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My wife's first guy

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The first guy my wife had sex with, as part of our agreement about her experiencing sex outside our marriage, was an old boyfriend of hers. This totally didn't make any sense to me because the reason for her to start cuckolding me was to allow her to experience the same number of sex partner's I had had before we had gotten married. By cuckolding me, she could catch up and we would get even. This was the one and only guy she had ever had sex with besides me so it totally didn't make sense that she would sleep with him and not a "new" guy.

This really bothered me but then she explained that she needed to ease into sex with other men. That she needed to do it first with a guy she knew to help her get used to it and that she kind of felt bad about sleeping around on me and that doing it with somebody she had done it with before would make it easier. It kind of made sense.

It bothered me that this guy had shown up right at the right time. She told me right up front that she had called him as soon as I had agreed to let her experiment outside our marriage. It bugged me that they would go out on dates together. When I brought this up to her she asked if I would rather she brought him home. I didn't want that, so they went out on dates. She went out with him every single weekend. I'd sit home going crazy thinking about my wife out on a date with her old boyfriend and him having sex with her. But the first thing she did when she came home from a date with him was wrap her arms around me kissing me and telling me how much she loved me and what an incredible husband I was. She'd come home so horny we'd be naked and in bed in seconds. I felt better. She loved me and if she came home this horny he couldn't be all that good in bed.

I remember the night she came home from her first date. We were in bed with her on top. She leaned over and whispered in my as she was riding up and down on me, "You letting me cuckold you is the hottest thing in the whole world!" In the next two seconds she came hard. After that night sex between us became really hot. Her talking about cuckolding me became hot sex talk just before she'd cum. She started wanting more and more oral from me. She'd look down at me and say, "I love cuckolding you." pull up off me and straddle my face, humping my tongue to orgasm. She'd usually have two or three orgasms with me after coming home from a date and I know that guy wasn't doing that for her!

Emotionally it was tough sitting home while she was out. I felt jealous thinking about how some other guy was enjoying my wife while I sat home wanting her. My mind would torture me with pictures of what she was doing with him. Even though I knew why we were doing this, it bothered me that she as out enjoying sex with her boyfriend while I sat home faithfully waiting for her. But when she'd get home, everything would be good again.

What was really disturbing to me was that mixed up in all these upsetting feelings I would get aroused. My wife, Fay, noticed that right away.

One night in bed, me on my back and Fay lying next to me with her leg thrown over mine, and lightly stroking my already hard cock she said. "Let's talk about this."

I didn't know what to say, so Fay asked. "Is it picturing me with other men that gets you so aroused? You know, picturing me doing things to them. Do those kinds of images turn you on?"

Her stroking me with her fingertips was really turning me on right then, but I had to admit what she said did too.

"Yes." I said softly.

"Mmm." She answered and went on " What about the idea that your I'm giving sexual pleasure to another man? Do you think it's hot that another man is enjoying your me?"

"Yes." I didn't want to admit it.

"Is it hot thinking about me giving another man a blowjob."


"Because I'm a pretty woman, or because I'm your wife?"

"Pretty. Wife. Oh God, both." I grunted. Her finger teasing and the images she was putting in my mind were driving me wild.

She giggled. " Riding up and down on his cock while he lays on his back? He's watching me move up and down, slow fucking him. He's enjoying my breasts, squeezing them, pulling my nipples? Can you picture it? Do you like it?"

"Yes, yes." I was about to loose it.

My wife pulled her hand away. "Whew, you have to calm down." She said.

Fay was grinding her groin against me. She had me so aroused I hadn't even noticed how horny she was.

"I'm so horny. Give me head." She whispered, grinding against my hip.

"Let's make love." I responded.

"No. You'd cum in two seconds. Give me head. Give me head now." She panted in my ear.

She rolled on her back and pulled me towards her. I lowered my lips to her pussy and slid my tongue between her lips. Her clit was big and swollen and she gasped as my tongue slid across it. I played her clit with my tongue and she writhed and moaned. Reaching the point where she wanted her orgasm, she pulled my head down and held it against her pussy and humped. She humped against my tongue as I licked her through two powerful orgasms.

I started to get into position to enter her having calmed down enough to give her some decent lovemaking without cumming to fast when she stopped me.

"No no, Sweetie, we're not done" she said and patted the bed next to her.

I laid back next to her, not sure how much more teasing I could take.

Knowing Fay, I'd have to take a lot. My wife loved teasing me and thought it was the cutest thing that she could make my balls ache from it. Her teasing was frustrating as hell, but it felt so good.

"Now, where were we?" she said playfully as she teased my cock head and just below it with her fingertips.

"Do you tease your boyfriend like this?" I had to ask even though I was afraid of the answer. And, I hated referring to him as her boyfriend, but she never told me his name.

"No. This is special, just for you." She said. "And he's not my boyfriend." After a thoughtful second, she said, " Well, I guess that maybe he is kind of my boyfriend, isn't he? How do you feel about that? How do you feel about your wife having a boyfriend?"

"I don't like it too much." I said

"Poor Baby". She said with more sincerity than I would have expected. "But I like it. I like it a lot. Now, tell me the truth, how do you feel that your wife likes having a boyfriend. I mean, does it make you horny to think about me liking having a boyfriend? Tell the truth."

It was the last thing I wanted to admit, but as she was talking about it I was getting more aroused.

"Well?" she asked and stopped her attentions to my cock and looked up at me.

"Yes." I mumbled.

"What?" she asked.

"Yes. OK? Yes, it makes me horny". I admitted.

"Wow." She said with wonder. "You don't like it, but it gets you horny. I think that is really hot."

She said and pulled me to face her.

She started kissing me and pressing her pelvis against my hard shaft.

Moving up and down against my shaft and between kisses she kept talking. "I think it's so hot that me having a boyfriend makes you horny. Me having a boyfriend makes me horny too."

She rolled on top of me and started grinding hard against my shaft saying "Really, really horny." And started humping like crazy saying, "God I love it! God I love it so much!" as she came.

She rolled off me. "Whew, this is the hottest sex I think we've ever had!"

It was. I had never seen my wife get so horny so soon after an orgasm and I was so horny my balls were starting to get uncomfortable. That never happened this fast.

Her passion satiated, she propped herself up on her elbow and absently played her index finger along my head and glans making my cock jerk. "Lets see, you don't like me having a boyfriend, but it makes you horny? Is it because I can have a boyfriend and you can't have a girlfriend? Is that what bothers you about it, or what it is that arouses you?"

And so she sent me though another round of cock teasing and cunnilingus before she let me cum. This soon became regular sex play in our house with Fay getting most of the orgasms.

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