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Janes Hotwife Adventure

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I had just put the kids down for the night when my Blackberry buzzed signaling the receipt of an incoming text.

"I've been very naughty tonight," it read, "I hope you don't regret it."

It was from my wife of 18 years, Jane. She was attending her profession's state convention, which happened to be taking place in our city this year. Professionals from around the state were in town at one of the downtown hotels and convention centers for a variety of continuing education seminars and promotional mixers. I had known that she would be out late socializing with the other attendees-one attendee in particular.

I immediately knew what Jane was telling me.

Strangely, reading her message produced in me a mixture of physical and mental responses. Mentally, I felt a combination of euphoria and concern-euphoria that my dream of so many months had actually come to pass and concern that the episode would prove not to be to my wife's liking. Physically, I felt lumps form near simultaneously both in my throat and my pants.

I looked at my clock-it was 10:30 pm.

"Do you?" I replied.

"Not at all," was her near immediate response.

"Then, I have no regrets." I typed back to her. "When will you be home?"

"I'd like to stay for a little while longer. Is that ok?"

"If you are safe, take your time and have fun."

"Don't worry, I am. Thanks."

Ours is not an unusual story. Jane and I had been high school sweethearts who had given our virginities to one another during our senior year and had remained faithfully committed to one another until our marriage in our senior year of college. Our sex life started out interestingly enough. But, as the years past, we entered into that middle aged sexual malaise that seems to affect so many marriages in America. Jane became preoccupied with raising our two children and with pursuing her career. I became obsessed with advancement within my own career. Soon, we were having sex more out of a sense of obligation than because of any real passion for the activity.

Our sex lives remained indifferently pursued for over a decade as our kids grew and our careers advanced. Where once we made love several times a week, our frequency gradually declined to the point where we were lucky to get it on once a month. At some point in our fifteenth year of marriage, we realized that our sex life was not what it had been.

Our doctor suggested that Jane's birth control pills might be the cause of our declining sexual activity. So, she decided to get her tubes tied. While she was happy to be off the pills, there was really no meaningful change in her sexual interest or our sex lives.

Then, in our sixteenth year of marriage, we decided to see a counselor. We hoped that marriage therapy might rekindle the lust that we each felt had been somehow been lost.

The counselor encouraged us to think outside the box when it came to our bedroom activities. She urged us to explore new positions, and new toys, and new role playing games, and to share our inner most sexual fantasies. Having been virgins and having been exclusively committed to one another, I found this latter advice to be hard to follow. How does a man tell his wife of sixteen odd years that he often fanaticizes about what it would be like to be with another woman?

So, for several months we talked about fantasies without me really telling Jane my deepest darkest desires. I was later to find that Jane was also not really telling me her deepest darkest desires either.

One night, in our seventeenth year of marriage, we happened to be watching an amateur porn video together in bed when a scene came on featuring a woman in a threesome with two men. The woman was supposed to be the "wife" of one of the men. The "husband" was sharing his wife with a friend who had lusted after her for several years. Together, the two men repeatedly fucked the wife causing her to have several orgasms. The scene ended with first the friend and then the husband depositing their loads deep into the wife's pussy.

I was surprised to find Jane obviously and complete aroused by the scene. As the action played out on our television, Jane stroked my cock and sucked me to a raging erection. As the scene ended, Jane positioned herself astride my hips and took my member deep into her folds. She then began rocking hard against my shaft for a couple minutes before shuddering to a forceful and exhausting climax. As she lay against my chest in complete fatigue, I knew that Jane had not shared with me one of her deepest darkest fantasies-she wondered what it would be like to have sex with another man in the same way that I wondered what it would be like to fuck another woman.

Surprisingly, as this realization washed over me, I discovered that I, too, found the thought of Jane's pussy being shared with other men exciting. My cock, which had momentarily deflated following Jane's energy laden climax, was now once again partially erect. I decided to confront Jane with this new found information.

"What were you thinking about as you were fucking me?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing in particular," came Jane's reply.

I turned slightly on my side and began running my fingers over her breasts and abdomen. "Oh, come on, something got you that hot. And, I have a fair guess at what that something is. Remember, Dr. Keller told us to be open to one another with our fantasies. You were thinking about what it might be like to have sex with someone other than me, weren't you?"

She remained silent for several seconds.

