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My Cum Covered Emma

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She lay on her back still naked, a pillow under her head and her nipples still perky. We were having some after sex pillow talk. The radio was on and the dj said something about a singer he'd had many fantasies about, so Emma and I got onto the subject of our private little fantasies. “Don't be shy” I told Emma, you tell me one of your masturbation fantasies and I will tell you one of mine”.

She is very pretty, pixie looking small framed tiny thing with breast made for someone five inches taller. Her breast demands looks by guys on the street and when they watch her go by, her ass sucks them in again for another long stare at her perfect butt. Laying here next to me she is flawless.

“Ok, but don't think less of me, and you have to tell me your dirty little secret too” she warned in agreement then went into her fantasy. “I've often fantasized,,, that I was helpless, like bound up with ropes or handcuffs as several men walk around me, their cocks stiff in their hands, jerking off while looking and touching me, sticking their cocks in my mouth and one by one they shoot their cum all over me, then make me suck their cocks of the last drop. Once I've sucked the last one dry, they leave and I'm alone, coated in their cum. I begin to run my hands over my sperm slick skin, rubbing it all over me, across my tits, my stomach, and finally sticking my fingers inside my pussy with the cum of several men coating my fingers. I usually cum somewhere at that part if I'm taking care of myself.” Emma said with seemingly no embarrassment.

My dick had become erect a second time tonight at hearing her little story, it's hard pulse and throb caught her attention and she took it into her hand. “Is this over my little secret” she asked, squeezing my stiffened shaft. I told her yes, one hundred percent it was. I told Emma her story was very hot and I could see why she'd use that to masturbate once in a while.

Emma then sternly reminded me I owed her a story in return about my secret sex fantasy.. I looked at her and said it had just been updated, now it was her story that was driving my dick so hard right now. “Oh Joey, your just chickening out” Emma whined. I reminded her that I was limp from just making love to her, and it was certainly the vision of her coated in cum that grew that boner she now caressed.

“Your worse than I am” Emma giggle. “So why have you never cum on me” she asked. I told her oral skills, and wet pussy were so good, I'd never considered not cumming in her somewhere and didn't think she'd get anything out of it. “Try it” Emma urged, tugging on my seven inch hardon. I looked at her beautiful nakedness a second or two then stood up on the bed. I stepped across her so she lay between my legs, my balls hovering over her flat belly. She looked up at me smiling as I slow stroked my cock. I'd never masturbated in front of anyone before. It seemed little awkward, yet hot.

Emma took a breast in each hand and began kneading the soft flesh, her nipples stiffening further and she fixed a stare on my junk as I stroked myself. Her big Bambi eyes certainly added to the overall scene. “Cum on me baby” she softly spoke. Emma may be shy, but when she gets going she is extremely vocal. She can swear, shout, growl and demand you slam her harder or if I'm going down on her, she will definitely let me know when I have the spot I'd best not loose it. Now she lay there naked and beautiful, telling me to cum on her while her hands moved about her sexy body.

“Hit my tits, can you cum on my tits, baby... yes, shoot your hot cum all over my tits” she edged me on. “Empty your balls all over me sugar,, that's it, god that's so hot watching you jack off”, she looked awesome laying there rubbing her breast and it did not take long before I announced I was about to cum. “Yes baby, cum, cum for me, cum on me” she almost begged. My load was good for having just came about thirty minutes ago, the first shot blowing out far enough to hit her lips and chin, and second squirt hitting her breast and tummy with the last few drips finding her belly button. It was a good orgasm that trembled my legs, very intense.

Emma's tongue darted out and lapped up the cum that hit her lip and chin and as I stood there in a post cum shutters, she transformed right underneath me. She started moaning and pushing my sperm down her body, wet streaks trailing behind her small hands. Emma began to squirm and using her hands as a squeegee to push my pearl colored spunk down between her legs. Her thin fingers darted into her smooth shaved slit then plunged into her wet hole. She found her clit with her other hand and began violently rubbing it with rapid wrist action. It only took seconds before she folded up into the fetal position almost yelling, “I'm cumming, cumming, ah, ah oh fuck I'm cummming”. I just stood there like an idiot in total amazement.

