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It will be a long night for me I know, but not in a bad way. I have been lying in bed, resting and napping as I can. My hot wife is out at a local sports bar that she loves. She loves the Philly Eagles and the only thing she loves more then her Eagles is being the center of attention at a sports bar full of men and women. She is a hot wife and I am her cuckold.

The dictionary defines it like this - A cuckold is a married man with an adulterous wife. Due to the word's original meaning, a man who is unwittingly raising another man's child, it refers to a man who is unaware of his victimization. Because of this association, it is one of the few gender specific words in the English language with out a feminine counterpart. In current usage it sometimes refers to non-married couples in committed relationships, although this is not the traditional meaning. A man who knows and acquiesced in his wife?s taking of another lover was called a wittol, itself a derivation from the Middle English for "witting (as in knowing) cuckold."

It isn?t like she hates me or is mean to me, rather we really do care for one another and are accepting of each others habits and peculiarities that have meshed to a relationship that is full filling and rewarding to both of us. Most adults never realize any of their sexual fantasies in any fashion, but we are both living our deepest darkest fantasies every day. It is especially good for us because we are an interracial couple and no one would begin believe what we are both into

So here I am, I?m lying in bed dressed in some of the stuff she loves to see me wear. I am in a long red nylon Vanity Fair nightgown with matching robe and a pair of white Vanity Fair brief panties on like a good cuckold hubby should wear. My hot wife is out watching football on TV at a local sports bar, specifically the NFC championships. I don?t really care to sit around and watch football on TV when I can be riding my motorcycle or taking care of things around the house, so she goes by her self to sports bars and hangs with the guys and gals who do. Well to tell the truth, she does more than hangs out there, she usually ends up leading them all into some wild frolic and sexual activity, sucking and fucking the guys and the girls as they all watch the game mixing sex with sports.

Soon I hear the door downstairs open and I know she is finally home. She comes to the stairs and I have to help her stagger up the steps to get ready for bed. She isn?t much of a drinker, and she has been drinking but she isn?t drunk. Mostly what makes her legs wobbly is she has been sexed to the max and the activity had made her a little weak and muscle weary as well as a little bit of wine in her system too. She never drives home; she usually gets a ride home with someone from the bar that is always glad to repay her for the kindness of a blowjob or ass fuck or both.

We waddle and struggle up the stairs just a few steps and she grins and giggles in my ear. The new denim and snake skin leather high heel boots I bought for her do not help the situation much, so in frustration I put my arm around her back and under her shoulders and I easily lift her up and onto my other arm and carry her up the stairs. Were it not for the feminine attire she has me to wear, we would look very much like a married couple going off to bed.

She wraps her arms around my neck as I carry her and she kisses me and tells me how glad I make her. I kiss her and know that her words are true. It may not be the kind of relationship that a typical couple has, but she really does care for me and I do care for her and I prove it to her every day as I go about being her cuckold manservant and lover instead of acting and living like a normal couple. I certainly get a lot more sexual activity and enjoyment out of this arrangement that every other man I have known single or married. I have not complained of anything sexual in or about my life the whole time I have been with her and she has not complained one time to me about anything at all.

I carry her into the bedroom and start to help her out of her clothes. They smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol and a sort of masculine smell .. its like a mix of aftershave and cum. I pull her soft and silky coffee colored top off and throw it into the hamper near the closet, then I unzip and slide down then have her step out of the denim mini skirt she wore. Both of these garments are slightly spotted and stained with some food and drink, but mostly it is the cum from all the sex she had. I will wash them and make them look good as new tomorrow.

Now she is standing there in our bedroom in just her bra and panties. Most of the time when she goes out, she goes wearing no bra and just a thong, but tonight she wore a sexy full size panty and a very nice satin bra to the bar. This is one of the nights when her people skills told her would be a particularly good night for fun and frolic because of the playoffs being shown at the bar. She knew that the place would be packed with guys and girls and she wore the panties knowing that she would used them to turn me on when she gets home. She knows I like to see her wearing them and she likes to wear then just for me to enjoy after she gets home. I did not know she had a surprise in them for me tonight.

The nylon panties she wore are a pair of black Vanity Fair briefs and a Bali Flower style full figure bra. She turns her back to me and I unclasp the bra. She wiggles and the bra drops from her shoulders. Her breasts are large and full and they relax with their own weight when she removes the bra and hands the garment to me. She smiles at me and says ?stand still? and she turns her back to me. She bends over seductively and she seductively moves her ass side to side in front of me. She has a wonderfully big sexy full womanly ass and she lets both her ass cheeks rub against the front of my panties arousing my manhood. She hooks her fingers into the waist band and she slides the panties slowly down her thick muscular thighs. She pushes her panties down agonizingly slowly until they drop to the floor and she steps out of them. She tells me to carefully arrange the bra and panties on the bed for when she is out of the tub because she will have a special use for them after we are clean.

