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My wifes sexual awakening - Part 2.

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For the next few weeks our sex was amazing, as thoughts of that night with the stranger at the bar immediately aroused me every time. She liked me to talk about it as we began to make love each time, and fantasizing about it made her as hot as it made me. Despite the heat of that night, she had some guilt and did not want to try it again, at least not right away. However, she did like to continue to fantasize about that night, and she still enjoyed to fantasize about the I.T. guy at her work, Ron. She thought Ron was hot and he would flirt with her in a very casual way a lot. She was always too embarrassed to flirt back and would just say that he was just being friendly. She loved for me to talk about different scenarios where she and Ron would be alone together and one thing would lead to another and they would fuck. Since she had acted out a fantasy for both of us once already with the stranger at the bar, I began to talk more about making her fantasies with Ron a reality. She got even more excited than she did in the past when we?d fantasize together, as she began to realize this was something she could do with my blessing. I kept telling her to flirt more with him at work and make it obvious that she was wanting to fuck him. At the same time, I helped her pick out her work clothes each morning, finding things for her to wear that would drive any man nuts, while still not getting her fired from her office job.

That next weekend, she filled me in on some of the playful flirting that had gone on at work that week with Ron. One day during the week, she had been wearing what I like to call her catholic school girl outfit. It was a simple white button-up dress shirt, but very thin and quite shear, along with a red and black plaid short dress skirt. She had to wear a bra with it because without it her tits would have been very visible to all, and she would have ended up fired. But with her white lace bra, it was still professional enough for her office, while being sexy as hell. I had her keep a couple of buttons at the top open, so that a good bit of her very ample 36c?s would be exposed for Ron and others to see. It allowed for the top of the lace on her bra to be seen as well. She was so sexy in that outfit. On this day, she got to work about 7:20 as she usually did, and Ron was in early working in his office on his computer. She worked in a small office with just 7 or 8 people, and most of her co-workers came in between 8 and 8:30. When she arrived this morning, she said hello to him and went in and sat up on the side of his desk as she had done whenever he was in early. But with the new short skirt she was wearing, when she jumped up on his desk this time, it slid up her thigh exposing most of her very sexy tan legs, so much that she was a little embarrassed about showing too much, and had to be careful to keep her legs closed. She caught him gazing at her legs and hoping for a glance of more up her skirt, which gave her a confidence boost that she needed. She told me she couldn?t believe he was so obviously staring at her, but I told her he could probably not help himself. She started the conversation with Ron by talking about getting a new tattoo. He had a few tattoos already, and she had just 2 small ones, but was considering getting another small one on her lower stomach, just above her shaved pussy, as I had always found small tattoos placed there to be very sexy. She kept noticing him staring at her lace topped breasts and at her legs, which she told me was exciting her a lot. And she kept having mental images of our fantasies where Ron would fuck her hard on his desk. She was so excited and emboldened by his staring that she began to turn up the heat with him. ?Yeah? she said, ?my husband wants me to get my next tattoo right here,? and she pulled up her shirt a bit, and pulled down her skirt exposing her belly ring and the top of her white lace thong. She showed Ron where the tattoo would go. What she said next both excited and surprised me, but made me think we were getting close to having this fantasy happen. ?Do you think it would be sexy to have a tattoo here??