"Ok, yes, that was what I was thinking about," she finally admitted. "But, it's not because you aren't a great lover," she added quickly, apparently worried that her words would somehow injure my ego.

"Don't worry about my ego," I told her, "I have the same fantasies about what it would be like to take another woman as a lover, too. And, my fantasies have nothing to do with how you are as a lover, either. It's just..." I started.

"Curiosity," we both said in unison.

We snuggled for a few seconds as the vision of my wife being taking by a strange cock began to coalesce in my mind. I found that the clearer that the image became, the harder that my cock was becoming. Indeed, as I imaged the picture of her lips being parted by the head of a stranger's penis, I felt a torrent of pre-cum issue from my eye.

"You know," I began cautiously, "the thought of you sharing yourself with another man is strangely erotic to me."

"Get out of here," was her immediate response.

"No," I said, taking her hand and placing it on my shaft so that she could feel the heat and intensity of my arousal, "it really is. In fact, I'd really like it if you'd tell me more about what you think about when you imagine being taken by someone else."

Her hand paused for a moment, lightly squeezing my member as if to measure the sincerity of my request. She turned slightly towards me in our bed, looking deeply into my eyes.

"You are serious, aren't you?"

"Completely," I replied.

Her finger traced a drip of pre-cum that spilled out of my eye across my cock head.

"Well, I think about how much differently another man might smell to me as we caress each other and kiss each other. I also imagine how much differently another man would kiss me and finger me during foreplay. I also imagine how much differently another man's mouth and tongue would feel against my clit as he eats me out."

As she uttered each of these statements, my mind's eye was creating a vision of a strong, dominate male using my wife in the manner she was describing with her body writhing in response to the joyful pleasure of each action.

"And, I imagine how much differently another man's cock would feel and taste in my mouth as I give him head."

"Do you imagine how much differently his dick would feel to you entering your pussy?" I asked, now overtaken by a feeling of lust and desire that I had not felt towards my wife in many, many years.

"Oh yes," she moaned, as I now realized that she was simultaneously playing with her pussy while she had been stroking my cock.

"Lay back and tell me what you think that strange cock would feel like," I demanded.

She spread her legs before me. "I imagine that his shaft is thicker than yours," she began. "So, when he begins to part my lips, I feel a fullness that is strange to me. I feel his head push its way gently by firmly through my love canal until he is fully and completely in me. Then, we rest for a moment before he begins a steady and forceful fucking motion against my body."

I am now kneeling before her, cock in hand, crazed with lust and desire to impale her with my member.

"Does he come in you?" I asked.

"Oh yes!" she exclaimed, shuddering with a second orgasm brought on by her manual stimulation. "He fills me with his seed. I feel it squirting against my womb."

I could not hold myself off any longer. With a single thrust, I jammed my hips forward and pushed my cock through her folds and deep into her pussy. I was so overcome with lust that after no more than four thrusts, I let loose a river of cum in a series of spasmodic ejaculations that began leaking out and around the seal formed by her pussy lips around my shaft. For what seemed like an eternity but what I know lasted for barely a few seconds, I wrapped my arms around my innocent and virginal wife as the last few muscle twitches subsided within my groin. As I joined with her, I felt Jane wrap her legs around my waste, holding me deep inside her.

What happened that night forever changed our sexual relationship. In the weeks and months that followed, we talked openly and honestly about our lusts and desires directed towards other lovers. While Jane increasingly embraced the fantasy aspects of our discussions, she was much less keen to convert any of the fantasies to reality. But, as the weeks went on, she gradually, if not grudgingly, admitted that she had been hit on by a number of attractive men some of whom she considered possible candidates for the starring role in our sexual drama.

Ted, I learned, is one such candidate. Ted works for an office downstate engaged in the same profession as my wife. Ted and Jane had met several years before at a local conference. Thereafter, they had kept up a meaningful correspondence over the years. In fact, Jane reluctantly admitted one night that she had even conspired to attend a couple of professional conferences purely because she knew that Ted would be attending.

Jane described Ted to me as about five years younger than us with strong features, dark hair, and hazel eyes. Jane admitted to finding Ted decidedly attractive and, though he was married, Jane also admitted that, on more than one occasion, Ted had intimated that his marriage was not an impediment in his eyes to them getting together-if Jane was interested in doing so.

So far, Jane claimed, she had not acted on Ted's offer.

