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My Wife goes to the festival

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My wife, Cindy, is a slender blonde, 43 years old, about 5’4”, 120 pounds, with small firm tits and a cute ass. I am 57 years old. We have been married for 20 years. Cindy was a virgin when we married and has been sexually conservative. I have fantasized about her having sex with another man, but we had not really ever thought it might actually happen. She works with a performance program and every year she attends a festival in Dallas. On Saturday night, the second to last night of the festival, she called me and said “Are you ready for your fantasy to come true?” I became a bit agitated and responded “How … what … who?” She said “There is a guy here from Australia who has been flirting with me, and I have been flirting back a little bit. I think he might try to get me in bed. What do you think?” I answered “I can think of three things. One: you need to talk to me to get approval before anything happens. Two: You have to tell me all about it in detail when you get home. And Three: you have to come back to me and be my wife.” She said “OK, that will be no problem, I love you and don’t want to do anything that would hurt our marriage, I just might want to have some fun.” I said, “Oh, and if you can, get pictures and video.” We chatted for a while longer and when we were about to finish she said “So, do I have permission?” I responded, “Send me a picture of the two of you if you can, but yes.” I then waited for hours. It was excruciating, and nerve wracking, my heart was pounding the whole time, but I held on. And my dick was hard the whole time, thinking about what she might be doing. I came twice while imagining her getting fucked. Then the phone rang. It was her, so I picked it up and quickly said “And….” She giggled and said “Nothing happened. Were you worried?” I told her what I had been feeling and thinking and asked her to give me the details and she said “We went to a lounge with a group. We danced a little, and during a slow song his hands moved down onto my butt. I let them stay there. So he pulled me into himself, and I felt his cock getting hard against my stomach. It felt pretty big. Then he kissed me a little. We pressed against each other a bit more, then he kissed me again, and I kissed him back. It was pretty passionate, tongues and all. His hands were kneading my butt. My pussy was getting really wet. When we got back to the table everyone said it was time to go, so we split up and headed back to our rooms.” I told her that I came thinking about her and that I was hard again listening to her story. She said “Well, I guess it must be OK. I love you and we’ll talk tomorrow.” The next day was long and busy and I was anticipating a call that night. At about 9:00 I got a text. It was a selfie of Cindy with a buff, good-looking man. He appeared to be in his early 30’s and they were both smiling a lot. Cindy was wearing a new dress she had gotten for the festival, and in the next picture, which was full body, she was shown wearing her boots. He was about 6’ 2” or 3” and looked very good next to her. Then I got “So … is it OK?” I texted back, “Yes. Have fun, and try to take pictures.” I then had to wait. I was in a state of great anticipation and anxiousness, but needn’t have worried. Here is the story she told when she got back. They were having drinks with a crowd of people, but gradually people left, and finally it was just the two of them. Cindy and Jason. They had both had several drinks and were feeling good, so they decided to dance. They danced several dances and when a slow song started Jason grabbed Cindy and pulled her close. She pressed herself against him and the began a slow grind. His hands slid slowly down her back, until they were massaging her butt. She looked up at him and he kissed her. They kissed for a bit and then she put her head on his shoulder. He continued to play with her butt, and she slid her hands down onto his butt and pulled him toward herself. His cock was pressed against her stomach and she could tell he was starting to get hard. The song ended and they went back to their table, which was in the back of the club, in a fairly secluded section. They sat next to each other and he put his arm around her as his other hand began caressing her thigh. She leaned in toward him and he bent his head down and kissed her. She kissed him back and soon their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. She slid her hand down into his lap as he slid his up her thigh under her dress. He was rubbing her pussy on top of her panties and she was very wet. She started squeezing his dick, and it began to grow in her hand. Then he began to put his hand inside the top of her dress and slipped it under her bra and began to play with her breast. I then got another picture of her sitting with him at a table. In the picture I can see his right hand inside the top of her dress, and I can’t see either his left hand nor her right hand. She is taking