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Playing With Wife Kay-Encounter With Youn Stud Part 2

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Playing With Wife Kay-Encounter With Young Stud Part 2

For the story that leads into this one read ?Playing With Wife Kay-Encounter With Young Stud? submitted previously.

Kay layed down quietly next to me in the bed after she had fucked our son?s 19 year old best friend, who was with us on a beach vacation. She thought I was still asleep and had no idea that I had watched the first part of their encounter, with him fucking her in the condo?s pool until they had to bring it inside because of someone walking up on them while they were going at it. She layed there quietly with her heart pounding out of her chest and smelling strongly of the passionate sex she had just had with this young stud. I was extremely turned on by all of this but decided I wouldn?t say anything to her about it?..yet. Instead, I wanted her too?.and badly. I reached over and held her around the waist while she had her back to me. Hey sweetie, she said, did you have a nice nap? Yes thanks, I said, but I must have dreamed about sex, I?m horny as hell. She laughed uncomfortably but scooted herself over to me and started rubbing her ass on my hard dick. I guess we?ll have to do something about that won?t we, she said, how would you like to do me in the ass. She knows I love doing her in the ass but it?s rare that we do it?.she usually has to be extremely drunk and extremely turned on. I would like that a lot I said, knowing the real reason she was offering was because she had just been fucked by a young stud with what looked like a 10 inch and very thick cock. She was afraid I would see how loose she probably was after taking him inside her or that I may see his cum that was probably still there. I took down my underwear as she made her way out of her bathing suit bottoms and I gently and gradually inserted my dick all the way into her ass. I felt of her hard nipples and ran my hand down to feel her wet pussy. I fingered her clit while I continued fucking her tight ass. We came together after only a few minutes?.I shot a load of cum in her ass like never before. Thanks baby, that was really good she said, wake me up in a little while ok and we?ll get something to eat. She quickly went to sleep, having just been fucked by 2 different guys within the last hour. She had completely and thoroughly satisfied both of us. I?m sure Eric got the experience he wanted?.fucking a beautiful older woman that has experience and knows exactly what to do to a man to drive him crazy. I wondered if she would tell me what had happened between her and Eric.

Nothing was said for the next couple days about anything regarding Eric between my wife and I. We continued to have a great time at the beach and I noticed Eric getting more comfortable and forward about checking out my wife Kay. He didn?t miss any chances to admire her beautiful body and she seemed to be doing the same with him?.stealing glances at his rock hard body and his crotch in his swimming trunks. I noticed that whenever he could he positioned himself where Kay could get a look up his loose fitting trunks, obviously positioning his dick where it was there for her to see if she wanted. And I was sure she wanted because she would keep her sunglasses on so I couldn?t tell what she was doing. I think she enjoyed getting fucked by this great looking guy and probably wanted more of him. Eric helped her with putting lotion on her a couple times and I acted like I was not paying any attention to them as he got some quick feels of my wife?s ass cheeks.

