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My Girls FIrst Set-Up

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Swinging, Oral, Male Dominance

I had planned this out for quite some time. Since we had begun swinging and had a few experiences I felt comfortable enough to set it up. We had both worked with him long enough and I’d heard your fantasies involving him many times. I decided it was time to act on them for you since I didn’t know if you had the nerve.

You told me you were drawn to his confidence, even stating that you knew he was a little too cocky but you couldn’t help yourself. You wondered how he would treat you if you were alone with him and he could have his way with you. Would he man handle you the way you like? Would he end up being a wuss in the bedroom? Even the thought that he may be too rough turned you on. He was strong-very strong. He wasn’t a big man at all; on the contrary, he was short at about 5’6” or so. But his nearly daily, grueling, long workouts had sculpted him well. You loved his biceps; they really were large for his stature. And you’d snuck a peak looking at his abs when he changed a shirt one day. I knew you really were mesmerized more by the way you told me about that event than by the words you said. Your pussy felt like it was connected to the skin just above and below his navel. Oh how you wanted to lick and kiss him there. You wondered what treasures may lie below his waistline, down where you longed to be engaged. Your mind reeled with the possibilities of what you may do if you only had the chance…

I approached him myself. I simply walked right up to him and told him my plan. I said how attracted you were to him. I told him how I was really a novice at setting something like this up but I knew it would be incredible for you. I wanted you to be sexually thrilled. I wanted you to cum like crazy. I wanted you to be as excited as you could. Personally I already knew he was the kind who would manhandle you. I’d told you that before but you seemed to think maybe not. I knew though. We guys always know when a guy is a dominant sex partner. There’s something in the demeanor and attitude of a person like that which another man can instinctively detect. I knew. I told him the plan and then it was executed. Next is how it all went down.

I called you on your way to come see me at work. You were driving from your work since you’d gotten cut early. I wouldn’t be done until God knows when and you wanted to at least have a chance to say hi. I told you that you needed to meet him in the parking lot out back. He’d be smoking a cigarette on break and there was something he needed to discuss with you regarding a work issue and I didn’t know much more than that. You weren’t surprised or shocked in the least. After all he was a manager and he often did have to talk with any one of us at any time in order to ensure the business ran smoothly. We hung up and you were none the wiser. As soon as we disconnected I texted him. I told him you’d be there in less than 5 minutes and I made sure he was cool with everything and knew what to do. I wanted to make sure you didn’t know I knew and I wanted you to think he just acted on his own accord. He told me the events that unfolded next.

You pulled up and saw him standing there. It was very warm that evening and he was in nice work slacks with a decent polo shirt, smoking away just as you would suspect him to be. You parked and walked over to greet him, pulling a cigarette out yourself and lighting up on the way. He smiled and said hi. You did the same. He said that what he needed to show you was out in his car and he didn’t have much time. Now the two of you had gotten high together in the parking lot plenty of times, always sharing weed with each other like a good stoner should and using one another’s vehicles in the process. He said at this point you suspected nothing and probably figured you were simply going to get high. Boy were you wrong. He pressed the button twice to unlock the doors. He didn’t open the door for you; no that wasn’t his way. No he was a man who felt superior and those little subtleties let a woman know it for sure. Even a recent separation and ensuing divorce couldn’t stop his confidence. Women either loved it or were annoyed by it. By your own admission it made you wet. He opened the driver’s side door and jumped in closing it securely behind him just as you were doing the same on the passenger’s side.

He didn’t waste a second. You were caught totally off guard. As you turned to face him expecting to see a bowl of grass he met you with his tongue parting your lips and probing the depths of your mouth. You were trying to jump back but were so stunned you really couldn’t move. At first you wanted to scream and run. But it was to no avail. He was simply much too strong. He wasn’t hurting you but you certainly knew who was in charge-and it wasn’t you. Then you felt his hand probing your breasts right under your shirt and bra. He wasn’t playing games he wanted some sex right now. In the few seconds it took for all of this register you realized something rather quickly…you were extremely aroused. You couldn’t ever remember a time when your pussy got that wet that fast. He ripped at your bra and basically tore it off you right under your shirt. At least he tugged your shirt over your head in one fell swoop, allowing you to free your arms of the remaining straps as your bra fell to the floor of the car. His van sat a little higher than most and though there were plenty of cars in the lot the lights that should have been providing a steady glow across the entire area still weren’t working right. I figured if you got a little scared of being seen you may be more willing to follow through if you knew people may not be able to see you so well. Either way it didn’t matter. I’d told him to go through with it no matter what you said. You were so hot you didn’t give a flying fuck if the whole world saw you. All you knew was that you wanted cock and you wanted it now. And most importantly you wanted his.

