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My Dinner Companion

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I feel slightly flushed as I hurry into the bar where I asked you to meet my after my fundraising dinner. The rest of the attendees had filed in from the dining hall over an hour ago, and I knew you would be worried. "Sorry I?m late, Sweetie," I say as I kiss your cheek and help myself to your drink. ?I guess I?m a bad wife? I?m definitely a bad girl! Wanna know why?? You raise your eyebrows in assent.

"The man sitting next to me at the dinner table was so interesting? and he was very attractive. We talked during the whole dinner. Honestly, I was very turned on while talking to him and he could tell. He kept touching my arm as we spoke and his fingers on my arm kept sending shivers through me."

"There was a video presentation by the fundraising committee. When the lights went down, he put his hand on my thigh, just above my knee. I couldn't believe it. I was afraid that people could see but it was very dark. Sometimes I could barely see that his hand. He slowly eased my dress up a little until his hand was stroking my bare thigh. I could hardly breathe as he caressed my skin. His hand was so warm...I had to close my eyes."

"I don?t know why but, when his hand got almost to my panties, I opened my legs for him? just a little. It gave him just enough room to touch my pussy with his fingertips. I was so hot and wet...I'm sure he could feel my desire through the silk. He just kept gently caressing me through my panties. My pussy betrayed me...I heard myself moan. This emboldened him and he stroked more aggressively, running his fingertips from my crotch to my clit, over and over. I almost came just from his fingers! He touched me so softly, so he knew exactly what I wanted."

"When the lights came back on I had to pull my dress back down to keep everyone at the table from seeing my panties. He just looked at me and smiled slightly. As everyone began moving toward the bar, he got up and darted his eyes toward a staircase at the back of the hall, inviting me to follow him. We went up the stairs to a small, private dining room. No one was there and it was nearly dark inside. He closed the door and turned to me. Taking me in his arms, he kissed me long and hard. Our tongues began searching each other, giving and taking hungrily, urgently. His hands roamed all over my body. He showed no restraint, touching me as if he owned me."

"I thought of you then, waiting for me at the bar. I knew that you wanted to take me home and peel my sexy dress off of me and worship my pussy. But I also knew you can?t fuck me anymore. And I wanted to be fucked! I wanted this stranger to fuck me like you can?t! I eagerly welcomed his hands inside my dress, pulling down my panties while I kissed him. I wantonly grasped and stroked his big, hard cock through the front of his pants. I really did feel bad for you, Sweetie, knowing I was about to give him what used to be yours. But I was also soaking wet and unbelievably hot for him. You remember how I get, don?t you? How bad I can be when I know I?m about to be fucked? Well, tonight I was very, very bad. Let?s go home, and I?ll tell you the rest.?

When we get in the car, I put my hand on your thigh and whisper in your ear, "I was soooo bad tonight!" I run my hand across your zipper and feel for your erection. Since the heart attack, it doesn?t get very hard, but you?re clearly excited. I giggle and, move back to my seat. I buckle up and lean back with my eyes closed. I don?t say or do anything else for the rest of the drive.

When we get home, I sit on the sofa and pat the cushion beside me. You sit, and I put my hand behind your head, wrapping my fingers into your hair and pulling your mouth to mine. I kiss you deeply, probing with my tongue and forcing you to taste me. I know how I taste. I taste like sex. I taste like him. Breaking the kiss, I lean back on the sofa and continue as if I had not been interrupted.

"He put me onto a table and pushed my dress up around my waist. He took my panties off and spread my legs. He could see how wet and hot I was. I could feel myself dripping. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He was big? much bigger than you. I was surprised and a little scared. He was very hard and I could see his cock throbbing and swaying with desire.

He started to move toward me and I said "no, not without protection" He didn't have any and neither did I. I said "I'll fix your problem" and got down on my knees and began to suck him. He was even bigger than he looked. My hand barely wrapped around it. By that time I was almost out of control. I rubbed him all over my lips, my tongue all over his slippery tip. He wasn't going to last long and I wanted to taste his cum. I really wanted to taste his lust for me.

?Just as I thought I was about to get what I so desperately wanted, he pulled out of my mouth and pulled me up and back onto the table. "I want to taste you now," he said and, spread my legs again, he buried his face into my pussy. I guess he liked the way I taste because he was licking and sucking my clit like crazy. I heard myself moaning and had to stifle a scream. He pushed two fingers into me as he continued to work on my clit and then...I, um...and then... I, um, well, I couldn't take it. I pulled his head away from my pussy and begged him to fuck me."

"No condom? I can?t believe I fucked him with no condom! That was very, very bad of me, wasn?t it, Sweetie? But I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop myself. I wanted, no NEEDED, this strong, assertive stranger with the beautiful cock to fuck me right then. I needed to feel his huge, thick cock inside me....I...I...needed to be taken."

"And he did! Oh god! He sure did! He fucked me so hard, Sweetie. He pounded your horny little wife senseless. First, he fucked me while I lay on the table with my legs spread. He drove me to an orgasm almost instantly. My pussy had never been so full, and it just pushed me right over the edge. When he sensed me coming back to my senses, he turned me around, bent me over the table, and started fucking me from behind."

I take off my clothes as I tell you about my infidelity, and I?m now sprawled, naked, on the sofa. ?Look at me, Darling,? I command, ?Look at your wife?s pussy. See how it?s glistening with our juices, mine and my lover?s? See how swollen and red it is from being pound by a stranger?s big, hard cock? Do you see these big, shiny places all over my belly, Sweetie? Do you want to know how I got them?? You nod, mutely.

"He was so hard and so big inside of me ? not just long, but really thick. He was ramming himself inside of me. I cried out as another orgasm wracked my entire body, and I felt my knees buckle. He caught me and held me, gently working himself in and out, prolonging my pleasure.?

?When I recovered, he turned me back around so that I was facing him again. He kissed me hungrily as he pushed himself back inside my wet, throbbing, pussy. He fucked me for the longest time. He changed pace and depth often and unexpectedly. He drove into me with short fast strokes, then long, deep ones, then pounded me hard and deep, then rotated his hips and ground his cock against my cervix. Over, and over, and over, until I lost all sense of time and place. I felt like my body was on a roller coaster, and he was taking me up and down and around the curves, while I moaned or screamed or just laughed with pleasure. I never wanted the ride to end!?

?Finally, I felt him stiffening and, at the last moment, I came to my senses enough to beg him not to cum inside me. I?m sure plenty of his seed was already inside me anyway? when I was sucking him he was leaking more cum than you make when you orgasm, and he?d been fucking me for nearly an hour! But I wanted to limit the damage, I guess. He moaned and pulled out of me just as he began to cum, so that some of his seed went inside me, but most of it went all over my stomach. As he pumped his load onto my belly, the shaft of his long, hard cock ground against my clit and I came again. We came together, sharing a long, tender kiss. After he pulled out of me, I knelt before him and took that beautiful cock into my mouth, licking and sucking all of our juices from it. It was about then that I remembered you were waiting for me in the bar."

"I knew you would be worried that I was so late, so I cleaned up as best I could and hurried down to find you. I know you?re probably upset with me, but you always said I could take a lover if I wanted to, didn?t you? Now would you please lick my pussy, Sweetie? It?s really feeling tender, and I know how you like to worship it. Don?t worry about his cum? it tastes really good. Besides, you should get used to it. I?ve already agreed to see him again.?

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