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My Epiphany

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At the time this all happened, I was a 45 year old woman who had been married to a great guy for nearly 20 years. My husband is 12 years older than me. He was a wonderful lover, until about five years ago, when he had a heart attack. After that, he just couldn?t get or stay hard enough to really fuck me like I loved. Now, five years later, he was not in great shape and, had become very submissive to me. His cock is bigger than average, but it isn?t huge. Most importantly, it just doesn?t get hard enough anymore. The only way my hubby could give me any satisfaction was by pleasing me orally, and he had become quite good at it. But it just wasn?t what I needed!

As much as I love my husband, I unexpectedly found myself indulging in fantasies about other men. I dreamed of being taken by a guy who was everything my man wasn?t. I yearned to be taken by a younger man who was muscular, masculine and who had a big, hard cock! I fantasized about having raw, passionate sex with a ?bad boy?, or an ?alpha male?. I had seen pictures and video of women having incredible sex with men better endowed than my husband and I really wanted to know what that felt like.

I had shared these fantasies with my husband, and I was surprised when he told me he wanted me to dominate him, to make him my cuckold and to have sex with other men. We engaged in some role play, pretending to make him eat my pussy while I told him about the strong, young man who had fucked me, and we both enjoyed it. But it had just been a fantasy until about a year earlier. That was when my husband began seriously urging me to date other people and find men who could ?give me? what he couldn?t. While the idea was exciting, I never had the nerve to follow through. Finally, I decided to just ?do it.? This is how it finally happened.

My first experience cuckolding my husband occurred during a work conference in a nearby city. This is the true story of what happened. The conference was a way to meet with a number of people from different sites from across the country, and I was the only person from our site to attend. Right away I saw this as my big chance to see if I could go through with it? if I could be a hotwife! Throughout the week I flirted with several good-looking men at the conference, but I was most interested in one guy in particular. He was funny, really handsome, and much younger than me or anyone else there ? in his early 20?s. Most importantly, he seemed to find me attractive, and flirted back with an enthusiasm and boldness that sent me back to my room wet every night. So when at the end of the last day, some people suggested we have a celebration in the hotel bar, I was all over it. It was the ideal opportunity for some no strings fun. I?ll never forget that night: January 24th, just a week before my birthday.

That night I dressed in a sexy top and skirt to show my shoulders and legs. I had been telling my husband about my flirtations all week and, he encouraged me to ?have fun.? When I told him we were going out, and what I was planning to do, my loving husband simply cautioned me to be careful and said ?go get him, you beautiful woman!?

Walking into the bar that night was like I was not interested in anything else but getting my ?date? into bed! He was looking particularly hot that night and we started flirting immediately. Earlier that day he had joked about getting me naked and showing me a good time. As I looked at him across the table I thought to myself that I wanted him to do exactly that!

After a few drinks, I went to touch up my makeup and hair. I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped out the lady?s room to find the object of my affliction waiting for me. Without a word, he wrapped one strong hand around the back of my neck, twined the fingers of his other hand into my hair and pinned me against the wall for a long passionate kiss. My heart was going a mile a minute and I felt desire run through my body and settle into my loins. I just wanted him to take me right then and there! Much to my disappointment, he released me and stepped back, leaving me leaning panting against the wall. He smiled and said we probably should be sociable for a little longer. Taking my hand, he walked me back to our table. He held my chair for me as if he hadn?t just thrown me against the wall like sex toy. This gentlemanly behavior, when I knew what an animal he really was, drove me crazy with desire, and my knees trembled as I sat. After what he judged to be an appropriate time, he leaned near, put his hand on my leg, and whispered ?Would you like to come to my room?? I took his hand and, after saying goodbye to the others, we left.

We barely spoke as we walked to the elevators. When the elevator door closed, he was all over me, kissing me with a desperate hunger that I found intoxicating. I later realized that I had not thought of my husband, waiting for me at home, once all evening. When we got to his room we continued to kiss as we undressed each other. I was clearly more experienced. I had him completely naked by the time he had me down to my panties. ?I told you I would get naked,? he joked.

?It looks to me like I?m the one who got you naked first!? I responded with a laugh. ?I?ve still got my panties on!? Pulling from his grasp with a giggle, I went to the restroom. As I made sure I was fresh, I heard him order a bottle of wine from room service.

When I came out of the bathroom, he was standing there looking like a Greek god. As I stared at his beautiful toned, muscular, naked, body I thought of my husband for the first time all evening. But the only thought I had of hubby was to note how different ? and better ? my new lover?s body was. I couldn?t help it, the comparison simply sprang into my mind. He was simply nothing at all like my dear, sweet husband. The thought of taking this young, incredible male specimen into my bed while my chubby old husband waited for me at home made me hotter than I had ever been!