I suppose it seemed longer that it was, but I stood over her a good while until that familiar grin crept across her lips. She rolled over and looked at me, noticing my bewildered but happy look. “I told you baby... that really makes me hot” she said, adding, “Did you see me cum,, mmm that was a good one too”. Hell yes I seen her cum and was loving this new side of my shy little pixie wife.”

“Damn”, I said, adding “I couldn't imagine how you'd be all cum soaked by three or four men”. Her eyes widened and she says “ohhh my god, you have no idea”. “Shit, I'd pay to see that” I laughed. Emma pointed to her piggy bank on the dresser and said there was a hundred bucks in piggy. We laughed and eventually went on to bed, but my mind was locked with visions of my wife, splattered with jism, her lips wrapped around another man's cock and her hands rubbing their cum all over her wet skin. I had a hardon most the night and the more I thought of it the more I wanted to see it for real.

Over the next week we included into our love making a little fantasy verbalization of her being cum drenched and we'd get that extra boost of lust drive that perhaps we'd not noticed had slipped away just a tad over the years. During that week I decided to do it, so did some research and found SLS. I created a free profile and began to find three or four men that would find it fun to jerk off on my wife with little further expectations other than maybe a little head. I didn't even know if she'd go for it or freak out n bail.

It took another week to set things up, but I was successful after several emails, texting and photo trading in finding three solid candidates and make sure everyone understood their roll and what was expected. And tonight as she lay on the cedar bench by the pool, her surprise was about to unfold. I sat a few feet from Emma, she was clad in her tiniest of bikinis and I was acting as though I was reading a magazine, but in reality I was coordinating by text, the three quest to arrive at the same time and enter into the pool area. Almost every night Emma would lay by the pool listing to her music until the sun set, then she'd slip into the heated pool for a dip.

The moment of no return arrived, and the three gentlemen unlatched the gate and walked into the patio and pool area. Their “Hello” had startled Emma who looked quickly towards the men. “It's the pool guys, Emma” I said, “There are checking that pump, shouldn't be a minute or two. “Oh, ok,” Emma said and put her head back down.

Roger, Frank and Brad walked about the pool as we'd planned. Each wore short pants and tee's that fit nice and showed off their frames a bit. When Emma appeared to have dismissed their presence they stealthy surround her as she lay knee height below them on the small cedar bench at pools edge. I nodded to them to begin, and I approached as well. Each man began to play with their cocks over their pants and it appeared the anticipation had already gotten two of them hard. While I sought out well hung single males, I did not fully grasp the size of eight and nine inches of hardon until I seen them begin to be aroused.

“Your right, Joey, she is stunningly beautiful” Brad said aloud and Emma popped her eyes open to see three men with hardons bulging and being stroked. “Oh my god, Joey, you did not” she squalled and laughed. “Relax, Emma” Roger said and pulled his eight inch erection out of his pants not a foot above Emma's head on her left side, and slow stroked the meaty shaft a few times as she stared right up at it and again said “Oh my god”. She did not bolt, but lay there looking up as Brad pulled nine inches of threatening man meat out of his shorts just above Emma's right eye. “Oh, my god” she gasped again. His cock was very thick with a vein the size of a pencil running down both sides to his softball sized shaved nut sac and it's length was threatening. Frank stood at the top of the bench with Emma's head almost between his legs, the other two men flanking either side. Frank dropped his pants and pushed them aside with his foot as Emma's mouth gaped open at the site of another nine inch cock with low hanging balls dangling above her forehead. “Oh, my god” Emma repeated. “Hi, Emma” Frank said then slid his hand back and forth along the length of his very hard dick. His cock looked stone hard.

I kept my seven inch hardon put away so I could enjoy and manage the show. Emma put her hands underneath her head for support and she lay there watching the men circle her, jacking off slowly. Brad was the bold one, he bent down slightly and the intent was to ease his cock into Emma's mouth,, her eyes rolled over to meet mine as his cock's head disappeared into her opened mouth. She checked my eyes for approval, but the tent in my pants gave permission for me. She smiled at me as she raised her head up taking Brad's cock deeper into her mouth.