That night as we were laying together in bed I decided to see if I could get a confession out of her. She obviously thought she was in the clear about fucking Eric, because I hadn?t said a word about anything and everything was going great. We were all having a great time at the beach, as always. I wondered at what age Eric had gone from looking at Kay as his 2nd mom to looking at her as someone he wanted to fuck. Probably around 15 or 16 I thought. Kay, I noticed that Eric seems to be getting pretty flirty with you, I said?.if it?s making you uncomfortable maybe I should say something to him about it. Oh no honey it?s no big deal, she replied, just a young man with hormones going crazy, don?t worry about it. Has he been touching you in a suggestive manner like you told me he did before we came to the beach, I asked. No, no nothing like that she stuttered. Well I?m kind of worried about it Kay, I can?t help but notice the boy keeps a perpetual hard on when you?re around. Well, I certainly hadn?t noticed that, she said. She was squirming like she does when she is hiding something or doesn?t want to talk about something. Are you sure you haven?t noticed Kay, I asked, I saw him sit across from you and he had his dick practically hanging out of his swim trunks and it was certainly clearly visible to you. Jeez, the boy must have 10 inches on him I added. Well, I?m not sure about that because I didn?t see it she answered. It got quiet and in a couple minutes I said, Kay is there something you need to tell me. About what, she answered. About Eric I said. No honey I already told you it?s no big deal. His dick, I asked. No not his dick, she said, the whole situation with him I mean. So his dick IS a big deal huh I asked. I have no idea how big his dick is but if it is 10 inches I?m happy for him?.and his girlfriends, she added. I saw you with him the other day Kay, I said. She got real quiet before she decided how to answer?..wondering if I had actually seen anything or was just testing her. What does that mean, you saw me with him, she asked nervously. I mean I watched you two at the pool. She kept quiet and waited for what else I was going to say. I saw it all Kay, I saw him feel all over you and put his hands on your ass and on your pussy and on your tits as he was putting lotion on you. And I saw you reach under his trunks and play with his dick so yes I know that you do know how big his dick is Kay. Do you think it IS 10 inches?.or maybe even bigger I asked. She didn?t answer but just stared nervously straight ahead. Then I watched you guys get in the pool and I watched as you both got naked and he fucked you right there against the side of the pool. Then I watched you all come inside and I heard you open our door to see if I was still asleep. I know that then you went to his room and fucked him in there. And I know that your heart was pounding when you came back in here from the fucking he gave you Kay. Does any of this sound familiar to you Kay, I asked. Yes, she replied softly. Would you like to tell me anything else other than yes, please. I don?t know what I can say honey?.I?m so sorry?..I screwed up?.I don?t know what got in to me?..I got drunk and he was there?..just teasing me and touching me and putting his dick right in front of my face?. and I lost all control?..I don?t know what to say?.It was stupid and I wish it didn?t happen but it did. I let a 19 year old seduce me. Did you enjoy it Kay, and don?t lie to me anymore ok. She hesitated before answering?..yes I did enjoy it she said, I?m sorry but yes I enjoyed it. I leaned over and kissed her and whispered I enjoyed it too baby and guided her hand to my hard as hell cock. Now please tell me what you thought about getting fucked by Eric. Are you sure, she answered? I?m positive, I replied, it made me horny as hell watching a 19 year old seducing my beautiful wife, I wanted to fuck you more than ever before as I watched you two. And I?m not mad about it?..I?m sure if the tables were turned I would have done the same thing you did. In a way I encouraged it with the alcohol and leaving you all alone, I said. I kind of wondered why you left me out there with him, she said, obviously bad judgment on behalf of your drunken wife, she laughed. Kay pulled my pants down and played with my dick while she told me about her and Eric. You obviously saw most of what went on out there?.but anyway, when he pulled out his dick and put it right in my face I couldn?t stand it anymore. I couldn?t believe how big it was?..God I?ve never seen a dick that big and thick. And yes, it?s every bit of 10 inches, maybe more. I had to have it?..there was no turning back. It was awkward in the pool but he managed to get most of it inside me?..not the best lubricant situation she laughed. He came in me in about 30 seconds she laughed. I could have gotten off that fast too if I wasn?t so worried about someone seeing us?.obviously I was right to be worried. So after I had taken some of that cock while we were in the pool??I had to finish?..I had to have all of it in me?.so I told him to go to his bedroom and wait for me. I came in and mounted him and told him I was going to fuck his brains out?.that I was going to fuck him like he had never been fucked before?..and would probably never be fucked like again. I couldn?t believe how I was acting but the thought of fucking him with that rock hard body and that monster dick of his just completely sent me over the edge. I got on top of him and let him suck on my tits while I guided his dick into me. I thought I would die as I continued to take more and more of his dick. I finally managed to take all of it and rode him for only a few seconds before I had a huge orgasm? of those wild G-spot orgasms. I was fucking wild and he had to cover my mouth with his hand so you couldn?t hear me moaning. I needed to scream it was so good. I continued riding him furiously until he came for the second time. I got off of him and slid down to his dick?..I licked his huge balls and ran my tongue slowly up the shaft and then licked the cum off of the head of his dick. I looked at him and showed him the cum on my tongue and then showed him as I swallowed it. I reached up and kissed him on the mouth one more time and whispered ?God that was great?.I?m in love with your cock?.but I gotta go.? He begged me to stay but I knew I couldn?t. That?s when I came in here and you finished me off she said. By this time she was jacking my dick off very fast and hard and I started cumming. She opened her mouth wide and aimed my dick toward it and took my cum in her mouth and on her face as she looked me in the eyes.

