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My First Bi Experience

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?I’m kind of nervous about posting this event that happened to me, but I wanted to share in hopes of feeling better about the situation, so here I go. ?Like a lot of men on this site I have fantasied about sharing my wife with another man. I knew deep in my heart she would never go for it but after a few years of pushing I was finally successful. The problem is that something happened during our first MFM that has got me wondering if I’m gay or bi-sexual. What made me want to try this was the thousands of stories, and porn videos I’ve seen and an encounter my wife and I had while we were in high school with a buddy of mine. It was no big thing, my now wife gave my friend a lap dance one night while my parents were away as I watched. Ever since then I have had this urge to take it to the highest level. Now in our twenty’s and married we have opened up a little more than before. Well tell each other if we see a hot guy or hot girl, she tells me about her man crushes, and even tells me of a co-worker she would like to bang even though she never would. Well I took it upon myself to try and get the wheels turning in the right direction and contacted a single male on the site. I told him we should meet up and from there start building a friendly relationship until one day introducing him to my wife as an old school buddy in hopes we could take gain my wife’s trust enough to play. ?I made the arrangement and met a young guy by the name of John. I told him my plans to try to seduce my wife Cara into a three-way with him and me. He was totally down and knew it wasn’t going to be a speedy process, but he was fine with that. ?A few months went by and I made sure to meet with him at different places and got to know him better. We arranged a story to tell my wife when she finally met him. John was going to be an old high school buddy who moved away to another state and just recently came back. ?The time came where I brought John home after having some drinks at the bar. We were greeted by my wife who instantly said “hello John, I’ve heard so much about you” John and I started talking with Cara and had our stories on point. I kept Cara’s glass of the wine full all night until the bottle was empty. That’s when I started the process, first I asked John if he had a girlfriend. He responded with “no, she cheated on me with our neighbor every day I was at work” Cara with her sweetest caring voice said “oh my god, I’m so sorry to hear that. You are such a sweet guy, who would do that to you?” I then asked John how long ago was that? About two months ago, I should have known something was up when we stopped having sex for almost a year John say’s. Wait a second, you haven’t had sex in over a year I said in my most concerning voice. John just nodded his head and sipped his beer. Cara then says “well that’s a damn shame. You are such a cute guy, she must have been stupid to cheat on you. I bet she regrets that now” I don’t know, she always called me ugly and said my penis was too small for her John says. Cara again in her innocent voice say’s “she must have image issues of her own and the only way she could probably feel good about herself was to put you down” That’s when I blurted out “you tell’em babe!” John then ask where the bathroom was and Cara points him in the direction. While Johns away Cara says to me “that’s so messed up, who tells their boyfriend they are ugly with a small dick?” I then tell Cara that John doesn’t have a small dick and that I had seen it a bunch in the locker room when we changed out for gym class when in reality I had only seen a picture of it he showed me on my phone during one of our bar meets. Cara with a surprised voice say’s “really, how big is it?” I tell Cara I don’t know how big it is now and that I saw it years ago when at that moment John walks out and say’s “what was years ago?” I look over at Cara and she busts out laughing, “what?” John says smiling. So then I said “I told Cara you didn’t have a small dick and she asked me how big it was, and that she wanted to see it” Cara smacks me in the arm and said “I did not say I wanted to see it, he’s lying” “I not lying she really does want to see it” I said looking into her drunken eyes. John then say’s “if you want to see I’ll show you, it’s just a penis” So I look over at Cara again and say “well, do you want him to show you?” Cara had her fist covering her mouth and said “sure”, then squealed. So then John starts unbuttoning his jeans, and pulls his zipper down slowly as me and Cara wait with anticipation. He starts to pull his jeans along with his boxers down and Cara’s eyes start to get wider when John thick cock springs out making Cara say “oh my” as her face turns beet red. I then say to John “yeah but that’s soft isn’t it?” and Cara says “who care that thing is still big, that bitch didn’t know what she was talking about” “why don’t you show Cara what it looks like hard” I say stirring the pot a bit. Cara just sits in silence watching intently not taking her eyes off Johns flaccid monster when John say’s “ why am I the only one half naked playing with himself?” I look at Cara and say “well?” Cara giggling say’s “I can’t, I’m too shy to do that” “Babe John has his cock hanging out in front of you, and you feel nervous? Let’s turn the lights down a bit and take everything off” Cara sat still and reluctant so I grabbed her shirt and started pulling it over her head. Cara didn’t put up a fight at all, so I knew she wanted this. I unhooked her bra in the back letting it fall from her soft 36 B sized breast. Then John said “that’s more like it” as he stroked his slowly growing cock. I then made Cara stand up and unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down revealing her pink cotton panties with a wet spot that was forming from her being aroused. Cara then looked at me and said “what about you?” So I stood up and shed all my cloths to the floor and hooked my fingers in Cara’s waist band of her cute panties and started slowly pulling them down as the crotch stuck inside her