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Interesting Night At The Hotel

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?GOD DAM IT!!?I yelled as I fell hard into the well, hitting my back on something sharp. ?FUCK THAT HURTS? then escaped my lips as I looked at the guy who just ran me over. I had just checking into the hotel and was heading to my room, looking forward to a quite relaxing evening after a long day of meetings. Now my back was throbbing from hitting the wall. I wondered what I hit. Just then I realized that I had dropped my case, laptop and all, onto the marble floor. I finally worked through the jabbing feeling in my back to focus on the man in front of me. He was apologizing profusely, but I really hadn?t heard him until now. ?My back really hurts? I said to the man, just as I noticed the woman behind him. ?and look at that? glancing at my case on the floor ?my computer is in there, man if that thing is broke...? As I was saying this, I was looking more at the woman than him. I noticed they both had wedding rings, so I presumed they were man and wife. She was dressed very sexy in an almost see through silk blouse with a dark bra and short shirt. I was having trouble taking my eyes off her as the man said ?I am really sorry. What can I do make this up to you?? I was thinking that he must have been in a hurry to get his wife upstairs for some serious fucking, judging by the way she looked and the way he had been moving. My eyes had completed the body tour of her and I noted that she was wearing some sluttish looking 4? ?fuck me? heels. I guess my face still looked pained because he said ?You sure look like you are hurting, do you want me to call someone?? My back was still smarting and I turned to see what I had landed against. It was a pull station for the fire alarm system. Sure was glad I hadn?t set the thing off. I turned back and my eyes once again traveled to his wife as I said ?no, lets not call anyone. Your wife looks like a woman who knows how to take care of a man, you two need to come up to my room so she can check my back to see what she can do to make if feel better? I paused to see his reaction to this statement, he looked at his wife and she just gave a quick smile back at him ?and, I need to check to see if you broke my computer, lets go? I said with conviction. I turned and started to bend over to pick up my case. A pain shot up my back. I stopped, turned to him and said ?pick that up? and then headed toward the elevator. In the elevator lobby, I pushed the button for up and checked to see what floor I was on. I had completely forgotten with the mishap that just occurred. I did not turn to look at the couple. I could hear their footsteps behind me. We entered the elevator and I pushed my floor. Again, I did not look at the two as we rode the elevator up in silence. I exited the elevator and headed down the hall to my room, still not looking at them. I opened the door and went inside and said over my shoulder, close and lock the door behind you. I heard the door close and the sound of the lock being engaged as I moved into the room and stopped at the end of the bed. I turned to see the two of them standing just at the entry to the bedroom area, almost like they were afraid to step past that point, the point of no return I thought. I looked at him and said ?What?s your name?? ?Bob? he replied simply. ?Bob, put that case over there on the desk, I am going to look at your sexy wife and try not to think about how smashed up that computer must be? Bob nodded and moved past me toward the desk at the far side of the room. He glanced up at me as he passed and he could see me looking right at his wife, my eyes taking her all in. ?so, what is your name?? I asked her. ?Lynn? was all she could get out. She was nervous. ?Lynn, my name is Kevin, did you see what your husband did to me downstairs??, ?yes, I am so sorry. I sure hope your back is okay? ?Me too, and I really hope my computer is okay, I really should check it? ?Maybe I should take a look at your back first, make sure it doesn?t need medical attention? ?That?s a good idea? I replied and looked over at Bob, who was standing behind me, near the desk. I turned toward him, putting my back toward Lynn. ?Bob, come over here and take off my shirt so your wife can check my back to see what kind of damage you did?. He nodded and moved to me. He hesitated and then reached up and started to unbutton my shirt. I had been in meetings, so I had on a dress shirt, although I had gotten rid of the tie shortly after the last meeting. He undid each button down until he reached my waist. He took a tug on the shirt but it was held in place. I said ?You are going to have to undue my belt to get that shirt off? I watched him as he moved his hands to my belt buckle, undid my belt and then finished pulling my shirt out. I held my right hand out and he undid the cuff and held it while I pulled my arm out. He let go and moved to my outstretched left hand and undid that