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It will happen tonight for the first time!

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Part One

Tonight, I'm away on a business trip, perched on a bar stool in a smart cocktail bar in a five start hotel. On the far side of the large horseshoe shaped counter sits my husband watching and waiting for me to meet another man, with the hope that I will have sex with him. It has taken a few months for me to agree with my husband's idea but finally tonight has come and honestly I am very excited. Sitting here, elegantly dressed in a dark blue business suit, with my best sexy underwear hidden underneath, I am admiring my sparkling engagement and wedding rings. I am not going to pretend I'm single. I want to be fucked as a married woman! I fully intend to cuckold my husband, since that is what he wants.

This all started a few months ago when I went away on a conference and was hit on by a very attractive man who tried very hard to seduce me. I must admit that I played along with his flirting a little, although I resisted everything except a very passionate goodnight kiss after we had shared a lovely dinner. I found his attentions incredibly exciting and later I lay in bed playing with myself imagining that I had accepted his advances. Before I could make myself come, my phone buzzed with a call from my husband Tom. My voice was husky as I answered.

"Hello Tom, I'm already in bed. I was almost ready to go to sleep".

Tom knows me well and he could sense that I was turned on. Sometimes we have phone sex when we are apart and he was obviously in the mood for a bit of dirty talk.

"You are sounding very sexy! Are you playing with your lovely pussy?"

"Yes!" I hissed, moaning slightly.

"Tell me your dirty thoughts".

I hesitated a few moments. I have never expressed any desire for another man in the three years since I married Tom and I thought it was a bad idea to confess it while we were on the phone! Tom realized I was stalling.

"It must be very dirty if you can't talk about it!" he teased. "Now I really want to know".

"Well..." I started, "I wasn't thinking about you..." Somehow, I was bursting to tell Tom, hoping he wouldn't be angry.

"Ooh - this sounds interesting. Who is my sexy wife thinking about?"

"The man who took me to dinner tonight..." I blurted out and waited for a reaction. There was a brief pause.

"Tell me more...have you been a naughty girl?"

I could feel my cheeks flushing and my pussy juicing up.

"A little bit", I confessed. "I did kiss him good night. I hope you're not angry Tom?"

"Was it a sexy passionate kiss?"

"Yes. Very!"

"Ooh, that sounds hot. Did you go any further?"

"No, of course not!" I said quickly, fearing Tom was jealous.

"I don't mind if you did. I'm not upset. I just want to hear all the exciting detail!"

I was really surprised at Tom's reaction but it made me more confident.

"We kissed for a long time outside my room. He held me in his arms and ran his hands over my back and butt. I could feel his hard cock on my thigh".

"Did it turn you on?"

"Yes. A lot", I confessed. "That's why I had to stop him".

"Why? Didn't you want it to go further?"

"Yes, I suppose so. But I'm married to you and I'm not on the pill. It's all so wrong and far too risky". There was a pause and then Tom dropped his bombshell.

"What if I didn't mind?"

I had to think about it for a moment and Tom asked me again.

"What if I was OK about you going with another man? Would you have slept with this guy tonight?"

I was shaking when I quietly whispered my answer.

"Yes. I would. John was very sexy and I really wanted him". There, it was out in the open. Tom surprised me again.

"Ooh, that is so sexy hearing you say that! I wish you'd done it!"

"Really? You mean that?"

"Yes, I do. It really turns me on". This was a new side to my husband that I had not expected and it was taking time for me to process. And, it was turning me on.

"Seems like I missed a great opportunity!" I said cheekily, "now I suppose I'll just have to make myself come thinking about him!"

"Unless you want to call him and invite him to your room?"

Now I was shocked and a bit nervous. This was too overwhelming.

"I couldn't. Not now".

"Let's just talk about it then", suggested Tom, realizing he was pushing me to my limit. "I would love to hear you come fantasizing about John".

"OK. I'll put my phone on speaker", I agreed, laying the phone beside my head.

"I want you to imagine he's lying next to you now", started Tom, "he's kissing your neck and slowly running his fingers along your pussy. Touch your pussy and pretend they are his fingers".

"Oh yes", I moaned, "I want him to touch me. His fingers are so good!"

Slowly Tom seduced me talking about John, eventually telling me how much he wanted me to fuck John and enjoy him. I was both shocked and very excited to hear my husband talking like this about another man. He just kept urging me on and now I was totally caught up in the fantasy.