It was your time of the month. I knew you wouldn’t fuck him during your period no matter how horny you were. I thought you might let him nail your asshole as I’d done plenty of times when your monthly friend had come around. But he stuck to the plan. You were unconsciously reaching for his cock across the seat as he was kneading your breasts with his hands. His grip was strong and he wasn’t being gentle. It didn’t hurt but I’d told him you liked your breasts to be handled tough. His touch was perfect as each slight brush of a nail was even enough to send waves down your body. Each time he gripped one of your nipples and gave it a slight tug or rolled it in his fingers you were already having mini orgasms. You felt your hand grasping for his rod. He was hung well from what you were feeling. You were quickly unzipping and ripping pants and underwear down as quickly as you could. Time was of the essence as he needed to get back inside ASAP.

Suddenly he pushed you back. “Look this isn’t for you bitch. I’ve seen you looking at me and I know those eyes well. I’ve fucked plenty of pussy and asses and had my dick sucked countless times by whores just like you. You love cock and you love being told what to do. That’s exactly what’s going to happen.” You started to protest but before you could even say a word he had grabbed the back of your head and driven his cock toward your face. You were totally shocked and couldn’t believe this was happening. He gave one quick twist of the lock of hair in one of his hands and you knew you’d better open up your mouth. You love sucking cock. I taught you what men like and don’t like and you’ve learned so much about how to please a man. This wasn’t bothering you at all like you thought a situation like this might. Then I popped into your mind as it dawned on you that as far as you knew I was totally unaware of the events unfolding. Guilt started to overwhelm you as you thought ‘Oh God I’m going to lose him if he finds out about this.’ But the thought of his cock was too much. You could smell his musky maleness emanating from his crotch. It was intoxicating. He was already very hard. His cock was wonderful and you were pleased at its 8+ inches of girth and large width. Jesus how you wanted that thing as far in your pussy as possible. But this time he was aiming for your throat. And you were happy to oblige.

With a nudge on the back of your head and a twist you dove to his cock. There was already a small bead of precum forming and you reached right for the base of his warm shaft and squeezed firmly running your hand up the whole length to the very tip. You took the very end of your tongue and lapped up the small delight, reveling in its taste as you felt him jump slightly at your amazing touch. He was different than me but you loved the salty, creamy juice. You’d been so mesmerized by his cock that you hadn’t even noticed his balls. They were large and hung very loose and your experience told you they were loaded with spunk. He’d somehow managed to get one of his shoes off and had one pant leg completely free of its garments. This allowed him to swing his leg around your head and open his crotch up so you had better access. You immediately pushed his legs back and licked the sensitive spot just below his balls. He tensed at each touch of your magical tongue and you loved the power. He didn’t need to feed you his cock. You wanted it and were freely going to engulf it. You were a wild woman, licking all the way up his nut sack taking each gingerly into your mouth and rolling them in your wetness. You licked his pole from base to tip on all sides, stopping to flick his sensitive underside. You loved the way his mushroom head was fully engorged and purple, ready to burst at any time. You wanted to tease but you wanted his sperm even more.

You lathered his cock with saliva and rolled him around inside. You were using one hand to fondle his balls while the other probed his taint and asshole. He commanded you “Tongue my ass” and you knew you had to oblige. He meant it. This lack of control turned you on even more and you started to come without even touching yourself. He lifted his legs and tugged your hair pulling your head right down to his ass. You were staring up at his nuts in the moonlight and his eyes were fixed on you. You didn’t hesitate at all and drove your tongue as far up his asshole as you could. Within seconds he groaned “Yeesss” and had a mini orgasm of his own. You could feel his cock and his asshole spasm uncontrollably but you knew from experience that this one would be dry. You tongued his ass, balls and taint for a few more moments and he said “That’s a good slut doing what she’s told”.