Now that Kay and Eric?s little secret had been talked over between me and Kay, and she knew it actually turned me on, we talked several more times about him while we were having sex. She asked me if it was ok for her to do him again?.that there were some things she hadn?t gotten to do with him that she would like to try. What things, I asked. Well I just know he?s real inexperienced she said, and probably hasn?t gotten to do some things with his young girlfriends that I would be more than willing to let him do to me. Tell me more, I said. Well I would almost bet he?s never had anal, and I bet he hasn?t had a woman suck his dick like I would and then let him cum in their mouth, and I bet he hasn?t learned how to give a woman oral like she wants it, like you do to me. Oh, I see I said, you just want to teach him some things?.for the good of all mankind, I laughed. Well actually for the good of all womankind, she replied. Then go for it I said.

Eric and Kay continued flirting over the next day or so and Kay told me he was begging her to see him again. He told her that fucking her was better than what he could ever imagined and that he was going to die if she didn?t see him again. My dick has been aching for you ever since we were together. Was it that good for you too, Kay? Yes it was good she told him. I tell you what Eric, she said, I?m not going to have an ongoing affair with you but I will let you have me one more time, and that?s it ok. I?m 47 years old and you?re 19. We can?t keep doing this. Oh God thank you Kay, thank you?..I promise it will be good. And Eric, I know you?re a little inexperienced so I?m going to teach you a few things that you need to know about how to please a woman ok. You?ll thank me later, she said. I?ll do anything you ask Kay just tell me what you want and how you want me to do it.

I rented Kay a room in a cheap motel close to our condo and gave her the key. Our son was off to see his girlfriend again and I left the condo, telling Kay and Eric I was going to play golf and wouldn?t be back for several hours. Have fun I said as I left, and Eric could hardly contain his pleasure, or his erection. Kay relayed all the details of their encounter to me later??.

