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Our first time together

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So we had met on a christian dating site and after talking had discovered that we were both swingers in our previous relationships. That opened a whole new world for us both after going through messy divorces and wanting something more loving and secure than we'd had before. After talking intently on the phone for 2 weeks about everything under the sun and getting to know one another we decided to meet in person. She lived in Bluffton S.C. and I lived in Myrtle beach S.C. about a 4 hour drive taking it easy.

I lived at the beach and she arrived a couple hours before I got off work. It truly was love at first site and we fell into one anothers arms as our eyes met. We had talked about swinging together and what kind of experience we would like to have previously and decided that our (first) weekend together should be noone but us. After a great weekend of sex and passion we decided the next weekend was going to be our first experience. We rented a hotel room at the beach and got online to see if any of the potentials were online and wanting to party and play awhile.

A guy named Pierre just happened to be online and we invited him over to chat and see how things would progress. After talking awhile Pierre asked kelli if her tits were real because she is a 36DD. Her reply came as yes they are 100%, his response came as no shock when he asked "mind if I suck on em awhile". No sooner than I got the radio tuned to a nice station for screwing did I look over to find them both already naked embracing one another and kissing with his hard 8 inch cock in her hand. Standing beside the bed she bent down slowly kissing her way down his stomach and took just the head of his hard cock into her wet succlent mouth.

Here I have to say that kelli is without a doubt one of the best blowjob givers in the history of sex or since the origions of Tantra.

She slowly worked his shaft into her throat and started to suck on his cock in a way I knew he had never experienced by the look on his face and the way he was slowly making love to her mouth. She stood back up and they continued to kiss as I reached for the digital cam to take pics of the amazing experience we all were having. He turned her so that her back was to the bed and slowly sat her down on it never taking his tounge from her mouth or his hands from her hard gumdrop nipples. He laid her back slowly as she instinctivly spread her legs around his waist to open herself to him and share every bit of her body and shaved pussy with him for my viewing pleasure. Her hand went to his cock to guide him into her and he gladly started to spread her wide by pushing the head of his amazing cock into her.

The pleasure was to much for her to bear kissing him and she broke the kiss to moan "omg Pierre your cock is filling me up so nicely". As he slid it into her deeper and deeper she started to cum and shake and quiver biting her bottom lip and staring into my eyes with lust of wanting to taste me as he was inside her. I took my hand and wiped precum from the head of my cock and watched as she sucked it from my finger. He fucked her nice and slow about 20 minutes and gave her at least 5 orgasms as he slowed way down grabbed her legs almost coming to a stop and slid hiself as deep inside her as possible and filled her with his love drug.

In total ecstasy she rolled over to let him have her from behind when he was ready and started to take my steel hard cock into her mouth as she worked it nicely up and down with her hand. Slowly taking me into her mouth and moaning passionatly she felt his hands on her hips as he started to enter her again from behind. I worked my body around so that I could rub her clit as his still rock hard cock slid into her. Their mixed cum was running from her freshly fucked pussy as I used it as lubrication to rub her clit hard. Then i let her lick my fingers clean of his cum mixed with her cum and the site of her sucking my cock sent him over the edge again except this time he did'nt slow down to cum. He banged her harder and deeper with every stroke hitting places in her pussy that she never dreamed were there.

After he came in her this time I grabbed the camera and took pics as I spread her pussy open to watch the enormous amount of cum drip out of her. As it dripped and ran from her stretched pussy I went down on her and started to eat every drop of her cum with much enjoyment and delight. She came over and over as I sucked her pussy dry from all the cum in her. After I got done french kissing the man in the boat she climed on top of him got on her feet and slide her hot well fucked pussy down onto his cock interlocked her fingers with his above his head and kissed him passionatly, taking him deep inside her with every pump down onto his cock. she looked at me and smiled with a smile of upmost enjoyment and said baby "I'm really enjoying this I hope you are as well. I Love You".

She rode his cock hard bouncing up and down like a professional bullrider cumming over and over begging him to cum again deep inside her. He started sucking and biting on her tits and nipples sending her over the edge again and again. In a feverish pace like theyd never get to ever cum again they fucked like 2 banshees starved of orgasm and anothers cum. As he started to fill her pussy with cum again it was all he could do to stay quiet he told her he was going to fill her pussy with cum and flood her insides. As he did he squeezed and pinched her nipples to the point he left bruises and she had the best orgasms of her life because of it.

He left shortly afterward after planning to def do this again and making a great friend out of the entire experience. Watching her fuck another man not only made me extremely horny and gave me the orgasm of a lifetime in her freshly fucked cum filled pussy but taught me alot about how she truly wants and needs to be fucked form time to time. This happened not to long ago and we have'nt seen him again yet but are planning a trip to Myrtle Beach very soon just to let her take another load of his cum except this time he may bring a friend along to make things twice as good for her. I look forward to writing about that one and making sure sex just always gets better and better for her me and us as long as were in and long after were out of the swing lifestyle.

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