And, so it was that I knew that Jane and Ted would be at a conference together in our fair city and that Jane would have the perfect opportunity to act out our mutual fantasy should she desire to do so. For the weeks and days prior to the conference, I worked to assure Jane that I wanted her to go forward with her fantasy if the opportunity presented itself and she was comfortable doing so. We even talked about condoms and STDs should an encounter take place. Jane decided that she would insist upon a condom as she did not want to expose herself to any diseases. I was mildly disappointed but wanted her to experience her fantasy on her own terms.

Thus, when the text message came, I was not really all that surprised that she had acted. Clearly the opportunity had presented itself. And, I was grateful that the experience appeared to have been a positive one.

It was a little past one o'clock when I heard the door open to the house. I resisted the urge to run to her, choosing instead to wait for her to come to me. I heard the stairs creek as she came up to our room. Slowly the door opened into our bedroom. Her face and torso were illuminated by the light on my nightstand. Her hair was a mess and her clothes slightly wrinkled. Her face looked expectantly towards mine as she was clearly trying to read my reaction to the evening's events.

I quickly got out of bed and moved towards her, allowing the sheets to fall away from my now raging hard on. I kissed her hard on the lips hoping to convey the passion and love that I felt for her in that moment.

"Do you still love me?" she asked hesitantly.

"Absolutely," I replied, looking deeply into her eyes. "I am also so horny I can't believe I haven't exploded. Just tell me you had a good time."

"I had a good time," she replied, still clearly trying to get the measure of my response.

"Will you tell me all about it?" I asked.

"Sure. Would you like me to get cleaned up first?"

"NO! Decidedly not," I replied forcefully. "Part of my fantasy is to experience your body as it has been taken."

"Well, it's been taken," she said, with a slight giggle. "And, things did not go exactly as I had expected."

I wondered what she meant but decided to let her tell me in her own fashion.

"Then, get into bed here with me, but please leave your panties on for the moment."

"Ok," she replied with a shrug. As her skirt fell away, I noticed a very large wet spot on the front of her panties. Man, I thought, she must have been really turned on as the evening progressed to get her panties that wet with her juices.

As she settled under the sheets, I could smell the strong odor of a strange man's cologne all over her body mixed with the unmistakable sweet smell of sex.

"This really happened, didn't it? You really let a strange cock into your pussy."

She quietly nodded.

"Tell me how it happened-how did he come on to you?"

"At lunch, Ted made one of his off the cuff comments about how it was too bad that we were both married and how hot and desirable he thought I was," she started. "So, I asked him what he would do if we weren't both married, and he replied that he would take me up to his room after dinner and make love to me for several hours. I told him that I didn't think that my marriage was an impediment to his plan if he didn't think his marriage was an impediment. That caught him completely by surprise. So, I told him to think about it before dinner."

"I have to tell you that it was really hard to concentrate during the afternoon sessions waiting to see him again at the cocktail reception before dinner. When I eventually saw him again outside the cocktail reception hall, he pulled me aside and asked me if I was serious. I told him that I was completely serious and asked him if he was serious. He then told me that there is a complication--not his marriage--that he will explain to me after dinner. Now, at this point, I am a bit annoyed because I felt he was leading me on a bit. However, at dinner, he introduced me to Alan who is his roommate at the conference. So, I figured out the problem."

"So, did he get another room?" I asked.

"No," Jane replied coyly.

"Did he ask the roommate to stay out?"

"No," Jane relied even more coyly and quietly.

"Then, what happened?" I asked.

After a couple moments, Jane responded, "I asked Alan to join us."

"You had a threesome with both Ted and Alan?" I asked in stunned amazement.

"Yes," Jane replied with a Cheshire cat grin, "and it was spectacular. Please tell me you are not upset."

My mind was immediately filled with visions of my virginal wife, the mother of our children, giving her self to, not one, but two strong and horny strangers.

"What happened when you got to their room?"

"Their hands were all over me, touching and feeling my breasts, my hips, my crotch. Their lips were all over mine as I alternated kissing Ted, then Alan, then Ted again. They began unbuttoning and unzipping my clothes and, in no time, I was standing naked before both of them. As I sat down on the bed, I ordered them both to strip, which they did. Then, I alternated taking each of their cocks into my mouth. It was so wonderfully powerful to have them completely under my control. At that point they would have done anything that I asked. So, I ordered them to take turns eating my pussy while I sucked the other's cock. Ted took the first turn at eating me. Then Alan took over. I had at least one orgasm while this was going on."