cuff, pulling the shirt off. ?Fold that up nice and neat, don?t just throw it on the floor? I watched him fold my shirt as I sensed his wife moving up closer behind me to inspect my back ?so, how does it look?? I asked her. ?You sure hit it hard, looks like your going to have a bruise, but no broken skin. I have some lotion in my purse that I think will make if feel better, hold on a second.? She fumbled in her purse and then returned to my back. Bob was standing at the corner of the bed, not sure what to do after folding up my shirt. I felt her hands softly on my back as she began to apply the lotion on the sore spot. I did feel better. ?Bob, your wife has very soft hands, they sure feel good on my back. I could tell just by looking at her that she knew how to take care of a man.? Bob just nodded agreement as she continued to rub my back. After a few moments of this I said ?Lynn, that feels great, but now that my back is feeling better, I can tell I have some other parts that are sore, I need you to rub my neck? I could feel her hands start to slide up from the middle of my back to my shoulders. I smiled at Bob as he watched his wife?s hands on me. I then said ?Lynn, I am starting to think about my computer again, you better start putting some passion into this neck rub to keep my mind off that problem.? Her hands started moving further around my shoulder and neck, pushing harder. A moment later I said ?Lynn, take off that silk blouse of yours, no reason to get it covered with lotion. If fact, take off your bra also?. I felt her hands leave me and I heard the sounds of undressing. I watched Bob as his wife removed her blouse. I looked over at the mirror and could see her bear arms, behind me. I got a brief glimpse of one of her soft breasts as she removed her bra. I then felt her hands return to my neck. She stood much closer now and I could feel her soft skin against my back. I reached behind me with one hand and placed it on her thigh. She had stockings on and she still was wearing the 4? heels. As her hands moved across my shoulders and around to my chest she leaned harder into me, her breast pressed against my back. My hand moved slowly up her thigh, under her skirt and on their way to her ass. I was expecting to run into some sexy panties, but I soon discovered she wasn?t wearing any. I cupped her bare ass cheek and pulled her closer to me as I looked at Bob and said ?Did you know your wife isn?t wearing any panties? I am starting to think your wife is a little slut Bob. She has her hands on my chest, her bare breasts are pressed to my back and I can feel her hard nipples Bob. Your sluty little wife is enjoying this Bob.? I moved my other hand behind me and cupped her other ass cheek, then I moved both hands up to completely expose her naked bottom. ?Look at that Bob, I have my hands on your wife?s naked bottom, sure is keeping me from thinking about my broken computer. I wonder how long Lynn is going to keep me so well distracted.? With that comment Lynn started kissing the back of my neck as she started moving her hands down my chest toward my stomach, her finger tips stopping when they hit the top of my pants. ?Looks like your sluty wife is determined to keep me distracted Bob, good for you. Look at the bulge in my pants, I am distracted, but I think your wife needs some help Bob, I don?t think she can get her hands where she wants them? At this time Lynn?s hands had slid inside my pants, her fingers touching my pubic hair. I turned my head to her and we kissed, a lust filled passionate kiss that lasted a very long moment. As we broke from this first kiss I said ?Bob, your wife and I are going to have some fun. I am go to show you what kind of slut you married.? I turned to face Lynn. I immediately slide my hands up to her breasts and took each nipple into my fingers, pinching them as they got harder and harder. ?Bob, come over here, I want you to see how turned on your little slut is? Bob moved over to stand next to us as I continued to play with Lynn?s nipples. Her hands were moving around my chest and stomach as we looked at each other with desire. ?Bob, can you smell how turned on this little slut of yours is? I sure can. Slide your fingers between her legs and tell me how wet she is.? Bob reached down between her legs as she and I watch and slide his fingers up her thigh. They disappeared for a moment as they went under the edge of her skirt. Lynn let out a low moan as Bob?s fingers reached their target. He seemed to hesitate there and I said ?Bob, don?t you stop and play with her pussy, that?s for me, just show me how wet she is? He pulled his hand out from under her skirt and his fingers glistened from the moisture on them. ?Hold those fingers up here so I can smell her better? Bob moved his fingers under my nose and I took a long whiff. ?That is one sexy smelling slut you have for a wife Bob. Now, let your slut clean your finger off for you.? Bob moved his hand the few inches to Lynn?s mouth and slowly slide them