She walks to the bathroom with a professional models strut. It is a hip swinging - come and get this ass strut. As she walks away from me she watches me over her shoulder. She smiles as she sees me staring at her firm round and brown ass cheeks and she smiles at me with her million dollar smile. She goes into the bathroom and waits for me to start her tub. I add bubble bath and she steps into the water. She stands there as I adjust the valves and watch the tub fill with her hands on her hips. ?Well sissy?? ?Why are you just standing there doing nothing?? ?Get your pussy boy self undressed and get down in the tub at my feet ?? damn do I have to stand her all day??

I get undressed quickly and I carefully get in the tub and I sit in the tub at her feet as she remains standing. She stands there with her hands still on her hips glaring at me. She has not sat down and I think I know why. She doesn?t want to spoil what is between her legs waiting for me by getting in the water. ?What a fucking night? she begins, ?you my sweet sissy fireman would have been amazed?. ?I got fucked by at least 7 guys tonight and the whole time they were fucking me there were 2 or 3 women on me at the same time sucking my titties or making out with me.? ?Some of the women were even waiting at my pussy to start sucking the cum covered cocks as soon as they came dripping out of my pussy.? ?I tell you, it was hotter than anything I have done in a long time.? ?Every man and woman in that place worshipped this big ass black chic!?

?As much fun as all that was, I am tired of my pussy feeling so full and runny from all the cum inside of me.? ?I know you have not had a hard day today my prissy sissy cocksucker and I know you have been good while you waited for me so now you can have your fun.? ?I will stand here over you like a hot wife should, and you shall start your work shaving my legs while I give you all the sordid details about my fun tonight.? ?As usual I was phenomenal and I expect you to be the same on me right now!?

She sets one of her feet on my leg and I get the lady style shave cream and begin to shave her legs. I have done this many times and she has no fear nor do I as she starts her story. ?There was this one white chick there tonight, damn she was hot.? ?I was sitting on this white guys cock fucking him and yes, he was fucking the hell out of me.? ?As I am bouncing on the white boys lap, this fine looking brother comes over because he wanted a blow job?. ?I promise you when I got to see it, this man has to be working with a 9 inch cock.? ?His dick was as big as the Peter North Dildo I made you buy for me.?

?This one good looking white woman saw him when he held his cock out for me suck, so she came over and knelt down beside me and we started working on sucking that dick together.? ?She put her arm around my shoulder and she positioned herself so that another white guy was able to move in behind her and start fucking her from behind while we gave the brother a blow job.? ?Another white guy stepped up beside the black guy and we gave both guys a double blow job?

I have finished shaving one leg and I continue and start shaving the other leg as she continues her story. ?She was really good and she could actually deep throat that monster and I was not able to.? ?We licked and sucked and pumped him and rubbed his ass for about 15 minutes. He was good but we were better and when he finally came, ? well dam!? ?He must not have busted a nut in a month because he flooded her mouth.? ?She had his cum running down her face and since I had already taken the panties off, I wiped up the cum with the panties that are now on the bed.?

?She and I then drove the whole crowd wild. The brother stepped back and she sat facing me on my lap still with both of us still getting the shit fucked out of us. We wrapped each other in our arms and we began to kiss. We started slow and then we let out kissing get hotter and hotter. We started to lick and soul kiss each other so everyone could see us. We were swapping his cum and licking and sucking each other titties. We were swapping the black guys cum with our mouths when the two guys who were fucking us both finally came in our pussies.?

I finish her leg and quickly lather her pussy and I carefully stroke the razor over her pubic mound and remove some of the stubble there. She smiles in an approving was because she did not ask me to and I knew she wanted it done. ?That?s very good, very good my smart little pussy boy, I did need my pussy shaved.? ?But I have been waiting a long time for you to relieve me of the discomfort of having such a mess in my pussy and my asshole.? ?So now, if you don?t fucking mind, will you please clean my freshly fucked pussy before I have to take to beating your slow ass for taking so much time!?

