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Saint Paddy’s Day, a true story

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My wife of 8 years is a very attractive high maintenance lady. The look is always perfect. On this festive day she is wearing one of my favorite outfits. It is a very low cut green strapless top. It has a string loop which starts between her 38D breasts and ties behind her neck. It barely holds the fabric up against the pressure of her beautiful boobs. She likes to adjust the string often while we are out to raise or lower the front for the desired effect on the men around the bar. Her skirt is white cutoff denim size 6 and very short accentuating her long beautiful tanned legs. Her shoulder length auburn hair is full and soft like she just stepped from the salon. She likes to be noticed.

She always gets looks from the ladies but some of those are not too friendly as they see her as a threat. That?s OK she says she doesn?t dress for the ladies, she dresses to get and hold the attention of their men. It is apparently a competition my lady relishes. Every detail has been considered and optimized to her liking. The jewelry, hair, makeup, fragrance, accessories the whole package is very well put together. I know because today I helped her get ready beginning with applying lotions all over just after her bath. Her legs are smooth and silky to touch all the way up, her back is toned and exciting but my favorite job is apply lotions to her chest. I can never get enough of her beautiful breasts. I spent extra time making sure they are perfect, I love caressing and gently squeezing them as I imagine what is to come and apply the lotions. She snapped me back to reality when she said ?we have to hurry, or we won?t get a seat at the bar.?

About an hour later we were in our favorite sports bar, on the other side of town, away from neighbors and co-workers. We were hoping for a crowd of rowdy convention or business travelers as we arrived on Saint Paddy?s day March 17th As we munched on corned beef and green beer the crowd began to grow and get lively. About half past six our friend who is 20 years her junior and quite attractive walked in greeted my wife with a soft kiss and a big full frontal hug. He had a firm handshake for me. We hadn?t seen him since Christmas day but that is a different story on this site called ?Our Journey Began?.

We renewed old acquaintances over some drinks and soon we were bar hopping to another of our favorite bars. She rode in the back seat with him and before we were even out of the parking lot I heard passionate kissing. I peeked back in the rearview mirror as I drove and I could see that her blouse was already down and his hand was squeezing one breast as he sucked the other. He enjoyed my wife?s body, he rubbed her thighs and sucked her breasts. She enjoyed being enjoyed by a young hot guy. The next time I peek in the mirror, his head was between her legs as she was verbally expressing her appreciation with moans of pleasure. She is always sending signals and giving men feedback.

About ten minutes later we reached the next bar. They got things put back together and we went in to order some food and drinks. We always sit at the bar and all through the evening she would take turns touching my thigh and then his thigh sometimes both at once. She loves to be out on a date with two men so we go to places where it doesn?t matter when people notice and figure it out. That seems to turn us both on. She leaned over to kiss me a few times and while I was away at the men?s room I?m sure he got in his kisses.

When we left the second bar she was again in the back seat with him. I could hardly concentrate on my driving. I suggested we should buy some Powers Whisky and continue the party at his place but she said ?no not tonight?. Unsure of where to go next I assumed that we are going to just drop him off and then move on to find our next bar. So we took him to his new apartment. He said it was a really nice place and invited us to see the inside.

We all walked to his room on the first floor just to see his new place and maybe a goodnight kiss. Just inside the door he pressed my wife up against the wall and began to kiss her. He slid his hands under her blouse as he pressed her back against the wall. At that point she looked at me and said ?Weren?t you going to pick up some Powers?? that clarified for me that she wanted to be alone with him. I said sure and left the room. I remember the feeling as I closed the door and I heard the click of the lock door behind me. I was trembling all over because I was leaving my wife inside with another man for the first time. My hands and body wouldn?t stop shaking and I could hardly contain myself to back the car and think where is the nearest liquor store.

I found one not too far down the road. As I pulled into the parking lot I noticed her small yellow purse which I had pre-stocked for her containing her phone, a lipstick, a brush and several magnum condoms was still in the front floor of the car. Since we were planning to just drop him off after seeing his place she had left it in the car. In the bedroom I had verbally fantasized for the past two months since Christmas that she might like to be alone with him but she had always rejected the idea. Our agreement was that she would always make sure condoms we used if that should ever happen. This added to my urgency to find some Powers and get back quickly. I felt myself trembling.

