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The wife and I were traveling to a business meeting in Chicago ILL. Our suppliers of rubber products had sent a letter saying our raw product, we use was going to be in short supply. They wanted to meet to discuss our needs for the year. We were flying to Chicago from Mexico, our plane got diverted to Denver, malfunction on the plane. We got off the plane, was sitting at the bar, when I heard my name, I turned around, there stood my girlfriend from college. Sally was a wild thing in college but then so was I? She walked up to me, kissed me like we had never separated. My wife Rose looked at her and I. I introduced my wife Rose to Sally. Sally looked at me, saying “when did this happen. It’s only been a couple of years since I saw you last in New York. Rose said “we have been married now for about 9 months.” Rose asked her to join us for a drink. (Which is another story) Now let me tell you about how Rose and I met .We had met at the resort that her folk owns in Mexico, I was down for some relaxation, and a little fun. I met her mother and father, who were both of Spanish descent. Her father was mild man very business-like, but her mother was a wild women. I was eating dinner one night at the resort, her mother spotted me, came over to check on the food, which was very good. She introduced herself as the owner; I had not met Rose yet. We chatted, she was a very good looking woman, could tell she was a very dominate women and then she left. About 20 minutes Rose who was the bar maid came over and met me; her mother had sent me a bottle of wine. She opened it, we chatted Rose also was a very pretty woman she had a blouse which was off her shoulders and very low in front showing major cleavage. Rose left; later her mother came back over sitting down. I thanked her for the wine, she said I would like to bring you a bottle to your room tonight if you would like, I looked at her, saying what are you doing. She smiled that maybe depends on you. Mother got up saying see you about 11 pm, walking off. I still was not sure what was going on, about 11pm a knock at my door. In walked Roses mother and father. Their names are Don & Carol; she was dressed to kill a black skirt, nylons, stiletto high heels, red top showing cleavage like daughter. Don was dress causal. They asked why I came down to Mexico, told then relaxation and some excitement. Don asked what kind of excitement. I smiled saying I’m open and chuckled. Don said the wife and I swing, she thought you might be one also. It’s been over 3 years but yes I did. We opened the wine an drank an chatted , I was looking at Carol sitting across from me when she opened her legs, I saw a lace covered pussy, I looked up an she was smiling. I stared growing in my pants, she saw it, and she came over sitting beside me on the sofa. She started brushing my cock in my pants. She looked at Don saying, he is big very big. She kissed me, I kissed her back. Carol was the type I think of as the mother I would like to fuck. Nice body for fucking. Carol asked if she could play with my cock, I told her yes if she would like and if it was okay with Don, I looked at him and he smiled an shock his head yes. She took it out; it was still growing in her hand. Her fingers could barely get around it; it was hard now 9 inches long 2ins, wide. She lick the head swirling her tongue around it an across it several times. She licks underneath long licks up and down my cock, stirring my balls, precum started oozing out, and she was good at teasing. She finally licked the precum off, which covered my cock head. I ask her, how are you at pleasing? She smiled sucking my cock about half way down on it. I jumped saying “NOT BAD! NOT BAD AT ALL!” she slurped up and down, I told her “better stop or you might get more than what you want’. Carol looked at me asking me “how many times a night can you cum?” Now it’s not too many women ask that question for sure! I told her 3 or 4 depending on the women. She sucked me down to my balls working her tongue all over an around my cock making me cum a good size squirt an then another squirt, she then sucked me dry. Don said” She loves swallowing cum down her throat” as she was finished licking my cock. Carol looked up, telling Don and I to get undressed. I said we’ll strip you first. She smiled standing in between us. First I unhooked her skirt; let it drop to the floor. Don raise her top over her head, there she was in a red lace bra, black lace thong. Red garter belt, black lace nylon’s and black stilettos. Carol had a great looking body, her tits where cone shape, waist was flat with abs; her butt was a very nice bubble butt, not big at all. Legs were shaped like a dancer legs. I would say she was a 34 DD 20 36, like I said a mother who I like fucking. Don lifted her up laying her on the bed, he spread her legs “she loves to be teased and loves foreplay”! I eased over