in-between her soft lips. She sucked them as she looked me in the eyes. ?Okay Bob, I tell you what we are going to do. I am going to kiss this sexy slut of yours, I am going to taste her pussy on her lips. I am going to whisper dirty thoughts into her ear that only she is going to hear. You are going to watch her as she kisses me back and you are going to see just what kind of slut you married. You are going see how much desire she has for another man.? And with that said I reached up and put my hand on the back of Lynn?s head and pulled her to me. We kissed and it was indeed passionate as our tongues probed deep into each others mouths. Our hands roamed all over each other, exploring. We ground our crotches together and she could easily feel my throbbing cock. My hands pulled up her skirt and once again found the soft flesh of her fine ass and I pulled her tighter to me. As we continued to kiss her hand again moved south between us. As I felt her hand moving, I loosened my grasp to give her room to move her hand between us. She started to rub my cock through my pants. I pulled my mouth from hers just long enough to say ?Bob, your wife wants to feel my cock, you need to get the rest of our cloths of right NOW, start with me? and then I want back that sexy mouth, one hand on her ass, the other foundling her wonderful breasts and hard nipples. As I moved my mouth down to take one of those wonderfully hard nipples between my lips I could see out of the corner of my eye as Bob got down on the floor and moved closer to us. I then felt him at my pants. He unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled them down to the floor as I stepped out of them. He then removed my socks. While he was doing that, Lynn was sliding her hand up and down my hard shaft through my boxers as I sucked on her nipple and slid my hand between her legs, feeling her dripping with wetness. Bob had to move her hand aside so he could remove my underwear, which I also stepped out of as they got to the floor. My throbbing cock sprang out, loving the freedom just granted it. It was not free for long as Lynn?s hand moved back to my now bare cock. Her hand felt so wonderful on my throbbing cock as she stroked it. Bob removed his wife?s shoes, then her stockings and finally I heard the sound of a zipper and moved my hand from her pussy to allow him to pull off her skirt. We were both now completely naked and hungry for each other. I moved from her breast to her soft lips as we kissed lustfully, feeling our naked skin against each other. I slide my hand back between her legs and started to play with her pussy as we continued to kiss. As I slide my finger between her wet lips and then started to rub her clit as I whispered in her ear ?You want to taste my hard throbbing cock don?t you?? She nodded yes as I nibbled her earlobe. ?Tell me you want to taste my cock, and make sure your husband hears you? She didn?t hesitate, she pulled her head back from mine and looked me in the eyes and said ?Kevin, I have to taste that wonderful hard cock of yours? I said, looking back at her ?Bob, you hear that? Did you know your wife was such a slut? She wants to suck my cock, not your cock, but another man?s cock. You stay right there on the floor and watch what your slut can do with my hard cock. In fact, grab hold of my cock for her and feed it to your cock hungry slut.? As I was saying this Lynn was already moving to knell in front of me. Bob brought his hand up and softly caressed my balls and the base of my cock and held it out for his wife. We both watched as Lynn took my hard cock into her hot, wet mouth. She devoured me all the way to Bob?s hand and then she proceed to give me an inspired blow job. She licked and sucked my cock like there was no tomorrow. I couldn?t believe how wonderful it felt to have her sucking me while her husband was holding the base of my hard shaft and watching his wife suck my cock. Bob finally had to move his hand to allow Lynn to get to my entire shaft as she sucked and licked my cock. I said ?Bob, does your slut always suck cock like that? She just can?t get enough of my hard cock. Lynn, tell me you want to suck my hard cock dry?. Lynn pulled her mouth from my hard cock and ran her tongue around my engorged head, then she reluctantly removed her tongue from my cock and said while looking up at me ?God your cock feels so good in my mouth. I want to feel you cum with my lips wrapped around you, I want taste you as you fill my mouth with your hot cum? and with that her mouth dove back to my throbbing cock. I didn?t think it was possible, but she stepped up her cock sucking a notch and it felt so good. I knew I wouldn?t last much longer. I looked down at Bob, whose eyes were wide as he watch is wife suck another man?s cock. I said ?This sexy slut of a wife is going to make me cum Bob. You heard her, she is waiting for me to explode in her mouth. Put your hand back on my cock Bob, I want you to feel my throbbing cock as I fill this sluts mouth with my