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Jeff Fucked Me

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"Jeff just fucked me."

"What? When?" I was shocked and stunned.

"When? Just before, before you got home."

?Did he cum in you?"

"Yes, I didn?t want him to pull out. It just felt so good." "Where did he fuck you?" "We did it here in the kitchen, I came out to put my glass in the sink and he followed me out. He came up behind me and started to rub my shoulders." "Go on."

"He started rubbing my shoulders, than my back. When I didn't do anything his hands started creeping lower and he started rubbing my bottom through my skirt. That did it; I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I slowly bent over the bench and just let him massage my bottom."

"He then pulled my skirt over my waist and started rubbing my pussy through my pantyhose, then he pulled my pantyhose down to my knees and was rubbing my now damp panties, at one stage he pulled my panty to one side and slipped a finger in me.

"It was while he was fingering me that he must have dropped his trousers, because I could feel his cock pushing against the back of my panties. Then he reached to my side and pulled my panty down to my knees, to where my pantyhose were."

"After he pulled my panties down I could feel his cock pushing in between my legs, first just rubbing against my slit, then he put both his hands on my bottom and very slowly started spreading my lips apart. I could feel his cock at my opening, I thought I was going to faint. I knew what he was going to do and wanted him. He is so big; he has a great cock. I love his cock." "How big is he?"

"I can put both my hands around his shaft and the head still hangs out, I guess about 10 or 11 inches. When he finally pushed his whole cock into me I could feel it touching inside my belly, he touched areas I never felt before. It was amazing."

?At one point as he was fucking me he stopped, bent down, took one of my legs out of my pantyhose and panties and put my knee on the bench. I was so open and my pussy was so stretched. Ooooh." "Then he pushed his tongue in to me. It actually went into my pussy and he was licking around inside me. God, oh God it was so good."

"After he stopped licking me, he held me by one leg and pushed his cock into me, he fucked me good."

As she said this she moved her knees apart as far as they would go and reached down and rubbed the crotch of her pantyhose with her middle finger. She sniffed at her finger, and then took another much longer smell, before putting her wet finger under my nose.

I smelt her finger; it smelt wonderful. Then without any warning she pushed it into my mouth. At first I was shocked, then I started sucking on her finger. She pulled it out of my mouth, pushed her hand into her panties, and rubbed her pussy. When she pulled her hand out her fingers were covered with cum and her juices, she looked at me, smiled, and pushed her finger in my slightly open mouth.

"It's good isn't it?" I didn't answer, just kept sucking her finger. She pulled her finger out again. Again she put her hand in her panties. She pushed her finger into her pussy and was fingered herself for a while.

"I am sooo wet." She pulled her finger out, looked me in the eye and smelt her finger. I could see blobs of cum sticking to it. Looking me in the eye, she moved her finger in front of my mouth and said.

"Lick Jeff's cum from my finger." The tip of her cum covered middle finger touched my lips. I could taste a little of his cum and licked it. When I opened my mouth she pushed her finger in all the way and kept looking at me, now sucking her lovers cum from her fingers.

She was still smiling, but now in a more contented way, after this she knew there would be no trouble. After I finished sucking her finger she asked if I wanted to go down between her legs and help her take of the rest of her clothes.

I moved down and sat between her open legs. She put her hands on her knees and pulled them up to her chest and then apart. I was staring at her pantyhose covered pussy. It was almost transparent from the wet juices.

I bent forward and licked her thigh, she seemed to approve, and so I moved to the middle and took a long close smell of her cunt. It was intoxicating; I just lay there for a while and breathed in deeply.

"Lick the wet spot for me." She said . I licked it and could taste her juices mixed with his, it tasted salty, slightly bitter, and it was good.

"Lick it more, I want you to lick it." I did as she commanded. She let out a low moan.

"I need him to fuck me and I need you to lick me. Would you like him to fuck me again?" I didn't answer; I didn't know what to say.

"Thank you honey, I love you. Why don't I take my panties off, then you can lick my pussy." Have I just given approval for Jeff to fuck her again? I don't know.

"You look so good sucking Jeff's cum from my finger. He tastes great don't you think. I so love his big cock. Have I told you about how long it is? It's about 10 inches and both soft and hard at the same time, it is beautiful."

?Do you like the taste of Jeff's cum?"


?Say it.?

"Yes, I like the taste of Jeff's cum." She reached down and spread her lips I could see her gapping pussy with cum oozing out.

"Why don't you go down and eat my pussy."

I moved down and started lapping at her wet slit. My head was spinning with confusion and excitement. I dived in and just sucked his cum out of her gaping pussy.

"He stretched you."

"I know, I can feel it, do you like my stretched pussy?"

I kept licking and pushing my tongue in. That was my answer.

She got on her hands and knees in front of me.

I could see cum starting to dribble out of her gaping cunt.

"Lick it before it drips out." She told me.

I bent down and licked some more, I wanted her so badly, and my cock was rock hard. I moved in behind her and put my cock at her entrance. Before I could push it in she reached back and pulled it away.

"No, don't put it in me. Just lick my pussy and suck all his cum out." "Why?" I asked, almost pleading.

"Honey I'm not on the pill so you have to make sure you get all his cum out, clean my pussy really well. Besides, I?m not sure either of us would feel you inside me after his long, thick cock has stretched me out so much. So just lick me? oooh wait!" She turned over and got onto her knees.

"I want you to lie down, with your mouth open. I'll squat above you and let his cum run into your mouth. Suck it all out while I lick your cute little cock."

I could sense our relationship change but was too excited to care, I would do whatever she asked. I sucked all his come from her pussy as she ground her wet cunt onto my face. While I was doing this she sucked and pulled my cock.

"His cock is so much bigger than yours; and fatter. He has a great cock." As she said this I let out a moan. I couldn't help it. She obviously heard me. ?It?s so long, and thick, and it was sooo hard. And he fucked me with it so wonderfully. I love his big, beautiful cock.?

"Ahhha." I moaned. As I said this I came all over my stomach. She got off my face and scooped up my cum in her hand.

"Since you like eating his cum so much, why don't you eat this too." With that she made me eat my own cum as well. When I was finished and was just lying there she asked me to get her big dildo ? the one she always said was too big. I opened the bedside drawer, got it out, and gave it to her.

?I thought you didn't want to fuck?? I asked.

She rolled on her back pulled her legs wide apart and slowly pushed it all the way in.

"I don?t want to fuck you, honey. But I want something that can fill me, something big, like Jeff. Sorry Sweetie, but you just don?t measure up. He really did stretch me out." She moaned as she pushed it in, ?Ooooh, Jeff?.? Then as if remembering I was there, she smiled at me. ?I want to fall asleep with his cock ? I mean with the dildo ? inside of me. Goodnight, Sweetie." What could I say to that? "Good night, I love you."

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