the picture with her left hand. Shortly after that I get a call from her. She said “Jason has gone to the restroom; did you get the picture?” I said “yes, but I can’t see some of your hands.” Cindy responded with a giggle “You saw one hand playing with my nipple, it was hard and he was rolling it around. His other hand was under my dress, rubbing my pussy on top of my panties. My hand was in his lap stroking his cock through his pants.” She continued “Are you OK? Is what I have done OK, and can I continue?” I replied “I am so hard right now looking at your picture and imagining what is going to happen, so yes, I am OK and you can continue. I love you.” Cindy said, “He is coming back, I will text or call when I can, but I may be a bit distracted. I love you, too.” Then she abruptly hung up. There were multiple people around so Cindy started getting a little nervous. Jason suggested they move to a more secluded room. They got up and found a room that was small, dark, and unoccupied. They moved onto a couch in the corner and Jason partially unzipped Cindy’s dress and unhooked her bra. Cindy put her hand back on his dick and began rubbing it again. He pulled the top of her dress away so he could play with her tits. His hands were massaging her nipples and she was getting very horny. He put his head down and began licking her nipple and slid his hand back under her dress and started playing with her pussy. Suddenly, several other men entered the room they were in so Cindy hastily pulled her dress back up and they straightened up a bit. Then Jason said “would you like to come up to my room for another drink?” Cindy responded with “yes, please.” So they headed out to the elevator. On the elevator Jason once again began playing with Cindy’s tits until the doors opened. When they got to Jason’s room they entered into the living room area. He had a beautiful suite. Again they kissed deeply, probing each other’s mouths with their tongues. Jason unzipped Cindy’s dress the rest of the way and began rubbing her back directly on her skin. Cindy pulled away slightly and said “Could you please get me another drink?” So Jason went into the little kitchenette and fixed drinks. As he turned around Cindy wiggled her shoulders a bit and her dress and bra fell to the ground at her feet. She exclaimed “Oops, my dress fell off.” (Here is when I got a text with a picture of Cindy with her dress around her feet, taken by Jason.) He said “I’ll get that for you.” And she stepped out of it, so Jason handed her drink to her and picked her dress up and laid it over a chair. She was standing before him wearing only her boots, pantyhose, and panties. She drank a good swallow then put the drink down on the table as he came over and began to play with her nipples, using his fingers and his mouth. Cindy moaned a little. Jason said “Those boots look uncomfortable, let me help you take them off.” So Cindy sat on the edge of the couch and he pulled off her boots, one at a time, sensuously caressing each leg and foot as the removed her boot. Cindy said “You know what’s really uncomfortable, these pantyhose.” Jason said “I can help with those, too.” and so she stood up and he proceeded to slide his hands down her back and under the pantyhose and panties, onto her ass. He then continued to slowly pull her pantyhose and panties down her legs, exposing her beautiful pussy. She sat back on the couch and he pulled the pantyhose off of her feet and put them with her dress and bra. Jason then proceeded to gently push Cindy back onto the sofa so she was laying against the back of the couch and she spread her legs for him, so he could see her in all of her glory. (I got a text with a picture of Cindy, spread eagle on the couch.) He moved toward her and began licking her tits. He slid down her stomach and began licking her pussy. (I got a text with a picture, taken by Cindy, of his head between her legs, his face buried in her pussy. Only the top half is visible above her pussy hair.) He licked and sucked her pussy, alternately slipping his tongue inside her and licking her clit. She started talking dirty to him, saying “suck my clit…lick my pussy.” She came all over his face, filling his mouth with her juices. (I got a picture of his face above her pussy, soaking wet, with a big smile. The top of his shirt was wet, too.) Then she sat up and had him stand up. Cindy stood up and started kissing him again while she slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off of his shoulders, dropping it to the ground. She kissed his neck and down his chest, licking his nipples. She moved down his stomach until she got to his pants. She unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and then slowly began pulling them down. As they slid down his body his cock popped out. It was at least 9 inches long and 3 inches in diameter, bigger than anything she had ever had. She slid his pants, along with his shoes and socks, off of his feet so he was now nude, and his prick was standing at attention. Cindy began licking his balls, sucking them into her mouth