I get up on my knees and I wrap my arms around her hips and ass. I move my face into her crotch and I finally begin to kiss and lick her pussy. It is about the sloppiest and cummiest I have ever seen. I can hardly believe how totally sopping and dripping cummy mess it is. I make contact with her vagina with my open my mouth and I lick and suck and let my tongue slide deeply into her pussy, very deeply. As I work, her labia swell from excitement and I get to see her flower of womanhood open to me. I reach my hands and reach around her back and I squeeze and massage her ass cheeks.

My work has been good and I feel her give a quiver of a mini climax on my tongue. She only allows her self to jerk and buck a little bit as she cum. This spasm forces her cum to push forward bring to me a push of sperm and cum to lick and suck. It only takes a few minutes for her to recover before she pushes my head away.

She turns around and bends slightly at the waist and presents to me her firm round ass. I eagerly lick and kiss it all over. She knows how am about loving ass worship and her derriere is the perfect size and shape that I love. I hold her hips in my hands as I kiss and peck every inch of both her hiney cheeks. I slide my tongue out of my mouth like a dog licking a bone and I lap and wet her whole big firm buttocks.

I start my licks on her from the bottom of her ass folds where her thighs turn into ass cheeks all the way up to her hips. I lap and lick her ass about a dozen times on each cheek pressing my face and tongue hard into her muscular mounds. Then I change up and I run my tongue around and around in big circles to touch every inch of her ass. My circles get smaller and smaller and until I?m poised in the middle of her ass.

I gaze for a moment and I take in my mind what I?m about to do. I take my tongue and stick it way out. I lean way in and down under her and I start at the back edge of her pussy and I let it slide up the entire length of her ass crack. I make one long lick up to the top of her cheeks. I make sure I hold my tongue out and I get her ass slit very wet. I also do this about a dozen times. As with her ass cheeks, I again start making circles on her ass as I work from her ass cheeks into and around her anus. I love the feel of her cheeks on my face as I go deeper and deeper into her round mounds.

Soon I am centered at her anus. I kiss her little hole several times and then I start French kissing and soul kissing her anus. Her anus is relaxed and it is obviously as well fucked her pussy is. I suck and kiss and lick her and she moans and sighs softly as I let my tongue enter her asshole as deeply as I had been doing to her pussy. She reaches back and grabs my head in her hand and presses my face and tongue deeper into her ass. ?I don?t care how many men or women eat my ass baby, you are the best there is!?

She is finally satisfied that her ass has been cleaned, so she eases her glorious body into the tub. As she sits and soaks in the tub I get behind her and soap and wash her shoulders and back. I rub and deep massage her back and she leans forward so I can reach and rub way down on the muscles of her back. I reach over her shoulder and wash her chest and her arms. I take my hands rinse her free of the soap.

She turns around and smiles at me. She knows I really love this part. She takes the soap and applies it to her breasts then she rests her hands on the edge of the tub. I sit for a moment and admire her form as she presents her breasts for me to clean. Her breasts are round and full and are exquisite in shape and color. Her areolas are large like I love and her nipples firm up with just a little thought on her part. I begin to wash them.

I take one in each hand and I massage the soap all over them. I pay particular attention to the underside of them and the areas under her arms as her chest is that full and large. Her nipples have risen with my touch and even her areolas are protruding slightly as they fill with blood from her rising passion. I rinse them clear of soap and I can no longer resist leaning over and kissing them and sucking on them gently. After I rinse them off she gets up on her knees and I wash and gently clean her pussy and ass. I run my hand back and forth under her nether region and wash and clean it all so well. I extend one finger as my hand moves back and forth to let it slip in her folds and massage her anus.

We are now washed and I have dried her lovely body and applied moisturizer to her legs and back and feet. She holds my hand and leads me to the bed. We lie down and she tells me to lay my head on her tummy and look at her. I do this and I feel her reaching around for something. She has reached for and retrieved her favorite nice long dildo out from under her pillow. It is black rubber and it looks and feels and even tastes so real. She holds it to my mouth and tells me to suck on it. She does this foe a bit and then she uses it to massage her pussy alternating it from her vagina to my mouth.

As I eat and suck her dick from pussy she makes a phone call to someone and I am surprised to hear a cell phone ring downstairs. She says to the person come on up.

She smiles at me and says ?all your months of dick training are over its time to get busy with a real cock on a real bull I have chosen for you.

A trim fit black man walks into the room. She introduces him and I sit up and slide over and sit on the edge of the bed. You move beside me and we sit right in front of him. You tell me ?look at that cock baby? as you lift his long black cock and hold up and point it straight at me. You place your hand on the back of my neck and move my head toward that dick.