She said, I told Eric that I rented a room and to take the key and go to the motel room and wait on me there?..that I wanted to change clothes plus I didn?t want to show up there the same time he did. After he left, I changed into that little black dress you love so much. I put on a sheer black bra, panties, garter and stockings. I put on a pair of black high heels and drove over to the motel. Eric was lying on the bed when I walked in with his dick already obviously hard as a rock. He said, damn you look great come over here. I said wait a minute Eric, lets take it slow?.remember I?m the one that?s in control here?.do you want to learn how to seduce a real woman?.how to really please a woman like she wants it. Yes I do Kay, teach me?.teach me everything. Good I said, and I?m also going to show you what a real woman can do to please a man Eric, things that drive a man crazy, things that you aren?t going to forget for the rest of your life, things that you are going to want every woman your ever with after me to do to you. I leaned over the bed and whispered in his ear, does that sound good Eric? Yes he moaned. Good I said, we have plenty of time so let?s take it slow and I?m gonna give you pleasures you will never, ever forget. Now lets fix a drink or two because I want to get really relaxed for you, I said. We?ll make this a 3 hour fuck, not a 3 minute one?..and that?s your first lesson. We sat down at the table and I fixed us a glass of wine. We talked and I started my seduction of this young good looking stud. We had 3 glasses of wine each and I was feeling really good?.really excited about getting to play with Eric. I put my hand on his and leaned across the table and kissed his face and ran my tongue to his lips and then circled his lips softly with my tongue. I put my mouth next to his ear and whispered?..I really really love your dick Eric?.it is bigger than any I?ve ever had and I am wet right now just thinking about having it deep inside my pussy. Why don?t you stand up and let me take your clothes off of you?..because I really want to see it again. We kissed passionately as I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off of him. I felt and kissed his gorgeous chest and stomach?..driving him crazy licking on his nipples. I moved my hand down over his rock hard stomach and slid my hand down his pants, just touching the head of his rock hard cock. I stepped back away from him a bit and unzipped his pants very slowly and pulled down his pants?..wanting to let him see me admire his dick. I put my hand around it and looked him in the eyes and slowly ran my tongue around my lips. You have a very very nice dick Eric, I said. Why don?t you sit down and watch me take my clothes off for you?.would you like that? Yes I would like that very much he said. I stood a couple feet in front of him and watched his eyes follow every move I made?..and watched him anticipate every part of my body that I would slowly reveal to him. I reached behind me and slowly unzipped the back of my dress. I slowly pulled the straps off of my shoulders and lowered the dress down over my breasts and down to my hips and over my pussy?..and then let it drop to the floor. Do you like what you see Eric, would you like to see more. Yes, he whispered as he rubbed his dick and kept his eyes glued on me. I reached behind me and unclasped my bra and pulled the straps off of my shoulders and down over my breasts, exposing my rock hard nipples. I slowly ran a finger around each nipple and then moved down and slowly undid my garter belt. I put one leg and then the other on the chair between his legs and slowly removed my stockings. I then grabbed the sides of my panties and slowly pulled them down my legs. He could now see my clearly wet pussy that he would be entering before long. Has anyone ever sucked your dick and let you cum in their mouth Eric? No he said. Well I am going to do that for you Eric so lean back in your chair and enjoy. I went to my knees and spread his legs wide and started first kissing his stomach and then slowly ran my tongue down to his crotch area, gently kissing and licking his inner thighs, passing so close to his balls he could feel my breath on them. I grabbed his dick with one hand and started a slow massage on it as I placed my tongue on his huge balls. I took my time and made circles around his balls. I then took both of them into my mouth and massaged them with my tongue. I pulled on them with my mouth like I was trying to pull them off of his body and would then let them pop out of my mouth. I would then aggressively grab them back with my mouth. I repeated this till I could tell he wouldn?t make it much longer before cumming. I let go of his balls and took his rod with both of my hands and jacked it off slowly with an up and down twisting motion. I looked at him and said?.I want you to cum in my mouth Eric?.would you do that for me? Yes, he moaned, yes please. I ran my tongue slowly up the shaft of his dick and took the wet head of his dick into my mouth. I sucked hard on just the head and then did my best to take most of his dick down my throat and then slowly pulled it back out of my mouth. I gradually increased the speed of my sucking, his throbbing dick slamming into the back of my throat. He grabbed my hair and guided my head up and down on his rock, trying to force all of it down my throat. He started quivering and moaning Oh Oh I?m cumming and shot his load in my mouth and down my throat. I pulled it out let him watch as I licked the rest from the head as it continued oozing out. I kept the last bit on my tongue and moved up to kiss him so he could taste his own salty cum. I fingered my clit as I did and had my first orgasm as I moaned and kissed his mouth. Did you like that Eric? Oh my God yes, he said. I?ll fix us another glass of wine and in a few minutes you can return the favor, I said.