one at a time, sliding her tongue around them in her mouth. (I got a picture of her with her tongue licking his balls.) She slid her tongue up his cock, paying special attention to the area just below the head. She licked around the head of his raging hard dick and then slid her mouth over the head. (I got a picture of her with his dick in her mouth.) She bobbed her head up and down on his cock, sliding her tongue around under his head. She then went back and forth between licking his balls and sucking his dick. (I got a video showing her giving him head.) He started shaking and getting tight as his cock grew in her mouth. He let out a yell that he was cumming and dropped his load of cum in her mouth. Cindy kept sucking his dick until he ran dry. She opened her mouth, showing him his cum on her tongue (I got a picture of this) and then closed her mouth and swallowed, again showing him her mouth so he could see that the cum was gone. Jason then lifted her up and said “I think it’s time to find the bedroom.” He led her into the bedroom and had her lay on her back on the bed, spread her pussy for him, and start to masturbate. She played with herself, sliding her fingers from one hand inside her cunt while she played with her clit with the other hand. (I got a video of her masturbating, laying on his bed, until she squirted all over.) By this point Jason was getting hard again, so Cindy sat up and took his huge cock in her mouth again. She felt it start to expand in her mouth, filling her up. She then pulled her mouth off of the head of his cock and said “I want you to fuck me. But be gentle, I have never had anything that big before.” Jason responded “we can go as slow as you want; I have all night.” So he climbed on top of her and started rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy, making her squirt again. Then he began slowly pushing his cock into her cunt. It slid in just past the head and then he stopped to let her get used to it. Then he started slowly pushing his hard dick into her pussy and then back out, going a little deeper each time. She started moaning and telling him to fuck her. She lifted her hips up to meet his thrusts and so he pushed into her faster. Soon his whole cock was inside her pussy. (I got a video of this whole process, her first fucking by another man.) Then he started pounding her faster and she grunted and moaned as she came all over his cock, over and over, squirting all over his hard dick. She started talking dirty to him, saying “Fuck me harder … I love your cock in me, it fills me up so much … I love cumming all over your hard cock. Keep pounding your slut.” Jason said “I want you to hump me, slut.” So he pushed her legs up over her shoulders and she started screaming at him to fuck her harder. He stopped pumping into her, so she started pushing her pussy up against him, taking his cock as far into her pussy as she could. Her body was shaking and shuddering as she fucked him as hard as she could. She said “I don’t ever want you to stop fucking me, keep fucking me forever, your cock feels so good. I want to be your slut forever.” (I got video of her saying these things and I could see her face as she came repeatedly. He texted “Does this face look familiar?” and then gave a nasty grin emoji. I could tell he was enjoying showing me what he was doing to my wife.) After she came so hard, he pulled his still hard cock out of her pussy. She begged him to put it in again, so he turned her over, put her on her knees with her face on the bed. He caressed her ass and said “Your butthole is so cute, I am going to fuck it sometime soon” and she responded “just fuck me, fill my pussy with your huge meat.” So he slid his cock into her pussy and began pounding her again. She started cumming almost immediately, squirting all over his cock and balls. He just pumped his dick harder and harder into her and she started screaming “fuck that pussy … fuck me hard … fill my cunt with your cum” and then he stopped pumping so she started fucking him, pushing her pussy all the way against his cock and pulling it back off as fast as she could. He pulled out of her again and she expressed her frustration, squealing “stop teasing me, keep fucking me until you cum inside me.” He said “I want you to ride me,” and laid on his back. Cindy climbed onto his rigid pole and slid her steaming pussy down onto him and began lifting and rolling her hips on him, and squirting on him again. He was laying on his back looking at her beautiful face and playing with her tits while she fucked him. (I got a picture of her riding him, with her eyes closed and cumming.) She rode him hard and had sweat dripping from her as she worked his cock. He then said “turn around so I can see your ass while you do that.” So she turned around, showing him her fantastic butt and butthole. He sighed “oh baby, that is so pretty.” She began riding again and he started playing with her asshole. He slid his finger into her butt up to the second knuckle and she started squirming and cumming really hard. (I got a video of her