I place my lips of the head and it is so warm. I kiss it and I flick my tongue on the head. I move my tongue round and round on the head and he moans a little, I pull the head in my mouth and I suck on it a little and then you stop me. ?Here is how you should suck a dick, let me show me how u do it.? You open your mouth and in one smooth full stroke his dick disappears down your mouth. You slide back up and down on it again. As you your lips bottom out on his balls this time you look me in the eyes and I see you smile in your eyes.

You release his cock from his lips and I can easily see it has grown bigger. I put my mouth on it. I slide down the length until the head hits the back of my throat. I hesitate and start to gag. You say ?relax your throat and let it go past.? I open my throat and relax and it moves. You say ?here you go pussy boy, it wont hurt you? and you grab an handful of my hair and you push my head down on it. It begins its trip down my virgin throat. I can?t get it all and off I come of it as I didn?t have enough air. I take a deep breath and I look at you and nod. You push my head and I go down the length a little bit more suppressing the gag as it goes in my throat.

You pull my hair and I come off of it again. ?This time I better see your nose in his pubic hair? you hiss though you are smiling. ?Let me lube you a little bit.? You say. You give me a long tongue soul kiss for a few seconds and you pull your head back. You jerk back on my hair and say ?Open wide? and I yelp and I do. You spit directly into my mouth as you know I am dry from being so nervous. You spit 3 more times quickly and I feel it splattering in my mouth. You laugh a deep husky laugh as you look at the look in my eyes.

?Get ready you sissy faggot, your going to the balls this time.? Your hand pushes my head forward and I gasp a deep breath an instant before the cock is in my mouth. You move quickly but not dangerously with your hand and the saliva you gave me works. The dick slides in and in a second I feel his hairs in my nose. You push till my nose is pressing into his skin. Just to finish the effect you shake my head quickly back and forth to stimulate me and your bull. ?Next time he is here we will teach you how to take a face fuck!? you cackle.

?Now we will let him come, he has been waiting sooooo long? you say. You move back up on the bed and you lay down on your back with your head and shoulders propped up on pillows so you can watch. He moves onto the bed too and he straddles your hips with his cock lying on your belly just below your navel. ?Lay here beside me? you say and you pat the mattress beside you.

I move to your side and lay my head on your tummy facing his cock. He eases forward and his dick slides into my mouth. He starts moving his hips back and forth and his cock is fucking my mouth. He is not fast or hard and I keep up and it is pleasant. I lay at your side playing with him and fluffing his cock as he gets more and more stimulated. I move more closely beside you and keep sucking his root. ?I want him to cum on my chest and tits? you say. He hears this command and I feel his cum about to shoot. I move my mouth away and I point it at your chest. His cum shoots out smartly and it lands on your tits chest and your tummy too.

Without speaking he moves back and drops his body in back in between your legs. His cock is still firm though not hard and he stuffs his meat up your waiting pussy. He begins a serious machine like fucking of you without much protest from you except a large moan of pleasure. You grab my hair again and force my face to your chest and tummy. Before I can stick out my tongue, you wipe my face in the puddles of cum smearing it on your ribs and belly. ?Look at what you have done you silly ass sissy boy.? You say. ?Get busy getting that cum off of me.? you seethe. He continues to pound your pussy while I get to lap and lick and suck the cum off of your tits and chest and now your belly. You massage my head and run your fingers through my hair as I greedily do this for you.

He fucks you for 20 minutes or more while I lick you. You moan and groan and as you get near your climax you grab my head and you pull my face to your face. You pull me to your mouth and we kiss and lick each other lips and suck tongues. You are moaning loudly as your climax begins to wrack your body. You jerk wildly with sharp spasms and buck underneath his assault on your pussy. You tell him to stop and he obeys your order like a trained dog.

You change positions and you push me over on my back. Your crawl around, turn around and throw your left leg over my head. You have climbed on me 69 with you on top. He will get to take your pussy doggie style with me under you eating your pussy. He quickly gets into position and he fucks you for another 10 minutes as I lick and suck you from underneath. He grunts and groans and says he is coming. ?Let it go in my pussy? you say. His body jerks and spasms and he shoots deep inside you and his cock and his cock keeps moving in and out. Your cum and his cum mix with his dick pumping it and it is dripping out of your pussy.

Stop? you order his and he does. ?Take it out but hold the head against my pussy? you tell him. ?When he pulls out you will clean me.? You say. He pulls his now shiny greasy dick out of your pussy and releases a flood of cum that I catch and swallow in my open mouth. His cock is hanging down bumping around on my forehead as I lick and suck all the cum and cream from your still throbbing pussy.

