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My Sub Couple True Story Part 1

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This is how my true story goes. I am a single dominate black male divorced. I after getting divorce was not interested in a steady relationship and by nature I like rough sex when it comes to fucking. In other words I'am not for the weak and timid. About 4 years ago I placed and add looking for a submissive female or a couple with a submissive female. I spent about 10 years with my Ex swinging mostly her munching pussy and the usual swap and fuck, nothing really exciting she didnt like domination she was into love making. Me on the other hand I like kinky hardcore fucking. So anyway I got alot of responce to my add banged a few wanna be sub's and a couple relationship seekers. I got one reponce that was from a couple. We email exchanged pictures and talked on the phone and agreed to meet. They gave me there address and I showed up on a friday night. There names are Barb and John,they a re in there late 30's both professional's. He is just your average dude CEO for a large company. She is a school administrator. She on the other hand was hot as a firecracker. She is blond natural, small 5'2" 100pounds, she has DD implants that are perfect. So anyway arrived at the house they let me in we sat at the table off the kitchen opened a bottle of wine and talked. It started with why do you want me here. She piped up and said I want to be dominated and would perfer a black male. I asked John how he felt he said what ever made her happy. I then told them I am not for the weak and timid to which she stated, here is my problem she said I like to be fucked hard spanked my hair pulled etc, John is to soft. I asked John what the fuck is the matter with him I would fuck the shit out of her, he said he didnt know he felt like he was hurting her and couldnt stay hard and concentrate. I said alright here is my deal. I told John that if this is what they want and feel ready here are my rule's. I said from today forward I own Barb, her pussy is mine, he said he was ok. I then said they from now on would refer to me as master and that they would do what I say, when I say, where I say, with who I say. I also explained that if the training progressed as I hope it would involve other people both men and women. They both agreed, even though that stated they have never ventured otside there marriage but have talked about it and that why the answered my add. So with that I said let the training begin. I asked Barb what Toys she had and told her to bring everything to me and to hurry. She was back in less that a minute with a travel bag full of assorted toys dildos etc. I asked her what her favorite toy was she produced a small silver bullit. I took it from her and ripped the cord from it and turned to John and said throw this in the garbage and told Barb she will never use a bullit again. We then moved to the den I sat in the middle of the couch told John to sit in the Chair nearby. I then told Barb to stand in front of me and take her clothes of as fast as possible. She was wearing a pair of sandals short shorts and a tank top type shirt that looked like it was painted on. With in a minute she was standing before me naked. what a sight perfect implants and a nice shaved pussy. I then instructed her to turn around bend over and spread her ass. I then checked out a great looking pussy. I then told her to face me and take my belt off. She unbuckled and removed my belt which was a standard brown 1 inch wide leather belt. I then told John to come over I then instructed Barb to face the couch and kneel, I then told John I wanted him to apply 10 lash's to each cheek of her ass, and that it better be good or they both will be punished. John had the look of alarm on his face took the belt and began to apply lash's. After 5 lash's I took the belt from him cussed him pout and called him a pussy, told him he was soft, and that was unacceptable. I then told him to pull down his pants face the couch and kneel down. when he pulled down his pants he was sporting a raging hardon all about 5 inchs, just barely 5 inch. Barb chimmed in and said yeah he doesnt have a real big cock, I would like something alittle bigger. I slapped he briskly in the face told her to shut up if I want to hear from her I will. I then told her this is your chance to show him how you like to be spanked. I told her that she need to lash each one of his cheeks 10 times and it better be good. She began to beat his ass with purpose each lash causing him to pucker. She did a good Job his ass was flaming. I then presented him with the belt and told him to give her 10 each side, and that if it was correct I will be dealing them. With that Barb assumed the position and he put it on her. She was flaming red with welt's swelling. I then told John since he is a shirt and tie man to go get 10 of his ties. I noticed in the tarvel bag a set of handcuffs. I then instructed Barb to got get a chair from the dinning area bring it in the living room. She did as she was told. John returned with the ties. I told him to remove his pants completelysit doown on the chair. He did as instructed I applied the handcuffs cuffing his hands behind the chair.I then told Barb to take off all my clothes. As she removed my pants and boxer's out srung my cock. I told them in chatting before we met that I was about 7 inch. I am really a solid 8 to 8 1/2 and thick. I always understate so I can over achieve. She let out a wow, I told her that this is nothing compared to some cocks she will service in the future. For her I was the biggest cock she had ever seen. She had never fucked a black cock only white and one hispainic, she said the biggest was alittle bigger than Johns. She admitted that she was a slut back in the day. I asked her how many cocks she had she said about 30. John had the look of shock on his face I asked him how much pussy he had had. he sated prior to his wife 5, and 2 were hooker's. I then instructed her to suck my cock, I grabbed her head and forced her to my cock and shoved it deep in her throat, grabbing her hair. She was sucking like her life dependedon it all the time I was asking John how does he like me taking his pussy, me shoving my cock in her mouth he sat silent. I noticed John cock was rock hard and dripping. I then pulled barb in front of him and told him that I was about to nut all over her face. As my balls started to churn, I pulled my cock out her mouth grabbing her by the hair I pull her within about a foot of John's face. I then began to jack my dick telling her that I was going to start at the top of her forehehad and paint her face. I usually shoot a nice load. As I began to nut I shot my first load on her forehead worked my way down shooting around her nose and mouth. she was well nutted. I then looked at John and noticed while cuffed he started nutting shooting a couple ropes of nut. I then said

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