her tits, nibbling on her nipples thru her bra, till she was wiggling all over the bed. I licked my way down her stomach down to her pussy covered black lace thong that was soaked with her wetness. I blew on her pussy lips under the thong; she said “oh that feels hot “I continued till she was pleading with me “Eat me! Eat me! Please”! I licked thru her thong which I could smell her erotic aroma. She yelled “NO PULL IT OFF! EAT MY PUSSY!” I pulled her lace thong down her hips an off her legs, now I saw a naked very wet pussy, smooth as a babies bottom. I gently licked her pussy lips, working my way to her inter folds. I saw her clit which was big as a pea and looked hard, it was. I licked it; she exploded cuming on my face. Her warm juices flowed off my face, down the crack of her ass. She yelled “OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING”! Her legs tightened around my head. I kept licking her hole, she arched her back, and her whole body shook as I licked, licked and licked. She was cumming so much the bed was wet as was my face. Carols was panting as she said “Don this man knows how to eat pussy, have him tell you what he does! “I moved up her body with my hard cock above her pussy. I eased into her pussy with the head of my cock, she was so tight like I had never felt. Her pussy felt like a velvet glove around my cock. I pumped her slowly but firmly going deeper into her pussy, I started pumping faster. Her firm tits in her bra were jerking each time I slammed deep into her pussy, her legs high in the air, with her stiletto heels which where wide open tighten around my hips as I fucked her, and I knew it would not be long before I unleased my load deep inside of her. I asked “where do you want it? Thinking she would ask me to come out. She was panting hard saying “PUMP ME FULL OF YOUR CUM!" I kept pounding her, I could feel it building in my balls, I pushed deep squirting rope after rope of cum into her. How many times can you do this in one night”? She asked I chuckled a little then said "Well, this has been the most in such a short amount of time". I got off, Don quickly got between her legs sliding his cock in, she said he loves sloppy seconds; his cock was shorter than mine and not as wide. He pumped a couple of times, cumming in her, mixing his cum with hers and mine. He then went down licking her pussy, for at least 5 minutes making her clean. She ordered him to continue as she pushed the mixture of cums out of her. I watched getting hard again as he got up, she took my cock licking it clean. She said “I like to leave my cocks the way I find them.” She still had her bra on; I was dying to see her tits. I asked “can I take your bra off,” she looked at me saying “next time”. She and Don got dressed; as they started to leave she kissed me saying “we’ll be back tomorrow night. I stood there naked wondering what I had got myself into. The next day I was eating lunch Rose was waitressing that day. I asked how she was; she smiled “Good but not as good as my mother!” I looked at her with a guilty look, she just grinned, walking off. I thought surely her mother didn’t say anything about last night. I relaxed on the beach that day, still wondering what was going to happen tonight, and what Rose was taking about. I fell asleep in my room that night, till I heard a knock on the door. I opened without thinking there stood Carol an Don with a bottles of Tequila. I told them to come in. Carol kissed me a deep tongue lashing kiss. She looked at me with a look like I’m ready for a wild night. Little did they know that tequila makes me hard all night, something about it just makes me hard. They both sat down on the sofa, I asked Carol ‘what did Rose mean when she said she was feeling good, but not as good as you were. Carol said “well we might have mentioned we came by seeing you last night.” You see she knows we are swingers, we have taught her to enjoy sex all thru her life. She is now 21 and free to do whatever, and whoever she wants. I blushed thinking she knew I screwed her mother last night. Carol asked” would you like to play again tonight”, my cock answered that, it was making a big bulge in my pants. I smiled why yes my dear I would. We cracked open the first bottle of wine; we drank about half of it. Don said “let’s get this party started,” as he pulled Carols dress off. She was not wearing a bra; I saw the most beautify tits and nipples that I had seen in a very long time. They were perfect cone shaped with the longest tightest bullet looking nipples. I could not wait I sucked on one then the other and back and forth. I played with her ass squeezing those delicious looking buns as I was sucking and tonguing nipples. Not realizing she was in a garter belt and nylons but no thong. She was breathing hard, saying “oh I love to have them sucked, tongued and bitten. Don said” she loves to have the bitten and pinched hard “as he stripped down. I told don