pussy lips and left a string of wetness from one end to the other. John then said “now it’s a party” we all laughed a bit and by that point Johns cock was at its fullest. I would have to say it was close to nine inches long, but it was beautiful. Cara just sat and marveled at it when I finally said “Cara give John a blowjob, he hasn’t had any in a year, take one for the team” Cara then asked me if I was sure and I said I was positive. So Cara got up and walked over reaching down and grasped his cock and said “good lord this thing is thick” she then got down to her knees and held it next to her head and said “I don’t think it’s going to fit” “go for it babe, you can do it” Cara starts to open her mouth and her tongue starts to slide out to the tip of his cock. Her tongue goes straight into his pee hole followed by her mouth engulfing the whole head. With one hand around the base of his cock she starts to stroke it as she slides her mouth up and down his veiny shaft. As Cara slurps and suck John’s huge cock I walk over next to Cara and place mine in her view. Cara takes a break from John and starts working mine while still stroking John. I then pull Cara to her feet and we walk over to the couch where John sits down on the edge with his cock at full mast. I push Cara forward towards John and she straddles over top his throbbing cock. It’s so long Cara has to anchor herself down on it gently without impaling herself on it. The head finds its way to the opening of her pussy and slowly starts stretching it open. Cara lets out a beautiful moan like I’ve never heard before. Cara grasp the back to the couch hard as she inches her way down his never ending shaft. Cara gets all the way down to where her pussy lips are stretched right at the base of his cock. I tell her not to move for a second and I sit in the floor between John’s legs and start licking Cara’s tight asshole. Cara starts to breathe even harder as she starts grinding on John’s cock which has got to be in her stomach at this point. She then slides up real fast and as I’m licking Cara’s ass, I am now licking John’s cock. I back away but only briefly, and start licking between Cara’s ass and John’s cock. The tastes is phenomenal, John starts groaning every time my tongue makes contact with his cock. I see Cara’s cum running down John’s cock onto hiss balls and I decide to go for it. I start licking her cum off his shaft and worked my way down to his balls but as I sat there at eyes level with my wife’s soaking wet pussy stretched around another man’s fat cock bouncing up and down before me with my tongue on hos smooth nut sack, I thought to myself, am I gay, am I bi, did I do this more for me and not her? Cara kept pounding Johns cock as he squeezed her perfect tits. She looked back and could see my head between Johns legs, she stopped riding and spun around on his cock and was facing me and continued to be pounded, this time while watching me trying to lick her clit every time she came down to my tongue resting on John balls. John’s breathing got faster and he told Cara to keep going, and that he was going to cum. Cara then say’s “just cum inside me” which blew my mind, and before I could think and further John let out a huge groan and kept fucking as hard as he could. Cara screamed out “oh baby fill my pussy up” He kept pumping as streams of his juicy load ran out of Cara and down his cock. I watched as I wondered if I should try it, but before I could give it anymore thought Cara pulled my head to her pussy and I started cleaning. I licked and I sucked every bit of seamen off his cock and balls until his cock shrunk to the point it slipped out Cara’s drenched cunt and landed next to my mouth. That’s when Cara picked it up and started putting it to my mouth which I accepted and opened my mouth nervously and let her place it on my tongue. I closed my mouth around his fat, warm, little cock and started sucking. It came so natural, I looked up to Cara and she sat there staring into my eyes while I sucked John’s cock dry cleaning every drop of his sweet cum out of his cock. Cara then pushed back on to the floor faced up and sat on my face and demanded me to clean her pussy out. I reached up around her legs and pulled her sticky pussy apart and let her push John’s load out into my mouth. I then leaned my head up and started sucking her clit as she streamed the remnants of John into my mouth. Cara then stands up and walks to the bathroom leaving me laying there on the floor staring at the celling. I can’t help but think to myself that Cara probably thinks I’m gay now. As I lay there I feel a hand grab my cock, I look down and John asked me if I wanted him to return the favor by sucking my dick. I wanted to say yes so bad but I told him I was super worn out and probably would not be able to perform. John say’s he understands and gets up. We all get dressed and talk for a little bit before saying good bye to John for the night. Later that night Cara and I take a nice bath together, her pussy was so red and abused looking. I massaged her shoulders for a while. We got in the bed and started kissing, when Cara starts to tell me how she though it was super hot to see John’s huge cock in my virgin mouth. I laughed and said “yeah it was pretty crazy” Cara then tells me just her thinking about it was making her super wet again and so while we are laying on our sides she hikes he right leg onto my left hip and inserts my cock into her swollen pussy, She was so wet, I slipped right in and out with very little effort, but that could also be because John stretched her out two inches wider than me. Within minutes Cara was cumming and I started to refill her little gaping cunt with me warm cum. Cara then sucked my cock clean, kissed me goodnight and rolled onto her back. I sat and thought some more about John’s cock in my mouth and to my surprise I started getting hard again. I’m not sure if it was just the sexuality of if but I really wanted to suck his cock again. So I told Cara we needed to make this a routinely thing to which she said “I was hoping you’d say that” and she went to sleep.

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