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My wife went shopping and brought home a pie for me

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She came walking through the door 4 hours late and with a Cheshire cat smile. Without saying a word she walked over to me, bent down and gave me a wet, deep, sensual kiss with a lot of tongue. The taste was unmistakable, confirming why she was so late getting home! I reached out sliding my hand under her dress and up her leg to her ass. I love the way her ass feels and then reach through her legs to the warmth of her crotch. However today when I got to her panties they were completely soaked. She had a wet spot from mid ass around half way up to the waistband in the front. I felt the warm wetness that was slightly sticky seeping through her panties. I knew what she had done. She then lifted her dress showing me what I only seconds ago was feeling. She then came closer, swinging her leg over my head and pulling me into her. The scent of their sex was intoxicating as I inhaled deeply causing my dick to swell beyond it?s already fully engorged state and I nearly shot a load in my pants at that very moment. If you have never had the pleasure of knowing that your wife was out getting fucked by someone else and then having her return to you with the evidence dripping from her, you cannot possibly know how erotic this scenario can be.

I guess I need to explain how we got to this point. Well several years ago my wife had a lover but they broke it off. They hadn?t seen or talked to each other since the split. At first I didn?t know about him but after I found out I began to accept the situation. I figured as long as she came home to me and didn?t complain if I were to take a lover too then all was good. Besides I had always wanted to do a threesome with her and figured that it would happen with the three of us. Actually that was the main reason they broke up. I wanted to do a threesome but they did not. Then he became too possessive of her and well they drifted apart. Before they separated she would fuck him almost weekly. You would think that I would have complained but I?ve got to tell you she was at her horniest while she had her lover. She would go see him then come home and fuck like a wild sex starved woman. We would have monkey sex and she would climax every time. She said he couldn?t bring her to orgasm but he was great foreplay for her main fuck ? me. Regardless I was enjoying our carnal pleasures and was starting to like our situation. As time passed I became more at ease with her extramarital affair and her wet dripping pussy. Even if I didn?t know that she had visited him I could tell. I could tell because she would be so wet and loose. I could slide my dick fully into her on the first stroke. For all you guys out there that have had sloppy seconds you know what I?m talking about. Normally I would know she had just left him because the first thing she did when she walked in the house was go straight to the bathroom and wash her pussy. She thought she was fooling me by saying that she needed to wash because her pussy was hot and sweaty, then she would walk out of the bathroom naked, find me and ask if I wanted to fuck. Like I said if I could slide in balls deep on the first stroke I knew she had been with him. Before I figured out what was happening I would sometimes complain about her always washing her cunt before we fucked. I mean I love a clean fresh pussy but after a while of smelling a pussy whose only scent is of soap I was longing to smell the scent of a woman. I remember one evening I came home from work about the same time she arrived, supposingly from our daughters house. I had beaten her to the shower and when I came out I took her to the bedroom and told her I wanted to fuck. She said she needed to take a shower first but I insisted that she forgo that little ritual this time because I wanted to smell, taste and fuck pussy that smelled like pussy and not soap. Finally she relented and with a smile said, ?go ahead and enjoy this nasty pussy, I know I sure am?. She then peeled her panties off and climbed on the bed. I kissed her and slowly worked my way to her pussy. Once there I found it to be wetter than normal. She the whole time was asking me how I liked her nasty crouch? She would say things like: do you like the smell, how does my dirty pussy taste, I want you to lick my fucking nasty pussy clean, stick your tongue all the way in my pussy and suck out every last drop of my pussy juice, don?t forget my asshole you want to smell and taste a woman then don?t forget my asshole lick it clean too. Because of her enthusiasm I was enjoying myself immensely. I thought her pussy was a little wetter than normal and had a slightly different flavor than normal but I was so caught up in the moment I didn?t question it. I continued to eat her cunt till she orgasmed. I then slid up her body and slipped into her effortlessly. We fucked missionary for awhile then she rolled over and got on me cowboy style. I thought it was just part of her sex play when she kept asking how her pussy tasted. Looking back I guess she was trying to determine if I had figured out that I was cleaning him from her. I didn?t have a clue other that the taste, smell and creaminess of her cunt. She rode me to an earth shattering orgasm for the both of us. Then she did something that she normally doesn?t do. Normally as soon as we finish fucking she will clasp her pussy, catching all the cum and run into the bathroom to wash. She says she doesn?t like to sleep in a wet spot and wake up with dried cum stuck to her. Well this time she slid up my chest and planted her cum filled cunt on my face. ?Lick my snatch, clean all your cum from my cunt you nasty fucker. How does my fucked pussy taste? Do you like to eat dirty pussy if so I will let you do it more often cause just the thought of you down there after I get fucked is so erotic?. When I looked in her eyes I saw a gleam, at that time I didn?t quite know why but it was there. I was soon to find out why her pussy was so wet and tasted as it did.