show me what she likes as I started to strip. He moved in on her licking each nipple an biting pretty hard, she moaned that’s it honey bite me hard! He laid her down on the bed an continued, I licked her smooth pussy lips, she loved both of us. She was moaning an twisting her body all over the bed, it was hard licking her pussy she was wiggling so much. Don all of a sudden said “switch” we did him licking and me sucking, biting her tits and nipples. I left bite marks on her tits. She said “give me a hicky; I love them on me, Don loves looking at them, knowing they came from another man!” I sucked down on her tit making a large hicky on each tit, Don said “OH my, god I like it! While we were playing Don had put his cock into Carol’s mouth so she was sucking him at the same time. He bellowed “oh dam I’m cumming,” as he squirted a load down her throat. She moaned swallowing it down. He rose an looked at his deflated cock, looking at me he said “looks like right know she’s all ours.” Carols said “oh boy” grinning from ear to ear flicking her tongue out. My cock was steel hard an aching for relief, but I was not ready to fuck her. I got between her legs licking her wet pussy, I loved her aroma and taste of her wetness. I lick her for quite a while letting her cum I don’t know how many times, all small but was very tasty. Carol rolled me over on my back, ok big boy last night you tease the hell out of me before you fucked me. Now I ‘m going to do the same to you tonight, She lightly licked my nipples, sucking them both, I felt those nipples rubbing against my chest, they felt so alive. Then she licked her way to my cock. But instead of sucking me, she lightly flicked her tongue on my balls. Then I felt something that tickled my cock head; it was a feather she had brought. She used it all over my balls and cock. It felt so fantastic. It was titillating, driving me crazy with a feeling that went right to the head of my cock. Then she flicked the head of my cock which was covered in precum. Then lightly she used her lips on the head of my cock. She was driving me nuts; I finally told her either suck it or lose it for tonight. I was about to erupt in her face. She took me down to my balls in one shot; I did erupt in her mouth. Sending a big load down her throat she swallowed the whole load. Then while I was hard she put my cock at her pussy entrance, sliding down my cock. She worked her muscles of her pussy, felt like a massage, it was so erotic, my cock never went down, and instead it got harder. She rode me she kept loudly saying "OH, FUCK YES, OH, FUCK YES". I couldn't tell how many times she cum but her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as she fucked my hard cock. I felt my balls tighten up so I told her I was going to cum, "GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING LOAD. FILL UP MY PUSSY". She said! The first blast felt like it would have pushed her off me from the pressure then my cock kept pumping. She pushed back hard onto me then said "MY CUNT IS ON FIRE FROM YOUR CUM. IT'S SO FUCKING HOT". I held still as she rocked her pussy on my cock, fast and steady. My cock was still hard, even after my second climax. As she is pumping, she let out a low, muffled scream that she was cumming. She began to fuck me faster and her moaning became louder then she almost screamed "OH MY FUCKING GOD I'M GOING TO EXPLODE. FUCK MY CUNT YOU FUCKING COCK HOUND!". I felt a lot of warm fluid washing over my cock that put me over the top and started pumping my third load deep into her hot hole. I pushed hard into her until I was done pumping my cum into her pussy then relaxed until my cock softened and slid out of her hole as she fell off of me. She lay to the side of me all sweaty and she laid there for a few minutes then raised up and seen that my sheets were soaked. She then told Don to clean us both up, surprising the hell out of me he first licked and sucked my deflated cock making it feel very good, then her pussy, was cleaned out with vigor. We both got up; I said “let’s take a shower together; she smiled heading to the shower. We lather each other up, she played with my cock. Trying to get me hard again, I said sweet heart it’s probably going to be it for the night. I not sure I can get hard for you and me. I washed her butt sticking a finger in her ass, she moaned oh that feels good. I learned then she likes anal just from that finger lol I washed her tits, sucking then more never tiring of her bullet nipples. OH my god they are gorgeous. We got out drying off, Don jumped in while we dressed. Carol said my daughter would like to talk to you if you don’t mine. I looked at her an in a wondering what the fuck look. What does she want I asked? Oh not much, just to fuck your brains out. I looked at Carol saying WHAT? She grinned saying “yes she wants your cock!” Now what do I do? Next Chapter soon!

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