riding him and him slipping his finger into her butt.) While she was cumming he started getting tense and stiff and he shouted out “I am cumming, take my cum.” And she said “fill my hot cunt with your cum … squirt it inside me … I want your cum,” and he did. He began shooting rope after rope of his cum into her pussy and she came with him, all over his cock. He came for what seemed like forever, but was really only about a minute. Cindy rolled off of him, turned around, and snuggled up next to him. She said “that was great, you made me feel fantastic” and he said “you’re amazing. I have never been with a woman who could cum so much. I can’t believe how hot you are.” Cindy responded “Thanks, your cock filled me like I have never been filled before and it was incredible sex.” (I got a picture of her laying on her back, with her legs spread and his cum oozing out of her. He texted “look what I did to your wife.”) Then he said to her, “we have the rest of the night, let’s make it glorious. I can get hard any time you want if you just lick and suck my dick like you did before. I will fuck you all night.” Cindy started to get a bit nervous and finally remembered me. She said “I can’t, I have to go call my husband, but it was great.” At that point she got up and began to get dressed. She put her pantyhose in her purse and gave him her panties as a souvenir. She said “keep these to remember this night.” She was dressed, except with no panties, and he stood up beside her. She put her arms around him and gave him a deep kiss. Then she kissed the tip of his cock and said “bye, see you around. It was a beautiful night” and walked out the door, leaving him naked and wanting more. As soon as she left his room she called me. I answered the phone immediately and she said “I did it. Are you still OK? I am nervous thinking about how you are feeling.” I told her “I am fine, in fact the pictures and videos of you with him were amazing and I came two times thinking about what you were doing. I love you more than ever and can’t wait to get you back here and fuck you myself … was it good?” Cindy let out a sigh of relief and said “It was amazing, he made me cum soooooo much … and I can’t wait to get home to tell you everything.” I asked “Did he want you to stay the night?” and she answered “Yes, he asked be to spend all night with him, but I had to call you, so I left.” “Did you want to stay with him all night?” “Yes, a lot, but I was worried about you and had to call.” “Do you think he is still willing to spend the night?” “Probably, he was getting hard again when I left.” “Why don’t you go back; you deserve to have a full night of fun.” “Really, are you OK with that?” “Yes, it is making me horny again just thinking about it.” “Ok, I have not left his hallway in the hotel, so I can go back easily.” “Go, have an amazing night. What do you think you will do with him?” “Anything he wants. I am at his door again so I need to go.” “Keep me on the line and let me talk to him.” “OK, if that is what you want.” So she knocked on his door and he opened it up very quickly. She saw that he was still hard and said “have you been having happy thoughts?” as she smiled at him. He said “Yes, all about you. I was so hoping you would come back. Come in, please, I don’t want to lose any time with you.” She told him “my husband is on the phone and wants to talk with you.” She said to me “I am going to suck his cock while you talk. I love you” and handed him the phone. He said “hello. You have an amazing wife. I hope you are not angry with her.” I said “I am not angry at all; I want her to experience this to the fullest. She is yours for the night. Make her feel over the top out of this world. She said she would do whatever you want, but no pain.” He said “She is a warm, beautiful, sexy woman. I will make this a night she will remember forever.” I said “I love the pictures and videos, keep sending them if you can, but make sure to focus on making her happy. Also, I would like to listen if I can.” He said “I have a video camera going, I will send you a copy of everything we do tonight. I will try to send you pictures as we go, but don’t expect too many, I want to focus on her.” “Good, please do. Make her happy.” He said “I am going to leave you on the line and put the phone on the nightstand. Listen all you want.” I could hear Cindy say “You are going to let him listen?” and he said “Only if you are comfortable.” “I guess it is good, if he wants to.” Then he put the phone by the side of the bed and she called to me “I love you, honey. Enjoy this, I know I will.” With that they went back to each other. She stopped sucking him and said “take my dress off again.” He slid his hands up her legs, over her ass and lifted her dress over her head. Then he unhooked her bra and slipped it off of her arms. They were naked again and he began licking her tits and sucking on her nipples. She started to have an orgasm just from his mouth on her tits and his hands on her ass, so he kept going. She started squirting a bit and he said “Wow, I have never seen that. I