As I quickly scanned the aisles I couldn?t find his favorite Powers Irish Whisky but it seemed that they didn?t that brand. I asked the attractive female clerk what Irish that had and was directed to the Jameson and Bushnell area. I decided I couldn?t handle going from store to store looking for Powers while my wife was in a room with another man, so I picked up a large bottle of Jameson and proceeded to the checkout. The slender nice looking 45ish brunette at the register had great boobs was trying her best to flirt with me, she lingered her smile and complimented me on how nice I looked in my green shirt. I noticed that she has a festive hair decoration in honor of saint paddy?s day but it hardly mattered, the chit chat was meaningless. I was having trouble concentrating on conducting the payment transaction because my mind was not working well and my hands were trembling so badly I could hardly function. I had to hurry back hoping I wasn?t too late to deliver the purse with condoms.

As I returned to knock on the door he quickly threw the lock and opened the door. He was completely naked, his cock was absolutely HUGE! Hard as a rock and sticking straight out from his body as he let me in. His cock was all I could see and I had a hard time looking away from it. He was fully erect and very impressive. For the first time I felt small and inadequate. There was no wonder why my wife found him interesting as his was considerably more impressive in length and girth than mine and he was still hard as a rock and throbbing as I finally looked away!

I stepped into the room and saw my beautiful bride completely nude on the bed propped up with pillows on the headboard. She was only wearing a necklace. Her legs were spread a little and her pussy looked bright pink and wet. Her boobs were perky full and inviting but it was not my time. I wondered to myself just what I had interrupted. I sheepishly apologized to him for buying Jameson instead of Powers as I set the bottle on the table. I placed her phone and two condoms on the bed beside her naked hips and asked her to call me when she wants me to come back. I think she kissed me with a quick kiss goodbye. As I was headed back to the door to leave a second time she said ?I Love You!? Just before I let myself out I replied ?I love you too? as I pulled the door closed and it latched again. That sinking feeling and all over my body tremors returned as I walked back to the car.

I wasn?t sure where to go or how long it would be before she would call so I just began driving. I was in a trance just diving stoplight to stoplight through a bad part of town. I passed the motel lounge where we had gone to dance many Friday nights and recalled how fun it was for men to tell me I was a lucky guy as they brought her back from the dance floor. I saw the all night breakfast place where we had gone many times after the clubs closed. I went in for a coffee and snack. As I sat there eating and killing time, fond memories flooded back. She was always dressed like we had just left the club. Always very revealing, sometimes sheer. Lets just say it opened lots of eyes in the wee hours. After my snack I drove around some more not quite sure what to do with myself. Luckily, I was not too far away when my phone rang. I was glad to hear her voice. Even though the call broke up due to poor reception, I knew it was time to stop by and retrieve my freshly fucked, happy hot-wife.

In the car on the way home I heard the details of what had happened. My own pants became very tight with arousal. She told me I had arrived with the whisky and supplies in very good timing. He had been quite persistent pressuring her to have sex without a condom. ?No, the one promise I made to my husband is to always use protection? He asked how will he ever know? She suggested there were other things they could do to pass the time until I returned. They kissed passionately and she went down on him but it was a struggle. He was quite large in both length and girth. She loves a challenge so she began working to conqueror her gag reflex and eventually was able to take him all. He went down on her for a long time. She says he has a special talent and seems to really love getting after her that was aggressively. He made her cum repeatedly. She was just about to give in when I knocked on the door. So it seems I had arrived just in time.

Just as the door had closed they got busy fucking. He pounded her hard and fast and for a long while, her legs were on his shoulders and he was using long strong strokes. She was being driven wild. I asked how many times she had cum and she said that she lost count.

After they fucked they lay spent on the bed holding each other is an intimate embrace and were about to doze off when his cell phone rang. It was a business call, some sort of server emergency as he discussed options with his IT guy she started to play with him. She kissed his nipples and stroked his cock, then slid down in the bed to take him in her mouth. As he grew hard under her talents she noticed that he was having trouble forming his sentences on the call. While it was fun to know she could have that effect she decided to stop and let him tend to his business.

After the call he returned to give her his full attention. He was fully ready to go again. This time he rolled her over and mounted her from behind fucking her doggie style. She stopped his advances long enough to roll another magnum onto his cock with her mouth. His hands were busy groping her breasts as they swung and pulling her hair. He slapped her ass hard and asked ?does your husband fuck you like this?? she screamed ?No Fucking Way!? She was so turned on. Again she started with the waves of cumming that just didn?t stop. She loved the way he used her. Finally with a loud groan he came for the second time that night. It was not long after that when she called me.

We got home and went straight to the bedroom where she re-told the story I have captured here. We relived the fantasy turned reality and had very hot sex. Over the next days and weeks she was gracious to let me keep asking and keep answering all my perverted queries. We rekindled and relived those moments in our bedroom many times. She seems to enjoy having stories to tell me and I love hearing them.

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