You were back to his cock now and took him in deeply. He was larger than you’d ever blown before and you didn’t know if you could take him all the way in. God how you wanted to though! You placed your hand on his shaft as your mouth withdrew preparing to use your saliva to stroke him when he abruptly said “Stop! No more hands on my cock until after I cum. I want your mouth and tongue to do the job. Your man’s always bragging about that mouth of yours so start being a good hog and show me he’s not lying.” That spurred you on even more once you knew I’d talked to him before this about your blow jobs. He grabbed your head but you needed no coercing. You swallowed him up until only an inch or two was left. You didn’t even know you could take a cock so far down your throat but for some reason you were going beyond anything you’d done before. You gagged a little and he made sure you knew that it was tough fucking shit. He wasn’t going to stop until his seed had been blow right down your throat. You worked non stop tonguing and swirling, twisting your head all around his penis as it drove in and out of your mouth. You brought him to the edge several times and his precum was now oozing everywhere, stringing between everywhere on his glorious cock to anything that touched it. He said there were even a couple strings of cum and spit running down from your chin to the seat below. He said when he looked down and saw how intent you were on sucking his cock and taking his full load of nut juice he could hold back no more.

It wasn’t a few moments until you heard a primitive, guttural scream originating from his chest. You felt his cock tighten into a steel rod unlike any cock you’d ever felt before. His beautiful nuts, which you adored as they hung low and shook and rolled as he pumped, were now tight up against his body and ready to unleash their deposit. With one last groan he grabbed your chin and the top of your head and drove his cock as far down your throat as possible. You felt him go beyond the point of gagging you and well into your insides. His balls were snug against your chin while his dark, black pubic hair tickled your nostrils. He screamed his impending orgasm so loud everyone in the neighborhood could’ve heard him and you quickly remembered to ram your saliva lubed finger past the second knuckle deep into his asshole as he came to provide him even more pleasure. He held his cock in place while you held that finger deep, probing his depths and clutching a raised ass cheek with the other, digging your nails into his flesh still not touching that cock as he spewed. You could feel his huge head swell then begin its release, flooding your throat with his hot, thick, milky liquid. You were swallowing with all your might, trying to gobble up every bit of his juice. Your moans would have filled the car but were muffled by his screams of ecstasy.

After what seemed like an eternity of blasting his cum deep inside you, finally you began to withdraw him. You had cum so hard yourself without any further stimulation just from the sheer excitement of it. He tasted so good to you and you wanted more. You continued licking and sucking, bringing him to multiple tiny waves of orgasm, some not producing any fluid at all but forcing him to vocalize involuntarily. What more did materialize quickly was devoured by you, and you even managed to jerk some extra onto your tits, chest and breasts. He lifted your and head and said “Get dressed and go into the bar and act like nothing happened. Your man is here and if you don’t give me all the pussy, ass and mouth I want whenever I want it I will tell him everything. You are a cum guzzling whore and I am going to use you for whatever I want.” You started to say something but he stopped you. “Not another word. Get dressed and get cleaned up. You have cum all over you, your hairs a mess and you need to get your clothes on. Lock up my car when you leave.”

He stopped just before he got out and said “Since that really was an excellent blow job I am going to give you more. I know you want it. Next time, don’t be bleeding and I will fuck you senseless.” You thought he might lean in for a thank you kiss but he didn’t. You would have to work to gain his affections.

He came back in and immediately found me. We exchanged glances and I knew something had definitely occurred. I reminded him not to let you know I knew about it.

You came in a few minutes later disheveled and very blushed. Your hair was out of place and a little matted with cum that you apparently had missed. You smelled of sex.

I was glad when you walked up and told me about it and I think it’s best the way it remains. You will get used like a fucking whore by a guy who turns you on immensely and knows what he’s doing. I get to share you and he thinks you don’t know I know about it. He relives all the details to me and so do you. Everybody wins.

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