No sooner had her lips wrapped around Brad's veined cock that Frank had started to remove my wife's bikini bottom. She raised her ass up allowing Frank the room to pull the tiny bikini free and tossed it to the side. Roger reached down and managed to get her top untied and Emma was naked, and surrounded by three huge fully excited cocks. Emma's legs dr*ped to either side of the bench, feet grounded with her legs wide and her pussy fully exposed and vulnerable.

Brad pulled his cock out of Emma's smiling mouth and began to circle her with the others, taking in her naked beauty while jacking off slowly. Each looking hard at her pussy and breast, stopping to drag their cocks across her breast or lips. They were doing exactly what they were supposed to do. Roger took Emma's hand and laid his eight inch and very wide cock in it. She wrapped her fist about it, fingers not quite touching and stroked his meat a few slow timid pumps. Her right hand found her breast, it was working for her. My wife was getting turned on by looking and feeling other men's cocks and I had the hardon of the century. She'd often look over at me with a 'look at me, see what I'm doing” look on her smiling face.

They complimented her constantly. Comments about how beautiful she was, sexy, how nice her pussy and breast were. Each had managed to get their cock into Emma's mouth, rubbed it on her check and often on her breast and nipples. Robert was holding his balls in one hand and stroking his cock with the other while Brad was five inches deep in my wife's mouth. Frank had been circling constantly, lightly rubbing his cock on Emma in different spots and taking in all her beauty.

Robert was the first to announce he was going to cum, “I'm going to cum on you Emma,, here it cums Emma,, ummmph, ah, ah fuck” he moaned out and a white streak of sperm shot from her waist up to her neck splattering a trail of cum across her tits and stomach. The second explosion from his thick cock was more impressive, he'd leaned forward and took somewhat of an aim and dumped two big puddles of cum across both her breast and nipples. Emma pinched a cum wet nipple between her fingers and let loose a long “mmmmm”. The guys were supposed to cum, then leave as per Emma's fantasy, where she'd rub it all over herself. Robert put his pants on, said thanks, she's beautiful and left thru the gate he'd entered. Brad had moved down to the bottom of the plank seat, straddled it and made his way up between Emma's legs, her pussy directly underneath him, inches from his fat nine inch cock. He squatted down some and laid his cock on Emma's mound, slow stroking the huge fuck beast. He'd rub it across her shaved mound from one side to the other. I knew his knuckles were rubbing across my wife's tender clit and soft pussy lips, but Emma showed no concern and was enjoying the sperm already seeping across her body. Her fingers wet with Robert's cum.

Frank was still jerking off his fuck tool and he'd begun to sweat a bit. The automatic lights kicked off and only the pools water lights were on. The greenish hew of the water gave a very sexy look and feeling to Emma, laying naked on her back with a big cock rubbing across her pussy mound and another easing back into her throat.

Brad got a little bolder with his monster cock. He was rubbing it all around Emma's mound but without warning he scooted back on the bench and guided his fat dick head against Emma's clit, the soft folds of her shaved outer lips splayed to either side of his cocks head. Emma looked over at me as I was about to tell Brad to stay on track with the plan of jerking off on her when she nodded at me, Frank's cock still in her mouth. Was she seeking permission maybe or telling me it was ok,, either way, I remained silent as I looked at Brad's meat wedged in her slit. He was still jerking off the beast and the head of his cock was masturbating my wife as well. My cock said watch closely because the vision was awesome.

Frank was said he was about to cum. He pulled his cock out of Emma's mouth and instantly blew a stream of cum right in the center of her chest, then another, and another, and finally the last few drips, coating her breast in his hot sperm. Emma was excited, “yea, oh yes cum on me, fuck yes shoot it all on me, all over me” she'd started to get verbal. Frank thanked us both as he dressed and politely made his exit as agreed upon. Emma was lightly running her fingers in little circles, playing in the strangers jism.