"Are you ready for John's cock now? He's so hard. Feel his stiff cock brushing over your opening? Do you want him inside you? Tell him you want his cock inside you, Liz, I want to hear you beg him for his cock!"

"Oh John darling, please fuck me", I begged my imaginary lover. "I want your cock inside me!"

"Now fuck him! Give yourself to John! Let him enjoy you!"

"Oh John, I love it!" I screamed out, frantically working my fingers into my pussy and rubbing my clit. John's imaginary cock felt huge and I just wanted to be pounded. My own come was building up quickly and Tom could tell by my growing moans and gasps.

"Beg him to come inside you", demanded Tom. "You know you want him to!" The idea made me shiver because Tom was urging me to let another man come in my fertile womb! My head swirling with impossibly erotic images, I started to come and called out.

"I'm coming John! I want you to come in me now! COME IN ME! I want you so much!"

I heard Tom grunt at the other end of the phone and that made me explode too, still calling out John's name, and imagining his gushing man juice squirting deep inside me.

We lay there for a while in the afterglow, knowing we had just had amazing orgasms. When we had calmed down, I felt a little embarrassed and scared. I was overwhelmed by the intensity and emotion I had just experienced. It had all felt so real.

"So did you enjoy being naughty with John?" asked Tom finally.

"I suppose so", I confided sheepishly, my pussy still buzzing and hot. "But it was only a fantasy". I added quickly.

"Maybe some fantasies are meant to come true?" asked Tom.

"I don't think so", I said, trying to close the conversation. "I should probably go to sleep now. My flight's quite early".

"Sleep well my sexy wife! I'll see you tomorrow night".

We exchanged tender loving words and I clicked out the light. Half an hour later I made myself come again thinking about John. When Tom reads this, it will be the first time he knows that!

Over the next few weeks, more of our lovemaking involved fantasies about John or other imaginary men who Tom would put into my mind and encourage me to fuck. Some nights I would dream of fucking other men and wake up wet and horny in the morning. Tom loved it when I would jump on his morning erection and tell him about my filthy dreams! He said it was just like me coming back after a night with another man.

Slowly Tom persuaded me that this is what we both wanted me to do. Never once has he asked to participate, watch me or share in the event. He just wants me to cuckold him. He tells me he will get his kicks from waiting jealously for me to return, turned on by his erotic imagination wondering what I am doing with my lover. Then when I do come back to him, (I have promised that I will), he wants me to fully recount every piece of the action. He wants me to enjoy myself and he fully expects there will be times when the sex is better with my lover or his cock is bigger and better than Tom's. Go figure - I can't - except to say that the sense of power and sexual dominance I now have, has boosted my confidence. Now I look forward to watching Tom's face when he sees me walk off with another man! I will relish welcoming another cock inside me, while Tom lies anguished alone, playing with his uncontrollable erection. Tom has even asked me to come home unwashed and still full of my lover's come. To him, the humiliation is part of the thrill.

Well get ready Tom, because tonight I am going to humiliate you!

Part 2

So back to what happened tonight. Pretty soon, several good-looking men were beginning to eye me up. By now it was after ten in the evening and they were returning to the hotel after their business dinners. Two very handsome guys in their early forties sat down on the stools next to me. In no time they had engaged me in small talk and had bought me a drink. They were fun and flirtatious and I was beginning to loosen up as they made me laugh. They could clearly see I was a married business woman but they treated me as if I was single fair game! Wow, that was a turn on!

My phone buzzed and I saw there was a message from Tom, so I ignored it and glanced in his direction. There was no way I was going to let him distract me from my two sexy men friends. Besides, I was enjoying the fact that he was watching me being seduced in front of his eyes and there was nothing he could do about it.

My mind was now swirling with filthy thoughts. At first I was trying to decide which man I would go with and then the problem of how to separate them and go off discretely with one seemed a bit too difficult. I decided if I was going to cuckold Tom I may as well do it in style.

I was on my third champagne when I decided to hot things up. I stood up from my stool and positioned myself with an arm around each of their shoulders and pulled them in close so their lips were almost touching my cheeks.

"I can see you two lovely gentlemen are both interested in me tonight, which is very flattering. The problem, as I see it, is how do I choose between you? So I was thinking of conducting a little test".

