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My Ballplayer (part 5) neighbor visits

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Just to re-cap my experience, Tony was a star ballplayer for a local semi-pro baseball league. Customarily these athletes are hosted by families in our community and spend July and August playing in a high level collegiate league. I was also providing "benefits" to this hot, horny, young stud. Right from his first weekend staying at our house we jumped into an unbelievable wild sexual adventure. I was taking care of his every want and need and he was fulfilling one of my fantasies of being with a young horny guy. I was getting fucked more than I could ever imagine as Tony was always ready to go...or cum. I wanted every drop of cum the he could produce. In fact, I had become at times a "depository". Which fulfilled another fantasy and I absolutely loved it. In fact, we started using a little signal when Tony needed to be taken care of. This usually happened when others were around and we had to be very discreet. He would simply say "I need to go to the bank". This was the signal for needing to make a "deposit". Well, I thought it was pretty cute anyway! We used this several times to allow me to excuse myself. I would meet Tony somewhere in the house and give him a very quick blow job. With this taking less than a minute, no one was the wiser. When my husband Jack was home we didn't need a signal. Tony would just ask if I could suck his cock...Jack loved it as we went into an adjacent room and he filled my mouth and was on his way. We had fucked in every room of our house. On the kitchen counter, the bathroom, each bedroom, the family room and the work - out room in the basement. We tried everything....however, as much as I wanted his cock in my ass, it was far too big. I had to settle for my husband's cock in my ass as he was quite a bit smaller. So, a lot of this happened in the first couple of weeks and I loved that I was getting cum everywhere and often walked around with a very wet, filled pussy. Jack loved it too as he often grabbed me for sloppy seconds!! What happened one afternoon has me still shaking my head in disbelief. It also turns me on tremendously thinking about it. It was early afternoon in the middle of the week when my good friend and neighbor stopped by. She was in her bikini (she always looked hot) and we headed out by the pool with a bottle of wine. Tony was home and was in his swim trunks as he wandered around the pool area. He was really sweet as he took over vacuuming the pool for me and trimming around the pool. Angie couldn't help but notice him and the outline of his very well-defined cock. I could see the wanton look in her eyes. We had been talking about her frustrations as her husband traveled a lot and even when home their sex life was less than interesting. She tried to hide the fact that she was taking in every inch of him....I just kind of grinned. Finally out came "how the hell can you stand it with that gorgeous young stud around here". I just giggle and said "control myself...haha". I don't know how convincing I was. Tony sensed that he was the object of her interest and played it up a little bit. He was enjoying the attention too as I could see a little more activity happening inside of his swim shorts. Finally Tony walked closer and announced that he needed to "hit the bank". I nearly choked on my sip of wine and didn't know how I could do this. Angie was certainly going to suspect something. Tony gave me a little wink and headed into the house. A couple minutes went by and I casually mentioned I needed to use the ladies room and got up saying "be right back". Angie just grinned a little and said something like "yeah, sure". I headed into the house and found Tony in the family room sporting a raging hard on. No surprise here as I planned on sucking his cock dry. I was feeling very naughty knowing my guest was out next to the pool while I was taking care of my young stud. I planned on a big mouthful and going back to join Angie and my wine. I had Tony sit on the sofa while I dropped to my knees and took his huge cock in my mouth. He had a raging pulsating cock...extra turned on from Angie's ogling of him. Just as I was in a perfect rythym to take all of his cock he suddenly stopped me, spun me around and pulled down my bikini bottoms. In no time he was buried in my wet pussy driving his large cock home. It didn't take more than a minute and he was depositing a large amount of cum in my pussy. He blurted out "now THAT is what I wanted" as he pulled up his swim suit. I quickly pulled up my bikini bottoms after being well-filled and headed to the bathroom to "drain" a little before heading back to the pool. Well, apparently I didn't drain everything. As I nonchalantly said "I'm back" I sat on the lounger and without thinking raised my knees. Well, Angie's eyes dropped to see my very wet pussy with cum leaking out the sides. Uh oh, I think I was just busted!! I saw this look alternating between astonishment, questioning and absolute lust in her eyes. She said "you didn't just.....yes, you did...Oh my God, you just fucked that hunk" She had a look of lust that I had just never seen nor thought she was capable of. She then grabbed my hand to help me up and led me to the pool house to "talk". We got inside the more private area and she said "I cannot help myself and you need to give me this". She grabbed the sides of my bikini bottoms and pulled them all the way off. She pushed me back in to the lounge chair and dropped to her knees. She began licking every part of my pussy. She was like a very hungry person that hadn't eaten in 3 days. She licked, she sucked and she swallowed every drop she could get. I hadn't gotten licked this good in a long time as she brought me to a screaming orgasm. Angie was absolutely possessed and wanton. I cannot (actually don't want to) get that visual out of my head. It was the first time I have ever had a lady lick my pussy and it was even more exciting that she was getting a mouthful of Tony's cum to enjoy. She brought me to three orgasms and still wanted more but I was spent. We sat back to talk and i told her everything that was going on ...including that my husband Jack fully supported it-in fact, he encouraged it!! I told her that I walk around with cum in my pussy most of the time. !!

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