guess we are in for a hot night.” “Yep,” she said, “now bite my nipples.” I heard her moan and they laid down on the bed while he fingered her pussy and licked her tits. She said, “let me get you hard again, so you can fuck me long and slow” and she proceeded to lick and suck his cock and balls until he was hard again. When he was fully erect, he laid her on her side, spooned with her and slipped his huge member into her pussy from the back. He began slowly fucking, sliding all the way in and almost all the way back out, slowly and smoothly. All the while he was rubbing her clit with his fingers. She began to build to a climax and he very carefully rubbed and fucked to keep her at the peak of her arousal. She was cumming in a new way, not hard, but long. He adjusted to her responses, keeping her totally aroused, but not going over the top. This went on for the next hour, and all I could hear was breathing and some small whispers that I couldn’t make out, mostly things like ‘relax’ and ‘feel my cock’. After such a long time Cindy was on the edge. He picked up his pace and she began cumming really hard all over his hard cock. She began moaning and squealing from his pounding. She said “please fill my pussy with your hot cum” and he let loose a huge shot of sperm into her. Then she said “enough … I can’t take any more, stop for a minute” so he pulled out of her and began kissing her neck and stroking her breasts. She was out of breath and panting. He let her rest for a bit and then rolled her onto her back. I was impressed, Jason was taking his time and not just jumping right into hard fucking. I am afraid I would not have been so patient. He continued stroking her chest and stomach and she got aroused again. She said “I want you to fuck my ass, please.” He said “you need to use that sexy tongue and mouth to get me up to an appropriate hardness.” So she began licking his balls and cock again. Taking them into her mouth, circling her hot tongue around them and stroking them with her fingers. He quickly got very hard again. So she laid on her stomach, with her head on the bed and her ass in the air. He said “wow, I love that asshole, it looks so inviting.” She responded “then fill me up … fuck me in the ass.” He got out some lube and put a generous amount on and in her asshole. Then he climbed up behind her and began slowly pushing his rod into her butt. At first it hurt, but it was a good hurt. He was very gentle and slow, pushing his cock into her in small increments. She said “I feel like I have to go to the bathroom.” He said “of course you do, just hang on, it will pass and then you will love it.” So she took a deep breath and let him continue to impale her on his huge dick. She began to moan from pleasure rather than pain and he accelerated his speed of penetration. He fucked her ass faster and faster, and she began pushing back into him. Then he pulled out and she said, “no please, don’t stop.” He just laid down on his back and said “climb on.” So she straddled him and slid her ass onto his cock and began to ride him. She leaned back so he could see her pussy and also his cock going in and out of her asshole. (I got a picture of her lifted about half way off of his cock, with her pussy spread wide and his cock filling her ass.) As she rode, he slipped his fingers into her pussy and she started cumming all over him again. She had another huge orgasm and squirted all over his stomach and chest, all the way up to his face. He tensed up and started coming in her ass, filling her with his spunk. She rolled off of him and said “that was fantastic, but totally different than anything I have ever experienced. I loved it.” He rolled over on top of her, placing his cock near her face and his face at her pussy. They started to 69 and she was building up her sexual energy again, and he was getting hard again. When he was hard, he rolled off of her and began licking her nipples and stroking her from her neck down toward her lower abdomen, very lightly and gently with his fingertips. Every time he got close to her pussy she would raise and tilt her hips to try to get him to touch her clit, but he avoided her pussy. He wanted to raise her desire even further. She started moaning for him to fuck her again. He just continued to play with her and tease her. She became more insistent, begging him to put his hard rod into her pussy. Finally, he slid between her legs. He lifted her legs onto his shoulders, so he could penetrate her as deeply as possible. He began rubbing his cock head against her pussy and her cunt and she started cumming and squirting all over it, but he still did not put it inside. He just kept teasing her with it until she was begging more fervently, saying “stuff that cock into my pussy and pound me hard. I need to cum on your beautiful cock again.” He slowly slid his cock in to her cunt and she started pushing her hips up to meet him. He began pumping vigorously and she was moaning and sighing. Suddenly he stopped pumping into her and she tried to push up against him, but he kept himself from pushing