I unfastened his pants and squealed with delight. Surprise! He had a big cock, a really big cock! It was at least an inch or two longer than my husband?s ? with a soft, plum-shaped head that seemed to be looking straight up me. The first thing I noticed about it was that it pointed straight up in the air, straight and hard as an arrow. Not at all like my husband?s poor little penis that never gets very hard anymore, and which I had never seen stand straight out so proudly.

Then I gasped in astonishment as I took in the thickness of his cock. I guess I had expected it to be big, but I had been thinking about the length! My new lover?s cock was almost as thick as a beer bottle! I mentally compared it to my husband?s cute little weenie. Hubby?s would look puny and limp compared to this guy. I couldn?t stop myself from saying it, ?My husband?s cock doesn?t point straight up like that! It doesn?t really get hard, and it?s nowhere near that thick.?

My date just grinned and said ?Do you like it? I?m going to make you completely forget your husband and his limp little cock for the rest of the night.? I could tell he was really getting off on the idea of fucking me better than my husband and, frankly, so was I!

There was a knock at the door and, wrapping a towel around himself, he went to get the wine. He sat the wine bucket and glasses on the table and turned, dropping the towel. He came to me and wrapped me into his arms. He took physical possession of me, grasping me by my arms, my neck, my waist, my hair as he took my mouth with his, probing and biting, and sucking until I felt like he was devouring me. God it was hot! He ran his hands ? roughly, possessively ? over my entire body, caressing, squeezing, slapping and exploring. I felt completely submissive to this strong, alpha male. Sighing, I wrapped my arms around him, and meekly submitted to his touch. I felt like a plaything in his embrace.

My new lover sat on the edge of the bed, drawing me gently, but firmly down on my knees in front of him. His big, beautiful cock bobbed in front of my face. I knew what was expected of me, and I wanted nothing more at that moment than to please this dominant young man. Without any further encouragement, I leaned forward and began to worship his hard, proud member. I kissed, licked, nibbled and sucked on it, submissively lavishing attention on every part of it, from the head to the root. I licked and sucked gently on his balls as well, enjoying that his pubes were trimmed. He moaned again, saying that nobody had ever done that for him before. I smiled, enjoying the feeling of being the first to do that for this strong, virile young man. Unexpectedly, I found myself wanting to please him better than anyone ever had ? to do things for him no one ever had.

Wrapping my fingers as far as they would go around it and I began to stroke and twist on his cock, marveling at how hard and thick it was. I began mouthing the head with my lips, letting my saliva run down to the shaft, making it wet and slippery. My lover groaned with approval and, smiling up at him, I opened my mouth to its widest and descended on his massive tool. Without breaking eye contact, I drew his beautiful cock deeply into my mouth, running my tongue around it, and barely avoiding gagging as it hit the back of my throat. I pulled back until my lips were just wrapped around the sensitive head, then I drew him in again. I did this over and over, taking him as deeply as possible every time.

He fell back onto the bed and lay there moaning whispering, ?Oh my god,? as I tried to give him the best blow job of his young life. My mouth started to get sore as he was so big, and I started to pull away. He surprised me by becoming quite dominant and pushing my head back onto him. When I told him my mouth was getting tired, he smiled wickedly and said, ?I?ll bet. Keep going.?

Smiling with satisfaction, I obeyed ? something I would never have done for my sweet, submissive husband. I continued to suck my young lover?s beautiful, thick cock, eager to please him. I used every trick I had ever known, and invented a few new ones. I was getting so turned on by being ordered to service this strong, young alpha male that my pussy was throbbing with desire. I imagined my panties were soaked (they were!). I was tempted to touch myself, but I refrained, saving that privilege for my lover. Finally, after almost half an hour, I felt him begin to throb and I could taste his pre-cum flowing steadily into my mouth. I knew I had brought him almost to orgasm. I remember looking at my wedding ring, moving up and down on his hard, thick cock, and feeling very naughty. Then, just as I could tell he was about to come, he told me to stop ? still being very assertive.

I sat back expectantly and watched as he got up and poured us each a glass of wine. I drained my glass quickly and moved to start worshiping his beautiful cock again, but he stopped me with by placing his free hand on top of my head. Sipping his wine, my new lover began running his fingertips across my face and neck, urging me to suck and kiss them before gently urging me onto the bed. Putting our empty glasses on the bedside table, he began caressing my breasts and belly as I lay back on the bed. I writhed with pleasure and desire. I wanted him so badly! He slowly, patiently made his way down my body, removing my panties with excruciating slowness, driving me crazy with need.