It wasn?t long after that night I found out about Tom. At first I was angry, not because she was fucking someone else but because she was doing it behind my back all the while accusing me of having affairs, which at the time I wasn?t. We discussed it and argued about it and finally I relented to let her keep seeing him. As I said earlier I rationalized that I could work it to my favor and now that I was aware of them they didn?t have to be secretive and even if I couldn?t directly participate I could be involved. We agreed upon some basic rules like; she had to tell me when they were going to meet, the meeting couldn?t interfere with our plans, she always came home and discretion was paramount. I started to enjoy helping her prepare for her visits with him. I even more enjoyed our sex when she returned home.

Let me tell you about one weekend in particular. We had been away on vacation plus between family and work they weren?t able to see each other for a several weeks. Friday night as we lay in bed fucking she whispered to me that she want to see Tom. Thinking that maybe my threesome was about to happen I reached for my phone and dialed his number. When she realized what I was doing she quickly told me that she wanted to be with him alone. ?Tom this is Dan, do you have any plans tomorrow? ?No? ?Good because Penny was just lying here telling me how badly she wants to fuck you. Yeah I?ll send her over to you about 5:00 but you have to promise two things, first that you will honor any request she may have and second you must send her back to me thoroughly fucked out. Yes I want her pussy to be red, swollen and oozing cum. Ok great, thanks buddy have fun fucking her.? It was weird making an appointment with him to fuck my wife the next day but so kinky that it gave me an instant erection. Shortly I was pumping her full with my second load of the night. She told me thanks for making her a fuck appointment with her lover and she would love it if I helped her prepare the next day for her night out. I told her it would be my pleasure but that I wanted something in return. So the next morning we got up had a lite breakfast and completed a few chores around the house all the while talking about her evening with Tom. I told her that she needed a new outfit to wear tonight so take a quick shower and we would go shopping. When she came out of the shower I had her sheerest sundress and a pair of sandals laid out for her. I knew this would start her sexual arousal because when standing in the light you could faintly see through the dress and see that she didn?t have on panties or a bra. We went to the mall and found her a sexy bra and panty set along with a catch-me-fuck-me dress. She was also thoroughly enjoying all the hard dicks she was creating in that dress. Just for fun I had her go into a shoe store and try on several pairs of shoes, each time flashing the poor salesman. By the third pair the poor boy had to excuse himself and go to the rest room to jack-off I?m sure because he left with his pants tented and didn?t return for quite some time. After that we had a late lunch and she flashed an old man who was sitting with his wife eating at the table across from us. It was fun watching him try not to look at her bare pussy but he couldn?t help it. We could tell that his wife was fussing at him for doing so and we found that perversely amusing. After we got home I drew her a hot bath filled with her favorite fragrant bath salts. I then shampooed her hair and sponged every inch of her body. I particularly spent a good bit of time on her breast and labia. I mean it wouldn?t be right to send her to her lover with her pussy smelling of her husband now would it. After her bath I tenderly trimmed her pussy hair, shaving the sides and grooming the rest to what she considers the perfect fucking length. She then fixed her hair and makeup to perfection. I slipped her panties on and before I covered up that beautiful pussy I softly kissed it and looked into her eyes and said, ?The next time I see this sweet little thing I expect it to be fucked ragged?. I then covered her titties with the matching bra and kissed her on the lips. She said thanks for making this evening happen. ?Sure no problem and are you now ready for me to tell you what my request is that you two owe me?? ?Sure but you know we won?t let you join us.? ?Yes I know and I am so disappointed but I have thought of the second best alternative. I want you to take my laptop with you and when you start to fuck I want you to skype me so I can watch from afar?. She thought about it and initially refused. I insisted and told her to just set it up on his dresser across the room from the bed and forget that it was there. Hesitantly she agreed and off she went to get fucked carrying my laptop. She then took it a step higher by texting me every few minutes with an update, I?m rounding the corner to his house, He just let me in and kissed me, I just squeezed his dick and felt some pre-cum drip out, he is so ready to tear up my pussy I can?t wait to feel him in me, she then sent me a text picture of his dick with the word: this is going to be fucking your wife for the next couple hours so if you want to watch you had better find a comfortable chair and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR DICK TILL I GET HOME! With that I saw I had a skype message and quickly answered. I saw them walking to the bed and then for the next couple hours I was treated to the sight of my wife getting pounded in every position imaginable. She says that she never has a climax with him but after watching her I?m not so sure. He fucked her good and afterward I could see a small trickle of his cum leaking from her pussy crack. They just lay in bed rubbing and talking for a bit then I saw his dick start to twitch. That?s when Penny took him into her mouth and gave him a very enthusiastic blow job which brought his dick back to full attention. I thought the first time he fucked her he was pounding her pussy but now watching him fuck her I realize that their first fuck was more like making love and this well this is pure animalistic fucking. He was slamming into her with all his weight and force. Even from across the room I could tell that her pussy lips were being used as a trampoline for his groin. He ended up with her ass up in the air by sticking several pillows under her and pulling her to the edge of the bed. This allowed him to stand and really hammer her cunt. I could hear their bodies slapping with each stroke from across the room. I could hear her scream for him to fuck her harder. He turned to my laptop and I heard him ask, ?Is this what you want to see? Do you like watching your wife?s pussy being plowed by me. Do you want to see her come home full of my cum so you can play in it? You?re a sick bastard and I?m thankful because I sure love fucking this little slut bitch wife of yours.? With that he lunged forward and held himself as tightly as he could in her. I knew that he was pumping her full of his semen. Because of her head down ass up position none of his cum leaked out of her. I watched as he placed her panties back in place. He then walked over to the cam and with a devilish grin said, ?I fucked her in that position and immediately put her panties on so she can bring home a nice fat juicy cream pie, enjoy you sick bastard.?