cum.? I was so close to cumming, I had to work hard at holding back until Bob had placed his hand on my shaft. Then I let loose and throw rope after rope of my seed into Lynn?s wanting mouth. She took it all and I could see Bob watching her swallow every drop as he felt each pulse of my hard cock pump more cum into his wife?s mouth. This was a very intense orgasm and she continued to move her mouth up and down my shaft, which was still fairly hard but very sensitive. I couldn?t take it any more and reached down and pulled her up to me. I kissed her hard and deep. I could taste my cum inside her mouth as I drove my tongue deep into her hot mouth. She smelled like sex and I couldn?t wait to get my mouth on her hot pussy. I broke from our kiss and said ?Bob, I can taste my cum inside her mouth. What a great little slut of a wife you have. I tell you what, I think she needs more, a lot more. She is a horny sex starved woman and you?re going to need to help me give her what she wants? As I was speaking I turned her back toward the bed and laid her down on her back so that her pussy was at the edge of the bed, right were I could get to it. As I was kneeling on the floor to get ready to dive into her pussy I added ?get your cloths off and get up on the bed and feed your cock to this slut while I have my way with her hot wet pussy.? As I moved my mouth to Lynn?s pussy, she spread her legs for me and I could see her sex juices running out between her silky lips and again she smelled of sex. I could hear Bob getting undressed as my tongue made its first contact with her sex. First I licked around the outside folds of her pussy and then I slide my tongue in between her lips, tasting the wonderful juices flowing there. I slide my tongue into her as far as it would go and Lynn started to move her hips and spread her legs even more as her lust continued to grow. I felt the bed move from added weight and when I looked up, I saw Lynn sucking on Bob?s throbbing cock. He was watching me eating his wife?s pussy. I lifted my head and said, as I slide two fingers inside her pussy ?boy this sluty wife of yours sure loves cock Bob. She is sucking you like she is starved for cock. Don?t you dare cum. I will let you know when and where you can cum Bob. I am going to eat this hot pussy of hers and make her cum all over my face.? I started to move back to her pussy and I noticed that his cock was absolutely throbbing with desire and I added with some force in my voice ?Don?t you CUM?. I went back to work on her pussy, my fingers fucking her while my mouth found her clit. I licked and sucked her clit as my fingers explored the insides of her pussy. My fingers moved across a particularly sensitive area as her body tensed when I touched her there. As I sucked harder on her clit, my fingers concentrated on that special area inside her and I could feel the tension of an intense orgasm building inside her. Her hand was on the back of my head holding me tight to her pussy as I sucked and licked her clit. Her hips then raised up, squeezing my head between her hand and pussy and then she began to shake with an earth shuddering orgasm. I could feel her pussy muscles contract around my fingers as they continued to fuck her. Her juices were flowing from her pussy and I finally let go of her clit and sucked up every bit of her sex juices. When I came up for air, my face was coated and now I smelled of sex as much as she did. I was happy to see that Bob was still hard as his cock was bobbing in front of his wife?s mouth. She apparently had stopped sucking him while her orgasm took over her body, but as I was looking, she turned back and took his hard cock back into her mouth. I said as I stood up between Lynn?s legs ?good boy Bob. Keep holding back. I know she is a great cock sucker, but you don?t get to cum yet.? Bob could see that my cock had recovered nicely from the earlier cock sucking by his wife as it was hard again and pointed straight at his wife while I stood between her legs. I held my throbbing cock and rubbed the hot red tip across her wet pussy and then started making little circles around her clit. She moaned with desire. I said ?Come over here Bob.? Bob pulled his cock from his wife?s mouth and moved down the side of the bed toward me. Lynn looked at both of us. Her nipples where hard, her face was flushed and she was grinding her pussy against the tip of my cock as I moved it around her clit. ?This little slut wants to be fucked in the worst way Bob. Reach in here and guide my cock to your wife?s pussy so I can fuck her good? As I said this I removed my hand to let my cock float over Lynn?s pussy. Bob reached down and pushed my shaft with his finger tips so that it was pointing down towards that hot box I was so longing to be in. But that just wasn?t quite lined up right. Finally he had to wrap his fingers around my hard shaft so that he could move the head of my cock between the lips of her pussy. I could feel her opening and slide my cock in deep and hard. Bob