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My First Cuckold Experience

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My Wife had been reading a popular book about sexual domination. She was extremely turned on by it. She had always been more submissive and liked when a man took charge. I also liked watching cuckold movies from time to time. The thought of someone else being in charge and being denied access to my wife was a major turn on for me for some reason. After some discussion, we thought we might go out to SLS and see if we could find a dominant male.

After some time we located someone about an hour away. He was 5 years younger than I am only in his early 20?s. However, he seemed quite experience. He took time to talk to us to make sure this was what we really wanted. We agreed to have him to our house to meet him and see if there was a spark there. I was nervous as I didn?t know what to expect. I?ve seen cuckold videos from mild to extreme.

The day before our scheduled meeting, he sent me a text. I was told I could only call him sir from now on. He also told me to get some beer and other things and have is ready for his arrival tomorrow. I agreed. After all, he was driving an hour to meet us.

The next day he showed up at our house. He was very friendly. He was shorter than us, and as I mentioned considerably younger. He came in and had some drinks as we talked about some of our experiences in the lifestyle. He seemed like a very down to earth and nice guy.

After some chat he asked my wife to go in the other room with him. I just relaxed and enjoyed my vodka and sprite. I was dying to know what they were talking about. Several minutes later I got a text from him. He said that when he comes back into the room, I am not to speak unless spoken to and always address him as sir. Being a smaller younger guy I really didn?t think he would be able to dominate us.

As they entered the room he sat down and told me to take off my wife?s clothes. I went ahead and did so. He rubbed his cock though his pants and eventually pulled out a big thick uncut cock. He ordered her to come over and suck him. As she was gagging on him, he ordered me to eat her pussy and get it wet for him to fuck. I started licking her pussy. He kept checking in with her to make sure I was pleasuring her well.

She said I could be doing a better job so he had her sit on my face while I ate her. I couldn?t breathe well so I tried hard to sink my tongue deep within her pussy. She moaned and pushed even harder on my mouth trying to get more pleasure. We did this for a few minutes as she sucked his cock and licked his balls. He called her a whore which seemed to make her even more turned on. He began asking her about how his cock is compared to mine.

She confirmed his was bigger and how much more she enjoyed sucking it. He made sure I was aware of that fact as her pussy juice continued to flow into my mouth as I fucked her pussy with my tongue.

He then told me to get off the floor and get really close to his cock so I can see how my wife sucks it. I got myself up after being lightheaded due to lack of oxygen. I sat on the floor. They pulled my face about 6 inches from his cock where I watched her licking it and sucking it. He told me to pay attention so I could take notes. That made me nervous, why do I need to take notes on cock sucking?

I was in awe at how long this guy was able to get sucked without blowing a load. It seemed to go on forever. Finally he pulled her head away from his cock and told me to suck it as well as she did. I hesitated since sucking cock wasn?t really for me. However my wife looked at me and told me to do it. He then told me I better not hesitate or I would be punished. What was going on here??? I went ahead and started sucking his cock while my wife played with his balls.

Apparently I wasn?t doing a very good job so my head was pushed down and I ended up gagging. I ended up trading on and off with my wife several times until he decided to fuck her. I was told to go sit on the opposite side of the room.

I watched as he got behind her and started pounding her pussy hard. She was moaning louder than I had ever heard. He clearly was satisfying her more than I even could. After some time he gave me his cell phone and told me to take pictures. I got under them and took pictures of his big cock in her wet pussy. I watched close up as they fucked.

When he was ready to cum, he flipped her over and continued to fuck her hard until he unloaded inside of her already drenched pussy. He continued to fuck her whipping his cum into cream. When he was done, he looked at me and told me to clean it up. I proceeded to lick the cum out of my wife?s pussy as she encouraged me to get every last drop.

When I was done, he sat with her on the couch as they caressed each other. She told him how good he fucked her. I sat there feeling left out. I didn?t get fuck my wife . He told me I should get used to it because that?s how things would be when he is around and I would be his bitch.

After some time my wife begged for more. He obliged and began to fuck her again from behind. Her pussy already swollen and sore from earlier, was taking a pounding. She moaned in pleasure as he became rock hard again. He slapped her ass until it was red as well as verbally abusing her. He was saying things I would never say to my wife, but she was enjoying every minute.

He caressed her tits as he continued to fuck her. A second time, he let out a huge moan and unloaded another big load of cum into her pussy. I was ordered to get under them and clean all of the cum off of them both. I licked them clean, and then was ordered to get them some drinks.

They sat for a while and talked about what just happened and how this would be happening much more, but I wouldn?t be as involved. He got dressed and headed out the door. My wife went right to bed. I unable to sleep was still rock hard after receiving nothing during the encounter. I jerked off thinking about the hot events that unfolded that night and how jealous I was that he now owned my wife. I felt my body tense as I shot one of the biggest loads of my life.

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