We sat naked together with me on his lap and finished our wine. Come with me to the bed Eric and I?ll show you how to please a woman orally. I lied down and pulled my legs back with my feet resting against my ass to give him full access to my very wet pussy. He moved down between me and I took his hand and with his finger guided it easily around my pussy lips, up one side and down the other, putting pressure on my clit with his finger as it crossed over it. I then showed him with his finger to slowly move it from the bottom of my pussy opening up to the top and then massage the clit gradually adding more pressure. Then I showed him to do the same thing but also enter his finger a little deeper into my pussy with each time. I then moved his finger to my clit and showed him how I liked it massaged. This was driving us both completely crazy. Why don?t you try that with your tongue Eric, would you do that for me. I beg you to do that for me Eric. Please do it now ok because I want to cum in your mouth. He eagerly took my pussy into his mouth sucking on my pussy lips and my clit. He pulled at my clit with his sweet mouth like I had done with his balls. He took a finger and slid it deep into my pussy and another one in to my ass as he firmly massaged my clit with his tongue. I came furiously as soon as he did this for about a minute, grabbing his head, pulling my legs even further back and roughly rubbing my pussy up and down his face and tongue. I screamed in ecstasy not caring who may hear it. God it was sooooo good. He moved up and kissed me letting me taste of my own juices that filled his mouth. I moaned and kissed his beautiful mouth some more and then whispered to him ?you are soooo good Eric, you have seduced me wonderfully, and now I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me and I want you to fuck me long and hard ok. I want all of your dick in me and I don?t want it easy I want it hard. I want you to drive it in and out of me. Eric grabbed his dick and entered me all in one motion. He pulled my legs up over his shoulders as I put my arms around him and drove my nails into his back. He drove his huge cock in and out of me furiously as we both moaned and screamed. We both came together, the third time for both of us and we collapsed into each others arms and fell asleep. We probably slept for an hour and I awoke with Eric holding me from behind, his dick rock hard again and hunching my ass. Would you like to do that Eric, I said. What do you mean, he said. I mean would you like to do me in the ass, I said. Yes I would he said as he rubbed the head of his dick on my asshole. Ok, I said, but you?ll need to wet it first and go slow and easy I said, I don?t know if I can take that cock of yours in my ass or not. He went down to my ass and kissed my ass cheeks and then licked them and made his way to my asshole with his tongue. He licked it and gradually entered it slightly into me. I turned over to my stomach and got up onto my knees as he positioned himself behind me. He gently rubbed his dick around my asshole and gradually started slowly pushing it in to me. I pushed back against it as my ass loosened taking a little more of his cock into me each time. I thought I would die as he kept going deeper and deeper into my ass?..I finally had to say no more that?s all I can take and he grabbed my hips and started fucking my ass driving his dick in to me to that part of his dick each time. He fucked my ass for a long time until he was ready to explode again. He reached around me and fingered my clit and I came again just before he shot his load into my ass.

We had all we could stand?..both of us. I had gotten to do everything I wanted to do with him and I had let him do everything to me and me to him. It was unbelievable and he told me there was no way this would be our last time?.that he would beg me for as long as it took to be with me again.

We headed back to the condo and opened the back door that takes you into a hallway that leads on in to the other rooms. Honey, I yelled, are you here. No answer. Thank God, Eric said and we both laughed. I had just thrown my dress back on when we left the motel hurriedly and was carrying everything else?.my panties, bra, garter, stockings, and heels. I?m gonna shower before he gets here I said to Eric, You might wanna do the same?..I?m sure you smell like sex, I said, and worst of all my sex I laughed. Would you help me out of this dress, I asked, and I turned my back to him for him to unzip me. He unzipped my dress and pulled the straps down and it came down far enough to expose my bare tits. My God haven?t you had enough I laughed. About the same time my husband opened the back door quickly?.seeing us in the hallway and me with my tits exposed in front of Eric. It startled Eric and me so bad that for some reason it didn?t occur to me to cover my breasts. My husband glanced at my tits as did Eric before I realized it. Oh gosh I?m sorry this stupid dress is always falling off of me as I lifted it back onto me. I wasn?t worried and laughed to myself because I knew my husband was fully aware that I was going to fuck Eric and had actually set everything up for us. Poor Eric stammered something about needing to take a shower and quickly went up to his room. My husband and I laughed as we too headed for the bedroom. I told him I would be right back and went to Eric?s room and told him not to worry that you didn?t think a thing about it?..everything is fine. I kissed him and said, You were fantastic today and I enjoyed every last second of it. Now if you?ll excuse me, I have to go fuck my husband. I winked at him and left. Lucky bastard, he said !

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