Then he began to stroke my pussy gently, barely touching it. I found myself breathing heavier and heavier ? he was playing my body like a musical instrument in the hands of a virtuoso. I felt myself starting to shake, and my body convulsed in orgasm ? just from his touch! I reached for him, pulling his face to mine. I sprinkled gentle, hungry kisses up his chest and neck, working toward his ear. Then I whispered, ?Take me now.? Smiling, he kissed me deeply and I was struck by how the taste the wine seemed so much sweeter from his mouth. Breaking the kiss, I said again, ?Please? take me now. Please? fuck me. Please!?

Using both hands, he spread my legs far apart. As I lay there on my back, he lowered himself on top of me and guided the head of his huge cock to my soaking pussy. I was a little concerned since he had not loosened me up with his fingers, but it was clear he knew what he was doing. Once he had the head nestled in place, he kissed me, smiled, and drove all the way into me in a single, punishing thrust.

I cried out at the hardness and thickness of his cock. ?Please,? I said ?Not so fast! You?re really big.?

He just smiled and said ?I know. You?ll like it better this way? trust me.?

This was not at all what I was used to with my husband. His cock felt much thicker and harder than my husband?s ever had, even when it would get hard. And he was so much deeper than my husband, pushing hard against my cervix. It wasn?t really painful, but the pressure was just so different than anything I had ever felt. But most different of all, was his dominant nature. When I told my husband to go easy, he did. This strong, young bull of a man, made it clear that he knew what I needed better than I did and he was going to give it to me whether I wanted him to or not. Part of me wanted to argue with him, to make him stop. But, deep inside, at my core, I felt a dormant, submissive response. I wanted him to take charge and dominate me. I wanted him to fuck me as hard and deep as he wanted. I wanted him to fuck me like he owned me.

After having so swiftly and brutally impaled me on his impressive manhood, my lover began to slowly, methodically drive himself in and out of me. Groans of pleasure began to come out of my mouth without my knowledge or control. He slowly increased his speed until he was fucking me hard, fast and deep. I felt orgasm after orgasm wash through my body until they began to all run together. I had never experienced anything like this in my life!

My new lover stopped moving and, as I gasped with pleasure, he flipped me over like I was a doll and pulled my hips up to put me into doggy position. He lined up and pushed that long, thick cock into my tight pussy in a single, determined stroke, going even deeper from this position. I gasped, but knew better than to ask him to stop or go easy. He began fucking me in long, slow strokes, smacking my butt and declaring ?You have such a great ass.? I just giggled and grinned at him over my shoulder as he continued to pound me harder and harder.

I put my head down and as new, intense sensations washed over me. I thought I had known what an orgasm was. This was like an orgasm, but different. It went through my entire body, causing me to twitch and shake and quiver everywhere at once. It almost was too intense to bear. I couldn?t have talked if I had wanted to. I wasn?t capable of anything more than grunts and cries of pleasure. I?m sure the people in the next room had a heck of a show! I don?t know how long this went on. I lost track of time. He just kept fucking me harder and harder and harder, until I thought I was going to explode.

Just when I was sure he had to be about to cum, my lover lifted me up by my legs and, without really breaking his rhythm, kept fucking me hard and fast, driving into me from behind. I remember vaguely thinking my husband would never have the strength to hold me in this way- we?d never done doggie style before where we were both standing up. I think his bigger, harder cock made this position possible. The angle and depth of penetration hit me in spots that had never been touched like this, and I rode the waves of another orgasm before he let me back down on the bed.

While I had loved being submissive, I decided it was time for me to take control of him. I pulled away, dropping him out of me and guided him down onto his back. I straddled him in reverse cowgirl fashion. He said he had never done this before either, and I liked the thought of being an experienced older woman teaching my young stud a few things about sex. I knew this position would give him the best possible view of my tight, round ass, and he very quickly began to stroke, squeezed and smack it.

I ground against him for several minutes, rising and falling and rocking my hips in slow sensuous circles on his amazing cock. I concentrated on squeezing my pussy to milk him, working the muscles around his massive penis. After just a few minutes, he began to cry out, ?Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!? Then I heard him whispering my name over and over, and I knew he was cumming deep inside me. Just as he came, I reached climax for the fourth or fifth time that night, squeezing his cock even harder as it slowly softened inside me.