“Shit” Brad said, “She so hot”,, “Can I feel her, can I stick it in for just a second” He asked while looking at his cock pressed against her clit. Emma looked back to me, her head rapidly nodding ever so lightly, almost a quiver instead of a nod. “Just for a second” I said. Instantly I watch him lower his meat, pushing it down to her hole, her pussy lips leaving his cocks head wet as he found her entrance. With one push he fed his fat cock inside my wife until his balls were tight against her ass. Emma, let out a moan that I will never forget, it was the sound of pleasure. Brad raised up slightly and pulled his thick cock almost out, glistening with my wife's juices, then pushed it back in and held it deep. My cock was so hard I feared it would explode in my pants. “Gawd yessss” Emma moaned and grabbed tit in each hand and massaged Roger and Frank's cum deeper into her breast.

“Oh fuck” Brad moaned and jerked his cock out of my Emma and began to jerk off. He stroked his shaft about a dozen times then dumped a massive load of cum across Emma's body. He shoot three loads across her flesh then aimed the last little blast at her clit and pasted it with his last effort. Emma was moaning and squirming, and edging him on,, “Yes, fucking yes, fucking cum on me,, soak me, what ever your name is ,,, fuck yes shoot you hot cum on me” she cried out. My dick instantly throbbed and I felt it would burst at seeing Brad's long thick cock coated in my wife's liquids, wet with pussy juice stolen from a depth I'd never feel. Brad's cock clearly showed me the evidence, she was a true cum slut. His cock now softening, Brad backed off from between Emma's legs and began to put on his shorts, all the while saying how hot she was and how she had the tightest pussy he'd ever felt.

Emma's hands had not stopped exploring all the cum coating her torso. Drips trailing off the sides, her breast wet and shinning with the cum of three men. I approached and took the seat between her legs where Brad had just fucked my wife. “Go for it baby” I said while stroking my cock. I watched her hands run all over her body, the green glow of the pool lighting making the sperm on her body shine and sparkle. She was at that instant the most beautiful and sexual woman I'd ever seen.

Emma was coming alive, her moans were turning verbal, “Look at all this cum, honey” she moaned soft and sexy. “I'm so coated in cum, it feels so wonderful, I can feel their desire for me in it” she whispered. I looked at her pussy, wet and freshly fucked, my cock aching to be in there. “Wow, your so beautiful coated in cum, baby” I said. “Mmm, there's so much of it” she said. Her hands began pushing the men's sperm off her tits, guiding it lower, gathering it up with a squeegee action forming a small puddle filling her navel. “Did you see them cum on me, shoot all this hot cum on me” she asked. “I did, I seen Brad's big cock fuck you too” I added. “God he was so big, his cock filled me up so full, it felt so good fucking me, and look at all this cum he shot on me” she said with a good level of excitement. “Oh this feels so good me, all this cum” she cooed.

Her hands were constantly working the puddle of cum she'd pooled in her belly button towards her pussy, moaning and squirming more and more with every inch it neared her vagina. Her fingers were soaked and white clumps of cum clung to her knuckles and between her fingers. Finally, “Oh fuck Joey, oh fuck she cries out as her right hand shoved the puddle of cum quickly over her wet pussy and deep inside her hole with three fingers. Her other hand rapidly finding her clit, Emma worked her pussy at a frantic pace, fingers plunging in and out, working Robert, Frank's and Brad's cum deep into her soaked pussy while her fingers danced across her hardened clit. “Oh goddamn baby, oh shit baby feel all this cum, oh fuck I'm going to cum... yes I'm going to cum, ah, ah fuuuuk” she cried out like an animal as her orgasm trashed her body with a solid jerk and obvious spasms of orgasmic bliss.

I could not believe my eyes or ears. Emma was truly a very sexual animal and her fantasy now come to life was clearly enjoyed by my little cum angle. Finally she eased off her orgasm high and went limp. I was in awe. “Wow, holy hell that was intense” Emma said and looked up at me.”That was some birthday gift, baby” she said. I'd completely forgotten about her birthday in my preoccupation of finding the men and setting up this scenario, but I was not a fool,, “Happy Birthday” I said. She smiled a wicked little grin and asked, 'So, you want to try some,, used pussy”. I was dying to get my cock inside Emma, and as my cock entered my wife's cum soaked, freshly fucked pussy, I knew this journey was just beginning.

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