into her more deeply. She said “fuck my pussy, PLEASE.” He responded “whose pussy is it?” Cindy paused, and then tried to push onto his cock again, but he kept his cock just barely inside her pussy. Again, she said “fuck my pussy” and he said “whose pussy is it?” This time she hesitantly and softly said “It’s your pussy.” He said “louder, so your husband can hear.” So she started saying, with more volume “it’s your pussy, please fuck your pussy.” He said “what can I do with my pussy?” “you can fuck your pussy … you can do whatever you want with your pussy … just keep fucking it.” He said “so if I want I can bring a friend over and let him fuck my pussy?” “yes, you can do whatever you want with my pussy … now please, just keep fucking it.” He continued to tease her and asked “how about your asshole, whose is that?” She said “It is your asshole, you can do what you want with it, and my mouth is yours to use however you want … just keep fucking me!!” He laughed and stroked into her hard a couple of times and she immediately started cumming on his cock. Then he stopped again and she said “I am your slut … do whatever you want to your slut … just keep fucking.” He said “tell your husband who you belong to.” Cindy said “honey, I am Jason’s slut. My pussy, asshole, and mouth belong to him. He can do whatever he wants to me. He can use me however he wants. He can fuck me, he can have his friends fuck me, whatever he wants.” Jason then started fucking her really hard and she had a long, hard orgasm and as she was starting to come down from the heights of pleasure his body stiffened and he started filling her pussy with his cum. He let loose with a huge load into her hot cunt and she moaned her pleasure. (I got a text of her laying on her back with her legs spread, looking worn out but ecstatic, like she was in nirvana. His cum was running out of her cunt onto the bed between her legs.) Then he said to me “we are not done, but this is the end of your listening. I am going to use your wife the rest of the night. Don’t worry, you will have her back tomorrow, and with video of the whole night” and the phone went dead. It was 2:00 AM my time, 3 their time. They had been fucking since 10:00 there, 5 hours. I lay in bed trying to sleep, but I was too wound up and aroused. I looked at the pictures and watched the videos they had sent and jerked off again. I kind of rested fitfully until I got another text, this time a 5:45. It was a picture of Cindy with her mouth around Jason’s cock, but she was fully clothed. I figured she was giving him a going away blow job. Then I got another text with a video of her stroking his cock, finishing him off. His cock was pointed right at her face, she was underneath it, with her mouth open and her tongue out waiting for his spunk. Suddenly he shot a large gob of goo onto her face. The first spurt shot into her hair and on her forehead. The second spurt was on her nose and cheek, the rest fell onto her lower face and into her mouth. She had his cum all over her face, and she was smiling up at him as she swallowed what went in her mouth. Then she looked at the camera and said “good morning honey, I will see you in a few hours. I love you!” About 10 minutes later I got a phone call. She was calling to tell me that she was heading back to her room and wants me to be talking to her when she goes in the room, and to say that she has been talking to me all night, which I suppose is pretty much true. She then asks “Are you OK? Did I go too far? Do you still love me?” “I am great, you have kept me up all night jerking off, so I guess you didn’t go too far and of course I still love you, maybe even more.” So I ask, kind of understating, “Are you OK, still happy to be my wife, and did you have fun?” She responded “Of course I still want to be your wife, that will never change. I love you, I had great sex with Jason. It was incredible. I didn’t know I could cum so much. We fucked the whole night. I pretty much had him hard for most of 8 hours. He came in all of my holes multiple times. Thank you for letting me experience this night.” She chatted on about her night and how fun it was and she finally said “I am back at the room. I will tell you all the details when I get home, and I have some things to show you, in addition to the external hard drive Jason sent home for you. I love you, and I will see you soon.” Almost as soon as we hung up the phone I got a text. I was from Jason’s phone. He said “Thanks for the use of your wife tonight. She was so hot. I have never known a woman who could cum so much, and squirt all the time. She wore me out. That has never happened before. I am not sure my cock will be ready to fuck again for a month. She is an amazing woman and you are lucky to have her. Enjoy my slut for the next year. I can’t wait for the festival next year, so I can fuck her all weekend, not just the last night.” I responded “I hope you treated her right, she seems to have enjoyed herself. We will see what she says about next year.” He finished with “I tried to give her what she deserved. I