I smiled in complete sexual satisfaction for the first time in years. My lover commented on how tight I was, saying he thought my pussy was going squeeze off his cock when I came. I told him his cock was the biggest that I had ever had and that no one had fucked me like that for years. The truth is, I?m not sure if anyone had ever fucked me that well. More than two hours had passed since we came into the room, and he had been fucking me for more than half of it. My husband hadn?t been able to last that long in years.

It was only afterward, as we lay naked in each other?s arms, that I looked at my wedding ring and thought of my husband. I imagined telling him all about my first hotwife experience as he dutifully licked and sucked on my tender, well-fucked pussy. I shivered in anticipation and snuggled up close to my lover. The next morning, we made love slowly and gently ? mostly because my pussy was so sore. I didn?t come again, but I took my lover to a massive orgasm. I was gratified when he told me I was the best fuck he had ever had. I?m not sure I believed him, but I knew I was a damn good lay.

I went back to my room and gave my husband a quick call to let him know I was OK and would be on my way home soon. I deferred his questions about my date, just telling him I had a good time and would give him the details when we were both naked. I took a long hot bath before loading up the car and driving home.

As I expected, my account of my date had my husband harder than he had been in years. Unfortunately, I knew my pussy was too sore to let him fuck me. My mouth was even too tired to give him a blow job. So I decided to indulge one of my hubby?s favorite fantasies. I told my husband that, now that I had been fucked by a ?real man,? he would not be allowed to fuck me. In fact, I told him, he would not be allowed to cum at all unless he gave me another orgasm first. I ordered him to strip, and lick my pussy while I thought about how wonderful my young lover had been.

As hubby licked my pussy, I derided his limp dick and his masculinity. I raved to him about my lover?s strong, muscular body and his long, thick, hard cock ? much bigger than my husband?s! I longingly described how my lover had been a ?real man? who had been able fuck me for hours without coming, and had given so many orgasms. I mocked that he had pleased me so much better than my husband could, better than my husband ever had. In truth, I only embellished the details only a little bit ? my young lover really was better than hubby in pretty much every way.

Hubby dutifully worshiped my pussy, licking it and sucking it with love and devotion. I made him apologize to me for being such a limp-dicked pussy eater. I made him beg me to let him keep licking my pussy, after he admitted that he was not man enough to fuck me after my strong young stud. I had never before exercised such power and authority over this man I loved. We had engaged in this kind of play before but it was different now. I really had been taken and owned by a more dominant male. He really had taken me and made me submissive in ways my husband never could. I began to enjoy humiliating my husband in ways that I never had when it was only a fantasy. Truthfully, I may have gone a little overboard.

But my husband just responded by becoming even more apologetic and submissive. It was so hot! As I scornfully belittled his manhood and extolled the superiority of my lover, I found myself getting more and more excited. Hubby kept at it, groveling and moaning at the humiliations I was piling upon him, all the while continuing to lick and suck on the pussy that I told him now belonged to another man. I got hotter and hotter until, to my surprise, I had an orgasm that rivaled those I had experienced with my lover the night before. I took my husband by his hair and began grinding my well-fucked pussy against his face as I came and came. When I came down, I instructed my husband to masturbate his ?little cock? for me, telling him it wasn?t worthy of my pussy. He humbly complied, and within moments begged me if he could please come. I told him he could spray his worthless seed anywhere on my body, so long as he cleaned up the mess.

I was not a bit surprised when my sweet, submissive hubby erupted onto my pussy, drenching my bush and lips in his thick, sticky ejaculate. He hadn?t come that heavily in ages! I told him to get a tissue and clean that mess off of me. My husband hesitated, and I brusquely told him to tell me what he wanted. He sheepishly said he was ?afraid? I was going to order him to lick ?my lover?s? come out of my pussy. Smiling wickedly, I told hubby that my lover had filled my pussy with come, and it was dripping out of me. I told him to do his job as my pussy eater.

Grabbing him by his hair, I pushed my husband?s head into my pussy and ordered him to clean up my lover?s come. Letting out a moan of pleasure and humiliation, he dutifully lapped up every drop of his own semen, sucking and slurping and making my pussy throb anew. Hubby shook with pleasure as I continued to humiliate him, calling him my cum-eating cuckold and telling him he would be eating a lot more come from my pussy in the future. Before I knew it, I was coming again!

It was at that moment ? with my husband bringing me off by pretending to lick another man?s sperm from my well-fucked pussy ? that I had my epiphany. I realized that being a hotwife was better than either being single or being faithful to my husband. I could get fucked senseless by a strong, dominant, young stud, and then come home to a faithful, submissive, cuckold husband who would do anything at all to please me. And, wonder of wonders, I wanted both of those things! With that realization, my last doubts about cuckolding my husband disappeared, and I haven?t looked back since.

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