My dick was so hard it was about to explode. It had been hard almost from the time we awoke this morning but was now so hard it was painful. I looked down and saw that about a tablespoon of pre-cum had leaked out and was puddle up on the floor beneath me. I had never known such joy and torture at the same time. I was so aroused that if I merely touched my dick I knew it would explode. I don?t know how many of you out there know the feeling that I am experiencing but if you have been there you know how intense it is. The feeling of knowing that your wife just got fucked and was on the way home to you with a cunt full of cum is indescribable. I couldn?t wait for Penny to get home. My dick ached to be touched. I could feel the the cum wanting to flow like a river from my balls. I couldn?t wait for my freshly fucked Penny to come home to me. Just then I received a test from her: I am on my way home and I have a surprise for you. I want you naked, blindfolded and strapped to our ottoman in X form. Let me explain X form. We have an oversized ottoman and a harness that when correctly placed will strap your hands to the foot end and with your feet up on the ottoman the straps will run forward to the end your head is at. When looking at it from the side the straps cross in an X pattern. What this does is pin your hands down and to the side and raises your knees in the air making your ass, pussy, dick or whatever readily available and accessible. It?s not too difficult to get into position alone however getting out requires someone?s help. Trusting her I did as she requested and soon I heard her unlock the door and come in. She walked straight over to me and lowered her sloppy cunt onto my face. I could smell their orgasms and leaked another glob of pre-cum. I ask her what was my surprise and she just walked away. Shortly I heard her approaching then I felt the cold wetness of massage oil dripping on my balls and ass. Thinking I was about to get a handjob I was content to just lie there. Then out of nowhere I felt pressure on my asshole. She had gone to the bedroom and got one of her vibrators and was slowly pressing it into my ass. I was so fucking horny I didn?t care what she did to me as long as I got a nut and soon. I felt the tip penetrate my sphincter and I tried to relax. She turned on the vibration and slowly, steadily but forcefully kept inserting that monster into my anal cavity. I couldn?t see which one it was but I knew it was one of her bigger ones. She spun around and placed her cum filled cunt on my face nearly chocking me with the amount of his cum draining out of her pussy. She was grinding her pussy on my face as hard and rough as she want pushing that damn vibrator up my ass. I was not only drowning in cum but her cunt was shutting off my supply of air and that fucking vibrator was starting to push past my liver. It felt like she had drove about 10 inches deep in my ass. Then in one quick motion she pulled the vibrator completely out and raised up allowing me to gulp some air before she again lowered her slopping wet cunt on my face and with almost the same quickness drove that fucking dildo back into my ass. She kept this up for several minutes and never touching my dick not even once. It really didn?t matter much because I was on the edge of exploding regardless of contact or not. Then it happened, after she rammed the vibrator as deeply in my ass as it would go she engulfed my dick with her mouth and before the tip hit the back of her throat I shot squirt after squirt of jissum down her throat. She doesn?t normally swallow but this time I could feel her neck and face muscles coaching every drop of my cum down her throat. Afterward we lay there for a minute recuperating. Yes she had an orgasm on my face while she was drowning me with all his cum that was leaking from her pussy and assaulting my ass with that monster fake dick of hers. She then took off my mask and untied me. I looked around and asked her what my surprise was? She said simply the ass fucking and I thought I would give you a treat by swallowing this time. Nice very nice, not as nice as a threesome but still very nice. We then went to the bedroom and I made love to that red, swollen and completely fucked pussy for the rest of the night.

Now back to Saturday, she had went shopping and shortly after she left I received a text from her telling me that she thought she saw Tom?s truck in the parking lot. She hadn?t seen him for a couple years so was a little uncertain. I simply text her back saying that if she did spot him to say hi for me. ?If it is him what do I say to him and what if I feel the urge again?? ?Tell him whatever you want, just let me know ok.? The next text I get is a picture of a dick with the caption, ?This is about to tear your wife?s pussy up! I hope you?re ready for what I?m going to do to you after we finish. P.S. Tom said that he hasn?t had any sex since I last fucked him over a year ago so be prepared. If that is true I should be well used and exceptionally full of his seed!? So now you know why I was waiting for her to return from the store with a boner from hell.

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