had to pull his hand away quickly to keep it from getting smashed between our pelvic bones as I pressed deep into her hot pussy. Her pussy muscles greeted my hard cock with a hot hug as she enveloped my hardness. I pushed as deep into her as I could and then stopped, holding myself there. Bob was wide mouthed at the site of me inside his wife. Lynn was grinding her pussy against me and was looking me in the eyes with total lust. ?feels good having another man?s cock in your pussy, doesn?t it?? I said to her. She nodded. ?What?? I said ?Kevin, you feel wonderful inside me? she said. Bob was knelling at her side, stroking his hard cock. ?and you want me to fuck you don?t you?? I said back her ?YES?.FUCK ME!? was her immediate response. I looked at Bob and said to him ?play with her tits while I fuck this horny little slut, but don?t you cum?. Then I looked at Lynn and said ?You are one sexy slut and I am going to fill your hot pussy with as much cum and I can baby?. I started moving then, first pulling out and then back in, and then out until I could just see the head between her wet pussy lips and then back in. Lynn was saying ?oohhhh, yes?.fuck me?that?s it fuck me deep?.oohhhh that feels sooo good? Bob was rubbing the tip of his throbbing cock over Lynn?s hard nipple while rubbing her other breast with his hand. ?feed her your cock Bob. This slut needs both holes filled with hard cocks? Bob moved up and Lynn grabbed his cock and I thought she was going to swallow it completely as she took him into her mouth. I pumped harder and faster as I watched her suck on his cock while moans of pleasure escaped between her lips around the side of his hard shaft. We fucked for some time and I was starting to work up a real good sweat. I would reach down and play with her clit between thrusts and I could feel her pussy muscles tense as her organism began to build deep inside her. Then, she opened her mouth, Bob popped out and she yelled ?oohhh god?I am cumming Kevin?FUCK ME?.FUCK ME??CUM WITH MEEEEEE?.ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?..? and she did indeed cum, all over my cock. The feeling as incredible and it sent me over the edge as I exploded deep inside her, my balls churning out more cum than I thought possible. I planted myself deep inside her as her pussy milked my cock dry. Then, as we started to recover, I quickly pulled out of her and looked down to see my cum start to leak out of her pussy down her leg. ?Bob, get over her and fuck this slut?she needs more cock. Besides, you need to feel her well fucked pussy, feel my cum inside. Then you will really know what kind of slut you married.? As I said this I moved out between Lynn?s legs and climbed on the other side of the bed as Bob moved quickly to replace my position between her legs. He lined up his throbbing cock and plunged it into her sopping wet pussy. We could all hear the sloshing sounds of my cum mixed with hers as he started to fuck his wife. I moved up the bed so I could get my half limp cock into Lynn?s mouth. She eagerly took my cock and began to suck and lick it clean of all the sex we had shared. She licked every part of my cock. ?Bob, you know what makes Lynn a first class slut?? I asked. Bob shook his head, which was about all he could do as he was pumping fast and furious into his wife ?Because she cleans up her messes? I said as I looked down at her as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth. Even though I was only semi ? hard, it felt wonderful. I could see from the look on Bob?s face that he was close to cumming and I then remembered I hadn?t told him he could cum. I said ?Bob, it is time for you to push my cum deeper into your wife?s womb?fill her with your cum and push mine all the way to the back. I want my cum inside her deeper than any other cum has ever been.? Apparently those were some magic words because they both exploded at the same time. I couldn?t tell which one started the chain reaction, but the results were impressive as they both moaned from pleasure coming from the deepest parts of their bodies. As they started to recover from their mutual orgasms and I saw Bob?s expended cock pop out of Lynn?s dripping pussy I leaned down and kissed Lynn on the lips. Then, as I pulled my lips from her I whispered to her ?thank you? and smiled. I got up from the bed and said to Bob ?Okay, I think that squares us, you two should get going so I can get some work done?. We all got dressed quickly and as they headed to the door Bob turned to me and said ?I am sorry about all this, we are in room 306 so if you have any problems with your computer, please let us know what we can do to put that right?. I replied ?Bob, I have to admit that I completely forgot about that. I will look at it and let you know? He nodded and turned and walked out the door. I smiled as they left. I had dropped my case a number of times and I knew the computer was okay, but they didn?t. But that?s another story.

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