With that, I turned my head first in the direction of Paul and started kissing him passionately. He was a good kisser and as usually happens, my pussy responded immediately with hot twinges and I could feel her moistening up.

Then I tuned the other way to Richard and repeated my experiment. He boldly put my face in his hands and pulled me onto his mouth for a hot slightly rough kiss. At the same time, Paul put his hand on my breast and started to fondle me.

I broke the kiss and pulled back a little so I could see the startled and excited looks on their faces.

"Well that didn't solve anything", I announced - "you both kiss well. So I have no option but the second test".

With that I felt them both in the crotch and was pleased to discover two very hard and decent sized cocks hiding in their smart business suits. What's a girl supposed to do under these circumstances?

"Oh dear", I joked, still rubbing their manhood, "now it's even harder to choose between you!"

We all laughed at the silly pun and Richard took the initiative.

"Why decide?"

Of course, this is exactly what I wanted to happen. I loved the idea of a glorious double cuckold for Tom. It served him right really. Now I was going to step this up to another level.

"You're right", I said, kissing my two new men again. "I'll probably be too much for just one of you to handle anyway! Besides, I've never been unfaithful to my husband before so I may as well enjoy it!"

Richard pulled me to him again and locked me in a kiss, Paul quickly slipped his hand up my skirt and I opened my legs so he could find my panty gusset. He would have found it soaking wet!

I broke the kiss and got off my bar stool. I got my phone out and asked the barman to take a photo of three of us.

"I want this to be a night to remember!" I declared as we took a series of shots, with my lovers kissing and cuddling me from both sides. Over the barman's shoulder I could see my Tom watching intently. I bet his head was spinning already.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and asked them to buy some more champagne, so we could go up to the room together.

When I was out of sight, I checked my phone to find three messages from Tom. He told me how hot I looked and wanted to know what I was going to do. So I sent him a text attaching one of the photos.

"I'm going to cuckold you with both of these hot guys at the same time. Go back to the room and play with yourself. I will come back when they've fucked me silly! By the way, they both have huge cocks, bigger than yours. I've already felt them. Think about that!"

"Are you going to let them come in you?" came back his text.

Although Tom was begging me to let another man come in me, so far I had not agreed to that. I had brought condoms with me, fully intending to use them because I was still not on the pill and these men were complete strangers too.

"You know I shouldn't" I teased.

"Will you go bareback?" "I'm going to try to stop them!"


"If I can't resist it!"

I went into the toilet stall and pulled down my panties. My pussy was gushing juices, so I sat down, opened my legs wide and took a few shots of my sopping gash. Then I sent Tom another text with my pussy pictures.

"Look how wet I am already without any come inside me!" It was beginning to turn me on knowing how this would be sending Tom wild! "I'm so ready for their cocks!"

"That is so sexy!"

"I know! And if you beg me nicely, the next time you see this pussy, you'll be a cuckold!"


"CUCKOLD! Now stop texting me!"

I put the phone back in my purse and rejoined my lovers, who were grinning from ear to ear. Leaving the bar on their arms, I looked over my shoulder at Tom. He looked shocked. That made me feel even better!

Once we were up on Richard's room. Things moved pretty fast. First my lovers took turns in kissing me while the other peeled off my clothes until I was down to just my lingerie and high heels. Somehow they managed to strip themselves at the same time. Their hands were all over me and they completely controlled my body. I just wanted to give in to them and be ravaged but I decided I wanted a record of my night. I also decided not to get the condoms out of my purse!

I explained that I wanted some dirty pictures for my own pleasure and if they didn't want their faces seen, that was OK because I really wanted close up shots anyway. I gave my phone to Richard first and dropped to my knees to suck Paul's cock.

Then I lay on the bed and spread myself for him, instructing Paul that I wanted a good shot of Richard's cock entering me before he joined in.

I got my wish and soon I was being impaled by the most beautiful cock I've ever had, driven into me by long powerful thrusts, so deep he was nudging my cervix. Richard joined us on the bed, slipping a pillow under my head and guiding his cock into my mouth. As I looked up I could see he was still taking photos from his vantage point, so I plunged my head forwards on his cock to the point of gagging!