My hard-on had returned as she described the scene to me. I started to fondle her breasts and ran my hand down to her crotch when I again noticed the extreme wetness and gooeyness of her panties.

As my hand rested on her crotch, Jane continued. "While I was sucking Ted, Alan positioned himself behind me and started fucking me hard and fast. Oh, Chris, it felt wonderful, his cock as it entered my pussy. So wonderful, in fact, that I failed to realize that he hadn't put on a condom."

Jane's hand grabbed for my cock at that point and started gently stroking my shaft.

"I just couldn't make Alan stop what he was doing so I decided to let them both take me bareback. I hope you don't mind."

A flood of pre-cum oozed from my penis.

"I can see that you don't mind, do you?"

"No," I gasped, "not at all." I took her hand and stopped her stroking so as to keep from cumming right then and there.

"I need to see it, Jane, I need to see your well used pussy."

"Oh, it's well used. They each fucked me three times before the evening was over. There are six loads of cum dripping out of me right now."

As she delivered this news, she lifted her hips and pulled her cum soaked panties from her legs. She handed them to me as she spread her legs and exposed her pussy to the light of the night stand lamp.

The image now before me was more erotic than any I had ever seen. Her lips were red and swollen from the night's abuse. Around her public hair remained obvious gobs of dried white semen, the remnants of the spent passions of her two lovers. From within her cleft, I could still see a stream of milky clear fluid, still more evidence of the passion expended on and within her by these two strangers.

The thoughts of not one, but two bare cocks entering into the most intimate regions of my wife and depositing their loads consumed me. I had to reclaim her as mine. I felt the desperate need to put my cock where those strangers had dared to defile.

"Oh honey, I need to take you right now," I told her.

"Really?" she replied in a teasing tone. "Do you want to stick your penis where Alan and Ted stuck there penises just a couple hours ago?" she asked wiggling her hips ever so slightly.

"Oh yes!" I replied positioning my cock over her used and abused hole.

I felt next to nothing as my cock pushed into my wife. The other men's semen within her denied my shaft the friction that it expected in its encounter with her vaginal lips and walls. The absence of friction was both exhilarating and frustrating to my psyche. I simply had to reach an orgasm and add my load to those already deposited within her.

"Oh yeah, fuck that used pussy," I heard Jane say to me in the background. "Fuck their cum out of me and replace it with your own."

That's what I wanted to do. Responding to the lack of friction, my hips began gyrating back and forth across her body trying desperately to find a position or angle creating the slightest amount of contact sensation. The pace and force of my thrusting increased.

As I continued to gyrate and thrust harder, I started to feel an ever so slight sensation between the inner most part of Jane's vaginal walls and the very tip of my cock. I responded to this new found sensation by pumping myself into Jane even more forcefully and quickly.

"Oh my god, you are a fucking machine," Jane cried out, as her body launched itself into another orgasm. I momentarily wondered how many that was for the evening.

As I continued the pace, I started to feel the tell tail signs of an impending orgasm building deep within my own body. I could feel my testicles starting to tighten and deliver the needed sperm to the base of my cock.

In my mind, I envisioned the experiences of Ted and Alan as they deposited their own loads into my wife-how their balls had tightened and glands had convulsed in a release of extreme pleasure using my wife and her pussy as its trigger.

Suddenly, a flood of sperm exploded deep from within me. I could feel the first jets, strong jets, of seminal fluid being shot against the back of her womb.

"OH MY GOD. I wish I'd seen them fuck you!" I exclaimed as I deposited that last of my sperm into her hole.

For the longest time, I lay twitching atop Jane's body before rolling to one side.

After we caught our collective breadths, Jane leaned up on one elbow and looked at me.

"Are you sure that you have no regrets?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied without hesitation. "How about you," I asked.

"None," she replied, "other than that I am a little sore."

A short time later, after Jane returned from her shower and was settling in to bed, she looked at me and asked, "Were you serious about wishing that you had seen me fuck Alan and Ted?"

"Yes, absolutely," I replied, "I think that scene had to be very hot to witness."

"I'm sure it was," she agreed. With a devilish grin, she continued, "I was thinking,...maybe you should come to the convention tomorrow night for dinner and see what develops."

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