hope I lived up to her expectations and met her needs. She said she wants to room together next year! ?” I had to work the whole day, waiting in high anticipation for her to get home that evening. I made sure to be home when she got there, with a hard cock ready to go. She laughed and said “wait a minute, I will go clean up.” I said “no, I want to see the mess on you. Let me get you out of your clothes and fuck you, then maybe we can shower together.” “OK, but be ready for some surprises.” I began by removing her shirt. There was something on her chest. When I removed her bra I saw that it was writing. She giggled and said “he got a bit carried away with a sharpie. It is a permanent marker, you know.” On her tits was written the following: “Property of” across the top “Jason Carter” across the bottom. In addition, her nipples were circled. I immediately began licking her tits and sucking on her nipples. It tasted a little salty, but not bad, and she said, “He came on my tits and I rubbed it in, so it might taste a bit different.” I was experiencing his cum on her body. Then I decided I needed to take off her pants, so I unbuttoned them and slid them down her legs and off of her feet. I could see more writing around the top of her panties. She turned around and said “from the back first.” I slid her panties down over her hips and off of her legs. Her panties were a mess. I said “what happened to these.” She said, “As soon as I got to the room I had to change my clothes. I put on clean panties, but all of our juices ran out of me and filled them up on our way home.” I could smell him on her. I looked at her butt, where there was again writing. It said “Jason Carter came here” with several arrows pointing toward her asshole. I spread her ass cheeks and he had circled her asshole and there were some numbers written between the cheeks. She said, “tell me what is written there.” I read it to her and she said “that was first thing he wrote, while his cock was fucking my ass. Give me the numbers.” I read the numbers off to her and she wrote them down. She said “that is his phone number, he wanted you to have to read it to me. I had to hold my butt cheeks apart so he could write it.” I asked “Did you give him your number, too?” She laughed, took out her phone and showed me a picture. It was her phone number written on the underside of his hard cock. “He will have to get someone to read my number to him, too. Or at least take a picture when he has a hard-on.” Also on her lower back was a note to me. It said “Thanks for the use of your wife, my slut. She was fantastic.” I rubbed her butt a bit and played with her. Then she said “now for the other side.” She turned around. I said “wow, he shaved your pussy!” She giggled again “yes, he wanted to shave me so he could see my pussy better, and to be able to write on me, I think. It was so erotic, having to lay on my back with my legs spread wide and him between them, shaving my most intimate places.” I was amazed at her beautiful pussy, but mostly I had to check out what he had written. On the top of her pussy he wrote “This pussy belongs to” and then he signed his name on the lips of her pussy “Jason” on one side and “Carter” on the other. When I pulled her lips apart he had actually written “my slut” on the inside. Also on her lower abdomen was a list: “face I, mouth II, tits I, asshole II, pussy III” I said “What is this list?” Cindy then told me that he was keeping track of where he came and how many times he came in each. She said “He had to lift my dress and add face to the list just before I walked out the door.” I was astonished, “He came 9 times over the course of the night?!?” She said “Yes, it was amazing. I kept getting him hard after he came! I got pretty good with my mouth and tongue.” I said “so this is why he hung up on me, he wanted to leave me some surprises?” “Yes, he was enjoying fucking me and writing messages to you. You heard or saw a bunch of the times he came, but he was very busy for the last three hours, dropping his cum in all of my holes at least one more time.” I couldn’t hold it any longer, I began to lick her pussy and made her cum all over my face. It was exciting to think that Jason had been in all of these places multiple times within less than 24 hours. I proceeded to fuck her as hard as I could, and she came on my cock and squirted all over me, just like normal. Then she started sucking on my dick and got me hard again. She said “I want you to fuck my ass now, I want your cock all of the places his was.” So I turned her over and slid my hard rod into her asshole and pounded for a while. Then I turned over and sat her butt on my cock until I came inside her ass. I had reclaimed all of my wife’s holes. I said “Jason texted me after you left. He told me how fantastic you were. He mentioned something about fucking you all weekend next year, not just one night. Do you want to room with him?” She just smiled at me and said “next year is going to be a great year at the festival.”

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