Now my first orgasm was building up and I let Richard's cock slip from my mouth, so I could beg Paul to come in me. By teasing Tom, I had convinced myself that I was going to abandon my pussy to these men's seed. Fuck that was turning me on more than anything! As I came I screamed out for Paul to fill me up and he obliged perfectly. Now Tom was the cuckold he deserved to be and another man owned my pussy!

As I lay there coming down, I realized that Richard had been filming, so I looked up at the phone camera.

"I just cheated on my husband and fucked my first new cock as a married woman and it felt so good! Take some video of my used pussy with Paul's come in me!"

Paul pulled out and Richard took the video. I felt like an amateur porn star!

"Come here Richard and put another load of come in my pussy. I love being unfaithful!" And I meant it - this was better than I could have imagined!"

Richard passed the phone to Paul and flipped me over to fuck me doggy style.

"Get a shot of his cock going in!" I demanded over my shoulder.

Paul obliged and Richard scythed his monster into me, making a squishing noise in my come soaked hole. I felt so deliciously dirty!

"My poor fucking husband has no idea how much better your cocks are than his!"

Richard was giving me a good pounding with his balls slapping against my raw clit. This time the orgasms just kept coming in waves and I must have come three times before I heard the lovely sound of him grunting behind me and felt his cock swell up and pump his hot juice deep into me.

"Fuck that was amazing!" I gasped, breathless from my orgasms.

"Looked good too!" said Paul who reckoned he had got some great video and photos. I pushed my bum upwards and spread my knees wider and told him to take photos of my come filled hole.

We kissed and I cleaned off both their cocks with my mouth, which led to another round of fucking and I lost count of how many times I came. Eventually I was getting tired and sore, so I said it was time for me to go and I took my clothes and phone into the bathroom. I tidied myself up and put on my business suit again.

Selecting a great shot of my pussy gapping open and thick white come oozing out, I sent it to Tom with a simple caption.


The reply was almost instant.

"I love you!"

"I bet you do!" was my taunting reply.

"Are you coming back to our room?"

"I have to. My pussy is too sore to stay here with these gorgeous men".

I kissed my lovers goodbye and headed back to Tom. Anyone in the hotel corridor would have just seen me as a smartly dressed business woman with slightly tousled hair. The turgid mess seeping into my panty gusset told me otherwise! I was luxuriating in the pleasure of becoming a total slut wife!

Back in the room, Tom was lying naked on the bed with a huge hard on. I stood beside the bed and started to peel off my clothes.

"I suppose you want to see what my lovers did to my pussy?"

"Yes please!" answered Tom, who suddenly seemed less of a man to me but strangely I felt a surge of love for him too. I realized that we had both got what we wanted tonight and it felt good.

"I got fucked four times bareback and their cocks were much better than yours!" I announced.

Tom was playing with his cock watching me intently as I stripped in front of him. I peeled of my panties and showed him the slimy cream in them.

"I bet you want these, don't you cuckold?"

Tom nodded, pulling his cock faster. I dropped the wet gusset on his face and he immediately inhaled the smell and started licking the crotch.

"You like other men coming in your wife don't you cuckold!"

"Yes, yes I love it!"

I climbed on the bed and squatted over Tom's face so he could see my swollen pussy. I could feel come leaking out and looked down as he opened his mouth to receive it. It was a perfect moment and I loved the feeling of dominance it gave me.

"Tell me how much you love being a cuckold!"

"I love it more than anything except you!"

"Good, because you are going to get cuckolded a lot more from now on!"

"Thank you!" said poor Tom as I lowered my pussy onto his mouth and commanded him to eat me out and clean me up.

His hungry mouth and constant sucking and licking brought me to another massive orgasm and I felt splashes of Tom's come on my back as he beat himself off in time with my own pleasure. After I had a shower, we snuggled up and kissed and talked about the experience well into the night, looking at the photos and videos. We both agreed we would make this part of our sex life.

Since then, I have become more sexually dominant. I make Tom watch the videos of the night and make himself come in front of me while begging me to do it again. I never let him come in me now unless he has sucked me off at least twice first.

I didn't get pregnant and now I'm on the pill. I am addicted to cuckolding Tom bareback with other men. I love having my pussy full of other men's come. Tom is always willing to clean up my mess!

Next month I am off to another conference and Tom will come to stay too. I probably won't spend much time in bed with him as I want to find out how many men I can fuck in four days. Let's hope Tom is thirsty!

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