My jaw dropped that she had done this. My dick was throbbing waiting for her to tell me more. He told her that he thought it would be hot to have a tattoo there, and he put his hand on her knee to get a closer look. His touch sent a chill through her and she paused for a second and then in a very subtle, but intentional move, she spread her legs just slightly moving her left knee toward him so that if he looked down just a bit now, he would be able to see up her skirt which just barely hid her white lace thong. He looked for a moment between her legs, then back up, and began to move his hand along her knee to her thigh slowly. She closed her legs back up quickly, and pulled back coyly. She told Ron that she thought it would be hot too, and that we were trying to spice things up in our sex life at home. She proceeded to ask him if he found it arousing thinking of his wife with other guys, and told him how I enjoyed the thought of it. He laughed and said, ?I never really thought about it.? ?So you guys talk about that,? he asked. ?Yes,? she said, ?it gets him hot and I enjoy it too.? They talked for a few minutes again about the tattoos, and she asked about Ron?s. He stood up and unbuttoned his shirt, and showed her one he had on his back of a panther. She touched his back softly outlining the tattoo with her finger. It turned her on so much to touch him and see him, that she told me if she had been alone with him somewhere with more time, and knew I was o.k. with it, she would have wanted to fuck him right there. I told her I would have loved that, and she asked me, ?are you sure?? ?Yes,? I told her again, ?it would be so hot to hear about it, and even hotter to be there when it happened.? she paused for a moment and I asked her what was wrong. ?I haven?t told you everything,? she said. I said, ?oh my God, then go on, my dick is already about to burst.? She then proceeded to tell me the rest of the story from that morning.

As she rubbed his back with her finger, he turned back around and looked at her. They looked at each other for a moment and she put her hand on his muscular, chiseled chest, and began to rub it softly. Then she ran her hands down to his stomach, just above wear his pants rested. She rubbed his stomach for a moment and then her hand slipped down over top of his slacks and she rubbed over his crotch to feel his dick thru the pants. He leaned in to kiss her. I was so hard at this point thinking about what had happened, and my wife started to show me what happened next. As they kissed more, she unbuttoned my pants as she had done his that morning, then looking into his eyes, she kissed his chest softly for a few moments, then knelt to one knee as she kissed down his stomach with soft kisses , pulling out his hard cock and stroking it. She looked up at him and asked him if it felt good. ?Fuck, yes? he exclaimed, and she stroked his cock as he watched her. It was thick and long, about 8 inches she told me, which is what she had imagined so many times with me before. She pulled it with one hand,, stroking it harder, and with her other hand lightly brushing his balls. Staring into his eyes, she took his cock into her mouth, working it like she had the night not long ago with the stranger from the bar. She gave the best head of anyone I had ever been with, and now Ron had experienced it as well. She worked the head of his dick in her mouth, while her hand stroked the base of his now pulsating cock. She gave him head for about 5 minutes, then paused to lick his balls while continuing to stroke him. He told her to get up, she slid up on his desk just a bit as he threw his tongue in her mouth, unbuttoning her shirt and reaching in to massage her soft large breasts. The lace was soft and shear, kissing her neck he slipped down to kiss her chest, popping the latch on her bra and sucking her nipple, which was large and erect. ?Fuck me baby? she exclaimed as he sucked on her tits, his one hand now up her skirt rubbing her shaved wet pussy with her thong pushed to the side. Her pussy lips were large and soft, and her pussy dripping wet and tight, inviting him inside, she said again, ?fuck me Ron, I want your cock in me.? He obliged, sliding his throbbing 8 inches inside my wife?s wet tight cunt. She moaned as he entered her, cuming after just a few strokes, she bit his chest to keep from screaming with pleasure. He slid it in and out quicker and quicker, her nails digging into his back. She leaned back on his desk, her tits bouncing, as he now pounded her harder and harder. She was now screaming his name, moaning, as she came again. ?Oh fuck,? he exclaimed as he came inside of her. He fell over top of her kissing her again, and they made out again for just a few more moments. ?The others will be in soon? he said, and he stood back up and pulled his pants back up. She got herself together and went to the restroom to get her composure. Not long after, her co-workers began arriving, and she went back to her desk to complete the day as if it was any other.

By now, I had come myself hearing this story, and I was just laying on my couch as she rubbed me. I could hardly believe she had done this. It had finally happened. It was such a hot thing to me, I could not understand why it turned me on so much, but it did. She could tell I enjoyed it and that I wasn?t jealous or upset at all. She sighed in relief that I had enjoyed the story, both of us knowing there would be many more exciting times for the both of us ahead.

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