?Come up here my bull? you tell him. He moves up to the foot of the bed and kneels beside your head. He laughs a little and then he drops his cock in your mouth. You laugh and giggle and start to suck him erect again. Why you two are laughing I cannot understand, but I am too busy with your sopping creamy pussy to think about it to much.

You get him hard and slide a condom on his cock. . You move up to a kneeling position and position your legs so that my head is face up and squeezed tightly inside your thighs. Give me his legs? you tell the bull. He grabs my ankles and pushes them back toward you. You pull my legs up and spread them apart and expose my ass. I can?t see him but I feel him squirt cock lube on my ass and I hear him pumping and smearing some on his cock you have made hard again.

I?m glad I followed your orders and played with that huge dildo you forced me to buy online now. He moves to my rear end and like a bull taking a cow, he drops his cock into my ass. I am still almost overwhelmed and he gives me a few strokes to warm me and loosen me up. I cannot help it and I groan and protest and sputter some profanities. I beg you to make him stop to heighten your arousal. You slap my face a couple of times and then you take the cum soaked panties you had on and stuff them in my mouth. ?Shut the fuck up faggot, you know you want this as much as I did? you laugh at me.

I really feel like I am about to split as you would want it. He works his cock back and forth, a fucking pro, and soon he has it buried in my ass. He stops and looks at you. ?Give him the shit? you bark. I have been ready for this and he starts to move in and out. He goes all the way in and all the way out. His cock is like a piece of steel in my ass and I am glad for all the lube. He picks up the pace and he begins to fuck me like he did you. He is just a fucking machine and soon I am bouncing up and down with this huge dick in my ass, getting a pounding you know I want and deserve.

While he is still pounding my ass, you release my head and go to your walk in closet with all your outfits and toys and restraints. You return wearing that huge black dildo I ordered off the computer. It is one and a half time bigger than he is. You tell him to stop and move to where you were at my head.

He pulls off the rubber and positions his cock above my mouth with my head in his thighs. ?DAMMIT YOU PUSSY BOY, SUCK THAT DICK!? you shout. I take the head and as much of his cock in my mouth as I can. He stroked his hips back and forth and resumes his rhythm of fucking only now it?s my mouth. It is still huge and it is bumping the back of my throat.

As he does my mouth again, you get lubed up and get ready mount my ass. The cock is huge but not impossible as I have practiced with it. You are smooth and good as it goes in bit by bit. You are making good progress and after a few minutes you are deep into my ass. I can feel it in my belly. I am still sucking that cock and my ass is full of cock too. You pick up your rhythm and you are matching your bull stroke for stroke.

Soon you both are picking up your pace. To my horror you two begin to race. I am being sorely ass fucked now with your huge cock, and my mouth is assaulted and face fucked too. The speed builds slowly but surly and every time you push into my ass it moves my body forward and up to his crotch and his cock goes deeper into my throat with your every thrust. You laugh out loud and tell him to look at that and you bang into me fiercely a few time to let him see his cock disappear.

You soon have the monster buried in my ass as you fuck me with it. You tell your bull to cum in my mouth, you tell me ?its time for my pussy boy to learn how to take a cum shot strait from a dick.? He grunts and groans and I feel his dick head getting larger and larger. He groans a loud groan and shoots his cum into my mouth and throat. He doesn?t stop after he cums and keeps pumping his cock in and out of my mouth.

You are fucking the hell out of me, and you are hand pumping my cock. He has climaxed and I am about to. You match your hand strokes on my dick with your strokes in my ass. ?Give it to me panty girl?, you say, ?give Mistress your cum right now.? Your words are like a switch and my climax is on and it starts quickly and is so intense that it makes my asshole clamp the dildo you are wearing and you cannot move it. You actually buck against the harness as I scream and holler into the panty stuffed into my mouth.

You both pull your cocks out of me. You tell him with an air of royalty that he can get dressed and go now. He gets off the bed and dresses while we gather ourselves together on the bed. You remove the dildo you are wearing and we both sit up on the bed.

You go to the bathroom and draw another bath. ?Hop in the shower and wash your self off? you tell me with more tenderness and compassion this time. The tub fills quickly and you get in. I finish my shower and you ask me to join you in the tub. I manage to make it in and then we sit together and relax in the water. We hold hands for a bit then I move around and we kiss for a bit. We are feeling better soon and we both get up and dry off and we go back to the bedroom. I stand there as you dress me in a fresh nighty and panty. We crawl in the bed and we kiss again, and both fall off in a deep - deep sleep.

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