cock go in and out of her sweet pussy! She said that she was a very naughty bad girl and needed to be punished! She demanded that her hair be pulled, her butt slapped hard, and her pussy relentlessly pounded. I immediately did everything she asked for. We then switched over to a sixty-nine position, one of her and my favorite positions. Not only did Kristi cum orally at several more times that way, but also she came by my cock probably several more times after that. I have never seen her so hot and bothered. She was fucking amazing! I did not want the night to ever end! She brought what I call her sexy “AAA Game” to bed with her. She gave it all she had, and then some. She was every guy’s “dream fuck”! It just doesn’t ever get any better than her that night. .

After a couple of hours of this vigorous workout, both of us begged each other to rest and “tapped out”. We laid in bed and rested in each other’s arms and talked about what has just happened. I asked her if she would want to live out my now Number One Fantasy of watching her have sex with other guys. She smiled and said that she would think about it. “To think about it” was further than I ever imagined she would go. I never thought that she would ever even consider it. I wanted to bring it up on several other occasions, but was so afraid that it would jeopardize our sex lives and our marriage. The fact that she said that she would think about it made me get horny. My cock, although it has cum several times itself already, began to stiffen once again!

Just about when I thought that she had had enough, she turned to me and looked me directly into my eyes, hesitated a moment, and with a deep breath sexily asked me, “ I want you to fuck me anally in my ass. Would you do that for me please?” I was caught off guard and totally shocked. I tried to get a little anal sex several times before only to be immediately shut down. Now she was practically begging me for it. She said, “If I am going to have sex with other guys, I want you to be the first one to do me anally.”

I said, “Are you sure? “ She shyly but quickly responded, “Yes! Yes, I want you to do it right now” Before she had a chance to change her mind, I quickly got the lube out. When I turned around, Kristi was already in her fuck-me-now doggie style position. Her long blonde hair, with that just fucked look, was flowing down her back nearly to the crack of her exceptionally awesome butt. She arched her butt upward for me to easily enter her. It was a magnificent sight! I hurriedly lubed up her ass and slowly slipped my throbbing, pulsating cock right into her tight little asshole. I very gently slid it in just a little further and let her do all the moving. She rocked her ass as she swayed her hips back and forth in tiny circles. OMG I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening! To my amazement, she began moaning and yelling loudly out how good it felt. I thought that the neighbors heard her for sure. I came once again and shortly thereafter! So did she! Frickin’ amazing ! Once again we both collapsed in exhaustion into each other’s arms gasping for a breath.

After a long and steamy shower, we laid there in each other’s arms and fell asleep with smiles on both our faces. I never, never ever, felt so satisfied sexually in all my life. Kristi was once again frickin’ amazing. That night Kristi (or her EVIL TWIN SISTER ) was THE NUMBER ONE of the TOP TEN best fucks of my lifetime. Kristi said that it “was her all-time number one favorite night” too. Our dogs barked for attention, so the next morning we both woke up about the same time. We put our arms around each other’s naked body and gently kissed. Then Kristi must have sobered up. Her EVIL TWIN SISTER was no more. She returned to being Kristi. She began cussing and yelling at me. She said how could I stand by and let strange guys fondle her with their fingers in her pussy, kissing her breasts, and passing her back and forth like a tramp in public. We can never return to that bar again! Did I not love her? How could I let such an awful thing happen? She must have forgotten that one guy actually had is bareback cock deep inside her …. Or did she? LOL She then started crying. She hit my chest with her fists. I grabbed her, held her tight, and told her what a sick fuck I was, and that I am so very truly sorry. I told her that it was just a sexual fantasy of mine to see her with another guy. She told me to be careful for what I wished for, because I might just get it. I told her that it turned me on watching her with another guy in such a sexy situation, that I was not jealous in any way, and that I loved her more now than ever. She quit crying, became totally silent, and just stared out into space with the blankest weirdest looking stare that I have ever seen. Shit ! I thought that I was fucked! Boy, did I ever blow it! A perfect marriage ruined in just one lustful night! Being honest with her was more than she could handle. She did not look at me. She looked away with that weird blank stare again. I asked her if she did not now know and think that she was beautiful and desired by other guys? I asked her if she enjoyed herself and if she felt good by letting herself go and becoming a little naughty? I told her that she did nothing wrong because I was there with her, and that it was not cheating if I knew about it.

Although she said nothing and just stared into space for what seemed to be an eternity, I guess I got my answer when she suddenly began sucking on my cock and began turning around placing her naked body into our favorite 69 sexual position once again for me so that I can start licking her sweet pussy. I was pleased that she was about as wet as she could be just thinking about what I said. She came very quickly and very frequently! So did I!

Just as what turned out to be a couple of hours of wild early-morning sex began, she looked directly into my eyes like she was up to something very naughty. She smirked, and said, “Remember when I told you to be careful for what you ask for, because you just might get it?”

I responded, “Yes, I remember. Why?” She looked at me and laughed! She laughed uncontrollably, gained her composure, then commented, “Don’t say that I didn’t warn you!” She then began laughing hysterically again, only now much harder than before, and seductively swayed her naked body back and forth as she walked into our shower turning her head to make sure I was following her. “What the fuck l have I just started?” I asked myself. “What the fuck?”

Half of me was excited with my awesome new sexy wife and the thought of watching her with other guys performing for me, but the other half of me is scared to death! But one thing I did know, the effect on both of our sex lives last night felt fantastic not only for me, but also for Kristi.

Her “EVIL TWIN Sexy Insatiable SISTER” has arrived!


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